Older Mom of 3, Breast Lift with Fat Transfer and Lower Ab Contour and C-section Scar Correction - West Palm Beach, FL

As you can see 2 pregnancies and nursing left me...

As you can see 2 pregnancies and nursing left me with no breast. I have been researching and meeting PS for over 3 years. They always made me feel uncomfortable either by wanting to take pictures at our first consultation (UNnessesary) and by diminishing my research on the complications and health effects of implants. I have allergies and don't do well with chemicals, how could I tolerate implants? I drove all the way to Miami, but had a sinking nervous feeling about the docs. Then I read the realself review how the Miami Doc refused to help women that were mared by the surgery and for $15K++++, I gave up.

Then within 2 months I heard of Dr. Vinas name dropped three times. First he rebuilt a friend of mine's breast after Breast Cancer using Collegen strips to hold the implants after another Doc had failed to set them. The at my OB appointment, she commented how I really had NO breast tissue left. I asked her who she would recommend if someone had a problem with implants or needed creative reconstruction and she said, Dr. Vinas. Then ironically while getting an IPL, the tech had huge implants. I aske about them and she told me she has three surgeries, then fianlly went to Dr. Vinas to clean out the silicone that leaked and she was finally happy. I book a consultation (but was doubtful).

When I met him I instantly knew he was the Doc that could help me. I explained my fears of silicone implants. Instead of dismissing me he said we can consider saline or a fat transfer, which ever I felt more comformtable with!!! And he did NOT take naked pics (until the day before the surgery by a female nurse). I wanted to be a size C. He said he could do it with a fat transfer but would have to mix in powdered collagen to try to add extra bulk. Later I decided to only go with my real fat and understood that the final outcome would not be "perfect" like implants, but would depend how my body responded. ****tangent: the shell of implants are make with platinum salts. Go to the CDC website and look up the side effect. NEURO TOXIN!!! SCARY!

I needed a Major lift! Also it is hard to see in the pics, but my C-section scar was indented with 2" of dead loose skin bulging over and a swollen lady pubic bump under (yuk) was always self conscious and would not wear a tight skirt even though I am thin. My waist had thickened and I had a muffin top on my back which did not help with the disapearing butt problem (ageing is so fun). He did lipo on my back, inner thighs, inner knees, and a little on my ab and lady bump to smooth it out and make an equal transition from the waist. The surgery would have cost less if I had enough fat in 1 area, but he has to sculpt multiple areas to get enough.

It hurt like HELL!!! I had a drain tub in my ab for the breast and everything was swollen. He gave me morphine ahead of time, but after 4 days it no longer worked, I had to switch to percoset. They were great about giving me the pain pills I desperately needed. It was a full 1.5 weeks before I was able to not take the pills during the day (by the 2nd week I was on a much lower dose). Still needed them at night. Swollen like crazy. The first thing I said to my husband is "I am NEVER doing this again" Funny 8 weeks about and I am looking for more fat for him to transfer. I knew going into this that it can take a few transfers, but I cannot believe the results after 1!!!

I was a NOT full A cup. I wore the super padded A, folded my breast to put it in and had noting on top. Now I am an overflowing B with Very generous cleaveage and upper pole breast tissue. I am still sore at my abdominal insition, but am also chasing to kids, swiming daily, and working out.

Oh, I have 2 scars on each breast about the size of a pensil eraser, one on each side. They do not interfear with low cut clothing. I'll take a pic. The right one is a little smaller than the left. I may get a touch up next year, but once in a bra or swim suite you can't tell.

I want women to know that there are options, you don't have to get implants. If you are serious and have a consult with Dr. V, I left my info as a reference if you have questions.
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

I love him and the staff. They are very caring and professional. I am always covered and feel comfortable. I can't believe he was able to give me breast! Real, Natural breast!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Great results! I'm glad you are happy!
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Thank you
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Would you still highly recommend your doctor? He is not one we have seen on the fat transfer arena before?
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Yes, Yes, Yes. I didn't know he did it either, he said he will put it on his new website that will launch soon. It's worth a consultation if you are in the area.
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looks really good.
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Hello. I think your results are fantastic! I checked your PS website but there were minimal gallery photos. May I ask where the procedure took place and how long you were under? Congratulations~ you look amazing!
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I had the surgery at Good Sam's Hospital, I did not want to be a surgery center, plus he is the Chief of PS at Good Sam's so I was treated very well. I will find out how long I was under, I think pretty long since he had to go into so many places and take a little fat to find enough. But I am so glad he did not take tons out of one area, I do not look disfigured at all. No one can tell
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Sorry, I forgot to find out how long I was under, but I did get 917 ML's of fat transferred. It turns out they have abandoned their old website and are in the process of building a new one. I didn't even know he did the procedure when I went to see him.
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Surgery was a little under 1.5 hours
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You look fantastic, do you know how much fat was transferred to each breast? When did you have the surgery? Do you feel comfortable to share your age ? Thanks for posting your review!
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I am 40 and had the surgery in May. I will find out how many cc's I had. FYI-lipo hurts all these reviews that say it's easy is a lie.
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I had 917 ML's total
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That's great you held out for the procedure that felt right for you. Your lift and fat transfer look really great! If you were to get a touch up in a year, would it be due to some possible fat loss over time? Not sure where you would get more fat from though! Thank you for sharing your story with us on RealSelf! 
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Thank you!! IF I get a touch up it would be to go up in size.
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Keep us posted of any news!
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