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After many long years of struggling with weight...

After many long years of struggling with weight loss and gain. After the birth of my second child I was determined to get the keep the weight off. She just turned 4 and I am now the lowest weight I have ever been. In college I weighted over 360 lbs now I am under 200. After 1.5 years of debating about having my extra skin removed I found a great doctor willing to help. I got quotes from 17k to 10k. Within the last month I called the insurance company almost daily, last Thursday I got the call I had been waiting for-approved. I have so many things going through my mind.


The date is finally set for Thursday, Oct. 31st.
hi shell408 my name is shamika and I want to first say congrats to you... 2nd I want to say I have my operation 4 days after you.. I was scheduled for the 28tg but my dr us going out of town.. you EXCITED BUT NERVOUS keep wondering how ill look if ill be flat or what... are u staying over night or going home.. do you have great support.. again congrats keep me posted please if you don't mind
oh btw you have yours on my bday
I am making list after list or all my questions, everything I need to get done before and arranging for childcare. I am staying two nights in the hospital. A few people at work know and they are great and supportive. I have a twin sister that had a similar procedure many years ago.

getting close

I am so close now, havehad many sleepless nights. My mind is racing and my body is all over the place. Mini-panic attack over the weekend. Tommorrow is final pre-op appt with dr then to the hospital for more paperwork, we have gone from days to counting hours. Fingers crossed
yaaay im with you there nerves kicking in... it's going to be just fine... just keepus posted when u can.. praying for you and with you
In the waiting room at the Dr, nerves in full force.
take slow deep breaths... and just be excited that it's almost over

Pre-op all done

Boy, today was more than I expected. I was with the doctor for over one hour, got my marking, scripts, information overload. Then off to the hospital, another 2 hours there. Five different people then bloodwork. Ironicly, they hospital called me 30 mins after I left because my glucose numbers were too low. They wanted to make sure iwas safe, surprised butthought it was nice. Weird instructions, prior to surgery iwas instructed to brush my teeth and use mouthwash to lessen risk of illness.

hours away

We are in the final hours, I braided my hair as the dr said no shower until drains are out. Theyalso said to get maxi dress, so I got one today. All set just hours away.
hope everything is okay...
what time is your surgery
yaaay im so rooting for you sweetie... im hear for you all the way although we are on here... you will be in my thoughts as well as my prayers.. if you don't mind ill pray for you now... Dear God I pray that you cover shell408 as she goes in to surgery. Bless the hands of the surgeon the anesthesia as he gives her meds and the entire surgical team.. I pray my God that you keep her comforted, comfortable, and at peace. Calm her nervous oh Lord keep her family friends and love ones at ease and allow them to know that as she goes in to surgery she is in your hands. I pray she comes out of surgery doing better than expected and loves her results... In your Darling Son Jesus Christ name I do pray these things and more Amen...

day after

Yesterday was a whirlwind. The hospital has been wonderful, some of the nicest nurses. Got bad advice in pre-op, I have type 1 diabetes. I was told not to take insulin, which caused 2 hrs of delay to bring me down to an acceptable level and some tears when the dr also said to reschedule. The surgery lasted 4 hours. Then 2 hours in recovery. Placed in a version of ICU for monitoring. Up sitting in a chair now. Only managing pain with tyneoyl.
First time I have had a chance to post, I was told from others an important tip, take stool softener and laxatixes days before. Great tip, clean out the system before. Also, do not use straws, it will add air. Good luck. PS I totally believe in prayer.
I'm glad you are doing good now bet your glad it's over now... and wow 4 hours that's a long time I'm sure you may be tired so ill talk with you soon I hope

Getting around

Still in the hospital, they having issues with my disbetes. Hope to go home on Sunday. My doctor is great, I got to see the new me today, it is beautiful. He had to use staples for closure and to reduce infection, I know them coming out is painful but it will all be worth it. My insicion is 60 cm across and 25 cm vertical.
Glad you are doing well.

yea! finally home

I got home last night about 7 pm. First night was no so bad, got up andhelped take the kids to school. My doctor aranged for a home health nurse to come change my dressings. Spoke with the doctors office today, drains are producing minimal amounts might be removed tommorrow, they are not bothering me. Feeling pretty good just tired.
Dressing changes? What happened?
The Dr wants the dressing changed daily
Thank you


Home nurse just left she said it is healing nicely. I have 54 staples across and 20 staples down. Some sweeping, but the nurse thinks they will remove drains soon.
Thank you for your updates. Glad you are doing so well it gives me hope. Mine is scheduled for nov 12 I'm getting nervous and excited now. Keep on postin.....


I am feeling much better than I or anyone expected. Called the dr they are ready to pull some of the drains. The drains are not bothering me to much. Overdid it a bit today. Made gluten free pizza crust then just put pumpkin muffins in oven, or it could of been the floors I swept.
I am so proud of you, I can't wait to see you in person. I know you have worked long and hard to have got to this point. I love the heart underwear. HaHa. Love you Mom
Work on arm muscles, you will be using them more than you know. Also my toes are helpful in picking up papers on the floor.

Just left the doctor

Just left from the doctors office 2 drains removed. It hurt for a second but then over and still better than the tubes. He is so pleased as I am also. Hopefully on Monday get the last 2 drains out then the staples will be next.

1 week update

It has been one week today. Feeling good.
Thank you so much, I am scheduled on 12/26 (wrote my pre-review yesterday but I don't think it's up yet). I think my question is, did you just have a Panni? I am not expecting 2 cuts, is that standard? I don't have my pre-op until 12/12 but need to do questions slowly so I have to start now, lol . . . I am a queasy baby and can only look at so much per day. By the way . . . you look great and have given me so much hope for my results :D
For the maximum results based on my body type the dr recommended the procedure, most people only have the one cut.
I had one cut

strength not back

I was thinking by now I would have my strength back, nope. Little task take more effort. Nurse came today so she needed updated pictures.
you look amazing... I know you will be glad when all the swelling goes down
Thank you

So happy with my results

I am so happy with my results so far. The doctor removed my last 2 drains today. I get my staples out of on Friday. Everyone save water for I will be able to shower on Wednesday morning. I might even wake up earlier just to make sure I have enough time. :).

staples out

Do not anybody lie, staples coming out hurt more than them going in. But it feels so much better. Walked 1/2 mile today. At the office they recommended eating pineapplefor swelling. I will take bromelain, pineapple extract as I can not eat a lot of fruit due to sugar content.
did they take all your staples out at once? I get a third of mine out on Tuesday I was not aware that it hurts when they come out kinda think I want to leave them in now... Lol.. I bet you feel so much better with those staples out.. I didn't want to ask you why did you have the incision that goes upwards
Yes they took out all 75 at once. It feels like they are pulling a hair out by the root. The reason I have a vertical and horizonal incision is because of my body structure for maximum benefit.
oh man 75 bless you ... I salute you.. I get a third of mine out Tuesday... think that's all I can do I'm way to sore

Set back

Just left the doctor, woke up in a lot of pain. Called doctor they wanted to see me. My blood pressure was high and the right side on my insicion was fevered and very tender. I have a stitch abscess, the doctor had to open the wound and drain it. So painful. Back on antibiotics.
I still have not got my staples out I only was able to get 7 taken out because I am so swollen and they are irritated guess I'll just be in pain for a whole nother week I just want to cry
Trust me I know the feeling. I cried the whole way back from the doctor.
ugggg this is rather depressing... well I guess we are only at the beginning of it we shall overcome ans conquer these weeks.. just hang in there... BIG HUGE HUGS YOUR WAY

emergency room

Yeap, that is where I am. My infection is worse and Dr wants me on iv antibiotics.
omg I'm praying for you... how did you know you had an infection was it a smell or just REALLY painful... you are definitely in my prayers..... :-(
Painful, went to Dr on Tuesday gave been on oral antibiotics but it is spreading down leg and still seeping. So Dr wants to be safe because of diabetes. How are you doing?
I cannot win today, I am allegeric to the antibiotic they gave me. I look like a red angry bird. Waiting for benedryl.

my neverending story

So I had a bad allegiric reaction to first round of antibiotics. Now they switched to a different combo. Not going home today :(

going home

On my way home very happy. Continue with antibiotics
yaaaaaaaaaaaaay you be careful and rest, rest, rest... thinking and praying for you

Happy Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for.
hey how are you
Good, had my one month checkup on Monday. Doctor was happy, no more binder unless needed
HAPPY THANKSGIVING.... looking Good lady and happy

good and bad

Went to doctor on Monday. Can resume all activity. I am exhausted by 8 pm ready to pass out. I have wore my binder eventhough the Dr said as nessesary beacuase I have been working long hours. Still a great experience.

good idea

My doctor recommended getting a massageto help with swelling. I went on Wednesday for a lympathic massage I can feel the difference.


Ihave had 2 stiches work there way out of my insision, weird but nobiggie. I found a place that willdo my massages under insurance. I am going twice a week feeling great.
Hi, I had my panniculectomy on Nov 27th. Good luck to you.
Good to know about the pineapple
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

Great and very caring doctor. He cares more about the patient than the money. Spent 30 minutes or more with me on day of pre-op visit to answer all my questions.

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