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My doctor was gentle and knew his...

My doctor was gentle and knew his Kraft! I'd do it again in a heartbeat! My sagging jowls made me look like my mother!

My final pictures were taken by the...

My final pictures were taken by the nurse-practioner in the doctor's office.

I've added the before photo requested.

I've added the before photo requested.

Dr. Frank J. Catalfumo

My doctor is experienced with more than thirty years of surgery. He was gentle and a perfectionist.He made me look so natutal. I love my new look.

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Dear Chrystal,
The fact that we think the photos were altered only rankles us. I actually feel sorry for the poor woman if she is being used by them to promote a troubled business. Were they see through cabinets in the photo? Or reflective. The arm thing coming down from the ceiling and what appears to be a glass lamp shade tilted looking like it's coming out of her head? I got lost trying to figure out what was coming from where???? Inside the office outside the office,see through cabinets or matter. I want to see the LSL photos with the blue screen background, no makeup,hair pulled back, with all the poses LSL makes everyone do. Not a hair and makeup job with distracting background to draw attention away from the suject. Also if people state what they had done, as far as the proceedure and additional things they sell you at a premium, it makes a difference. BJ, you go girl, we do live in America and we do have the right of freedom of speech. I'm with you all as far as continuing to educate even after I get my money back and make sure my doctor has lost his license. To get the laws changed so we have registers for disciplined Drs. which are easy to access by phone for people who do not have the internet. And registers that follow them from state to state so they cannot continue to loose their license in one state, and move to another to start all over. MY DR HAD LOST HIS LICENSE IN IL AND MOVED TO TN TO SET UP SHOP AND WAS HIRED BY LSL. Drs of all nationalities are practicing in this great country of ours. The Hipacratic Oath containing "DO NO HARM" seems to have taken a different meaning through the language barrier or something. So we better keep busy advising people and let them make their own decisions. It breaks my heart when I find someone who is so beaten up by them that they cannot even fight they are so destroyed. But we can't do it for them.
By the way...prayers for "Bits" and her family in the loss of her father.
(but not any more)
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I agree with you completely. Well Said 2trusting.
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Right back at you Chrystal, what you said! Some of these things are so questionable it's not even funny. I thought the photo's were a little Salvdor Dahli-ish myself. If we could see some real photos, without hair and makeup, front view, side view, hair pulled back, like the before picture... Are we really supposed to believe that type of picture is a LSL after shot?
And why so defensive,when facts are requested, if she's really being real she'll post photo's that LSL actually did. I'm so anxious to not see the invisible scars! Really darlin', show us. You managed to get the pictures posted that you sent us, BBGirl, so why can't you manage to send more. If you're truly happy, I'm glad, but forgive me if I see you as a pawn for them to promote themselves. Let us see some real pictures without make-up and hair pulled bsck like the before picture. Make believers out of us.

(but not any more!)
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You know 2 Trusting, if I am wrong about the pictures I apologize -- but I don't think so. Your point of presenting the original before and after photos would be nice to see. I am in no way indicating that her result are not good, they seem to be and I hope that she has better luck than I did with my "Lift". I would hate for any person to make a decision based on photos and commercials alone. People must take the time to investigate this procedure as it can not be washed off once performed. Click, Chrystal.
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I think you look amazing! And you did nothing wrong whatsoever by sharing you're positive experience with us! Unfortunately there will always be those negative people who will try to bring you down and steal you're joy! As with EVERY single cosmetic procedure there is ALWAYS a risk for complications and, results may VARY from person to person. Obviously these factors can be influenced positively or negatively based on the physician YOU choose to perform the procedure. That is why no matter how small the procedure may be (Botox Injections, dermal fillers, laser treatments,) It is you're OWN responsibility to ALWAYS do you're homework and extensive research when choosing a physician. And In some cases, you might still end up one of those patients, with highly undesired results. I've had multiple cosmetic procedures, and I know from first hand experience, that there is always a small chance, that you will not end up with the "desired results". It's all part of the gamble that you take, each time that you have any ELECTIVE procedure performed. Whatever happened in "Chrystal's" case is unfortunate. However the only person that can really be blamed in the end, is yourself. It is an elective cosmetic procedure and you ultimately made the decision and took on the "risks" associated with that decision. I really feel for you because I have been in you're shoes Chrystal, and have had to deal with the anger and frustration that comes along with it. However, It will mentally and physically make you sick if you dwell on it. It is also extremely uncalled for to patronize someone that has had such a positive experience because you think that she some how "altered" her photographs. There is no reason at all for you to have such a condescending attitude towards this woman because of you're opinion of her photographs. She was nice enough to share them with people whom she doesn't even know.
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Dear PCB358, I have no problem what-so-ever that Boyton Beach had good results. I would not wish what I went through on anyone. I will state again that I think the photos have been altered, been there, done that, have seen it done many times. That being said, it is somewhat misleading to alter photos and then present them. I cannot prove this without seeing the originals, although I can enlarge the photos posted by pulling them to my desktop, pulling into photoshop and see the feathering around her hair and the pixels that do not match. Anyway that is moot. I might be angry, mentally challenged or even physically ill. I think that it is funny that the long finger still gets pointed at the customer saying it is an "elective cosmetic procedure and you ultimately made the decision". You are right. I made the decision based on information that was provided to me by LSL. Thank you very much. I did not have the information available to me (and many other ladies did not either) when I had my elective procedure and quite a few things were left out of the information that I should have been made aware of. So, for as long as I can, I will continue to warn women and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, I will call it a duck. Nothing condescending about that, just the way it is. Best, Chrystal
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My problem is not with your results, it is with the photos. Like I said before many times -- in 100 other posts, I would not wish a bad outcome on anyone! I am glad that you are happy with your results. I do hope that they are long lasting and true, on the other hand, I have a problem with the photos. I have enlarged the pixels and can see the feathering around the hair and I deem this to be misleading. I have never seen a reflection go to the roof of a photo in many years of printing and photo-publishing. Again, I wish you luck with your lift and am happy with your results; the photos, I still have issues with them.
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Thanks so much for your support! It seemed like I did something wrong when I told people I was indeed happy with my results. The truth is I continue to show improvement, as I was told, and will see changes up to one year from surgery.
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At 11 weeks, it is wonderful you are feeling great. At almost 3 months, I would expect most patients to have similar feelings.

Your facility was acredited? By whom? After a quick perusal of ACHA, AAAHC, AAAASF, and JCAHO web sites (and based on previous knowledge), none of the LSL facilities are accredited.
Recently, the Florida Board of medicine updated its rules for oral sedation to include all use of oral sedatives (Level I sedation).Accreditation is designed to support patient safety and avoid tragedy.

The information is listed below.

Update on Office Surgery Registration and Inspection Program
Recently the Board of Medicine Surgical Care Committee made certain changes to Rule 64B8-9.009 (4)
(a) 1, F.A.C. and 64B8-9.009 (4) (a) 3 (h), F.A.C.
The changes are as follows:
Rule 64B8-9.009 (4) (a) 1, F.A.C. has a change in the rule language to include “any alteration of consciousness
by any means”. This rule change may require certain physicians who are currently performing Level I office
surgery procedures, to register with the Department of Health.
Any medication administered to the patient, prior to and/or during the surgical procedure which would alter the
patient’s consciousness, moves the procedure from a Level I procedure to a Level II procedure. This constitutes
a change in the level of surgery.
Rule 64B8-9.009 (4) a (3) h, F.A.C. This section of the rule requires that a defibrillator or AED (automated
external defibrillator) be included in the list of required Supplies and Equipment. All office surgery facilities
registered with the Department of Health/Board of Medicine are required to have a Defibrillator or AED on the
premises and available for any emergencies.
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Thank you Dr P. for the additional information! Most useful for anyone considering this SURGERY!
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Dr. Prendiville: Just leave this woman alone - for goodness sake - she looks beautiful and is VERY happy and should would seem that you and commenter Chrystal are determined to rob her of her joy - what a depressive group you was HER decision and she is happy - drop it and attend to whatever it is that is causing your negativity.
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Atlanta 1452: If you are offended by information that most people and most prospective patients would appreciate hearing, so be it. The fact is that LSL centers (at least in Florida) are not accredited and people should know that. Surgical cases that involve the level of tissue dissection as is performed in a Facelift should have an outside organization (JCAHO, ACHA, AAAHC, or AAAASF) making sure that all of the equipment, personnel, protocols, and medications are in place for a patient's health and safety. A non-accredited facility does not offer this advantage. Likewise, when a patient is sedated, that patient requires experienced personnel in their management. These are just common sense principles that the AAFPRS and ASPS require of their members who perform surgery in an office surgical setting.
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Bravo! I whole heartedly agree with you.
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Dear Dr. Stephen,
Thank you for your postings. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can seemingly be against the continued education of the American public so we will be able to ask better questions. And to question our laws, which in being revised can better afford our protection agencies to do a better job of protection against "behind closed doors" types of operations. I for one really appreciate your information as do many who find this website looking for answers.

Best Regards,
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Bravo! I wholeheartedly agree with you.
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I was thinking the same thing as I read this overall attack. It seems to me the poor woman is being bullied online by this group of people and for the life of me I can not understand why.
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I sent pre-op pictures, but I guess you didn't get them.
My surgery lasted an hour and a half. I was awake the whole time, and my doctor asked me to smile during surgery to guage the tightness of the lower area.
I took (2) tablets of Alprazolam and (1) tablet of Ondansetron for nausea prior to surgery. I had eaten both breakfast and lunch prior as the procedure was at 3PM.
Two nurses attended me before the surgery to monitor me as the pills were making me out of it.
It's only eleven weeks after and I feel great.
The office my precedure was in is an accredited office-based surgery facility where thousands of these procedures are done.
I INTERVIEWED prior patients (5), and went into the procedure with my eyes wide open.
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B! S! They will not give out prior patients names due to HIPPA Laws. They DO NOT give out prior patients names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I dont know if they give out names but after my surgery the asked me if I would talk to patients and I did talk to three people so far so if you give permission they will let other people talk to you.
She may have talked to people at the clinic it self people there are all willing to talk everyone is in a good mood because they have a new found youth that they want to share.
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That isn't tru 2 trusting. I went for my consulation - asked for referrals to the doctor that would be prefoming the surgery and got a list of 12 - I called and have spoke to at least half of them - 1/2 of them have used the doctor for further proceedures.
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You are certainly a beautiful woman who looks very pleased. However,it would be useful for readers on this forum to get a little more information: 1) preop pictures: we can't fully evaluate the changes without seeing what you looked like before, 2) Telling us how long you were in surgery before, since LSL advertises itself as a 1 hour procedure, 3) What kind of oral sedation you received before the surgery and whether you were monitored during the procedure and by whom, 4) How you feel about your procedure in a year, 5) Whether your surgery was performed in an accredited office based surgery facility (since LSL is not known to have accredited their facilities in the past). Accreditation is very important for patient safety.

It is certainly wonderful that you are pleased. Unfortunately, your feelings are far from universal. LSL's advertising and sales pressure have contributed to a sizable number of very dissatisfied patients. Having seen a number of LSL results, and having seen the infomercials, I am not surprised.
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Hi, I did this surgery and the scars I have behinde my ears is horrible, looks like burned and I have one bumped scar in front of my ears...there is any cream that can I use to make better????
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I am think to make a tatoo (with my skin color) on my scars, can I do that???? I had my firts procedure 2 1/2 years ago, and two more procedure to fix the scars, all procedure was made by LSL, and still with scars, the last was made 16 months ago. So I should do this tatoo or not????
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See an independent board certified Facial Plastic surgeon or Plastic Surgeon in consultation. An in-person consultation will make all of the difference and help guide you with your concerns.
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