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I am a 32 year old female living in Connecticut....

I am a 32 year old female living in Connecticut. Over the past few years I have been really bothered by deep under-eye hollows and thinning upper cheeks. I felt like these things made me look much older than my age. I started looking into facial rejuvination with fillers on the internet and I realized that if I were going to get a temporary filler (that last 6 months to 1 year) it would cost at least $800 per year! Also the risk of lumps and having to get annual filler injections for the rest of my life made me shy away from that option. At that point, I googled for permanent dermal fillers and came across the "realself" website and Dr. Joseph's reviews & videos about Silikon 1000. So I made an appointment and nervously drove down to West Orange, NJ for a consult and treatment.

When I met Dr Joseph, he was extremely professional, funny, honest and personable. He immediately put me at ease. He told me that I was an excellent candidate for lower eyelid and upper cheek filling with Silikon 1000. He explained that Silikon 1000 is an extremely effective, smooth, suble, permanent treatment when used with the proper injection technique. The risk of lumps or mistakes is extremely small. He took some "before" photos and then he marked the areas for treatment, and applied a topical numbing gel. The treatment itself was quick and painless (that numbing gel was amazing). I did not feel any of the injections. I drove home, all the way to CT immediately after my treatment. There was no down time. For me, the only side effects were very minor swelling that was not even noticable to anyone but myself. In fact, I put on my eye glasses and make-up and hung out with some friends and family on the NIGHT OF treatment and nobody noticed! The swelling took a about a week to go down, but this is normal for some people (especially for the under eye area). Since I live so far away from West Orange NJ, Dr Jospeh asked me to email him and/or call him with any questions or concerns. I did email and call to just double check about the swelling. He took my call and emailed me back immediately to re-assured me that the swelling should go down within 2 weeks, which it did.

The results were extremly subtle yet impactful. After only 1 treatment, I was literally overwhelmed with emotions because I felt like I looked 5 years younger instantly. Most people have only noticed that I look like I "got a good night's sleep" or that I look "less stressed out". This is good because I don't want to look "over-done" or "injected" or like I had any work done.

As far as price goes, since I got 2 areas treated at one time, I was given a multiple area discount. Is $1350 alot of money? It's nothing to sneeze at, but it's WAY cheaper than getting annual injections of a temporary filler - especially since Dr. Joseph's technique with Silikon 1000 is much less risky than some other fillers on the market, AND I got such awesome results after only 1 treatment. I am 10000000% pleased with the results and I will be going back in about another month to get a 2nd treatment to further enhance my cheek volume.

If I could recommend this treatment to anyone, I'd say - YES DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!!!! You will NOT regret it. The results are permanent and think that this treatment was extremely worth the price.

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Unfortunately my experience was very different and I regret doing this to myself. My face is disfigured. The overwhelming percentage of good reviews is a mirage. Bad reviews are taken down or rebutted. In many cases doctors have patients sign waivers stating they will not post any negative feedback about them...they are happy to take all the good reviews. In my eyes this is criminal.
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Silicon is not something to ever be placed in your body! Prior to allowing go to some really reputable ps ! Guarantee they will say no no no
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I agree Alicia...all we can do is share our OWN personal experience..and I want to add that the doctor who did the injections was the doctor I went to for over ten years for injections and botox.. so, it only takes one bad injection of fillers or using a product that doesnt have long term studies etc..Im sure this doctor is very good at what he does..I personally will not do anymore injectibles into my face and have sworn off botox..I think for me ..after my own experience and studying and researching and consults with alot of well known PS that I learned to NEVER let anyone inject me with anything that does not have the option of reversing the bad effects..silikon does NOT have that options..with juvederm etc..u have that option..with evolence there wasnt that option and coming up on three years the lumps are here and even plastic surgeons are very hesitant to do surgery to ..fillers CAN and DO cause longterm problems..Just do your that by seeing what other plastic surgeons say as well as look at the long term side effects..silicone products usually look very good in the beginning...its the several years later that the problems arise..and THERE IS NOTHING you can do but cut it out ..which leaves other problems..
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Thank you for the clarification. This site is all about educating through professional and personal experiences. You bring up great points with the good and the bad from your personal experience. Bottom line is education, researching the right doctor for each person looking to get a treatment. Also, note that the only doctors that can participate on the site have to be current and board certified with regard to the treatments they are providing. I'd like to suggest you write a review about your experience so people researching can take your experience into consideration as well. Also, we are committed to consumer advocacy and safe procedures. The worth it ratings are very transparent.

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I had the silikon in my forehead and lips lips arent to bad but the area of the forehead that he injected with the left over silicone is now turning into a lump ...what people need to understand is THAT IS not a temporary filler. It will over the years attract your own collagen and continue to attach to the foreign product..this can cause lumping and movement of product to other locations..There is NO FEAR mongering here..just sharing what ive had to learn over the past couple years with my own experience..there is plenty of history with the silicone type products ...ive actually been VERY please with it as well the beginning..its what happens sev years later that now im having to deal with...just a warning to others thinking of doing this type of injection..its scary enuf that with a temp injection like evolence that was placed under my eye three years ago is STILL there..we have to educate ourselves more and pay attention to the history of patients with the only takes one doctor who THINKS he knows whats going to happen after the injections to do damage..
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I thank you for sharing and I am truly empathetic to your situation. I want to encourage you to go to another facial cosmetic surgeon who is extremely experienced in this injection procedure.

I just wanted to clarify that I did NOT get Evolence. The product that I got is called SILIKON-1000.

Silikon 1000 is a medical-grade pure form of liquid injectable silicone. It is FDA approved for opthamalogical use (retinal detachment) BUT it has been used as a filler by cosmetic surgeons for 30 years with good results! In the hands of QUALIFIED injectors, complication rates are extremely low. The injection technique is called the "micro-droplet" technique and it's a special skill learned to ensure that there is no migration.

I did SO MUCH research before I got this procedure - All of my research showed that the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR for success is the TECHNIQUE AND EXPERIENCE of the doctor. The best doctor in my region - Dr. Jospeh - is TWO STATES away from where I live! But I gladly drove over because I would not do this procedure with any doctor who is not the best. He made sure that I was aware of every possible risk before I consented to the injections and explained to me a plan for if any complications arise.

My results are fantastic and I am 10000000% happy with my choices of SILIKON-1000 and my doctor. I hope that everyone does their homework and reads both perspectives and makes the best choice for themselves.
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Shame on this dr !!! SMH!!! I cant unnderstand why any doctor would put silicone anywhere near under eyes or in your face!!!!!!!!omg! I am in shock that they are doing this STILL!! KNOWING. Full well whats gonna be coming up in the future years !! Oh, but 5 or 10 yrs .. Nothing u can do abt it so not their problem i guess??? SMHSMHSMH!! SHAME!!!
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Hello Evolenceprod - I'm sorry that you have had a terrible experience with this treatment. I am certain that you were in the hands of an inexperienced doctor and that is such a shame. I recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Joseph because he is a pioneer in the micro-injection technique - which is the KEY to successful Silikon. Again, I'm sorry for your experience but please do not continue with the fear-mongering. God Bless you.
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Hi evolenceprod, I see you have a review in Evolence, but not Silikon 1000. Have you had Silikon 1000 procedure? If so, please write a review, we'd love to hear your story. Also, I've reviewed both procedures and there is a big difference in worth it ratings for both. Evolence has a 32% (3 of 10 would do it again) whereas Silikon 1000 has a 88% worth it rating (8 of 10 would do it again). The reason I'm responding is I want to keep topics and comments relevant.

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I'm so happy you had Such Fantastic results! I'm 37- with facial sagging on one side of my face more so than the other, indentation acne scarring and pitted scars, hollows in the tear troughs and upper cheeks..Sadly, I didn't get the same results but I'm hoping with my next appt things there will be some significant improvements..
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Hi MzB, 

So glad you now feel better about your looks and that you look 5 years younger. This is a very detailed review and I'm happy everything worked out. We'd love to see pictures. 



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