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I had my children at a very young age and have...

I had my children at a very young age and have been wanting this for a very long time. I exercise at least 5 days a week and no matter what I do, I cannot get a flat tummy or make the stretch marks disappear. I've tired it all including the expensive creams to the home remedies. And now convinced that only a TT can fix this. I am nervous. I have lots to attend to at home and I am very active from the moment I get out of bed until sundown. So, after reading lots of post op reviews, I realize this will be one of the great challenges.
did you go through with your procedure?
best of luck to you, post some before and after pics when you get a chance, hope all goes wonderful for you and make sure you take it easy after your surgery
Best of luck I have a consultation with him next month for a tummy tuck (we'll see how that goes) Please keep us posted on the outcome, I would to see pics or before and after. Also are you getting Lipo? Thanks and best of luck!
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I have now selected my doctor based on the real self reviews. I had originally found him on make me heal. So far the staff has been very nice and patient with me since I have lots to set up, like hotel and caregiver for post care. I've selected a date of Sep 25th and hope not to chicken out.

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