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My doctor was gentle and knew his...

My doctor was gentle and knew his Kraft! I'd do it again in a heartbeat! My sagging jowls made me look like my mother!

I was inside against the window in the Dtr.s office. It is Florida, so we have warm weather and green everywhere. I wouldn't know how to use Photoshop if my life depended on it.
Do tell me where to post my before pictures, because the office just sent them to me.
Someone knows how to use photshop. You can tell, the images is faded into the office wall -- fading into the cabinets and even the lighting above. Maybe a fluke with the photo but sure does look like a photoshop job to me. I know, I was in the printing business for 30+ years. It is called fading and feathering. It is a very nice photograph though. And you post your before picture the same way as you posted this one. I am sure Sharon can help you if you can't figure it out. Best, Chrystal

I was wondering about the trees too. :) I finally figured you were outside, standing in front of a window looking into the doctor's office, with trees reflecting in the glass. Is that right?


My final pictures were taken by the...

My final pictures were taken by the nurse-practioner in the doctor's office.

You are certainly a beautiful woman who looks very pleased. However,it would be useful for readers on this forum to get a little more information: 1) preop pictures: we can't fully evaluate the changes without seeing what you looked like before, 2) Telling us how long you were in surgery before, since LSL advertises itself as a 1 hour procedure, 3) What kind of oral sedation you received before the surgery and whether you were monitored during the procedure and by whom, 4) How you feel about your procedure in a year, 5) Whether your surgery was performed in an accredited office based surgery facility (since LSL is not known to have accredited their facilities in the past). Accreditation is very important for patient safety.

It is certainly wonderful that you are pleased. Unfortunately, your feelings are far from universal. LSL's advertising and sales pressure have contributed to a sizable number of very dissatisfied patients. Having seen a number of LSL results, and having seen the infomercials, I am not surprised.
1. I went out into the public one week later to remove stitches in front of my ears and under my chin. I was still swollen and bruised, and looked like a Cyborg.
It took a good three weeks brfore I could see my new face emerging.
At three weeks, stitches behind the ear were taken out.All stitches are still noticable, but are fading with use of Mederma and
Mepiform strips.
2. At eleven weeks my face swelling has almost completely come down. There is only a small bit left under my left cheek.
All traces of bruising are gone. My skin is in good condition and remains tight, but naturaly so.
I try not to sleep on my face, but I seem to roll over to either side at night out of habit.Yes I'd do it again!
I was fully aware of the procedure ahead of time. I would have done nothing differently!

Thanks Boynton,

This should help our community a lot, you provided some really detailed info, which is great. Please keep us updated. :)




I've added the before photo requested.

I've added the before photo requested.

Dear Chrystal,
The fact that we think the photos were altered only rankles us. I actually feel sorry for the poor woman if she is being used by them to promote a troubled business. Were they see through cabinets in the photo? Or reflective. The arm thing coming down from the ceiling and what appears to be a glass lamp shade tilted looking like it's coming out of her head? I got lost trying to figure out what was coming from where???? Inside the office outside the office,see through cabinets or matter. I want to see the LSL photos with the blue screen background, no makeup,hair pulled back, with all the poses LSL makes everyone do. Not a hair and makeup job with distracting background to draw attention away from the suject. Also if people state what they had done, as far as the proceedure and additional things they sell you at a premium, it makes a difference. BJ, you go girl, we do live in America and we do have the right of freedom of speech. I'm with you all as far as continuing to educate even after I get my money back and make sure my doctor has lost his license. To get the laws changed so we have registers for disciplined Drs. which are easy to access by phone for people who do not have the internet. And registers that follow them from state to state so they cannot continue to loose their license in one state, and move to another to start all over. MY DR HAD LOST HIS LICENSE IN IL AND MOVED TO TN TO SET UP SHOP AND WAS HIRED BY LSL. Drs of all nationalities are practicing in this great country of ours. The Hipacratic Oath containing "DO NO HARM" seems to have taken a different meaning through the language barrier or something. So we better keep busy advising people and let them make their own decisions. It breaks my heart when I find someone who is so beaten up by them that they cannot even fight they are so destroyed. But we can't do it for them.
By the way...prayers for "Bits" and her family in the loss of her father.
(but not any more)
I agree with you completely. Well Said 2trusting.
Right back at you Chrystal, what you said! Some of these things are so questionable it's not even funny. I thought the photo's were a little Salvdor Dahli-ish myself. If we could see some real photos, without hair and makeup, front view, side view, hair pulled back, like the before picture... Are we really supposed to believe that type of picture is a LSL after shot?
And why so defensive,when facts are requested, if she's really being real she'll post photo's that LSL actually did. I'm so anxious to not see the invisible scars! Really darlin', show us. You managed to get the pictures posted that you sent us, BBGirl, so why can't you manage to send more. If you're truly happy, I'm glad, but forgive me if I see you as a pawn for them to promote themselves. Let us see some real pictures without make-up and hair pulled bsck like the before picture. Make believers out of us.

(but not any more!)
Dr. Frank J. Catalfumo

My doctor is experienced with more than thirty years of surgery. He was gentle and a perfectionist.He made me look so natutal. I love my new look.

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