The Last Thing I Want to Look Like is a Jackson....... West Palm Beach, FL

No offense to the Jackson family because I happen...

No offense to the Jackson family because I happen to be a Jackson but I told my original doctor, "please don't make me look like Michael. And low and behold, after the procedure, what do people compare me to, yep, Michael Jackson.
So my goal is to look more natural. I am an African American female who is tired of people kalling me out about my rhinoplasty. I am hoping Dr. Koffi will give me a natural tip and more then likely remove the artificial implant in exchange for maybe a bone graft. Scary, yes, but I feel that this second procedure is my only option for a more normal life. I have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Koffi in July where I can find out my options to reconstruct. Will follow up with info after the trip.
Hi sorry to hear about your bad experience, I feel I have a Michael Jackson nose too and I'm Hispanic so it looks weird on me too... I think Michael Jackson's nose would look weird on ANYBODY. Even a Victoria secret model! Anyway, I'm not sure were you are located but if I may make a suggestion there is a doctor in Maryland, his name is Kofi Boahene. He specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty and specially African American rhinoplasty. I'm going to him late august to see what he can do to make my nose more Hispanic. I wish you luck!
Thanks. He was also the first runner up for my Revision Rhino. I have been hearing nothing but rave reviews about him and understand that he specializes in reconstruction. Not sure where you stay but I'm in Miami so I will be traveling to him within a few months for a consultation.

So glad I found this website........

I have had my rhinoplasty for 8 years this December and I never knew a blog/board for rhinos and revisions existed until just a few weeks ago. This blog is a wonderful place, because after getting a bad surgery, life changes and suddenly you feel alone. Feelings like, I'm the only one this happened to and although we know this isn't true, its just that their is no one to talk to on a day to day that can relate. And even as you learn to cope the battle to fight off depression is a day to day battle. Even family tend to have negative things to say and that's a really dark place to be. Thanks to RozeRoze for giving the first response. I am very interested in finding people like myself.

Its not that we are complainers, atleast not myself. I consider myself to be a very strong minded person and probably would have lived with the very artificial looking nose job had it not been for the ridicule, comments, jokes, and ongoing shame that people have for the obvious. I have learned a lot about people from this experience. Not everyone is negative and nasty, but its surprising at how many people find the courage to confront someone with something when its only obvious.
I'm so glad you're here! Thanks for finding us and starting your story on RealSelf. I hope you're able to get a more natural result after this revision. Please keep us posted!
Your current nose does not look that bad from the picture posted. Good luck with your revision.
Thanks foxyboxy......guess I will post some additional photos. I will agree and say, its not the worst nose job ever but its major downside is that its a detectable nose job. What I have found over the last 8 years is that people are quick to impose there judgment on others based on what they approve of and what they don't, in the South! Some of the dislike I get may stem from jealousy and some from disapproval of the idea of elective surgery. As much as I don't want to go back under the knife I just really want to achieve a balance where the nose can kind of fly under the radar in the real world. Lol if you know what I mean. The nose tends to grab a lot of attention, most likely because Im African American and typically this look is not the norm. I have been saving all my extra money for over 6 years for this and its hard to cope with even the fact that Im having to invest more money. I really wish that it could have been done right the first time so maybe at this point in life instead of putting money into cosmetic surgery, I could have been buying my son a car for his highscool graduation this year.

Additional photos......

Just as I have read in many previous rhino stories, my nose also changed a lot over the years. The first year the nose was very swollen but it looked nose because it was bigger at the tip. It wasn't until it completely healed after the second year did the tip look drastically different.

Another thing is some of my photos comes out Gorgeous and others come out, not so nice. Previous to the rhinoplasty I was already a nice looking young woman and considered very photogenic, so this left many to say, that I definitely wasted my money with the first procedure. The difference with the changes made after, does not make me look significantly better....... so I will also post before pics too......
Did it took a long time before the swelling started to go down ?
It took about a year to fully heal. And believe it or not, it looked better while it was swollen and puffy. No one thought I had anything done untill the 2nd - 3rd year after all the swelling went done and the nose shrunk to the final look. Thats why I am interested in building it up for definition, esp around the tip where its narrow.
I wouldn't touch it again

Here is a most reCent photo of me and a friend taken on last Friday.......

This is what it looks like sometimes when friends take selfies photos with me a little too close up. You can get a better look at the true boxy shape and narrow tip with a really uncomfortably close up selfie, No- Filter. Keep in mind this would also be notiCeable in person. This is the nose job I have endeared as the almost perfect rhino. Its almost perfect but we all know that almost doesn't count. Its been a love - Hate Relationship!!!!!
Leave ur nose. Ppl on say that prob bc they knew u before. It's really not that bad. Not to say that I don't understand ur concern, but I don't think it's to the point that the risk is worth it. (FYI, I'm considering a rhino). Anyway, u look fine girl.
I love your nose're my wish pic!
Dr. Bared does a free consultation, I would check to see what he says. He does lots of revisions...

I havent updated my profile in months but I did take the trip to Maryland to meet with Dr. Boehene....

Sorry I didnt update you guys sooner but I was a little disappointed. On Sept 24th, last week Wednesday, I flew out of Miami, Fl to BWI and had a 4:00p appt to have a consult with the well known Dr. of Rhinoplasty, Dr. Boehene. I arrived 30 minutes early which was recommended. His office staff let me know it was a busy day and he was running a little behind schedule so the appointment would be 30 minutes later then planned. I patiently waited but when I got my chance to meet with Dr. B he actually was running between me and another patient so I didn't feel like a priority or that I was getting 100% of his attention. Nevertheless, he was able to focus in enough on my needs between his multi-tasking and addressed all of my concerns. He even advised me that he would be able to correct the shape of my nostrils which I actually thought was impossible. So he would have to be a miracle worker but there is something i still have a little of left, called Faith. lol...... Anyways, To my major disappointment, even with a referral from my primary doctor I was given a projected bill for well over $10k dollars. Im not saying I wanted him to make me his personal charity case but I was under the impression that without insurance the rhino would be $8500 so when I got a bill for over $10k it was extremely higher then anticipated. Matter of fact, in my mind I thought after insurance helped, I would be coming out of pocket anywhere between $4500 and $6k. (Not the case!)....overall cost is a deterrent guys.
Unfortunately, I am not wealthy and have to go back to the drawing board for some more thrifty ways to save because I am interested in him doing the job. I feel he could achieve the desired results, going for a more Afrocentric approach. Until I find someone as skilled as he is at 1/2 the cost my dreams for a revision have ended.

In the meantime I may look into getting some fillers which may give me the more desired look, often referred to as the "non surgical rhinoplasty". Most doctors dont recommend it because of the possibility for skin necrosis. But I would like to do something to get some of my natural good looks bak and maybe not be so dramatic with the changes or the cost.
Just wanted to fill you all in, keep you guys updated on this journey. Thanks for all the kind words and support......!!
I wouldn't risk having skin necrosis in the middle of my face.
I know right. That does seem pretty bad. Lol......desperation. >_
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

This doctor website shows that he offers ethnic rhinoplasty but although he is willing and able to operate on someone with ethnicity do not think your results will be ethnic. My finished nose after healing is to thin, to plastic and resembles a white person. This doctor seems to give everyone the same nose job, white, black or other. This doctor cut my nostrils to small and pulled them down. After spending $10,000 in public all I get is weird looks, side eyes and rude comments. When someone does finally give me a compliment I am so insecure about my nose that I think their probably lying. I expressed this information to the doctor for more then 3 years following the 1 year healing process and the doctors only advice to me was, "Go see a psychiatrist".

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