I'm nervous! I will be going in for a mini tummy...

I'm nervous! I will be going in for a mini tummy tuck with lipo in about 3 weeks. The doctors says I don't need muscle repair because I work out and my muscles are tight. Everything I've read says not to skip the repair.Should I still insist on it???? I have had two children c- section 40 years old 5'5 125 pounds. I'm very active and run 3-4 times a week. I don't know what to do:0(

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I've had a second pre opt appointment to try and...

I've had a second pre opt appointment to try and ease my mind... Unfortunately it didn't help . My dr said I will only need a MTT and lipo on my abdominal area upper and lower. Should I ask for muscle repair??? I usually look a couple of months pregnant after I eat.. Will the repair help with that??


Hi there! My stomach looks a lot like yours and I just had a PS consult this week to see about fixing it. He suggested a mini TT for me, definitely NO lipo b/c he said that the skin is already stretched from 3 pregnancies and lipo does nothing to help loose skin. In fact, it will make it worse. He also said most of my muscle separation was up top in my abs, and he would go up there and fix that if I wanted him too. Just wanted to share that with you b/c I look similar to you.... I have a weird pooch when bending over like you are, but when I'm standing up, look great. I don't have a weird flap hanging or any loose skin UNTIL I bend. You may want to have a consult with another dr.
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PS.... he also told me my muscles are tight (although separated, which is creating that pooch up top near the breasts). I am in shape as well.
understandable struggle - I don't want it but I am going to let my dr decide. I am so concerned with regrets that I have seen on here. good luck
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I'm 4 days post op... I'm feeling great and have...

I'm 4 days post op... I'm feeling great and have very little pain. I went with what my doctor suggested ( no muscle repair) and I could not be happier at this moment. My pouch is gone and my belly is flatter even though there is still lots of swelling. He said I had great muscles underneath and I will finally be able to see my hard work once the swelling goes down ( could take a couple of months). I'm thrilled so far!


Go for the muscle repair! wOW you look greaaaat for having 2 kids and be 40! Im 23 and i have had only one child and you look waaay better than me!
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please post pics when you feel like it - so anxious to see with no MR
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Post ur post op pics girl
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17 days post


U know wat..u already look so awesome.but good news is u will see the end result in about 3 months post op.you didnt even needed a mtt in the first place..i mean look at u..u were so much in shape already.lots of hardwork i suppose..wat was ur workout routine like if u pls dont mind me asking..
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On the other hand i was a candidate for a full tt.i had horrible waistline u cannot even imagine..but doc did a wonderful job seriously.
Where are your post pics??? Post them girl!!!:0)

Almost 2 months


So happy I.found your.post because I to am nervous about my mini tt no muscle. . I am bigger then you and more bulky but.i to work out and did thu my last pregnacy till 8 months ..bi was.told i have a . athletic build and stomach wall is.tight so muscle wall repair needed but I keep reading otherwise and im worried because im spending enough money and want to look nice.. also getting lipo in abdominal flank thighs. . Are you still happy with results. ? Hope to hear back soon :)
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You look great!
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Thank you!!!!!!!:0)
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