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I have chosen Dr Eric Joseph as my doctor, I've...

I have chosen Dr Eric Joseph as my doctor, I've had 4 other consultations with doctors in New York City and New Jersey . I kept going back to Dr Josephs website and here on Real Self to view the beautiful results his patients have . My expectations are to have my deviated septum corrected and remove the bump on my nose , also my nose is crooked and there is an unattractive droop that bothers me . I feel like I'm in good hands with Dr Joseph and am excited about my surgery . I'll upload pictures shortly and share my recovery .
Greetings, miss Patty: Thank you so much for your kind words, and for allowing me the privilege of performing your Rhinoplasty Surgery. I will strive to exceed your expectations in every way, and look forward to seeing you again during your comprehensive pre-op visit on August 1st. Try not to be nervous. You will not experience severe pain after your procedure, and normal social activities are typically resumed 8-9 days post-operatively. See you soon, and may God bless you and your family. Dr. Joseph
@sfb718 Ok I'll follow your posts too . Good luck and I'll read your suggestions !
Hi! I would love to follow your post, my surgery is the day after yours. It will be good to be on the same recovery road with other people... it helps, I'm sure. Best of luck to you and I look forward to your updates!

Before pics

Before pics

These are some before pics , you can see the bump on my nose from the profile views . The forward facing pic you can see my nose is a little crooked .
hi, I was just browsing the website and saw you chose Dr. Joseph as your doctor, honestly BESt choice, he did rhinoplasty on me and I couldn't be happier, you won't regret it! believe me, you're in great hands :)
Thank you Nicole , i appreciate it ! Your results are beautiful .
See you soon Dr Joseph ! Im looking forward to the pre-op visit .

Pre-op Appointment

Today i had my pre-op appointment with Dr Joseph. We went through a check list of things that were my pre op prcedures and post op medications. The doctor and i discussed what he would be doing to my nose. He used his fingers to show me what he was thinking about doing , i know its difficult to imagine but he knew exactly what i wanted. After our consultation he took many before pictures at different angles .
He gave me prescriptions for antibiotics, nausea , anxiety and pain .
My daughter was with me during the consultation , she absolutely loved Dr Josephs personality . She sad that Dr Joseph is a very cool Dr .
So far all of my family is very supportive of my descison . Im very excited to finally go through with the surgery. Im confident that Dr Joseph is able to meet or exceed my expectations.

Day of Surgery

Today is the big day . I'm at the facility and waiting to speak to the anesthesiologist . The IV is in and I said a little prayer . I'll write a little more after ther surgery .
Good luck!!!!

After the surgery

So I was definitely pretty scared to do this because I had never had any surgery that required me to go under before . Everyone one at North Fullerton facility was really wonderful . Cathy my nurse was so sweet and I have to tell you really took care of me very well . The anesthesiologist met with me and explained how anesthesia works and how she would be monitoring the whole procedure . My doctor
Dr Eric Joseprh came in and marked my nose and even prayed with me . He was so nice , the nurse commented on what a great guy he is aside from being a wonderful doctor . I felt at ease and didn't worry about the doctors performance because I can see from all the work he's done that he knows what he's doing . I woke up from the anesthesia and there was Cathy right in front of me taking care of me and after a short while she moved me to a recovery chair . After asking me several questions and giving me water she showed me how to change the bandage under my nose . The nose was not packed at all so the bandage catches the blood fluid that runs out , no big deal . She gave me a goodie bag with snacks , water, Chapstick , bandages and tape . I was wheeled out to the car and went home . I stopped to get an ice coffee on the way home . The cold coffee was good because I was so thirsty . My family had lasagna for dinner since they told me I could have anything I want after the surgery . The doctor called me a few moments ago to check on me . everything went well and what I am experiencing is typical . I took a cephadroxil antibiotic pill after dinner and so far I have not had any pain or nausea so I did not take those so far . I can tell already that my nose looks different . Looks good from the profile and looks like no more hump or droopy tip . I can't wait until tha bandage comes off . Oh by the way the bandage is a soft kind . Last thing was that the doctor said he did a lot of work on my septum so now I'll be able to breath from my left nostril . Ok I'll post again tomorrow.
thank you

One day post op

I'm feeling fine except for a soar throat . I've been drinking iced coffee and Ice waters all day . I'm no longer wearing the bandage under my nose as the blood drainage has subsided ,
I had a hard time sleeping last night because I wanted to sleep in a sitting position to keep my head elevated . I did not trust myself in my bed because I'm a stomach sleeper and usually bury my head in pillows so I slept on the chaise lounger on my couch . I have the typical shiners beneath my eyes and a soar throat that's all .
Congrats to u. I hope u heal fast. I am sure u will love ur new nose.
Thank you

2 day post-op

Ok I had to put the drip pad back on since I was leaking again . I tried taking our dog champ on a short walk but that proved to be a bad idea since he was pulling on me pretty hard . So today I feel stuffy and I can feel blood or fluid coming down my left nostril more than my right . My left nostril is the one that was most deviated . Well right now I'm taking it easy on the couch and walking around in between just to keep my legs moving . The facility nurse Ann called to check one and said the swelling should start to go down . I called Dr Eric about my throat and he called me back immediately and said I should try Chloraseptic throat lozenges because they will numb my throat a little . That helped a lot . Some of my friends have stopped by to hang out and watch movies but it's really best to just rest . I guess I must look ok enough to go outside because they keep asking me to go to movies or dinner but I'm really not up to any of that . I prefer to stay home and camp out for now . I'm afraid to clean my nose out on the left side because there's still red blood oozing out when I try to clean it . I'm drinking lots of ice water and resting . I'll update if anything new comes up .

2nd day post op

Day 3

Today I woke up quite swollen but the black and blues aren't that bad . The only thing that is bothersome is the feeling of being stuffed up . My left nostril is very stuffed up seems very crusty with dry blood I'm cleaning the outside of my nose but will not put anything inside . So I'm taking the doctors orders and just relaxing and staying home . That's all for now .
I can't believe how great you look! You didn't really bruise at all! I have some major black eyes despite all my preparation efforts... but you look SO GREAT! And I have to say your pup is so freaking adorable. My pittie has been at my feet constantly, both my dogs have. I'm afraid to get down there with her cause she is known for giving some major head butts haha! Dogs are the best and they know when something's wrong. He is ADORABLE!!! Wishing you the best! When do you get your cast off?
Hi , He's such a good puppy but I've been watching out for him . You know their heads are super hard and they run so fast so I've been petting him but not playing with him. One of my friends was over last night and practically jumped on my lap because champ came running towards us and scratched my face but thank God did not touch my nose Phew! I get my cast off on Tues 1030 am . You get yours off first . I'm so excited . I'll post a new pic today . I was really swollen yesterday and grossed out at the blood up my nose but today I feel great !
you're looking awesome !

Day 4 post-op

What a difference a day makes . I cleaned up my nose as best I could with qtips and hydrogen peroxide and water last night . It was such a wonderful relief . I guess the crust loosened up and gave me space to breathe . I feel fantastic ! I slept great and woke up very well rested . I don't know if it makes much of a difference but I'm sleeping sitting I'm my couch with my head on pillows . I got used to it . My nose feels a little itchy under the bandage but I don't dare touch it . It's so funny because I can't smile yet . I can't wait until Tues to get my bandage off . I'll update if anything new pops up . Btw I used cotton balls with a little cetaphil and water to cleanse my face . My skin is so oily I'm sure there's an oil slick underneath my bandage .
You look better. Speaking of oily skin, I remember the sides of my nose got oily after rhino surgery fir the first few weeks.
thank you ! im still swollen around my lower face . How are you ? are you still considering a revision ?
Yes, I am. All of you at realself gave me the motivation 4 a revision after many yrs. At one point I almost gave up. I have 2 consults next week. I feel like this time I am more prepared for the consults than ever!

Day 5 post op

Not that much to report today . My ex is taking the kids for the weekend so I'm happy about that. As a mom your work is never done . I'm always picking up after them and making sure they're happy with what they are doing and what they're eating etc .... Today I feel pretty much the same as yesterday , I can breathe a little through my nostrils it feels great ! I notice when I start doing things around the house my nose starts to throb I guess that's my cue to just chill out . My mom is here helping me but you know when you're used to things your own way it's hard to stop even when you have help . I'm driving her back home today I'm sure she wants to get back to her life . She did help me out a lot ! She cooked me foods that I never eat . I'm probably going to get off this couch five pounds heavier ! It was nice to have my mom around especially with my son . He's like a wild animal lol ! Ok I'll update if anything changes . Have a wonderful day ! It's gorgeous up here in North Jersey . No pool or beach for me though :( boo ! Again have a great day!

5th day post-op

Day 6 post-op

I've been resting all day. I can't believe how many times I can doze off in a day .Ok so just a couple of times I felt some throbbing that's all . Over all I'm very comfortable and can breathe through both nostrils ! thank you Dr Joseph . I think people really do underestimate the total function if their nose . When doctor Joseph was saying I will be able to breathe from both sides of my nose I was thinking why is he smiling like that ? and how good can it really be ? I'm here to tell you that it feels great !

Day 7 post-op

Today I'm feeling fine no changes . I feel really itchy underneath my bandage. Crystal from Dr Joseph's office called to confirm my appointment for tomorrow at 1030 am. I'm so excited about getting the bandage off but I also know it's protecting my nose so I'm thinking

7 day post op

I'm thinking that my nose will be more vulnerable . Ok so that's all . Everyone have a good day .
Patty!!!! Your big reveal is tomorrow!! :) I hope you LOVE your results.. I'm sure you will! Maybe you won't be taped up after... I don't think everyone gets that. Not sure. He didn't act like it was a huge deal. Anyway.. looking forward to seeing your pictures! xoxox

Day of unveiling day 8

Today is the day my bandage came off . Dr Joseph spent some time removing the sticky bandage .He cleaned out my nose then showed me my results by giving me a mirror . I could not believe the beautiful and natural results ! Wow ! wow ! Wow! I'm thrilled . I would recommend him to anyone seeking a nose job . Take a look at my pics and you will see . I'm so happy ! After Dr Joseph removed my bandage his lovely assistant Kristal came in and put make up on me to cover the minimal bruising I have left over . Not only do they do that for all of their patients they actually give you the mineral makeup and coverage with brushes and cleanser ! How nice is that ?

More pics

What a great result :)
Miss Patty: I am blessed to have the privilege of caring for beautiful people like you. Thank you so much for your kind words. And cheers on your perfect reveal today! You are healing quickly, and you're less bruised and swollen than many of my patients 8-days post-op. I've been reading your daily posts, and I was grateful all has gone smoothly the first week. Thank God. Don't forget, nothing strenuous for 2 more weeks. See you Friday morning.
Thanks ! I was stunned at my results ! I absolutely love it !

Day 10 post op

Splints came out today

You look so beautiful! You have my dream nose! Congrats! :)
You look great
Thank you PrettyCaramel ! Muneca

Looking and feeling better everyday

I know I haven't updated for a while , I've been busy working and just living life . My nose is feeling good and my smile is finally back . Qtips and saline spray are my new best friends . I use the saline spray to loosen up any dry stuff up there , it really helps loosen things up and I am blowing my nose a little now . I take care to still be gentle . I'm loving my nose and the healing process is happening everyday . At first you feel like a Mr potatoe head and it's a feeling like someone just stuck a nose on .but now it feels a lot more flexible and the swelling which was minimal has gone down .
Great results! Perfect on your face! So happy for you!


Very happy with my nose , it gets cuter and cuter ! Still a little numbness at the tip .
Your nose looks awesome!!! Congrats. Can I just ask how long it took before you really noticed the swelling to go down?
Awesome to see such great results!
Looks beautiful! And I love the cute lil pibble :)
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am completely and totally satisfied with my nose . Everyone I had any contact with concerning Dr Joseph was completely professional and easy to deal with . I love my new nose ! Dr Joseph did an excellent job and exceeded my expectations completely ! My face looks a lot more balanced .Thank you Dr Eric Joseph you are a star ! I would recommend Dr Joseph to anyone seeking a rhinoplasty .

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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