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I have a big nose and large nostril flare. I've...

I have a big nose and large nostril flare. I've been uncomfortable with my nose since I was 9. That was when I noticed I had a big nose. I thought I would grow into it and end up with a perfect nose like the rest of my family but it never happened. I'm married with two kids and even my youngest Son has started getting teased about his nose. This has put me in a hard spot.... not wanting to get it done and have him suffering through the teasing but I have to get it done. My husband loves me just the way I am but is fully aware of how much my nose holds me back. I'm beyond ready for a change... I'm in school and looking forward to starting a new career with a new nose. I will be keeping you all posted on my journey.


where did you find a doctor? What did they tell you about tip definition? I'm having my surgery in 2 weeks. I'm starting to get scared! really scared!
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wow i'm soo excited for you; did the £8000 cost include all surgical and anaesthic fees? Also please update so we can see your progress; thanks.
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I'm glad you found a doctor you're comfortable with. I'll be looking for your updates. What an exciting time for you!

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Consultation is scheduled!!!

Consultation is scheduled for Monday Morning :) I didn't even call the office.... I schedualed via email. I'm so ready to go and talk things over and I'm bringing my usband with me for support :)


Good luck with your consultation with dr. Joseph. Please update us.
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I'm scheduled for a consultation on Monday....... we will see :)
Yes its includes everything :)

Consultation.. update

Ok..... I went for my appointment yesterday and the office was very nice and staff was lovely and not pushy at all. The Dr spent a lot of time evaluating my nose and talking to me about what he would be able to do. I did like the consultation and the images he did but they didn't show much with my difficult nose shape. The total price of the procedure is just shy of $9,400 total. It's a little higher than I thought it would be and I still have some saving to do before I can get things done. Consultation was $75.


Definately worth the investment girl, u cant cover your nose if you dont get the desired results. Did he say what techniques he would use?
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Did you have your nose job yet?
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No... still trying to find a Dr... I'm on the fence with this one
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