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I need to entitle my opinion and of course my bad...

I need to entitle my opinion and of course my bad experience with this doctor. 2 months ago I had silikon injected in my nostril, nose, now I feel is the worst mistake I ever done in my life first because silikon should never be injected Ib the nose and especially near the tip. I consulted several experts in rhinoplastic and they abound this substance.

Anyway I was not happy with the results and my concern was that doctor Joseph told me that it can't be removed and that he couldn't do nothing for me, I was very sad and miserable. The only thing he did was some steroids injections but on his level because he thought the nose looked fines after the silikon. Sadly I went to his office crying. The thing is that I never knew my nose will look like that after the silikon. He never showed me pics of how ill look after the silikon which I think is a easy thing to do and every doctor does before any procedure. He only injected and after 1 month my life became miserable.

Few weeks ago I posted and review of how bad was my experienced with him and his secretary called me and told me to remove it. I really felt manipulated because I was sharing my bad experience.

The silikon can be remove after 3 months with a surgical procedure. I don't know why he never told me that.

Anyhow I don't want to talk bad about him but it was the worst mistake I ever done In my life, and at the same time good because is a experience that I'm learning and to never touch my face again.

First of all i dont want to uncredited doctor eric...

first of all i dont want to uncredited doctor eric joseph but i honestly need to share my experience with him wich costed me 10 grand his needles. after reading about his good reviews on internet, i went to his office to get silikon 1000 for my nose.

first i explained that i wanted just tiny little of volumen that i can look more natural. the only thing he said is that silikon it cant be remove and that he can injected some silikon in the nostril. i asked that he could take some photos to show me how i will look after he injected the silikon. he refused to do it and he straight went to get his needles and told me to trust him that i will look good.

after a couple weeks my life became to the worst. the puffiness and the swelling didnt come down and my nose look wide big and unpleased for the result that i wanted to get. it looked that je over injected. he told me to wait a month and that the nose will change. well it didnt and went to his office concern about the puffiness and swelling. he got very mad and angry and he thought my nose looked better. i was crying and told him that i was very miserable and i wanted my nose like before or at least to decreased the volumen which looked exaggerated. he injected kenalog very upset and the changes were minimal.

my friend and family told me that what happend to my nose, that it looked like somebody punched me. i went to several experts in rhinoplastic, every single one told me that the silikon should had never been injected in the nose. that the silikon it wasnt made for the nose.

finally God heard me and i founded a good doctor who had experience with patients with the same problem like, he is the only in nyc, that helped many people with injected silikon in the nose. i spent 10 grand only to remove the silikon on my nostril he could removed a big part of it. i highly suggest to people to let anyone inject silikon expecially in the nose, and fist to do some research about the consequences that people had like me.

i started paying 700, to ended up paying 10 grand and almost ruined my life. im very lucky. everything is propaganda about the silikon 1000. please do some research and consult if is safe. because it took me a lot to get rid of this problem.

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i wanted to share this 2 reviews about the bad idea to chose silikon into the nose. one the majority professional doctors are against the silikon injected into the nose hope you guys read it. ........................
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I have heard of other doctors becoming defensive when there is a problem. They accuse the patient of being NUTS or body dysmophic. That is too bad this happened to you!!! I hope you get it resolved. I too had silicone and it is HORRIBLE. I can feel it through my skin....and I have painful nodules. It was from a reputable plastic surgeon (not Joseph).
PS - Just to be clear, my comment didn't mean to infer Dr. Joseph is not a reputable PS. I actually have been impressed with all the wonderful reviews and have considered consulting him for the complications I have endured from the minute amount of silicone that was injected in my lips and around my lips.
I had a local surgery to attempt to remove the silikon injected by Eric Joseph, by this experience I think he is unprofessional and worries to much about his reputation. It is funny because the day I posted this review he send his assistant to call me to remove it... I was like ok, but of course I didn't, trying to manipulated me. And the person who wrote his/her experience below me, is the same thing that this "doctor" told me, that I was obsess crazy about my nose and that he could me my savior nd the only person that can make me to accept the nose after he injected the silikon. Ill highly suggest to people to not let no one injecte silikon in the face especially by this doctor because if u get unhappy he will call u crazy and that u need a psychiatry. Also he will not solve your problem and he will tell you that silikon can't be remove and that is nothing else to do. Thank God I didn't let him injected more in my nose, which he wanted to do it. U came for one consultation and I ended up paying a lot of money. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Hope he will not send people to write against this review like he usually does when somebody talk the true about him.
Good for you. But unlike other people he ruined their lives (almost mine) but I'm very lucky. And for the record the second consultation with him, he told me to please him and write good reviews about him so he can get more popularity I was like whatever. And how come some one shares the AWFUL experience with him, come another person getting very defensive and says that he is the best etc.... He has a lot of time to manipulate people... I'm sure I'm not the only 1 who is complaining about him. Do some research and find how many people he screwed up. But karma is the best friend my dear.
i found very interesting that every patient who has a bad experience with doctor eric comes another peson next dad and tried to voice out against the peson's opinion and getting very defensive lol . anyway thank you for sharing your experience but again im not the only who is sharing the bad consequences about silikon ijnjected in the nose. and the funny thing is they called me to remove my review about this doc. im not please with his results, instead of helping me he called me crazy and that i was obsess with my nose, which im not, and im very REGRET to let him injected me silikon. thank God it could had been worst, i think that i needed to have this experience in my life, warning me to not do any plastic surgery or any injection in the face or body
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My name is Patricia and as a member of the Real Self community and someone who has gone the Silikon 1000 route with Dr. Joseph, I wanted to reach out to you and share my story in the hope that it might be helpful. I write this with sincere concern for you from someone who has battled anxiety and depression about the appearance of my nose for decades. After two rhinoplasties over a period of 20 years, I was left with an inadequate tip and a "too done" appearance to the base of my nose. My sister always told me that others were not focusing on my nose and that it looked fine, however, I remained self conscious and determined to try to enhance my appearance. The thought of undergoing another expensive surgery with uncertain results was daunting to me and yet I could not escape my unhappiness with my nose. Like most of my siblings I have always dealt with a low grade depression and I have to say that when I started to take a small dose of Paxil each day, I was startled to discover that I had a more balanced view about the appearance of my nose and about the urgency of correcting it. I definitely believe that in my case a chemical imbalance in my brain was distorting my perception. My sister had often told me that I saw the imperfections in my nose the way an anorexic sees themselves as fat when they weigh less than 80 lbs. I was better able to understand that concept when my brain chemistry was corrected. Although I no longer felt the extreme anxiety about my nose, I was still interested in correcting the "too done" look of the tip and nostrils, especially since I have a twin sister and her nose was much more substantial looking than the one that I was left with. I was thrilled to learn about the Silikon 1000 treatment as it did not involve invasive surgery. I made an appoinement with Dr. Joseph and posted the report of my positive experience on Real Self. What I did not say in my posting was that when I first had the Silikon injection, I was uncertain about how I felt about my corrected nose as I was so focused on the change. For the next week I looked in the mirror many times a day, trying to wrap my mind around the difference (although it was in retrospect a minor and conservative one) and trying to assess whether I was pleased with the result. My sister once again assured me that even though I was too focused on the "difference" to appreciate it yet, my nose tip and nostrils were now normal looking without the hint of any previous surgical intervention. Dr. Joseph was very supportive and understanding throughout the process and I had to trust his trained eye and my sister's concern for my well being before I was able to process the change and appreciate the improvement to my nose. I am now thrilled with my appearance and I remain so grateful to Dr. Joseph for setting me free from decades of feeling self conscious about my nose. But for me it was a process and it did take time. I hope that my story will be helpful to you. With your permission, I will be wishing you well and praying for your peace, freedom, and a happy ending to your story. Sincerely, Patricia in NJ
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3 moths had passed and i founded a solutions only with a surgical procedure with a specialist doctor. hope every1 consult and research before getting silikon injected in the face. after this terrible experience with this doctor i learned my mistake and hope some1 will not experience the same situation like me.

This is Diana, Dr. Joseph's office manager. We are committed to all of our patients and their complete satisfaction. If any of our patients are dissatisfied with their results, we would encourage them to call our office at 973-325-1155 to see Dr. Joseph and discuss their concerns. Dr. Joseph has extensive experience with Silikon-1000 injections for non-surgical improvement of nasal irregularities. Many patients come to our office after experiencing dissatisfaction from previous rhinoplasty surgeries, and request a non-surgical solution for problems like excessive nostril-show and an "operated-looking", narrow, pinched tip. We use these injections conservatively, and several treatments (1-3) are typically necessary to achieve a desired result. Nearly all of our patients are happy with their results, and are able to see immediate improvement without the expense, inconvenience, uncertainty and downtime associated with a second revision rhinoplasty surgery.