After 2 Revision Rhinoplasties- FINALY A SOLUTION! - West Orange, NJ

Here is my short story, I really hope people read...

Here is my short story, I really hope people read this to avoid the pain i went through.

I had my 1st rhinoplasty about 5 years ago. the worst results ever, too much graft was taken out.

Did a revision with the same doctor (big mistake but had no results weren't any better and I was very depressed every-time someone would mention my nose not looking looking crooked etc..
Didnt want to give up so I thought of giving one more shot..did a research by going online and looking for the best doctor and NYC, there is one who comes up all the time and he really knows how to market himself, wish i could say his name so others ca keep away from him. I WENT AND HAD ANOTHER REVISION, he promised to fix my issue by adding some grafts. 1st six months my nose looked great because of the swelling, couldn't be happier. then..swelling went down and the results were bad. an even more unnatural looking nose. i was in the worst depression because i couldn't see a solution, just wanted a normal natural looking nose like i used to have.
Another Rhinoplasty is not an option. The Surgeon confirmed the bad results and offered to use temporary fillers to give the nose a better look, it helped BUT disolved very quickly and its horrible to go back and forth each and every time for small treatments.. you never know how your nose would look like permanently !

I read a lot about Dr Joseph, but was always afraid because all doctors told me to keep away that i shouldnt inject silicon. For me this was my last and only option and i was willing to take the risk. and decided to visit.

I couldnt believe it, couldnt sleep that night because i was so happy my nose looked natural again, he filled in with silicon 1000 where i was missing volume the nostrils went down and it was really painless.
I went to meet him again just to make sure that this result is permanent i didnt want it to disappear:).Thought it might be a physiological reaction, so i didnt tell anyone about the treatment ive done. People started giving me compliments about my nose. I'm in 7th heaven now, i dont think about my nose anymore. and decided to put this review because i feel like anyone out there with a similar issue should go for it. save your money and time this DR is a magician.

Im not sure if there is a way to contact me on this site, but if so..dont hesitate ask me anything you want
Good luck!

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Hello! Congratulations! I want to have a happy ending too! I nw how painful it is to go through this! I would love to see your pictures! would you send me? my -mail add ress: . Thank you!
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One more thing, I'm glad I found this website. I feel that I'm not alone and we can all exchange experiences and information. Thanks so much real self!
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I am sorry that you have to go through this. I really sympathize with you. I didn't trust my first surgeon to fix my nose, now after 12 years I am thinking of a revision. But this time I am being so careful about surgeons. So I am still searching for doctors and going to consultations and hopefully I'll soon find one. Your story tells me that there is always hope. Very glad for your happy ending story. Take care.
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I too, have a similar story... only I waited much longer... I'm a year old male... everything you're reading about Doctor Joseph is true.... I am very pleased with my results from silicon injections to my nose...
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Going through almost the same thing, but too scared to have revision. Love when I get the restalyn but it's only temp, so then sad again. Can you post some pics and how long ago did you get this done? Thank you again, and happy to hear that you are no longer in misery. I too hope my day will come.
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I purposely avoided publishing my photos because I wanted to keep my privacy with this. But i would love to share some photos with you if you can message me personally on my account.There really is no reason for you to keep suffering...Go for it!
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I had silicon 1000 in my nose by Dr. J..... everything you're reading about him is true...
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Thank you kind dear. I am going to call this week and make an appointment. It is my time to shine! Bless you and thank you for your kind words.
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Bless you dear, I'm going to make an appointment.
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