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I had a bad Rhinoplasty surgery.

I had a bad Rhinoplasty surgery.

It's been 8 months since my second surgery and I...

It's been 8 months since my second surgery and I couldn't be any happier. My nose looks beautiful and so natural that no one can even tell. When I look back at pictures of my nose after my first surgery I instantly get anxiety. I've always been insecure with my nose but after the surgery from hell that was nothing compared to what I was feeling and going through afterwords. I try to act like that year never existed. Dr.Joseph is truly amazing for making my nose from what it was to what it is now. A few months after my surgery my son hit my nose with his toy and I was freaking out because I could feel it swelling up, so I messaged Dr.Joseph and he responded to me right away and gave me his cell phone number to call him and let him know what was going on. It was late at night and he talked to me and reassured me that my nose was fine and called me in a prescription to take down the extra swelling. I feel secure having Dr.Joseph as my doctor because I know if I ever have any questions or complications he'll be there to help whenever I need him. After I'm done with all my follow up appointments, I'll definitely be back for some minor tweaks. :)

Since I didn't explain why I had Rhinoplasty in...

Since I didn't explain why I had Rhinoplasty in the first place, I'll do that now. My nose was wide, long, had a little hump, extra fat on the tip, and a deviated septum(I found out from my Dr.Joseph). The first Surgeon told me I didn't have deviated septum. All I wanted done was to remove the hump and narrow my bridge and tip. I just wanted a softer appearance. I had realistic expectations and the previous surgeon told me he could do it. You always hear about surgeries from hell and mine was one of them. I could of been on one of those shows. My nose was horrible and I barely left my house in over a year because of it. It took a toll on me and I never been so low in my life. I don't know what he did to my nose but it didn't look normal. My nostrils were pinched. I had a indent on my bridge where bone was missing. It went from being narrow to fat to narrow. I looked horrible. I really did my research the second time and after finding Dr.Joseph on Realself, I knew he had to be my next doctor. I had that gut feeling and I knew I wasn't settling with anyone else no matter what the cost was. Like I said in a previous post, Dr.Joseph was my best decision and I couldn't be happier. I'm always going to have things I don't like about myself but my nose is no longer one of them.
Hi! You nose looks Amazing!!! And so do you! You should be so happy! Just wondering what the prescription that your Doc told u to take when your son hit your nose? At 14 months post op my nose is still swollen, and I hate that anxious feeling i still get looking at my nose :( thanks heaps!
Hi there Happy for you my dear. What type of gratis did ur doctor use? Was it diced or a whole chunk of one cartilage ? Where was the dents bc I can't see them in the pictures? Thank you
Hi:) and I have no idea what he used in my nose. In my before pictures the dent is on the top of my bridge on the side. It looks like a little bruise or dark spot..that's the dent.

Hitting my 2 year mark soon..

I recently had Silikon 1000 injected into my nose since I have thin skin and cartilage was showing through after swelling subsided and at first I wasn't sure how I felt because I'm OCD and when I get use to something the littlest change can set me off. After reviewing before and after pictures I was reassured and happy for doing it. It was the smallest difference that most could probably never notice or pick out. I also had silikon awhile ago in my nostrils so I'd have less nostril show and I was very happy with that. Overall I'm very happy with my nose still. My profile is my favorite and that didn't change at all after injections. I get in random freak out modes where I tend to worry about anything that has to do with my nose and I'm glad Dr. Joseph knows this and always there to reassure me. I'm just extra sensitive with my nose after the horror I went through after my first surgery. Oh and Dr. Joseph didn't charge to tweak my nose with Silikon. He really is such a great Doctor.

Almost two years

you look amazing!!!! congrats! :)
Thank you:)
You look amazing!! I hope I end up with same results! Amazing how the shape of a nose enhances other features, gosh can't believe how stunning you are!
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I've been eying up Dr.Joseph for over a year. I found him right after I had my first surgery..go figure. I had a feeling that I had a bad surgery but waited out the year in hopes it would change. I knew after finding Dr.Joseph that he had to be my next doctor and meeting him confirmed it. He as well as his office staff are just amazing. My first surgeon completely took my confidence and Dr.Joseph gave it back. I can't believe how good my nose looks after just a week with being swollen. I can't imagine how good it's going to look in a month. Dr.Joseph is one of my best decisions I've ever made.

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