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This procedure was pain free, symptom free and...

This procedure was pain free, symptom free and absolutely permanent. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants beautiful results that will last a lifetime thanks to the skill and expertise of my Dr. I wanted to look more youthful and am totally happy about my decision and results.

I have since returned to see Dr J for a second...

I have since returned to see Dr J for a second round of Silikon injections and the procedure went just as smooth as the first time. I am even more pleased and always appreciate the Dr's honest and forthright evaluation. Dr J truly enjoys what he does (making us all beautiful!) In my opinion he is a talented artiste` as well as a highly skilled physician making certain every procedure is performed to his standards.... speaking of which - I also paid the Dr a visit for laryngitis which he diagnosed as a result of a sinus infection. I was feeling better in no time and highly recommend seeing Dr. J for any E.N.T. issues you may have as well ~ he knows his stuff! Back atcha Doc...you're the BEST!!

Back for More!

I returned to Dr. Joseph recently for a little tweaking. It was as exhilarating as my other 2 visits and I was even more thrilled with the results.
For any of you who think these reviews are not authentic, please feel free to contact me. I am a typical patient from suburbia who found Dr. J by doing some research on Silikon 1000 a few years ago. He did not disappoint. I have sent others to him who have had the same wonderful results.
I finally achieved the volume I was looking for in my lips and no one was the wiser.
I also had a session of microdermabrasion by a very skilled technician. It did wonders for my skin and I will be returning for more treatments. It truly was a decadent experience as described on Dr. J's web-site. It was relaxing and rejuvenating - absolutely worth taking the time for. I highly recommend it.
What else can I say? Doc you're simply the best!
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend my Dr - from the moment I entered his office I felt comfortable and at ease. His expertise in the field of using Silikon 1000 is amazing and I would advise anyone considering it- do not hesitate! I am through wasting time and money on temporary fillers thanks to Dr Joseph I am grateful that he chose to work with Silikon 1000 as his results are extraordinary and best of all permanent!~You will love the fact that it is virtually painless and there is no down time. I had been searching for a solution like this and many Drs. advised against using silicone in the face. That is because they were not trained or skilled in its use. For those of you who want to try it..you will be very happy with the outcome. I love my results and will be going back for more treatments with Dr Joseph.

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sculptra may be a better option I was treated 3 weeks ago. The results are gradual but it really builds collagen under the skin. I m starting to see positive changes. its also fda approved and I go to a top plastic surgeon who specializes in it. I love it it lasts 2 or more years. But just make sure u go to an experienced doc
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im not doubting silicon as I have not tried it. but if your worried go with sculptra which has no sillkon and the body eventully breaks it down Sculptra has improved over the years its now cutting edge... some people naturally don't have full cheeks and sculptra can give your face more volume and definition.
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I've had Silikon injections in my lips for well over 7 years now and have absolutely no problems. I receive lots of compliments on how full my lips look and yet natural and soft. The skill level of the doctor injecting will have a huge impact on the outcome.
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Well all I can say is Dr.Joseph is highly trained and skilled in this technique of administering the Silikon 1000. He uses the micro droplet method which you must have done in stages.
It is unfortunate that unskilled hands have ruined this fabulous process for some, hence giving it a bad rap.
I am so happy to have found Dr. Joseph and I would encourage any of you who are considering this process to go and see him. He will answer all your concerns in an open honest forum and then you can decide for yourself.
I am sure there are Dr's and even less qualified technicians who pump people up with the stuff right away and you CANNOT do that. That is what causes lumps, bumps and bulges.
I personally would not have it injected anywhere above my nose on my face. The eye area is very delicate and I think best treated with surgery or some temporary filler. Maybe a skilled physician could remove that for you and do a skin lift under the eye to smooth it out. It's worth looking into.
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I had silicone... U all need to NOT get silicone into your face or lips !!! You will see in a few years exactly what the doctors are trying to tell u about as far as problems later.. Under my eye i was not injected w silicone but a temp filler and look at damage that caused!! Just imagine now w silicone!! It takes time to start seeing negative effects w silicone..
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Hi I notice that you have posted to several other people who have had Silikon-1000and I will paste my earlier response to you so that people have both sides:

The lump under your eye is from using a product named "Evolence". I don't know what that is. The product that I got is called SILIKON-1000.

Silikon 1000 is a medical-grade pure form of liquid injectable silicone. It is FDA approved for opthamalogical use (retinal detachment) BUT it has been used as a filler by cosmetic surgeons for 30 years with good results! In the hands of QUALIFIED injectors, complication rates are extremely low. The injection technique is called the "micro-droplet" technique and it's a special skill learned to ensure that there is no migration.

I did SO MUCH research before I got this procedure - All of my research showed that the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR for success is the TECHNIQUE AND EXPERIENCE of the doctor. The best doctor in my region - Dr. Jospeh - is TWO STATES away from where I live! But I gladly drove over because I would not do this procedure with any doctor who is not the best. He made sure that I was aware of every possible risk before I consented to the injections and explained to me a plan for if any complications arise.

My results are fantastic and I am 10000000% happy with my choices of SILIKON-1000 and my doctor. I hope that everyone does their homework and reads both perspectives and makes the best choice for themselves.
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I had the Silikon 1000 and I have had it for over 2 years and no problems whatsoever.
I believe Priscilla Presley for whatever reason and by her own admission did not go to a qualified doctor
for her treatments. She had them done "off the cuff" as they say...not a wise choice.
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Hi Lexi, 

I would have to agree that a qualified doctor and a non "off the cuff" approach is awesome and smart, to any type of procedure. 

Thanks for the info,


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That guy was a quack !! But, the micro or silikon injections take time to start showing the ill side effects!! Ull c !! It has taken several yrs for me ..my advise to u is stop now!!!
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Evolenceprod, I am confused because you seem to say one place you had "evolence" and another place silikon. I was very worred AFTER I had the silicon 1000 because I didn't see any change and then read about how it can migrate and fortunately after three years, no problem but I would only go to a doctor who specializes in this because many report great satisfaction but it is never clear how long after they are reporting. I wonder what you actually had done and were you initially happy and then did you only get the lumps years afterwards or what? Thank you for sharing.
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Under eye he put evolence.. Over 12 yrs he kept putting the silicon in my lips and ten yes ago he put silicon in my chin ( acne pits!) and in my forehead ... I now have very lumpy chin area as well as a huge lump between eyes.. I have my medical file where he took pics prior to ever injecting me on chin.. Lips, and areas.. I'll upload .. I just had evolence surgically removed and it's still an issue but at least lumps are out.. My lips are continuing to grow over years and the migrating is REAL. I was VERY happy for years .. hopefully u will never have these issues but EVERY plastic surgeon has been LIvid about this silicon injectibles .. You WILL see a problem one day . Just a matter of years . Took me over ten to see the problems.. I loved it at first but now realize how stupid !!! Insane.. I was to EVER allow SILICON in my face!! No matter that it was minuscule amounts.. Ugh! Good luck
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Be careful. That's what Pricilla Presley had done. I've read that it looks really bad in 10 years. My doctor who gives me filler will not even touch that stuff.

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Hi ssunshower, 

What kind of fillers do you get? 


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Where did he make the injections?
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I receivd Silikon 1000 injections in my upper and lower lips and in the lines by corners of my mouth which were very deep. I went back for a second lip injection as the doctor prefers to do them moderately since the procedure is permanent. Unfortunately the pictures posted do not reflect the results as well as they came out, or the most recent results. I will see if the Dr. can post more when I return for my next visit to him.
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