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So...this is the first time i am posting about...

So...this is the first time i am posting about myself. I've been on this site reading about you lovely ladies fir a couple of months. I must say you all look so beautiful!

A little about myself...i am 35 and havd never been happy with my body. I have lost approx 110 lbs over a 10 year span and am grateful i don't have excess skin to get rid of. I've been researching doctors for so long i didn't know which to choose. So being I'm from Jersey i.would choose a local dr. I've been on many consultations and the dr i chose is dr Sanjay lalla. Unfortunately i cannot find many reviews on him. My deposit is made and am scheduled for June 4th. I am so scared...mostly because of the general anesthesia. Is it really necessary?? My dr seems to think so. So ladies i need your help please. Has anyone had bbl done by Dr Sanjay lalla? Also how safe is general anesthesia. Please ladies only a few weeks left!!

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Ladies please...i need encouragement

Hi ladies...second posting...so I have 3 weeks left and not sure if i chose the right dr. Ladies i need help. Does anyone have feedback on dr Sanjay lalla...my bbl sx is with him.
Also is it really necessary to be put under general anesthesia. Please ladies I'm counting on you!!!


Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Have you read through the other reviews for this doctor, that may help you. Choosing a doctor is a big decision, but doing as much research as possible helps.

We also have some great BBL preparation guides, which may be useful. Please do keep us updated with your progress!
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Countdown begins....8 days!!!!

Hi rd ladies. Quick update. I went to my last Dr appt last Monday. My Dr and I decided to add a mini tummy tuck. Wow I'm super scared now.
I went for my final blood test today and officially have 8 days left. Ladies please..I need your encouragement now more than ever!


Also, are u seeing a difference?
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Hi tAra723 I am now 4 day post op nd I'm uncomfortable but not in pain. My follow up us Thursday. I haven't seen everything because I'm afraid on not putting my garment back on snug enough. I liked Lalla bcuz he seemed confident. I have no regrets and I think you'll be fine
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Hi Tara723, I'm scheduled with Lalla in 1 week. The little bit of reviews I've got were wonderful. How are you making out?
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