Hey gals soo I'm 5'0 and 100lbs. Currently a...

Hey gals soo I'm 5'0 and 100lbs. Currently a 32a:( looking to be about a C.
I want implants so badly! But I'm scared that my family and friends will criticize an put me down. My bf doesn't approve but is supportive.
I'm 20yrs old and feel as though the people around me will think I spent my money badly or maybe I'm unstable or just too young to get this done. I want them to not look down upon me but I want implants!! Any advice?
Ok this is kinda getting long so I understand If u don't read further :P

My bf thinks spending basically 6k on implants is ridiculous and I could b spending it on something I could possibly resell&make money off..like a car. But he's spend thousands modifying his car he never plans on selling. And I have two small bills and rent, no kids no debt. But I don't want ppl thinking I'm making a bad financial decision..even tho I see family friends Ect making them all the time.

Also I feel like those around me just don't understand how I feel about my boobs!!
And not being able to fill out top Ect..u guys know what I mean. How to help ppl understand y getting implants is important to me!


Seriously, you look perfect now. I would wait a while if I were you.
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Your boobs look perfect already.
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If I had put that money ( 10k- 2 surgeries ) in 1995 in NYC real estate - I would have a great investment today! Instead I have to spend more money again and again....The PS's are certainly doing something wise with the money from our insecurities.
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Thanks for the nice comments everyone! But I think my boob jus didn't look super small from the angle I took my pics at. So here's more b4 pics.
So I have a consultation in a few weeks. I'm going to finance my boobs so I'm trying to create credit right now..I have none. Anyone have experience financing their surgery?

Right now everything is on hold with the possibility of loosing my job. I have no security with u job. I'm applying at other places, so even if I get a diff job u can't take time off right away. So I think I'll have to wait like another six months to actually get my boobs done :'''''( I'm so sad! Mehh.


I wish I had those...love them love you. Big is just that big, in the way and a distraction from who you are as a person inside. You are more than your breasts and they are nothing without your love of yourself. Get a D cup bra do the rice test feel the weight, the straps and see how people react and write about how you feel physically and mentally. Maybe the job loss and the wait is for good reason...
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Ya id agree, maybe the wait is for a good reason!
I think you have beautiful boobs already. Of course it's your body/your decision, but if I were in your situation I'd enjoy them as they are now (soft, squishy, free of any discomfort-I'm in the healing phase so that's a biggie to me), & get implants after you've nursed your future baby/babies. (Unless you choose not to have them, of course!) Either way you are/will be gorgeous, but the "other side" has a cost- & not just monetarily!
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So tired of waiting!! I hate seeing guys stare at chicks that actually have boobs!! Y is it so hard and take so long to create credit!! I want boobs! U r all some lucky biotchess;)


I totally understand your situation. My job is being cut soon (for sure), but I made the decision to get it done in Nov just before I'm laid off so I can heal before job hunting. That way I don't interview saying, yeah, please hire me, but understand I can't lift anything for the first month... Part of me feels stressed because I should save up for when I'm unemployed, but my goal is to make the 7.5k for the surgery, heal, then look for a job. And like you, I plan to use care credit as a backup.
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your natural breast shape is ideal. my shape was not nearly as nice and i'm really happy with my results so yours should be amazing!
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Thnxx I hope so! U should post some after pics

I had a consultation todayyyy.

Sorry I didn't take pics!! >:( He chose moderate plus profile, under the muscle..and I'm thinking 310-340cc's. But he told me stuff I didn't even know about breast implants!! and I've been researching them forever.

This is what I learned:
>You can drive over a silicone implant and it will survive or even in a high impact car crash you may break your ribs but your implant can be fine.
(This Dr. drives over silicone&saline-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWxrif4XL18 )

>They really don't leak (under a microscopic you may see a leak) but silicone is like jello (its cool to look up a surgeon cutting open a silicone implant on utube as well)

>I can workout my upper body after 1&1/2 months:O So soon!

>Natrelle tear-drop implants are definitely not for every woman, he said they're good for reconstructive surgery.

**Oh and sorry for spelling errors in my updates.


I definitely agree with Iris34 that you should try and wait until you have all of the money to go through with the surgery. I have wanted a BA since I was in high school. My best friend got hers done at 19 (back in 2009 and used silicone) and ever since then, I REALLY wanted one. At that time, I was with a guy who was completely against it and very un-supportive of it so I never tried pursuing it at that time. Right before I turned 21 however, I decided it was time for him to go (after over 5 yrs of being with him...jeez. lol) and starting on that day I knew it was time to start saving up for some boobs! :) The day I had all of the money saved up for them was the second best feeling in the world (the best feeling was seeing my new girls for the very first time of course!). Anyways, sorry for the rambling! I am sorry to hear that your BF doesn't really approve of you getting this done, I know how discouraging that can be. Maybe you should buy him this book called "Football and Boobs: His Playbook for her Breast Implants". It is a book for men whose wife/girlfriend are planning on getting a BA. It does a great job at explaining everything and has a lot of pictures. It might really make him see things differently and help him be prepared for after you have your surgery on what your boobs will look like at first. I bought it for my boyfriend and I to read before my surgery and I actually found it just as informative for women too! Please keep us updated and good luck with everything!!! :) ......and sorry for all of the rambling! lol
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I was really getting into ur story! I liked it, and it can be discouraging. Especially when he uses it against me like ure guna spend 7k on fake boobs and asking me why I'm soo obsessed w boobs(aka this website well and my phone is full of boob pics ha!) and that it's annoying. Omg did your bfs ever say "you don't need it" like everyone says. Also my bf is like urs aren't even small and Then i feel shitty bc i know hes lying Bc I Know they're small :( Wow I didn't know theres a book like that out there I'm guna check it out! Thanks
Oh and other than that book being helpful- how'd u tell him why the procedure is so important to you?

So I know my updates tend to be lame

Like me cryin about having no boobs! Haa but someone console me! I just went into Victoria's Secret :''''( they have the THE CUTEST boob holders :( haha I've realized I just can't go in there any more until I get my boobs done.
I always feel so sad when I leave there!!
How's much do you guys love Victoria's Secret now?? How's bra shopping??
So I basically live n Portland (OR) where its $6800.00 thinkin about flyin to miami or somewhere where it's cheap! Like 4200-but w hotel/airfare will it end up costing $6800 ne way?!
anyone have experience goin out of state?


I flew down to Miami for my surgery. My plane tix round trip was $100. I also stayed with my sis in north Miami. Prices are more competitive thus lower but I would take a companion to care for you and to stay 5-7 days is safer than flying right back home the next day.
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I think it's more expensive for me Bc I'm coming literally from the opp end of the us..portland. U lucky duck, to know someone down there and to be able to stay w them for free:) If I were to stay that long, it'd end up being just as expensive as getting it done here w hotel prices $$$
You are teeny woman! :) you have great natural breast shape and symmetry, your BA should be a home run! Best wishes on finding the right PS and getting scheduled. I have no experience with traveling for surgery I had both my surgeries in my town by the same doctor but you're probably right about airfare and hotel not making it worth your while...silicone implants are probably not gonna be much cheaper than high 3K-low 4k in any given part of the US.
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OMG so I thought you had to wait until April to file your taxes!!! (This is only the 2nd yr I've filed taxes)
Well last year I got a good amount back and nothing has changed this year therefore I should be getting the same amount!
Anyways, I decided recently that once I got my taxes back that IM FINALLY DOING IT.
I've always found ways to make $$ so even though I'll only have about $3400 to put down ill have $3200 left an a yr of no interest to pay it off.

I'd LOVE to get this done before my 21st (in March) omg.

When can you first file your taxes??


Your natural boobs and figure are so lovely I'm not sure I would change it! On the other hand, I do understand the feeling of wanting to balance your bottom out with the top. I was a pre-op 32A or size 2 top and prob a size 6 jeans or 28 waist (shapely bootie for my height and weight). I finally pulled the trigger and got the boobs to match. Best of luck with your future BA!
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I think you look great, but I get the feeling of needing the BA. whatever decision you make, you will be so happy with. Goodluck on your journey!
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I just love your body seriously!!! But of course we all want something done with our body lol like I for my boobs done now I HAVE to get my butt done lol so I'm planning for June but seriously I think your body is amazing..nice little boobies and a nice siZed booty ;). So have you booked anything yet or are you still waiting on income tax?
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Soooo I had a consultation today and decided I liked this Dr and his staff. And he offers a great cash discount...as in $738! Not saying I chose him based on price.
Anyway the app was like 2.5hrs.
And......omg I'm so nervous/scared to say this but..omg..I made a payment! Only of $1484.80 but still!! Ahhhhhh I'm so scared!
I'm going to with the silicone gel implants, they pushed towards the more expensive anatomical ones he said theyll probably have more cleavage and less chances of rippling ect but I didn't see that much of a diff and I don't think its worth the extra$$($500!)...anyone have any opinions on these two implants??
He chose moderate profile and he's SO adamant about going smaller (i felt like he was very level headed and knew what he was talking about) i believe he chose about 250 for me but I like around 280/290
So many women on here get like 339 or 400..like at least 300 so its weird im choosing in the 200 range. I just don't want to go to big-or small. But ill take anything more than I have!
I asked one of the nurses about the U shaped pillows most woman on here say to get and she looked at me like I was crazy >:(
If u wanna know more details or have q's let me kno, or have any advice w size or anything that'd be awesome:)
Sorry if I uploaded pics more than once..ill try n delete em if I did

ALSO if there is no caption on the pic I couldn't remember the size/profile(sorry!!)..all those sizers were the silicone gel though


So excited for you!! Hopefully I'll be jumping on the bandwagon before my birthday (may17), if taxes and everything else goes right I should be in surgery by end of march/ early April!! Nice to have someone closer to my age to reflect with!
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Cool that's around the time I should get them too..im waiting for my taxes too!
Yes, I agree with going silicone for sure. I'm 6 days post op and I think they already seem very realistic tactile wise and there's no sloshing sound like with saline. Your 3D images are awesome (wish my doc had that). Re size: You are very petite so I'd look for other girls on this site with similar stats. 300-400cc on someone 5'5-5'8" is a lot different than on a girl your size. Having said that, I'd def recommend going bigger rather than smaller :) Good luck!!
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wow it really fucking sucks to press the backspace in the middle of doing an update.


Hey I got the round textured silicone implants instead of the anatomical. I thought I would prefer the anatomical ones prior to my first consultation but I'm so glad I went with the round ones they produce such a nice shape and I like the fullness I have in the top. I'm a bit rounded right now but my doctor said after 8 months they start looking more and more natural . What's ur bdw that will help you think about why he chose that size/moderate profile. I had a really small bed so my doctor could only put in about 315cc and that was high profile
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Not bed lol *bwd* I mean
hey there.. pop over and have a look at my profile. I am similar stats to you.. a bit heavier as I've had two kids (5lbs). I went with saline (personal choice) but as for cc's I went 330 filled to 345... at first I was thinking they were big but they are perfect now. Originally my PS was talking 295ish for me but I knew that in the end after spending this money I would rather be a bit too big then a bit too small... You know your body and what you really want more then anything. Best of luck!!
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FYI: aerie is having a pretty good bra sale!

(I just don't know of its only online?) I just paid more today. My next payment will be the rest I owe. I'm too scared and in denial to make a surgery date!! Here are some wish pics


Idk y he won't go bigger my ps said ill b fine up to 450 n I'm ur height and 104lbs, ima only go 400 tho
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As he told me, there's always push up bras, theyre made for a reason. Even tho A lot of women get a BA to get rid of them! But one reason I chose him was that I feel like his take on it is modest, similar view on BA as mine-choosing to go smaller. Also, I've seen other women on here w our stats that went around 300ccs and r like D/DDs! :O
Oh sheesh double d seems big hope I don't end up that size but I'm starting w practically nothing lol. But I get what u mean and u r so right they are made for a reason

Friday 2-24

At 2 pm is the pre-op!! So scared!! And happy :)


Omg time is getting so close for you yayy- you are gonna look great your body is already on point so them boobs are going to make you even better can't wait to see results xo
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How exciting!! I was hoping I'd get it done by the end of this year for sure but will see, is hard because I have a little one ands I want to hold her and love her while she lets me. Good luck, can't wait to hear about the whole experience.
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I have a friend who recently got her boobs taken out and saline ones put in and she got 375 and 400 and without a bra she's pretty huge! She's around 95 lbs and small like you so I'd say you should be happy with 300! A lot of girls who have small frames the 300 looks different than on a girl with a bigger ribcage
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I'm ashamed to admit I called and canceled. I was stressed over size and attaining the rest of the $$ i owe. I'm calling the patient coordinator today. The date should be 4-3! I won't be doing any more updates until I'm 100% sure, I promise! ????


We are very similar. I'm 5ft4in and 96lb. I got 250cc and I can't be happier!
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So excited I can't sleep..&Im still a week away. Preop is MON 3-31 YAYAYAY! Also, completely unexpectedly, ill get to recover w my bf from Thrs-Sunday, he has time off :D he's so sweet, (surprisingly)he did research on what recovery is like so he knows how to take care of me(: Damn I'm so excited!!!my dreams are coming true..lol..but really!


What size did you chose to go with?
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More pics


Eeeek! We have the same surgery date! :) I absolutely can not wait a dim sure you feel the same! Although I did wake up in the middle of the night and had a mini panic attack at the thought of recovery...but that went away today! Whew :) good luck!!
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I love your boobs now! Lol your so cute on your dreams are coming true :) I've wanted bigger boobs since 13 so I understand being 20 wanting them. Im 34 now & got them now.. Well I was gonna write go with what you love & want but at 20 your still growing "/ keep us posted on tomorrow & congrats to your big BA!
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Yay glad you decided to go with the date!! Just a week away :) good luck with your preop! My preop is the day after your surgery. Can't wait to see how things go for you! They'll look amazing. And I think having the boyfriend's support is sometimes enough to make you feel more committed to getting the ba. That's sweet be took days off and did his research! Mine sat me down and helped me calculate out my budget and when I would have enough $ by, that was enough to make me feel like I was really doing it! Anyway, 300cc will be perfff. Keep us updated :)
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Had my preop today

First off!! Thank you everyone!!! For posting your journeys and following, helping, supporting mine. I don't think I would have had the guts to actually go thru this without all of you!!!! :)

Okay so I like the Allergan Style 15 implant in the 250-286ccs. i took home Allergan style 15 286ccs and I think ill just go a little bit smaller, to 250.

Here's a short rundown of the important things:
Three weeks or more before surgery:
Vitamin C 1000mg twice a day. Multivitamin once a day.
B-Complex once a day. Tablet form
Arnica 3x a day(take 2weeks after as well)
-Clean area of surgery 3days prior and morning of surgery with Hibaclense

Pain Meds: oxycodone 325mg each, take 1 every 6hrs, Ibuprofen 800mg 2x a day, Valium 5mg 3x a day..lol I'm not guna be fucked up or anything

Post op appointment is the day after surgery, April 4 @2:30pm

Here are pics of the 286's, give me ur opinions!! Keep in mind I'm 5'0 and want to be reasonable and not very big.

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Thanks for posting! I think the 286 looks good. Doesn't look crazy big and fake. Good luck with your surgery!
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It's coming up so quick,I wish the best of luck to you! Look forward to hearing the rest of your journey. Thank you for sharing your story it's so helpful.
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So excited for you!!! I think the 286cc size looks great and will give you the look you desire. Keep posting!
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Bc I'm obsessed...

And bc i know i love looking at pics on others' profiles here are More pics w the 286 sizers..my friend w basically my same stats tried them on and ya maybe they're not too big (to me)after all haha
I can't even function Bc I'm so obsessed with boobs, it's all think about


Wishing you lots of luck and a smooth and speedy recovery!
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Thank you(: ill update soon!!! im soo hungry right, i just want to eat, damn! Wow I cant believe this is happening!! Ahhhhh
You will be very happy with your choice in size! The sizers were accurate for me...my results look exactly how I looked with my homemade rice sizers. Good luck with your surgery and I hope you have an easy recovery!
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Soooooooo happy and excited!

Thank you everyone so much for posting your reviewsm,


Hope it all sent well!! :) my surgery was at 130 yesterday and as of not in not in any pain, just extremely tight! I think because I've stayed on too of my pain Meds has really helped! My post op appointment is in a couple hours!
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Damn pressed update too soon, again

So ignore the previous post!

Thank you everyone for posting your story, commenting on mine, supporting me and giving me advice!! :)

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Real self is frustrating here's the rest of the update one last time that id isn't upload

So ignore the previous post!

Thank you everyone for posting your story, commenting on mine, supporting me and giving me advice!! :)

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well now i look like an idiot..this time im trying with my laptop..if it cuts off then just msg me for the pre/post surger proce

I'm unsure what size I ended up getting. It's either Allergan Style 15 286ccs or 304ccs. I will know today at my preop (:

So here's what went down surgery day. If you have ANY q's, ask away. I love answering q's and I'm an open book.

So I got there 20 min late, at 12:50pm. Didn't get called back until 1:15,(surgery around 2:30) the more I waited in the waiting room the more nervous I was.

Once being called back I signed pprwk saying I didn't need to do a prego test, bc I knew I wasn't prego. Then they said to pee to empty my body. I was weighed.

I went into a small before and after surgery room, vitals were taken and then I changed into my gorgeous hospital gown, stocking, socks and the white netting thing you see over my surgical bra. Then IV.

Anesthesiologist came in, told me how that was going down.

Then Dr. Gabriel came, he's relaxed and confident that he makes me soo comfortable its insane. I told him I wanted 304. He asked why I wanted that big lol. He said he'd measure me bc the 305's are so wide that (compared to 286) that it would force me to have a dramatically larger cup size compared to the 286, with only 2mm more projection. He said let me and the nurses pick in the OP.

I was asked a few times if I was excited, I basically said no bc I was so scared lol..I just wanted to run out. But I remembered all of you ladies that went thru/are going to go thru this as well.

Then they added a relaxer to my IV. Last thing I remember after that is being maneuvered onto the OP table.

Surgery was from about 2:30-3:30. I woke up randomly around 4, shivering like crazy, though I wasn't cold. I don't recall there being very much pressure, if any at all. Immediately I asked to go home a few times and where my bf was and why he hadn't arrived yet and if Dr. Gabriel said goodbye lol (he already left). For some reason I cried a little (no one could tell although my bf asked why my eyes were watering) I felt way better when he go there(:
Dr's orders were to pee prior leaving and I could hardly walk, my legs were shaking and I was weak and almost fell over lol.
ALLLLL the staff were SOOO sweet and caring. Id pick that place, and only that place for any future surgeries. It was an easy, amazing experience.

Not much pain, just soreness, empty cups felt having the entire day of surgery. No constipation/bloating (yet?) I basically slept all day bc of the meds. Little bit of pressure and the boobs hurt in like 2 diff places at diff times. my bf helped my eat bc my arms themselves were like too sore to move. I spilled liquid after liquid and food down my surgical bra..there was a piece of popcorn down there for a few hours I just couldn't reach lol :O

The nurse said to breathe deeply or I could get pneumonia.

BENDY STRAWS ARE A MUST. As well as a bunch of pillows in your recovery spot.

I woke up today, Fri 4/4 about 2 hrs ago at 60 am and I feel weak and my chest feels more sore than yesterday and tight.

My postop is today at 2:30pm :D

Not sure if anyone will read all this bc its so long..sorry ( :


Congrats on your surgery ! Glad your healing well xo
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Looking so good already!! Glad to hear it went well. I love sleep. That sounds like the best idea ever, catching up on sleep you recover. Good luck to your speedy recovery!!!!
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My grammar is so messed up, sorry! :)))
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They're amazing! I love them

I was nervous to see them so when the surgeon took off the surgical bra at the post op I was amazed!!!!!!!! Beautiful!! I love them
He said everything is great and ill see him again Monday at 4:15


I can already tell your going to look so natural! Doesn't it feel great to take that surgical bra off? lol I'm so happy for you! :)
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How are you holding up? Soooo, 286cc! Fantastic! Are you happy with it? How do you feel? I know I'm annoying, but drink, drink, drink. That will force you to go #1, and to take some walk. Also, will flush all medicines faster, and help with healing. I remember myself drinking all the time. I didn't have appetite, and I was eating just protein shakes and puddings. Chicken noodle soup for lunch and sometimes dinner. That was it. Now is two weeks away, and now I'm back to my diet. Rest, and I can't wait to hear from you again!
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How do you have like that comparison collage w before&afters? I assume there's an app?

Anyone else feel soo tired 2dpo?

I woke up early again around 7-8am and couldn't sleep. So I took some of the pills incl an oxy which knocked me out.

I feel asleep for like 3hrs but I still feel sooo tired. I must need to eat unless its the oxys that are still affecting me.

One of the sweet nurses called yesterday to check up on me.

I love Dr. Gabriel! He called me day of surgery(tho I didn't get his call Bc my #was n his system 1digit off)
And he called again today! On his day off. Saying to drink fluids, rest an not weigh myself haa o&call with qs/concerns anything.

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How do you make*****

Damn sorry about all the annoying mess-ups.
Too bad you can't edit hint hint Realself!


You look amazing!!
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Hint hint indeed lol
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Hopefullyyy:D sometimes I just want to rip it off..4more wks to go:/ but when i do take it off it feels like my boobs are just going to fall off my body haha thank youuu(: I wish they'd drop already so I can go to VS;)

Omg this is the first time

I'm feeling pressure-like this! Fuck so I unbuttoned my surgical bra which was tight. Of course theres still a lot of pressure.

PS continuously has told me not to weigh myself. I did. lol. I've gained 6lbs..and keep gaining more(1 reason is water retention)..I look months pregnant.

It's still hard putting on any non-button up shirts.

I've barely gone#2..stools are so hard. I need to buy some chia seeds they have so much fiber. Any suggestions??..I've heard women drinking lots o water, coffee, everything but the body won't release it until its ready??


Dang girl! 286cc Neva looked soo good!!! They fit you perfectly!
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I bought some stool softeners and helped me GO! Only needed to take them once. Hope you go soon
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I achieved it the day after I posted! Ill post an update after my dr app 2day

Had another post op app today

I feel like 90% normal! still no carrying heavy items. Or carrying shopping bags for too long can start to hurt. I walked around the mall for hours and felt fine except I needed to drink more fluids!!

I've heard the sloshing hear and there since 2dpo
They've dropped even more!
I've lost most of the water weight.

He showed me the simple massages to do and to lift my arms up. And to drink fluids and eat!

I got in trouble for not taking the Prilosec OTC lol Bc he said as long as I'm taking the antibiotic I must take it or it'll fuck up my stomach somehow.

ALSO!!!! Anyone else's surgeon say this!! He said ANY time I get anything done orally like any time I go to the dentist (even just for a clean!) to call him first! So he can prescribe me an antibiotic Bc whatever is done (like the products used??) will go into my blood stream and into the foreign objects in my body aka my implants..hopefully I explained that correctly. Lol.

I wish they'd drop already!!! Ahaha

Next app is Monday:)


OMG!! How did I miss that you finally had your surgery?!?! I'm SO happy for you!! You look just like I did right after surgery! I'm glad you're feeling good! My PS never said anything about that whole dentist thing, but I've heard about it before. I wonder if I should give mine a call or if it's just for a certain amount of time after surgery..? Anyway, you look fantastic and I'm just so happy for you that it all worked out! I look forward to seeing your updates! :)
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How rude!! lol jk. thank you:) hopefully I will have good lookin boobs like you! I wrote a small update about the dentist thing..i guess "most surgeons" agree there can be issues with the bacteria going to our foreign objects but there are no hard studies...its more of a just to be cautious thing. thank you(:
Congratulations on the new boobies! Looks great! I had Natrelle 15 implants too! Mine are getting better each day as I had some major swelling and inflammation to begin with- its been exactly two weeks today! For your bathroom issue- I ate prunes like they were going out of style the first few days. On the first post op day I ate about 7 prunes and was in the bathroom within a couple hours and almost had wished I hadn't eaten 7... So everyday after I ate about five prunes and had no troubles and they work so fast.... I hate not going to the bathroom and I hate feeling bloated even more! I do smoothies with chia, flax, and matcha- but the prunes worked better and super fast.
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Getting antibiotics prior to going to the dentist...

so I looked it up in the RealSelf Q's part. Each surgeon has a different opinion

"There are anecdotal reports of capsular contracture after dental procedures. This means it has been reported as a possible link. There is no science behind it. The idea of giving women with implants antibiotics twice a year for the rest of their lives is simply ridiculous. It is a practice that increases resistance of bacteria to antibiotics and should not be done. Capsular contracture has been
shown to occur in the first 3-12 months in most cases and is related to the circumstances around the surgery to place the implants."-Michael Hueneke, MD Nashville Plastic Surgeon

"Although there aren't many studies to support this, most surgeons do agree that there may be an increased risk of capsule contracture, or hardening of tissue around breast implants, after dental work or really any surgical procedure that can result in bacteria in the bloodstream. "Ghada Afifi, MD Orange County Plastic Surgeon


How are you holding up? I hope you are healing well.
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Not too many changes..

Maybe they've gotten a little closer together. But other than that they have gotten softer


Love how their turning out
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When do you start the helping them drop? Massaging?
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Omg, I love your color! I've been dying to go tanning but I gotta wait 1 more week =< but the boobs look really good! Great size on you too! Speaking of dentist yea I went the other day but she said I was fine because I was 5 weeks post op "/
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More pics with better lighting!

I knew i forgot stuff from my last update..So when I went in Monday for my checkup the Dr. said I can wear any type of bra already..incl underwire! Isn't that crazy. (&ihave to wear one at night).

And I can tan as long as I cover my incisions. Anyone have a good way to cover them? I don't want like a bikini tan line but deff don't wana expose the scars.

Also, anyone use the free gifts? One gift is either botox or latisse...I don't want either! One thing I heard about botox is when you use it, your skin relies on it..I wanna wait a few years.


Wow girl! You look amazing! And you have a great body!! I bet you are happy! They will change very soon, and will look more natural. How is everything? Are you able to do things more than or less than you expected? How are yours energy levels? Can't wait for your next update!
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I swear they've changed since yesterday

Ahah or I didn't notice they had changed.
Omg my nipples have been soooo sensitive since my BA. Like a shirt gracing them makes me wanna cry. Anyone else have this? How long did it last for you.

And omg I can feel rippling in the inner part of my boobs..can't see it though. Anyone else have that?

My incisions kinda hurt if I stretch or move in a weird way.

Also I have yet to see anyone say this but I'm sure like all of you have experienced it..when I take off my bras it(still) feels like they're going to just fall off my chest.

Ugh waiting for them to drop and fluff sucksss, I'm paranoid something is guna happen and I'm guna need a revision or something..last night I looked in the mirror and was like omg one of my boobs has capsular contracture bahah just paranoid

It's so weird catching guys stare at my chest..shit that's new lol I love my boobs heehee

For Easter I get together with all my family..hopefully none of them will like squeeze me or hug me too tight(even though that already happened!!)..but I wonder if anyone will notice haha..only like 3family members know


Please tell me where did you get that bra on your 3rd pic?! :)
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Omggg funny ass story..

Soo today my family had a get together for Easter..like all 40 of us, aunts uncles cousins grandparents. Well my cousin&aunt decided to tell one of my aunts about my BA..so when like 8 of us females are together outside and my aunt tells my other aunt "so i havent had permission to tell you this but.." and my cousin whispers to my aunt "look at her breasts" and my aunt is like "omg! Why would you try to hide that, tell me all about it. Congratulations...when are you due?" BAHAHHAHAH! So now we learned a way to not tell people!!! Lollllll

Anyway I love vs they measured me at a 32DD!! Whaaaaa I was thinking they'd say 34B or something..I've been having boob greed..til i went to vs..damn they look good in a normal bra. At this point I'm glad I didn't go bigger or smaller

I haven't had anyyy negative reactions..a lot of woman saying they have wanted something done lol incl my gma haha


Did you ever confirm if the doctor chose the 286cc or 304cc? I think the size you ended up with looks great in proportion to your body! I know everybody is different, but your results are pretty much my goal. Thanks!
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Yess 286(: I didn't quite make it the 300s club, but I tried
Hahaha that is funny, and ur look great!!! They're perfect on u
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Quick update

My nipples have been so sensitive So my Dr. said to use a luffa and just rub it against each nipple when I'm in the shower. He said its better to be hypersensitive than have nothing.

It's pointless to try on bras Bc my boobs sit so high!


I feel your pain on the nipple sensitive... I am going to try the loofah though. Thanks for the tip!
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Yess. The luffa sucks but if it'll work then okay
I can tell they are going to look amazing once they completely drop! Can't wait to see your progress!
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I noticed they're getting softer and dropping more. I can't wait til they drop completely


I agree with the community...the size looks perfect on you! There's really quite a difference between your before and after photos. BTW, I'm glad to hear that your family was supportive of your new look at Easter. ;)
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Looking good girl! Congrats. The size looks perfect on you! Yes, the dropping takes a while. I think it was a solid 2 mo before mine started to look natural. Glad you are loving them. p.s. Love the cat shirt (I'm a cat nut too :)
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Amazing! I think I said this, but they look so good on you! I think you will have such a natural look once they drop. Do you get sore after having some activities? Did you start working out?
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Fill body pics to see how 286ccs look on a petite frame


Hi I am planning on getting a ba and I am 4 ft 11in and 92 pounds and have about the same proportions (30-24-34) as you. I am aiming for an hourglass figure and just wondering what your body measurements are before and after and if you achieved the hourglass figure. Thanks:-)
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Looks Great!!!
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I don't understand bras...?

Okay so are they still riding pretty high Or do I just not understand bras. The lady at vs said that the bras looked good but I feel like they fit weird..maybe u can see what I mean in the pics

They're all 32Ds but the 3rd and 4th pic (theyre 32Cs) Bc the band was too big on the 32Ds and they don't carry 30s.


It's too early for you to be getting fitted for a bra girl! I waited until 3 months post-op per my doctors instructions. At 5 weeks post-op I tried on bras just for fun and fit into a 32D. And then I went back at 3 months post-op and I was busting out of a 32D and fit into a 32DD. You should wait so you don't waste your money on a bra that may not fit you in a couple months!! You're looking great though!! :D
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Wait so right now you're fitting into a 32DD? I deff don't plan on buying any the vs employees probably hate me Bc I literally tried on every bra I liked with no intentions on buying haha thank you
Because your boobs have not dropped fully you can tell in the pics.. I'm 8 weeks tomorrow mines still not fully dropped either its normal its expected to be dropped 4-6 months.. Poke a dot bra looks the best ;)
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More full body pics

I think I'm updating too much so ill wait til I see more changes to update again.
I see Dr. Gabriel Friday. Yaya I love seeing him


They'll look better in size when they drop, as far as the bras yes they fit like that bc your still riding high, after they drop you might need a bigger size
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I think the size is perfect for your body frame ;)
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Yeah! A 32DD now! I haven't changed bra sizes since I got fitted at 3 months post-op. Now I'm a little over 9 months post-op! I went to VS a couple weeks ago trying to find either a racer back bra or a multi way and I didn't really find one that I thought fit right.. And finding a swim suit top is a joke. I still haven't found one that's not screaming "hey look at my big fake boobies!" Haha.


So ive been really thinking about going bigger. He said he'd do a revision with absolutely no charges at all! So he said to wait a few months before making a decision..so that ill do. I've loved him and his sweet stafff throughout this whole process. If I end up goin bigger I think id get 339..that's like the most he'll do on me..though it will be a few months prior if i decide to do it(pretty sure i will) whatcha think?


I think they look really great! If you want to go bigger I think it will still fit your body well :)
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Its424am yours look great for your frame!!!!!!! I just got 286cc moderate plus profile friday. Still swollen so it's hard to tell. I think everyone goes through what if i went bigger!! I just have to be patient with the results. I hope things so smooth and I'll start shopping in about 3weeks or so. If in 8 months i feel i want go bigger i will. I'm surprised your doctor said he won't charge you. I'm assuming you'd be charged the anesthesia and OR fees to. That would be about $2000. Well good luck!!!! Remember that you look great!!!!
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I love the size you have! I am 5'8 125lbs. I fit into a 34d at VS. however, I think I look more of a C cup naked. every brand is different. I am at 1 month post op and my boobs are crazy looking right now. I do have one boob a little larger than the other so I am waiting to buy anything else . because of the dropping and fluffing.. I hope you do end up loving your boobs, they look quite nice on your frame.
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Nordstrom Rack is THE PLACE to buy bras

Amazing selection of the nice $60-$70 Wacoals for $30&Calvin Klein, Betsie Johnson, Natori.&they have a ton w small bands and big cups! They even had 30D&30DDs..I even saw some like 30I's or something like that.. I kept picking up more and more until i accidentally had 15 and then had to force myself to stop! Esp Bc I didn't plan on buying any. The rack kills VS! I also went to arie..they have some good deals and a lot of their bras come in 32Ds now


How are you feeling about your size so far? I'm 4 months & feeling boob greed! I wish I would've gone bigger & am still considering it. Although I was scared to initially go too big! You're still early in the healing phase so I'm sure you will drop much more! I was riding so high at first, lol
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Looking good
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Your boobies look phenomenal! They are so perfect for your small frame :)
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So I haven't noticed any changes really

Other than they do feel more squishy and soft. I love the size more and more as time passes. & Most say not to go bigger but dr Gabriel said he'd go bigger for free so how can I pass that up?!

It's insane how long it takes your body to heal from a BA, I assume its the muscle. I still can't overly stretch out my arms


They look great!!! I don't think that you need to go bigger unless you want. They compliment your body well. Also, that was a funny story about your Family gathering & telling your Aunt about your BA. Lol
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Are you going with the same implant if you go bigger?
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Id have to change to high profile :(

The gym

So I've been so lazy and basically worked out for the first time last night..let me tell you I can't lift my own weight or anything crazy like that.
The treadmill was uncomfortable bc it moved the boobs too much.
So I just did legs and the elliptical an let me tell u I have no strength or stamina from not working out in like 2 months


I started 2 weeks post. I was hard! Keep it up our you'll never go back. Can you imagine if you went bigger how much harder it would be???!!! Good luck!
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Your results are coming along nicely compared to the vs bra pics to now. Losing the square and high shape slowly but surely! Congrats!
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Awww soon ull b able to very back at it
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They look amazingg! They always tell you the only person that will see them is ur partner or whoever sees u naked but like I can't hardly see mine! I doubt they're even noticeable to a partner..esp Bc there sole attention will just so be scar searching ahhah


Did you use any type of scar gel? (Sorry if you've already posted that info!)
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You're looking awesome! Wish my scars healed as easily! Thanks for The Rack tip too!
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Looking good girl. Your pre-op breast shape was really nice, they're already looking good now I can't imagine what they'll look like at 6months+. And because the revision is free I think you should totally go bigger. No one has ever complained about a little extra boobage lol
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Had a check up today

So I haven't been using anything on my scars but the reinforced skin closure strips u see n the pics. Dr. Gabriel gave me scar treatment..in the pic above.

I wasn't wearing a bra to the appointment and he was like u gotta wear one! (Maybe so they don't drop too far or something)

Also, so I got my phone jacked and it had no pass code and had alll these pics of my boobs in it!! Most didn't have my face n it but some did. Now some random creep has my phone and pics! Someone told me apple can reset the phone and erase everything? Idk if that will work, anyone know of ways to erase the stuff on the phone or something


Hey girl! I am schedules for BA Thursday! And I'm still undecided between 286cc and 304cc style 15 .. Do you know your BWD? Mines an 11 and both implants go over my bwd slightly I'm 23 111lbs 5'3, A cup bra! How are they feeling now?
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If they both go over I personally would pic the smaller one to try to avoid any complications like symastia a.k. a uniboob or displacement.
Go with 304. I am 5'2 113lbs and got 300cc unders last week and they look perfect. My bwd is 10.7 and the mod plus is perfect size.

VS semi annual sale

So I'm a 32d. I think they've mostly dropped and I will just see subtle changes.


wow! your boobs look reallly good! what size did you get? and what size are you now? all those bras! i can't wait to go shopping! aghhhh =D
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You look awesome! Congrats on great results :) Love the poka-dot bra too. Cute cute!!
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wowwwza girl! if I could 'like' every picture I would lol! but that grey/pink bra and the white tank pics or just hot! your cleavage is simply perfect :) its beautiful! I cant stop staring! I love the full round look 'peeking out' over the top! you have got to appreciate more attention with your girls lol!
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I went out..and a bikini


Hi ... nice to see another Oregon person on here. Read through your profile. ...you look Great! I'm in Salem and get my BA this Thursday. I'm going with 320cc on rt / 270cc on left. Seeing your pics gives me hope they won't be as small as they sound! I'm doing the anatomical gummy bear ones. Thanks for all the info!
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you look great girl! You still have a lot of time to drop so don't sweat it (unless your surgeon said its all the way dropped but mine took a year, wish they'd still drop lol) ahhh nooo thats so shitty about your phone, did you ever get everything deleted on it?!?? and holy man your scars are really good!!! wish mine healed that nice!
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Your scars wait what scars!? Look sooo good! Barely there! The breast look amazing! I too took advantage of the semi annual sake at VS! Xoxo
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I've been a terrible realself friend :(

I haven't noticed any changes. I wish they'd bounce more. I met someone who has salines and I love how hers feel! Mine are more firm. But no complaints!! I'm religious about applying the scar treatment every damn day. I have no strength in my arms still, like don't some women lift real weights at this point?!
I hope everyone is doing well and raided the VS semi annual sale as much as I did;) :)


I started lifting weights again at about six weeks post and now almost all of my strength is back! but im still not doing any chest exercises lol
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Looking good. We have the same bathing suit. The one with the black and white and blue string. Looks better on you.
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Wow they dont bounce? We are the opposite, lol. I wish mines were more firmer but they are extremely squishy & bounce everywhere "( I wish they were more tight n firm.. I like the fake look but funny today I let someone feel them n they thought they were mine naturally. .hehehe. . im still a D as well which is crazy since im 450cc.. Long time no talk hope all us great. .pS stop being a bully on rs, lol, joking I saw your last post.. Freedom of speech right? Or not. . happy tatas
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Small update

Sorry I haven't been on much at all!! I've been checking most of your guys' updates though.
I haven't noticed any changes. I'm really, really indecisive so im still so conflicted on going bigger or not. I don't want to mess with the scars or how natural they look..as someone said "quality over quanity" I just wish they looked big in a normal shirt braless or in a non padded bra! The only time they look big is when I'm in a low cut tank in a push up bra. I have realized that I love how natural and how close together they look/are..really I got better results than I expected..every guy is like wow your dr did amazing lol and he so did.
I'm going to Vegas later this week so I should have new pics and pics of the scars!

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I enjoyed looking at your pics! You are gorgeous! Congratulations, and thank you for writing this review!
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Your boobs look amazing!
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You look amazing!! I love your posts! :-)
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If you like to party Vegas is your place.. and boobs;)

Vegas was amazinggggg, you can party 24/7. People of all backgrounds, states, countries go to Vegas To party hard! All the clubs are ridiculously expensive ..it was $12 or $18 for an 8oz Fuji water at one club! I realized most of what I wore there I already posted pics previously but here are some new picsss. I also realized I can do weights but nothing that directly impacts my chest like push-ups. I'm still hung up on size but damn making a comparison pic makes me thankful!


They look amazing!! That's the loom I was going for. We are the same height and same weight. I ended up going w 265cc. I might have missed it but what size did you go with? I'm sorry
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I got 286ccs, you'll definitely get the natural, smaller look you're looking to achieve with the size you got&it helps you had a good amount of breast tissue to start with
Thanks so much, btw I love your story! And your boobies!
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Words can't describe how AMAZING Dr. Gabriel is. They say when u find the right surgeon you'll know it and I KNEW Dr. Gabriel was the one. He is so confident in what he does and makes you feel so comfortable and is there for you every small or big step before, during and well beyond surgery. He cares so much about his patients, he goes out of his way 24/7 and looks out for our best interests Iike were family, I love him and his sweet staff. I'm SO glad I picked HIM, I would never pick any other Dr. Really, you have to meet him to understand..and i have to say just meeting him makes me feel like a lucky person. I wish I could see him and his office staff more often! He deserves way way way more than 5 stars. I don't know if it's possible to thank or reward a doctor and person this incredible.

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