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I'm a mother of 3 (17,14 and soon to be 1). After...

I'm a mother of 3 (17,14 and soon to be 1). After having my last baby I developed the muffin top. Therefore decided 2 do the tummy tuck and since I want a rounder bottom decided 2 do the but lift as well...I'm very nervous about the recovery..my pre op appointment is scheduled 4 march 28 and I hve lots of questions...hve anyone done these 2 surgeries at once? How was the recovery? How was the results?


How exciting getting a new tummy and booty!   I had lipo on my butt so can't speak about the recovery for a butt lift.  However the tummy tuck recovery is long and pretty painful the first few days.   You will be ok though and it is all worth the results you end up with. 

I can't imagine that these two procedures done together would be any worse than a tt and lipo at the same time.  I say go for it:)

Are you up for sharing who your doctor is and how you found them?  

Keep posting through your journey and we will all support you through the process. 

Make sure you have plenty of help the first two weeks after surgery with the baby . You will need to focus on taking care of yourself and resting. 

Go very easy for the first six weeks post op because you only get once chance to heal properly. 
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Had my pre-op appointment yest..the surgery center...

Had my pre-op appointment yest..the surgery center was changed bcause the original center couldn't fit me in but that's ok...I asked lots of questions and left out of there lil more confident then I went it...I didn't like that the surgeon left me wit his personal assistance 2 answer most my questions..I felt like since he was doin the surgery he should b sittin there answering my questions not her.
I'm very grateful 2 hve my older daughter home with me for spring break so she can assist me with gettin up and the baby..only few more days 2 go..whew!


Thank u...does anybody know where I can get a stage 2 compression garment?
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Best of luck to you
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Hey Kimmer..thank u 4 yr response :-)...I choose Dr Sanjay Lalla..he was a chief plastic surgeon in a hospital then went into private practice..I heard about him from a friend then researched his credentials online..he was the 3rd plastic surgeon I consulted with.
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3days post..pain under control thanks 2 meds..took...

3days post..pain under control thanks 2 meds..took a peek today and holy cow batman and robin my stomach is flat!! Looks great..scar looks lil high 2 my liking hoping it's due 2 the swelling..I can say I'm happy it's done and over with..it's very rough the first 2 days but everyday gets better and better..I'm drinking lots of water and gettin up 2 walk every 2 hrs..as soon as I can I'll post b4 and after photos


hi Kimmers25, I wanted to ask you for your opinion. I'm 11 days po and I'm in such horrible discomfort that i can barely sleep at night. The doc had me take only 800mg motrin 3xday and i find it's not enough for the pain/discomfort. Last night was so hard to sleep because i feel the garment is too tight due to swelling in my belly so i went for the Lorcet (narc). That helped me sleep, probably because it knocks you out too. I even had to take off my binder. I have one that's made our of polyester/nylon and it itches like crazy! I wonder where I can get a better one to go over my compression garment. I'm worried that not wearing it is setting me back in terms of swelling. Also, i find that the discomfort (itching!! numbness, etc) from lipo on my back is the WORST EVER! Do you know if this is all normal? Please write back. Your thoughts/comments are appreciated. I'm feeling quite desperate and it's getting me depressed. Doesn't feel like it's getting better now at 11 days PO. It was easier at the beginning when I was taking the percocets and sleeping most of the day. Help!

Hi Miami,

I am sorry you are having such a horrible time :(    Don't get depressed because this is all temporary and will pass.  You are now on that "Roller Coaster" phase I talked about. 

You are still very early in the healing process so all of these things are pretty normal.  Everything is tightening up and healing on the inside so you will start to feel strange pulls and twinges.   Now while the binder needs to be snug it should not be so tight that it hurts.  What helps is wearing an all cotton tank top under the binder.  That will give you a little barrier between your skin and the god awful polyester/nylon.   Who invented these things anyway???  Obviously someone who has never had to wear one!!

If the Lorcet works and helps you sleep then go for it!   I took my heavy pain meds at night which helped a ton.  You need proper rest so that you can heal nicely.

The lipo areas can be extremely sensitive and painful.  They are numb but at the same time hurt like a really bad sunburn.  Frustrating but it will ease up soon.  At about 3-4 weeks you are going to feel like you turned a corner.  You will seriously wake up one morning and realize that you finally feel better.

Go slow and really pamper yourself right now.  What your body needs more than anything is rest right now. 

Keep in touch with me and let me know how you are doing each week.

You always know where you can find me.

Hugs :)


4days post op..drain site hurting on left not sure...

4days post op..drain site hurting on left not sure why..still extremely swollen ugh! Realized I wasn't operating my drains correctly..didn't know I had 2 squeeze them flat after draining fluid from bulb..hope that don't slow down my recovery..still on percocets hopefully in few more days I can ween myself off..next doc app thurs hopefully these drains will b removed!


You are a Godsend. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It really makes a difference to hear it from someone that's been there. I will take your advice and hang in there :) Will keep you updated soon!
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No problem:)  I am glad I could help you.
hi applebottom, i had the same procedures done on mar 30. how are you feeling? I think the worst part is the lipo. bbl is not really a big deal..they put 500cc(i believe thats what PS said) on each cheek but he said i might end up keeping about 300. the lipo is horrible with numbness/swelling and the tt swelling/hardness on lower belly plus muscle spasms are not pleasant at all either. Let me know how you are doing? we are close in surgery dates.

1week post op..saw dr today..he was very nice...

1week post op..saw dr today..he was very nice patient and attentive bcause I was a nervous wreck gettin the drains taken out..it did hurt I'm not goin 2 lie but once it was done I felt so much better..finally feelin like I'm gettin bck 2 normal..they also ordered me another garment..$90 wow! I guess it's all worth it..but if asked if I would do this again..I don't think I would even though I like my results


Hey ladies I too am planning on getting a TT and BBL at the same time, but I have some questions. I thought that once you get a BBL you can't sit on your butt for like 2-3 weeks, but with getting the TT also isn't it difficult because how else can you sit or lay down. I am sure if you lay on your side the TT will hurt. I want to get the two procedures done at the same time, but not sure how recovery will go...how did you all manage?
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Hey girlie...honestly it was nearly impossible 4 me 2 lay on my side after the bbl/tt..the tt hurt alot..I layed on my back with propped up knees for at least a month..it was so uncomfortable that I didn't care if the bbl didn't take..I should hve done a mommy makeover instead
Applebottom- so how does you bootty look now, are you happy with it?
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My doctor had me sit with his assistant and she answered my questions..I felt like he didn't take enough time out with me with such an intensive surgery

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