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Tummy Tuck and Lipo -West London

I am 42 tears old and a mother to 4 children, I am...

I am 42 tears old and a mother to 4 children, I am 5'10" tall and weigh 12 stone give or take the odd pound here and there ! I have wanted a tt before I even had my last child 5 years ago but was told years ago that I was not a good candidate ! (Fat in the wrong place apparently ? ) Anyway after being asked for the 100th time, when is your baby due ???? I decided I had to get something done about it ! I found Mr Jaillai at the Clementine hospital in Harrow-on-the-Hill and he told me that the cause for my rather large stomach was because my stomach muscles had split, no one had ever told me that before and I felt relieved when he said he could repair the stomach muscles and reduce the fat deposit with some lipo. Trying to find a good time to get it done has been a bit of a nightmare what with the children, partner and my work but hopefully we can muddle through. I am hoping I will be able to get back to work after 3 weeks ? When did everyone else start back ? Anyway 2 weeks to go now all paid for and I can't wait to just get it over with. I know I'm not gonna have a 6 pack but it will be nice not to have to hold in my stomach which really aches my back, and not to worry for the next time someone asks when's baby no 5 due ? Any tips on Pre op would be great fully received, from Monday I'm not going to drink any alchol and try and eat healthy while taking some multi vitamins ? I've bought a selection of hold you in garments too, has anyone found something really comfy to wear after the op ? Also after reading dozens of other reviews I notice that in the US they leave the drains in for days and having mine taken out on day 2 ? Is this normal ?
Hi, wishing you all the best with you're TT you should be fine. I was only due to say in hospital for two nights but ended up staying four. I had low oxygen levels, my right lung was not filling up completely so had some physio for that before they would let me out. My op was on Friday 27th September 2013. My drains (I had 2) were removed the day after my op. I've not had any problems with fluid build up. It hurt like crazy for the first week. Mostly the tightness of the MR. Two weeks on and I'm feeling fine. I have had some days better than others. I have been for a night out in London last week only 12 days post op. I got the pressure garments that my surgeon told me to get. I got them online from a company called macom. I think they are medical quality. I weigh 13 and a half stone and my surgeon told me to get XL which I must say is very tight but I do feel very protected. I have got one that the hospital gave me which isn't so tight so every now and then I wear that on just for a break. Any questions just ask. A fellow UK tummy tucker. Good luck. xx
Good luck with your upcoming surgery!!!
Best wishes to you !! I believe keeping a positive attitude is so important on our up coming journey. I go the end of Nov and I have been wondering the same thing about the CG's I want to buy some but not if they don't feel slightly comfy I know I am going to be pretty uncomfortable for a while but if I can avoid any uncomfortableness I want to do it .


wow, i need to use paragraphs !! sorry ladies xx
Good luck!!!
Good Luck .... Keep us posted with your journey xxx
When you get collected from the hospital make sure who ever collects you brings some pillows it helps with the journey home. Good look, not long now xx

Done it !!!!!

Well can't believe it's all done I'm so happy with the results already, I know it's swollen but I can see its gonna be good.
Had the op on Saturday 26th October at 9am woke up in the after noon in no pain at all !
I was wobbly on my feet as I tried to go to the toilet but had a good look in the mirror and was really pleased.
The ps said he removed 890g of fat from the tummy tuck and then another 250g from the flanks with the lipo !! My tummy feels tight !
Having the drains removed was a bit grim as I could feel them under my skin and they both got stuck coming out.
I've stopped taking all pain relief as its not painful just a bit sore ! I have got a weeks worth of anti biotics that taking
I have to go back for my next appointment on day 10 so I will add so more pics then!

Sorry pics are not great will do better ones next time !
Hi Amy glad you done it! Your looking fab, hope you have a fast recovery xx
Hi Amy, you're looking good and glad you're happy with your results. Happy and safe healing xx
Mr Jalliai

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