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I Had Rhino Revision and S-lift Done, Same Time - West Palm Beach, FL

My surgery was around 8 hours. I am now 3 weeks...

My surgery was around 8 hours. I am now 3 weeks post op. Nose and face still swollen, but bruises are gone. You really will need to be off work for at least 2 full weeks if not longer. I still look like if someone punch me in the nose - swelling. What concerns me however is my right eye. Since the surgery I can NOT fully close right eye, my lower lid is droopy, eye watering causing me blurred vision. During the surgery the damage or stretching/bruising of facial nerve must have occurred. Therefore I do not look myself, looks funny and abnormal. It caused me stress at work, people starring at me and asking questions... embarrassing. I am waiting for the nerve to heal. The Doc did not let me know that this can be happening. When I went back and "Googled" info. I found out that this is not uncommon due to mid face lift. I wish I knew. I am only 46 and my face was not that saggy. I hope to look normal soon, but for right now I am still just WAITING. The office staff is awesome, and all my appointments were on time with no waiting. Karen and Maday were absolutely awesome!

Rhino and S-lift

Before and after 4 weeks. Cost $15,000.00

Rhino and S-lift

Before and after 4 weeks

Rhino and S-lift

Other profile, looks very good. The front still looks "swollen", and wide. Hoping that is not the final look.
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

Still just 3 weeks post op. Can NOT comment due to nose still swollen and right eye lower lid drooping, eye watering. I will post before and after photos in about 4-6 weeks to give you a detailed idea. I will give an overall rating then.

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