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I don't remember when, because I've taken quite a...

I don't remember when, because I've taken quite a few blows to the nose over the years, but I had acquired a deviated septum. Allergy season, winter, and running (which I do often), were times where my breathing was labored and uncomfortable. Visually it was asymmetrical, bulbous, and had appeared flattened (profile view).

Day of the surgery I wasn't nervous at all. I knew something good would come of this. He even finished in under the estimated time, which resulted in a lower anesthesia cost. Sure enough, after the cast was removed, I was pleased with what I saw. Granted I was jaundice, bruised, and swollen like I took a 4x4 to the face, but it was the best darn looking result I could ask for ONLY a week after surgery. If it wasn't for having experienced it, I wouldn't have believed I had surgery from how strong, solid, and symmetrical my nose looked.

I'm writing this a month later, and the swelling has subsided, the pictures included are of the results. My breathing is perfect. Kind of reminds me of the first time I put on glasses and I had realized how different the world looked with corrected vision. I didn't realize how much breathing normally would change things. Dr. Joseph bypassed all the normal difficulties of surgery on those with noses/skin similar to mine with apparent ease. In a small way, I feel satisfied with myself for choosing him to do my procedure. If I had made the mistake of choosing anyone else, things could have gone completely different.

Update. I've added two more photos. It's been a...

Update. I've added two more photos. It's been a little over 6 months and everything has been smooth sailing. No regrets, completely happy both physically and aesthetically. Dr. Joseph says he can see very miniscule swelling.. must be the eye of a surgeon. It's nice to know that I think the results are perfect, and that there's still improvement yet to be seen. Most days I've completely forgotten about it. Although there have been amazing results, it's so natural, friends, coworkers, and family haven't even noticed. These are people that I've grown up with my whole life. And that's an achievement. This visit as I was was seated I saw a young female step out with her mother from the office and although beautiful, her prominent nasal bone gave away what her consultation was regarding. I couldn't help but feel happy for her, thinking "she doesn't know it yet, but she's about to find out she's made one of the best decisions of her life when she decided to enter this office." Looking forward to posting the 1 year result photos in a few months.
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A few months ago I began searching for a surgeon to consult and hopefully correct the issues I had with my nose. I came across Eric M. Joseph's website and his RealSelf reviews and was pleased with his surgeries. There was a broad diversity of patients, and each surgery catered to that person's particular needs and face. Subtle, natural corrections. That was exactly what I needed. I called his office (his staff is friendly) and made and appointment for a consultation. I researched a bit on "Ethnic Rhinoplasty" and had realistic expectations. Trust is more important than anything when having someone alter what you breath with, and one of the first things a person sees when talking to you. So any inkling that I was nothing more than a paycheck would have had me consulting with a different practice. But with Dr. Joseph, is was QUITE the opposite. Dr. Joseph unhesitantly told me that although the functional aspect of my issue (deviated septum) would be corrected, I had thick skin, the shape of my face warranted very minor changes that would be barely noticeable to anyone other than myself and possibly immediate family, and that swelling would be prolonged and results would take longer to see. He told me, the unrestrained TRUTH and that's when I knew I wouldn't have to speak to anyone else.

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These results are my favorite on this site! Very inspiring for me!
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Isn't normal breathing totally life changing? Some people think I'm crazy, but it is almost daily that I say, "I love my breathing." I could never say that before. Your nose looks great, too. I hope you continue to have success with your new nose. :) It is nice to see male rhinoplasty stories on here, too, so thanks for sharing!
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Your result is so inspirational! It is good to hear about such rhinoplasty success stories. They are encouraging for those who think their nose is without hope. Thank-you very much for sharing!
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Thanks. Initiative and patience are key. Sounds contradicting but first it takes initiative to make the decision to go through surgery, then patience as it heals. Hopefully if anyone stumbles across this page they can get the drive to do what they want, and in regards to how their body decides to heal, adapt a devil-may-care attitude/patience.
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Nice results!!
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Your doctor did a great job on you nose making it look very natural and masculine. At what month did you feel that it really looked the way you wanted it to look? When did the tip look as good as it does now? I'm asking because I'm at 6 weeks and of course we are all different and heal differently.
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Honestly, I was happy with it at month one. It was the surrounding area everything but my nose that was a bit more swollen like the orbital area of my face and cheeks, while under the eyes skin darkened slightly during healing. And it took a while for my upper lip to smile along with the rest of my face hahaha. But by the 3th-5th month I'd say my face completely settled in my opinion. Like I said when you're really happy with the results in the beginning, everything after is just icing on the cake. Maybe if someone is clever with makeup they can achieve those results faster? I noticed you're from Florida, *keep out* of the sun for as long as you can. Combo of your favorite cap, a lil sunscreen, and using the visor while driving should help swelling quicker. Take care =]
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I still have a bunch of swelling going on and will need many months to see results but I'm just waiting patiently. Funny that you should mention keeping out of the sun as just today I was in the sun for the first time since the surgery and despite putting on sunscreen ever 30 minutes I got pretty red all over my face. Live and learn the hard way :( Congrats again on your results!!
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Wonderful! thanks for the update
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Thank you for sharing your experience! Love how you compared breathing to putting on eyeglasses for the first time. So true!

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I hear ya on the breathing. I thought my breathing was perfect before until I got this rhino/septo. Your nose looks great, you were already an attractive man before but I'm glad you found a doctor that made you so pleased.
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Wonderful! Glad all went well. You look great!
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