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I just decided to go for it. I may need an actual...

I just decided to go for it. I may need an actual brace on one of the fangs, but hopefully it just all falls into place. I'm on tray six now. My dentist says I have the most trays he's ever done and should be done with the bottom teeth in a year and a year and a half for the top. The first week was the hardest and most depressing. Thanks to this site, I realized I was not alone and right on track. I missed my wine, so now I drink it through a coffee stirrer and rinse with water. Things are looking up!


Hi there - I have 32 trays, 18 attachments, and am on tray 10. I try to drink my coffee and wine at mealtimes but if I want to leisurely sip, I drink coffee with a straw and wine with a straw, too. I found the first couple of months challenging, but now that I am finishing month 5, and actually see some change, I'm feeling much better about the whole treatment. I, too, have 'fangs' and even my kids say they are not as pronounced now. This site is great! TwoplusOne always listens to me complain, and then sets me off on a positive note! All the best on your journey!
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Thanks. I was so relieved to see I was on track and all my complaints were already complained about by others. I am not alone when I start wondering what the heck have I gotten myself into! I've never had a problem keeping the trays clean by just brushing them three times a day. I change trays every second week, so white wine and beer don't hurt them a bit. My teeth are noticeably whiter. Love the coffee idea. I like cream so I'll make it white and sip it down with a coffee stirrer. Yes!
I have 39 trays for the top all together and 26 for the bottom. A box full! I didn't have any extractions but he drilled between a few teeth. An entire salad now fits between teeth on the top! I also have 12 attatchments. One of the hard parts was to stop snacking. I just eat three meals a day now. I also miss those long morning cups of coffee.
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A close up


Age 56 here and just started tray one of 34 trays. 34! Initially the dentist thought it would be 25 trays. I was very disappointed to hear 34. Plus, one of the 'buttons' that they put on is on my 'fang' tooth, making it more prominent than ever. Anyone know if that can be fixed. I didn't really look them over before leaving the dentists office today. I was glad to find this site! I'll be checking in often.
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Hey Witsman4 - Same thing happened to me. My dentist told me it wouldn't take very long. And once I had agreed I was told 32 trays and he placed 18 attachments on my teeth, (which perhaps look better hiding behind invisaligns than without them.) Just keep in mind that you see the aligners more than everyone else dooes. I also have attachments on my fangs, and so I try to keep my mouth closed. But every so often a smile sneaks out and no one has yet pointed a finger at me and said, "what's with your teeth?" Also remember that the attachments are there to keep your bones and gums and teeth all working together and creating the proper movement required to move your teeth into their proper 'new' place. So I don't think you can 'fix' them; they are there to fix your teeth. Knowing that they are helping to straighten my teeth properly has helped me to accept them for the months that I am stuck with them. All the best during your next 16 months. We are all along for the ride.
I have a total of 43 trays on top. I'm on #6. No one has noticed the attatchment on my fang unless I point it out. Just keep's worth it , it's worth it.....
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