Much Needed Nose Job - West Orange, NJ

I have been to three consultations so far. I have...

I have been to three consultations so far. I have been to West Orange, Summit and Warren, NJ. I must say I fell in love with Dr. Joseph. He made me feel real comfortable and he understands the look I want. I just want to have a feminine nose. My nose has always been my biggest insecurity. I feel like when people look at me they only see my nose. My nose is just way too big for my face. I am only 4'11, and weigh 120. I hate taking pictures because when I smile my nose gets bigger and that is all I can see. I have the money to get the procedure. I just have to schedule it. I decided to go with Dr. Eric Joseph in West Orange, NJ. Even though he is the most expensive out of the other two but he has way more experience when dealing with African American Rhinoplasty.
Thank you for starting your story. It looks like you have a good nose to start with (looks nice and straight), so I hope this refinement makes you super happy! Make sure your doctor has done a lot of African American noses.

Please keep us posted!
Hi thank you for your comment. It is really the tip of my nose that bothers me. It's just too big and there is not enough space between my lips and my nose.
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