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Truly the best for non-surgical rhinoplasty!!!!! I...

Truly the best for non-surgical rhinoplasty!!!!! I am one of those unfortunate people who had to go through 6 reconstructive/cosmetic surgeries to fix a really bad botched nose job. Last one left me with several imperfections still, dents, not enough tip lobule,bridge uneven, etc. just in general many irregularities that still bothered me. And there was now way I would go through another surgery. I decided to go with non-surgical rhinoplasty to fix these problems. THANK GOD!!!!

I found my Dr., he is located in West Orange, NJ, and ALL i have to say is that he is the GREATESt!!!!! He performed a non-surgical rhinoplasty to fix all the irregularities on my bridge and tip area and other areas as well on my nose.

I HAVE NO WORDS......... SUPERB!!!! and only after ONE!!! ONE!!! INJECTION!!! I may have to go for one more but as of now I am EXTREMELY HAPPY. My nose now looks SOOOOOOOOOOO natural and even now!!!!

I WOULD REcommend this procedure to anyone!!! especially to those rhinoplasty fellows of mine who had to go through many surgeries to fix their nose problems. I'm so HAPPY and Esctatic now!!!!.


West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Truly the BEST!

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i want to ask is it possible to have the procedure done but instead of filling the nose use it to reduce the amount of fats in the nose thats if there is any cause i heard about these injections they use to inject the nose and it helps to make the nose shape looks thinner and smaller? something other than the fillers..??
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Can you post pictures please?
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how does the procedure work?
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