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8 years ago I was struggling with my boobs after 3...

8 years ago I was struggling with my boobs after 3 children and 6 years of breast feeding. My breasts were saggy and my left breast was 32B and my right breast 32D - finding a bra to fit was a nightmare - chicken fillets were not the best to use as over the course of the day they rode up and almost pooped out ??
So after lots of research, discussion with my supportive hubby, and looking at implants & lifts etc I decided to research doctors that specialised. Eventually I found an amazing doctor and went to consult.
I 100% needed a lift (I totally agreed)
But I was mixed about implants or just a lift!! I wanted to be how I was before breast feeding bit certainly didn't want to look fake or huge.
Finally I agreed to implants and the lift, and breast tissue removed from my right breast - although I was persuaded to go a larger than I wanted - I was told the smaller size would lead to disappointment.
Even when being marked up for my lift I was still feeling I should just have a lift!! I was worrying that one day they'd have to come out even though my doctor said that off some women they stay in and ok for life.
I cannot fault my doctor in her skills - they looked amazing and natural. Although slightly larger than I hoped.
Anyway for several years now I've felt uncomfortable in my skin, I have felt fake and as my body naturally ages my breast stayed like a teen!!!
Like many ladies I dress to hide my boobs, I hug from the side ( thought this was just me, so relieved when I read others felt the same)
Also for many months I've been suffering extreme fatigue, heavy foggy head and aches all over and I've gone from cycling, swimming and walking lots to struggling to complete my dogs walk each day. My GP has tested me several times for thyroid/anaemia etc - always normal to my exasperation I was told menopause ( surgical menopause as full hysterectomy in 2010) make you tired.....
So I decided to google ( I know not best idea always)
My symptoms and it was like a bright light, oh goodness why did I not think before that possibly my silicone implants could be the cause.
Abundant research and this amazing site convinced what I was already
Sure of - I wanted to explant for many reasons ( one also that I could not check properly for breast cancer, my closest friend 4 years ago had and found through checking) plus I was having huge aches in my right breast which I wasn't thinking ( maybe looking back - denial) was due to my implant!
Anyway I had many discussions and shared info with my hubby and we both felt "get the toxic balls out"
I researched doctors and booked to see one that sounded hopeful and reviews of him
And the hospital were good.
I went (because of all you ladies ) very confident to my appointment, told hubby thing I was defo not going to
Agreed to
Etc ... So he knew where I stood and would not bend with doctors thoughts.
The doctor was amazing - he listened to all
My concerns and he did not try yo persuade me in any way, he talked to
About whst my expectations were and how I felt. He was easy to
Talk to
And was happy even though his list was running very late to answer all my questions and hubbies and even when I was happy to leave he asked IV j was sure I had in other questions - he gave me his card with his details so that if I needed to
Anything or talk I could contact him - WOW!
He also gave me details of other staff members that I could talk to
If I wanted to.
When he examined me he said my right breast had capsular contraction stage 2 and took
The yr to
Discuss this and made sure I could see clearly this in the mirrors.
I knew after the first few minutes that he was my doctor because I felt listened to and respected. I asked whether I should have local or general - he said I could chose and he would respect what I want even up to the admission day. However he recommends general as this is less stress for the patient especially if the surgery becomes more complicated than expected and also hd felt it was safer. I'm truly fully confident in every thing discussed and I can't wait until September 17th 2014 to have them removed and to feel
Natural - like many ladies I long to wear a simple summer dress or top & not feel like I flaunting my boobs and to hug people properly... Thank you all for helping me - I will post pics when j can xxxx

Pictures of implants now

295 mil round silicone gel
Nagor ltd

Anxious last night feeling left implant!

Last night & still today I can feel my implant and can press it is and it pops up again. I could run my hand gently over my breast & the lump was very noticeable to feel & see. My breast aches & my anxiety raised! I already have cc in my right breast. Is this rupturing? Has anyone felt this before? When I lay down about a finger space from my nipple I feel what feels like an air bubble in my implant???? Worried & can't wait for explant :( xxxx

13 days to go and can't wait

Mostly looking forward to my explant & although I wonder what I will look like for the most part I don't care because I want to feel natural & well. Also amazing ladies stories give me boosts on the days I'm less positive ESP when I don't feel so good. I just want to be on the road to recovery. Plus to wear clothes & not feel like I'm
Really overweight! I never thought I dressed to hide my boobs until I read about others and then It dawned on me how much i work around these boobs - weird hugs - uncomfortable sleep - dressing & feeling like I'm hugely over weight, stopped running and cycling !!!

This time next week & I'll be I my first recovery day xxx

Looking forward to my explant next Wednesday it's all consuming now and all my symptoms and aches seem to be right in front if my eyes!!! Mostly excited and occasionally reality of surgery kicks in - wishing all ladies explanting over next few days good luck and happy healing - I'm
Posting pics of me in bikini and will after explant to compare xxxxxxx

Just received pictures of my pre implants

The left side is 32 B side & left 32b
Looking back I wish I'd stick with my desire for a lift only - live & learn eh


Left 32 b -right 32d

Before & after implant 8 years apart

Bikini pre explant


Almost there

Had chat with the nurse today regards the big day - feel happier now that is completed. Off to buy my sports bra for after. Because I was 32band32d. She advised getting b and c and see which fits best - so I shall ;)
Excited & a little nervous - feels weird now it's getting so close xx

Had my explant at 9:30 am uk time

Feel so happy groggy but happy

The Day after

Surgery went well.
Went through the previous scar so I didn't have an extra scar and took out the old scar so it would heal neatly - I was surprised by the results and so was PS - he told me I'd be completely flat after. There will be swelling to go down thorough.
The problem I've had is Tramadol it's caused me to itch all over and come out in awful rash and my face swelled up. Hence I've felt rough from that, on antihistamine and stopped the medication so it's all slowly going away thankfully.
Slept loads and apart from slight burning I feel ok and happy - will post now when less tired. Xx

One day post

One day after - feels achy without sports bra and slightly sore burning feeling inside - but still feel so happy I'm
All natural . I keep feeling hoe sift they are it's fAb. Xx happy healing ladies you ring regret being natural. X

Feeling a lot better today

Hi I'm feeling a lot better today almost pain free.
Also this morning I took my dog on our normal walk and there is a hill on the last part and for months I have suffered painful legs and struggled with this hill. Today I walked and said to hubby I've no leg pains :) amazing no pain in my legs :) I'm
So happy

First day back to work :(

Hi ~ it was my first day back to work & I've felt tired but no pains now it's more achy and I think my sling is starting to dislike the bandages so I'm
Hoping under them
It's not reacting as it's awful itchy at times!! Wednesday they will be removed so not long to wait now.
I adore soft breasts I just realised I never appreciated the way natural feels until all those years with hard lumps.
When I had my breast implants I woke up after op with regret anger my removal I woke up so content & happy ~ if your thinking about removing and worried - do it for you it's one if my more mature decisions and 100% no regret. Xxxx

5 days post (Monday)

Swelling is going down and they are soft and mostly achy without support. I found amazing bra from sainsburys £6 full support bra - comfy and cheap :) not the prettiest but I don't care xxx

Day 5

Day 5
Op was 17:09:14

First day at work

Also I was self conscious at first planning work clothes as I work with ALL guys!!! Didn't want anyone having full realisation of why I'd been off for 3 days!
Anyway I wore a floaty blouse ( which previously made me feel huge) with a pretty scarf and felt great :) xx

Before / after same dress

1 week - dressings removed - ouch

Had my dressing removed which was a little uncomfortable but over quickly. So glad as I have a rash flaring up so hopefully this will calm down. Have steri strips on for 7 days and then I remove them for 3days with 1 night break in between for 3 months I have to wear Tape over the incisions. I see my consultant in 2 weeks who will
Also discuss massage. Has anine any info on massage and is this just for the scar incision or for internal healing too??
Really itchy too - posting pics of today. Hapoy healing ladies.

So upset

Took of steri strips today and I can see an infection starting and ugly scars - really upset today after a good run of feeling happy.
I guess it explains why they hurt so much I just put it down to healing incisions - starting antibiotics today. Not happy as I'm trying to get all crap out if my body. I can't begin to explain how unhappy I am today. Sorry for winging but I've noone to say this to - I'm off to work with a smile all day but inside I feel like crying .....posting pics
Just catching up on your story and I also am so sorry to hear about you infection. Sounds like antibiotics are the way to go. You'll get through this and heal up just fine. Stay positive and I am also sending positive and healing thoughts your way! Your after picture in your dress was lovely, you look slender and elegant!
Truthfulandfree ~ thank you I'm so grateful for your kind encouragement xxx
Aaawwww Bluebell, I just saw this and I'm sorry you're a little bummed. If there is an infection, then do the antibiotics and put it behind you. Just a little hiccup that you will get through. We all have them. Your breasts look lovely post explant and with a little more time, they will heal beautifully. I too removed my strip yesterday and didn't like what I saw. Incision is healthy but it looks a bit sad and puckered. A bit wonky and not do look pretty. Time will tell if it settles nicely. I've been traveling so I will try to post pixs tomorrow. I have told myself and I will tell you.. .we just had our explant and we need patience as everything settles from the inside out. There is healing to be done. Relax, visualize a good outcome....we are healthy! Your mantra...."I am healed, I am whole."

Smelly wound tonight

Had to change my tape tonight due to smelly pus :( hit and sore
Turn that frown upside down! A couple of things to keep in mind - 1) you just took the steri strips off and the skin will be moist and wrinkly under the bottom. 2.) Sometimes healing will look like an infection (not saying it isn't infected) 3) the stitches that are on the inside of your body haven't dissolved yet so it will make the incision sight appear bumpy. I haven't had a breast lift, but I have scars under my arms and one scar line from 2 c-sections. Both appeared just as bad if not worse than what you are seeing now and you will be happy to hear that both are now neat little white line scars. Don't fret, it takes time. We are hear for you.
The-natural-me It's so nice of you to reply and so encouraging - you have made me feel Better as I was so upset this morning. Especially as I have been so diligent in my after care. Thank you you have been SO reassuring this morning was really black in my outlook xxx
Chin up! xxx

Feeling grateful

I just want to day how much I've appreciated the moral support and wise words - thank you xxxxxxxx
If u feel more comfortable with tape..I would suggest butterfly tape to keep it pulled together yet allowing it to breath.
Hi frisky I followed your advise last night and left off the tape and also my bra and this morning most has dried a lot - I know the antibiotics have helped but it was so wet . I've left thd bottom wettest part in taped today to help that part - thank you so much for your good advise x x x
Ouch....the more u can run clear water over your wound the better .the water will naturally debribe the infection out.. Keep it open as much as you can so it can breath. Nothing on it until it closes up .. That's what I do for myself when I've had a bad wound... Clear water does wonders..

On the mend - improved so much

Thank you ladies for your support and help. I feel so different to Monday / things have improved so much - I'm so grateful.
I'm posting a picture - part is taped as it's dry and part not taped has dried out lots this morning / finally getting puss free - the smell is almost give too! Xx
Feeling in a much better place today xxx
Glad you are out of the woods. Looking great!
Thank you xxxx
So glad your doing better ..yee haa

Feeling much better

My incisions have dried up at last and seems the infection has gone or certainly well controlled :)
A little uncomfortable at times but mostly feeling so much better - I'm so happy to have those implants out and to be natural and soft . Ladies if you haven't yet - just do it it's really worth it.
Treated myself to a "normal" bra only cheap just to try one as I know I can't buy any nice ones till 6 weeks - just impatient lol

My new (old) boobs

They are my new boobies 34b approx
Wow girl you are healing up nicely and looking good
Thank you xxx so glad I feel like I have turned a corner :) xxxxx
Looking beautiful!

Dr check up today

Hi has a great check up appointment, all is healing well. I'm free to cycle, swim & run from
Next week - so I couldn't be happier ;) I plan to ease into it slowly but it's rest to actually feel it's possible again - tomorrow I'm going to the gym to do some easing into it :) happy me xxx
So glad to hear! - once you get back to your fitness routine it just feels so good to sweat out the residual junk in you. Movement feels so good to the body and then of course, there's those special endorphins that we experience that give us that natural high. LOVE it!
Happy - you have a great way of expressing everything we feel and want xxxxxxxx

The first time back to the gym

Yeah my life begins - I cannot explain how happy & good I feel.
20 minutes running - 7 minutes face paced hill
Walking - 50 squats - and I'm
Not crawling to my bed - I feel great :) my explant has given my life back to me :) xxxxxxxx
Bluebell...your most recent pic is WONDERFUL! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!
XXX thank you XXX
Bluebell is right. You look wonderful. So happy for u

Week 4 incisions

Healing well - I am massaging the scars which on the left side is uncomfortable
Healing beautifully on the outside - matching with your beautiful self inside!
Awwww happy your so lovely thank you xxx

Pic of area where incision pulls breast in

I thought I'd post this pic. Both my breasts pull in like this but you can really only see when arms are lifted - my PS said with time softening the scars and massage this will eventually drop into the correct shape. Tbh if it doesn't I still love my new boobs :) has anyone had similar? Xxxx oh btw it's the same when the tape is off xx
Bluebell, your PS is right. I have the same thing in my incision area at the areola and Puglady told me it smooths out eventually. I think massage is key as well. I see my PS next week and of course, plan to ask him again - when is your next appt.? Mine had told me two weeks ago - not to worry that it WILL smooth out. I completely agree with you that IF it didn't smooth out - it would still be worth the explant. The trade-off to have natural breasts that FEEL good IS priceless....plus, your boobies look quite stunning!
Hi Happy I saw PS last week and he was so happy with how my healing is going I don't have to see him until Early next year - however he told me several times if I have any worries or need to see him to call/email Ect and he will see me when ever I need to - so I'm happy so long as each week keeps improving - which it does :) xxx I'm Glad your doing well - you'll have to up date us in what yr PS says / I'm Going to look That info up ~ people are all different and some sceptical of whst they are not familiar with - I like to understand and hear experiences and then decide if it's good for me :) open minded is my way!! Xxxxxxx
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

I would 100% recommend My PS as he has treated me so well & listened carefully. He did not try to talk me into anything but listened to what I wanted. He did a great job & all of his team were excellent - if I had to go through this again I'd make the same choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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