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West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. J is a true master of his art. I highly recommend him. I had a 'non-surgical' nose job with silicon and he and his wonderful staff made the entire experience an absolute pleasure. I am SO pleased with my results. I also had a series of micro-dermabrasion with M in his office and it was the best I've ever had - !

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Hi Britt - I don't have photos, but I will see if I can obtain some...I will let you know! Thanks!
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That would be awesome!

If you can find some let me know if you need help posting.



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Hi Britt -

1. There was a little bit of bruising at the injection site but nothing that could not be covered up/covealed with make-up.

2. I would most definitely do it again

3. I HATE needles and this one is glass and LOOKS more intimidating than regular 'filler' needles, but was actually not as painful as I imagined.
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Thanks Sonya,

I added you to the Silicone Injection community. On RealSelf we love details, thanks for filling us in and welcome. Do you have pictures?


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Hi Sonya,

Thanks for the review, but before I add you to the Silicon Injection community page could you please provide a bit more information about your experience to fully aid our community. :)

1. Did you experience pain and downtime?

2. Would you do it again?

3. What do you wish you knew before hand?

Thanks so much,


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