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I'm a mother of 3 (17,14 and soon to be 1). After...

I'm a mother of 3 (17,14 and soon to be 1). After having my last baby I developed the muffin top. Therefore decided 2 do the tummy tuck and since I want a rounder bottom decided 2 do the but lift as well...I'm very nervous about the recovery..my pre op appointment is scheduled 4 march 28 and I hve lots of questions...hve anyone done these 2 surgeries at once? How was the recovery? How was the results?

Had my pre-op appointment yest..the surgery center...

Had my pre-op appointment yest..the surgery center was changed bcause the original center couldn't fit me in but that's ok...I asked lots of questions and left out of there lil more confident then I went it...I didn't like that the surgeon left me wit his personal assistance 2 answer most my questions..I felt like since he was doin the surgery he should b sittin there answering my questions not her.
I'm very grateful 2 hve my older daughter home with me for spring break so she can assist me with gettin up and the baby..only few more days 2 go..whew!

3days post..pain under control thanks 2 meds..took...

3days post..pain under control thanks 2 meds..took a peek today and holy cow batman and robin my stomach is flat!! Looks great..scar looks lil high 2 my liking hoping it's due 2 the swelling..I can say I'm happy it's done and over with..it's very rough the first 2 days but everyday gets better and better..I'm drinking lots of water and gettin up 2 walk every 2 hrs..as soon as I can I'll post b4 and after photos

4days post op..drain site hurting on left not sure...

4days post op..drain site hurting on left not sure why..still extremely swollen ugh! Realized I wasn't operating my drains correctly..didn't know I had 2 squeeze them flat after draining fluid from bulb..hope that don't slow down my recovery..still on percocets hopefully in few more days I can ween myself off..next doc app thurs hopefully these drains will b removed!

1week post op..saw dr today..he was very nice...

1week post op..saw dr today..he was very nice patient and attentive bcause I was a nervous wreck gettin the drains taken out..it did hurt I'm not goin 2 lie but once it was done I felt so much better..finally feelin like I'm gettin bck 2 normal..they also ordered me another garment..$90 wow! I guess it's all worth it..but if asked if I would do this again..I don't think I would even though I like my results

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My doctor had me sit with his assistant and she answered my questions..I felt like he didn't take enough time out with me with such an intensive surgery

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey ladies I too am planning on getting a TT and BBL at the same time, but I have some questions. I thought that once you get a BBL you can't sit on your butt for like 2-3 weeks, but with getting the TT also isn't it difficult because how else can you sit or lay down. I am sure if you lay on your side the TT will hurt. I want to get the two procedures done at the same time, but not sure how recovery will go...how did you all manage?
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Hey girlie...honestly it was nearly impossible 4 me 2 lay on my side after the bbl/tt..the tt hurt alot..I layed on my back with propped up knees for at least a month..it was so uncomfortable that I didn't care if the bbl didn't take..I should hve done a mommy makeover instead
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Applebottom- so how does you bootty look now, are you happy with it?
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It looks the same 2 me
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Appliebottom, hi! I had the fat put in on my cheeks :) but i think a lot of it went away after 5 wks :( you're right, it's impossible with that and TT/MR not to sit on it because laying on my side/stomach was not an option at the beginning lol oh well, but it's still perkier than before :) What's weird is how hard my tummy feels, at least that's how it feels on the inside, on the outside it's tender and swollen. I guess that everyone is different!

hi Booka, my doc had me standing up straight like 2 days PO, he said that bending over is nonsense, yet other doctors tell people to bend for a while, i guess they have different philosophies. It sounds like your pain tolerance is very high! Wow! 6 days po and you're doing GREAT! That's wonderful!
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@Booka..I couldn't stand straight bcause of MR..lucky u bcause that bothered me after a while..guess mine was a lil tight lol
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She gave me MR, but she made me stand up straight the next day, she made me do some breathing practices. I have a high tolerance for pain too, but it was easier to get used to when she let me use the binder as an alternative. Now i have a girdle. I am PO day 6 now.
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she also put these padded bandaid looking things (huge) around my rib cage, maybe that helped?
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Hey Miami...I'm in the same boat as u lol..yes I still hve swellin 4wks post op but I'm expecting it..I believe it takes a while 4 it 2 go down completly..but when I look at my new body I'm loving it (minus the boobs) mine sag 2 :-( lol..I'm goin 2 the muscle massage this week bcause PS said I will help..my belly is not hard but is very tender..the swellin hasn't really bothered me yet bcause it's lots better than wht I had lol
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Hi ladies, I had the TT w/MR, Lipo and BBL and I agree that I wish I would've done the boobs (they sag now) but hey, maybe another time. I'm so glad you're all doing great! The swelling is a rollercoaster! I'm 5 weeks post op and still have above and below scar..and after eating, I feel like my belly is hard as a rock. Does this happen to you all also?
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I haven't noticed that yet, but I will see. I am a bloater anyways, so I am sure i'll have those issues LOl
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How was yr recovery? I found it hard not 2 sit on my butt bcause TT..my doc put the fat in the upper part of my butt bcause it wouldn't hve lasted in the lower part bcause that's where I sit..how bout u
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congrats on your surgery. I am 6 days PO today and I am going to get my drains removed! I know it's going to hurt cause I snagged them twice and OUCH, what a PIA huh? I also had my daughter help out with my care and my 2 sons during spring break, so she is getting rewarded/paid.

I would do this all over again, but now I am wondering if I would have done them together. I recovered rather quickly and have been able to do more than the average person a day or so after surgeries, but sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to go twice and just spend the extra $.

Either way, i hope you're doing well still.
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Hey Booka..it's a good thing u did them together..my boobs look saggy after the TT..now I wish I had them done ugh! But congrats on yr surgery..u look great..it does get easier..I'm 4 wks post op this wed and just finally able to stand up straight..still get itchy at incision but that's about it..swelling is at a minimum but it's still there..I lost 10 lbs so far and my waist went from 41 to 37 inches..I love my new body!
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That's awesome! I hope to see my belly today. I have an appointment in about an hour. I knew i didn't want to have just a flat stomach and/or just nice boobs and if i did them separately, which would I have done first? LOL

That's awesome on your weight loss, good for you! I don't care to lose much weight, but I'd accept 10 LOL. I have been able to walk straight for a few days now I would just love for my boobs to stop swelling and for it to stop hurting when i sneeze and/or cough LOL. I guess it's all part of the fun! I am happy I did this!
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Did u hve a MR done as well? Yeah I don't blame u on hvin them both done..I don't want 2 show my body bcause of my boobs...mayb next year I'll hve them done :-)..I did get the butt lift and felt like I needed that more but now I see my boobs and wish I had a lift
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Yes i had MR! I figured with my legs, since I run now and do lot sof spinning, my fat will start to depart from that area now that my belly is out of the way, although my waist is always small, just couldn't tell LOL.

Just take pics of your tummy, and even if u took them of your boobs, I have my pre boob pics and they are not sexy LOL.
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You are a Godsend. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It really makes a difference to hear it from someone that's been there. I will take your advice and hang in there :) Will keep you updated soon!
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No problem:)  I am glad I could help you.
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Thank u...does anybody know where I can get a stage 2 compression garment?
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hi applebottom, i had the same procedures done on mar 30. how are you feeling? I think the worst part is the lipo. bbl is not really a big deal..they put 500cc(i believe thats what PS said) on each cheek but he said i might end up keeping about 300. the lipo is horrible with numbness/swelling and the tt swelling/hardness on lower belly plus muscle spasms are not pleasant at all either. Let me know how you are doing? we are close in surgery dates.
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Hi Miami7648...I'm doin better each day..couldn't sleep on my sides so I'm on my bck..the worst part 4 me is the drain sites..they are sore and stings..hopefully they will come out on thurs..I'm extremely swollen and itchy..and the pain meds r starting 2 mke me sick so I'm tryin 2 ween myself 2 tylenol..do u like yr results..I'm 2 scared 2 open the binder until i go see my PS..so far the lipo hasn't gven me major problems
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Hi Applebottom, glad to hear you're getting better each day. I've learned this surgery progresses in baby steps, but it does get better each day. I have a bit of trouble sleeping on my sides too. I kind of start out that way but soon enough, find myself propped up in like a sitting position on my bed, which is the most comfortable (if you can call it that lol). I can imagine the drain sites being so painful. My PS took them out the day after surgery and boy was I glad. You'll see, you will feel like a different woman! I'm itchy too and that's all normal. My PS told me to get Caladryl (clear lotion) at local pharmacy. It does help with the itchiness. But I got to tell ya, he also recommended that I start (i'm 2 weeks po tmrw) asap the lymphatic massages. I just came back from my first session and it was WONDERFUL! The lady (lic theraphist)was gentle and massaged me in the areas where he lipo'd which were very sore and also in the hard/swollen areas below the belly. I was terrified for her to touch me there at first but she was gentle and used a lotion combined with Arnica/chamomille and it was GREAT!!She stimulates the lymphatic system and I'm not kidding you, as soon as she was done (1 1/2 hrs) I pee'd :) like crazy and felt a lot softer in that area. Ask your PS about that. I'm taking 800mg motrin 2 or 3x a day for pain/discomfort and at night I take half a Lorcet (not as strong as Percocet), however, my PS gave me anti-nauseau suppository to take before pain meds and they didn't make me sick at all. Ask about that too. I'm very happy w/my results although because of the swellling, I know our "real" results won't be evident for a while. But we're going to look awesome...I'm sure :) Take a peek when you go to your PS..I'm sure you'll be pleased!!

Please let me know if you need to talk. It's comforting to know others out there are going through the same thing, especially since I think sometimes we feel isolated because we're confined to home/resting for a while..it's a nice way to connect! Praying for your quick recovery and that those darn drains come out on Thursday. Keep me posted!
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Best of luck to you
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Hey Kimmer..thank u 4 yr response :-)...I choose Dr Sanjay Lalla..he was a chief plastic surgeon in a hospital then went into private practice..I heard about him from a friend then researched his credentials online..he was the 3rd plastic surgeon I consulted with.
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