I was 36 DDD and my back and shoulder was...

I was 36 DDD and my back and shoulder was bothering me so much, today is my 4 days and I feel so weird I have to stay home can't do anything at all, on my left breast I feel water inside every-time I move I can hear it, I don't like the feeling I just hope it will go away soon, I feel sad and hopeless

Courage " to take pictures"

I put my self together this evening after reading all your good messages and I have my niece taking a few pictures, I want to share it all this with you and also to motivate my self for the new days to come.

Finally I did it on my own "took pictures"

This morning I feel much better, I will see my doctor today at 4pm to remove my drainer, I have a few question to ask him..!! If you guys see anything there on my new pictures the I should ask him please let me know thank you friends

My Doctor visited

Hello everybody!! I'm very happy today I went to see my Doctor and everything it look greats, he took the drainer and now I can move any where with out that thing inside of my body lol, I also went for my first massage and I feel awesome I still have a lot to do for my recuperation but I'm doing so much better now !!! I would to say thank you to all of you for taking your time and write me with your kindness messages and support had help me and this beautiful journey!! I will keep you update with my progress, next visit to my doctor July 7 to take out the rest of my stitchers!!

Things are changing !! Yeahhhh

Today was my 6 day, I drove today I did some work don't worry I did not went the crazy lol.. I went for my 2 massage and it feel much better everyday is getting better I'm happy for that I put some picture for you guys to see!! Tomorrow is a week yeahhh!!!

A week later! 8 day after my bid day

Yesterday was a week after my surgery, thing are great , my breast are feeling less of inflammation they are most soft.

Another great massage!!

I keep getting better and better everyday, those massages feel so great !!

9 days today yeahh!!!

I feel so great guys, I just remember a couple days ago how bad I was and regretting my surgery today I know I did the right thing I feel so much relief on my shoulder and neck!! My tummy tuck Is healing also very good, if you see kind off waving on my belly is normal since I'm still swilling

My left nipple is turning RED HELP!

Hello again today is my 10 day but I'm a little concern my left breast start getting a little red I don't know why I have been taking care of it very well, I'm on vacation until July 6 and I will see my doctor on July 7 he is also on vacation. I called his office Friday for him to call and he did an I noticed his phone call was from oversea I mention the blood clot around my nipple and he said it was normal nothing to worry but I forgot to mention the redness on my breast since I noticed this 2 days ago... Does anyone have had the same thing as me or can you tell me what should I do or it's something that I should worry? HELP I'm very nervous :-(

Redness awareness !!!

Today is my 11 day, thank you for all your good messages yesterday ladies, I Fallown the advice of one of you "ask the doctor" I received one of the doctor message this morning it was a quick respond from doctor Joseph Baimonte he said it was normal after 10 day surgery my breast still healing. I touch it and it feel normal temperature .. Now I'm going back to my vacation lol..!! I won't be under the sun :-( but I will enjoy the beauty of nature and family!!

Hi again "17" days yeahhh..!!

Hello everybody, I'm back from vacation today I have 17 days recovering from my breast readuction , so far I'm doing great pain is gone swilling is almost gone I feel awesome!!
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Sure hope you enjoyed a wonderful vacation with your new shape! How exciting! I really appreciated the photos, I know that they can be hard to take and post, but they were so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing them! Please keep us updated! Loved reading your journey!
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Glad to hear how happy you are feeling and to how well you are doing!
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looking great
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Oh yes, your breasts will be healing for weeks.  
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Glad you asked your doctor and can now enjoy your vacation.
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great that you have had that reassurance
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is the red area hot or tender? if not i would not worry
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Also since you are on vacation don't expose your incisions to the sun!
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Definitely post a question for the doctors here on real self with pictures. It will take a few days to get it approved and responded to, but worth it. Also, if your plastic surgeon had a nurse or physicians assistant call them and ask if you can email the pictures of your breast so they can make a recommendation. Good luck and happy healing.
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Justus, you are looking fantastic for being ten days out. The redness is normal and will come and go, depending on how your breasts continue to work through the various swelling and things that still remain. Remember: there will still be some swelling due to edema or possibly a hematoma that will be shifting in size and position; therefore, the redness is probably due to your body dealing with that. It is good that you are seeing your doctor and if you haven't yet uploaded your questions to the 'ask a doctor' section of this site, please do so. I have found them to be reliable, helpful and clear in their responses to my questions.
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Hi, thank youuuuu so much I feel a little better with your message, I will definitely ask the doctor site thank u lozzac so much!!!
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I forgot to ask you, is the redness around the areola also warm to the touch? If so, make sure you mention that in your message on the doctor site. You take care, babes!
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Looking wonderful
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Very very nice, enjoy
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Healing very nicely
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You're looking great
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Enjoy looks great and so do you
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That massage looks like it feels good.
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I'm Glad that you are doing so Good ! I Liked your One Top and then the 2 Bralettes ! LQQKS Very Comfy !
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sounds like you are doing great, a positive and realistic outlook really helps
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You are healing nicely. It may be hard, but its only been a week. I think you should take it easy.
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Enjoy those massages! I have enjoyed having mine and as long as you tell the massage therapist about your situation, all should be fine (mine has actually had the same surgery, so she knows exactly what to do and not do). If you can and you feel up to it, some gentle yoga or stretching will help, as well. Don't overdo anything and try to be guided along with a class/instructor. My PS said that gentle stretching along the arms and shoulders will help get the muscle tissue working again so you can increase your movement. It doesn't have to be like Jillian Michaels or anything! Just simple and slow. All the best to you as you move into one week post surgery!
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I like the idea of the stretching exercise for the arms and shoulder I did not thing of that. I can do that slowly because I do feel my muscle kind of tight on my arms & shoulders.. Thank you for the advice!!
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Massages oh please do tell that sounds like bliss,what kind of massages are you having? I was thinking of going for a facial just to get some pampering but massage would be awesome
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Lol..! As soon as she put her hands on my body I was on heaven.. All my stress gone and she is so good n gentle very delicate very smooth and soft and for the price I could ask for more $400 for 12 session and 90 minutes everyday !!
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