Post Op - Day 7: Mommy Makeover and Chin Augmentation

Hi everyone! I am 40 and my little Munchkin is 19...

Hi everyone! I am 40 and my little Munchkin is 19 years old. That's 19 years of trying to get my body the way it was before. It ain't happening. I have been to one PS for a consult. My final quote came down to $19k which includes a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and a chin implant.

While I am active, from hiking, running 15 miles/week, bootcamp/Krav Maga.. nothing is helping with my loose pouch. Gravity has taken all fullness of my breasts. And at 40 my chiseled chin/jaw line has disappeared. I am tired of doing those face exercises! LOL...

My PS came down to as low as $19k for all three surgeries. I'm going to do it! Well, I'm working on the finances and my target date for the surgery is the second week of September 2012.

Wish me luck!


Hi Angiemcc. Thank you. I'm checking out the list and will definitely going shopping for all the essentials.
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I used Dr. Svehlak. Love him!!
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Hi 1of5 - Dr. S was awesome. I did get a second consult from another PS just in case. He was good too, but the cost was a bit too high. While I understand these procedures are expected to be very costly, it's also about affordability. Dr. S is in the running for sure. I may schedule a third consult. Maybe :)

All I know is I'm so excited! It's time to spoil me now. I'm so grateful there's a place like to review the experiences from others.

I'll be back with pics and my final PS decision.

I keep flip-flopping the surgery date. Now I want...

I keep flip-flopping the surgery date. Now I want to just get just the BA and chin augmentation (CA) because the cost for a MM is too high. I left a message with my PS to see how much it would cost just for the BA and the CA. I'll get my answer next week.

Another reason I wanted just the BA and CA is because I want to participate in a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) which is scheduled on Oct. 28.

I figured if I could schedule the BA and CA on Sept 4, I'd have 4-5 weeks to recover and at least 2 weeks to get back to running. I already run now. But then I thought I would be putting my health and recovery at an expensive risk.

But every time I look at my tummy, I want the tuck!!! So, I'm back to wanting the MM and CA. The expense will be worth it.

Now I'm thinking of pushing the date to early Nov..a week after the marathon. Ugh! I am so bummed. Then I thought the next two months will be a good time to lose at least 10-15 pounds which would put me in the weight I want to be. I now weight 130 lbs. I can also use this time to stop that disgusting habit of smoking. ( I know.. Ewwwww. I smoke.)

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Since I'm pushing my surgery to Nov (if I don't...

Since I'm pushing my surgery to Nov (if I don't change my mind again), I can use this time to obtain a few more consults. It's very important I see more PS and compare costs as well.


I am not until oct 29th. The wait sux! But good you have time for more consults!! I can't wait to get rid of my tummy!
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I know! The wait totally sucks. I was so looking forward to getting my MM sooner.
I wish you the best of luck. Please be sure to post before and after pics.

I am so EXCITED! BUT very very nervous. It's...

I am so EXCITED! BUT very very nervous. It's Saturday and my surgery is this coming Wednesday!

My pre-op went well. It also gave me an opportunity to make some final decisions. I decided I'd like to go with a small D for my BA. For my chin implant, we're going with the small size. My PS says there's not a lot to lipo but whatever he can get out of my neck/chin will adhere and hopefully I'll get that nice jawline I use to have. As for my tummy tuck, my PS says I'll look great. I don't know, though. I took some pics and uploaded and feel like my tummy can never be flat again. Even though I see a lot of good results on this site, but I just can't visualize it for myself. I'll just have to wait and see.

I got all my meds, an upright resting pillow and plenty of other pillows. I also got most of the items listed in the link provided earlier in this post. Hmm...wondering if I should pack some depends for my night over at the aftercare facility? I also got a cane because I hear a lot about the back pain due to not being able to stand straight. I'm going back to work in 2 weeks and I hope I'm upright 100%.

OMG! Ladies! Did I tell you I am sooooo excited?? There's so much going on in my head right now. I hope I sleep through the first few days when the pain is at its worst.

Oh, I took some pics just now and uploaded. My before pics.. and I bought before and after light blue bikini shorts and a white workout spaghetti tank that does not cover the belly. Yep! Not sexy at all. LOL. Soon, I hope. I'll be sexy, 40, and moving forward.

Catch up with you ladies later. And for those recovering, you're in my thoughts for a fast recovery...


Hey there NJ! I can't believe it's just a few days from now. I have been contemplating the mommy makeover for at least 5 years .. and now I'm just over 2 days away from surgery.

I wish you a speedy recovery and please keep in touch.

Hmm.. I gotta ask. Do you reach RHONJ?
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Good luck this Wednesday! I'll be having my MM the day after you on the 27th. Eeak! Getting nervous and excited!
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I am sooo excited for you! I, myself have been wishy washy regarding my surgeries and my pre-op is tomorrow! I still don't know if I want to go through with it! I still haven't told anyone, family or friends what I'm having done. I just feel like they wouldn't be supportive.
Anyway, again, I'm sooo excited for you. Looking forward to your PO updates and pix!
Good Luck!
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Two more days 'til surgery. Tomorrow I'll start...

Two more days 'til surgery. Tomorrow I'll start counting down the hours!

I wanted to tell you ladies about VitaMedica I got from Make Me Heal. It says it's good for pre and post surgery. It includes AM and PM multi-vitamins that you start taking 14 days before surgery,Bromelain w/Quercetin Nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties that you take 3 days before surgery for a full 10 days, and Arnica Montana that you start taking right after surgery for 7 to 14 days.

Has anyone heard of VitaMedica? There is one other lady here who suggested it. It does have really good reviews on Amazon.

I go back to work in 2 weeks. I can hide the bruising and swelling with clothes from the neck down. I'm worried about the bruising from the chin implant and lipo in that area. Oh well.. I'm going to hope for the best in recovery much sooner than 2 weeks.


Thanks! It is crazy how fast it comes up... Hope you have a speedy recovery, too!

I don't watch RHONJ. lol. Too much drama and nonsense for me!
42Mommyof3 - Good luck on pre-op. My PS told me that most women wish they had gone bigger with their breast size. I told my doc I wanted to be a small D because I don't want to wear any more padded bras. I feel like a fraud. Granted, the silicone is not my real breasts but it'll be a part of my breast. I think you'll be happy with your 34C's. I really think you will be.. and if you go bigger, you'll be happier.
I actually am going bigger. The first two PS I saw said 300-330 cc's would be perfect for my frame. I'm petite in size. My 3rd consult said I could probably go a little bit bigger and still wouldn't look too fake cuz that was one of my concerns. Today at my pre-op I decided to go with 375cc's. I tried them on and put my shirt over it and man! They looked huge! I'm going with silicone as well. I can't believe this going to happen!
Good luck on your big day! I'm so excited for you. I'm right behind you. Next Tuesday, 10/2 is my big day!

I'm almost there ladies! The new me is just over...

I'm almost there ladies! The new me is just over the horizon. I can't explain all the emotions taking over my body: Excitement, anxiety, anxiousness, fear, joy, relief! It doesn't end.

You know what's one of the most awesomeness thing that this experience has lead me to >> I stopped smoking. I know, I know. It's disgusting. I haven't smoked in three weeks. Yes, it was because my PS wouldn't proceed with surgery unless I stopped. Well, I did...and I couldn't be happier. I don't even have a craving.

What I can't stand is not having that glass of wine. I'm dying, ladies. But if I can go 2 weeks w/o a glass (or 2, or 3) of wine, I can go another 2 more weeks. It's all worth it.

Well, tomorrow is my day. I'm washing sheets. Again. I'm trying to clean every corner of the house. I'll be packing my overnight bag with extra clothing, meds, and other essentials soon.

I have to be at the surgery center at 7:30am to fill out paperwork and my surgery is scheduled at 9am. I'll try to have an update right after I get out of surgery when I'm in the aftercare facility (which is like a $895/night hotel. a bit much if you ask me). I have to stop eating and drinking by 8pm .. which is about 40 minutes from now. That's going to be tough because I'm a water-a-holic.

I'm freaking out. I think I'll take a xanax to help me sleep..

Ok. Wish me luck! For all you beautiful ladies recovering, I wish you a speedy recovery and a beautiful body you deserve. Kisses from LA!


Good luck! Can't wait to see/ hear from you on the flat side!!
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Good luck!!
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Because I Can, I'm so excited for you! Especially because we're practically neighbors. I just noticed Dr. Nejad is your PS. I almost went with Dr. Cohen in Encino! I'm right behind you though. My surgery date is next Tues. 10/2!
Sending you good vibes! Good Luck tomorrow! And as I've seen many times on this site, see you on the flat side! Yeah!
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Post Op - Day 3 Well, I survived. The hours...

Post Op - Day 3
Well, I survived. The hours following surgery were the most difficult. All I remember is going under around 10am and waking up in the late afternoon. I was transported to an aftercare facility called Serenity. The nurses there are amazing. The rooms are equipped with everything one needs to recover from surgery.

On PO Day 1 I was walking the Serenity floor on my own. My tummy was in pain and it was very difficult to get up and off of bed, but I used my legs as much as possible and my arms to push me and lift me.

PO Day 2 I was back home. I'm not using a recliner. My upright pillow works just fine. My tummy was still hurting but mostly when I have to get up or down. It was a burning sensation and I thought it was the stitches.

PO Day 3 If you have a lot of laughter in the family.. go easy on the comedy .. My girl and I tried so hard to not laugh but it only comes naturally to find something to laugh about. It does bring pain to the tummy and I thought it would cause some damage to the tightened muscle area or the stitches. I also saw my PS today. He opened my binder to look at the stitches. Everything was okay. Guess what? The burning was no longer. Ladies, when you feel that burning sensation loosen up the binder and set it back nice and tight in place. That burning sensation is where your drain holes are located and there is tension going on.. so loosening may stop the burning.

My PS says on PO Day 10 he's going to remove the drains and everything else. The binder will stay. Well, I'm going to change it to a compression girdle I bought. This surgical compression binder with paddings is weighing me down. It feels so heavy and I think it's causing a lot of pain to my hips.

Well, I'm really bored to be honest. There's only so much I can do sitting upright. I really want to get out of the house, walk my dogs, go running or hiking, cook dinner, watch a movie, anything! But I'll be patient and read a book.

I'll some pics after my stitches are removed. I love my breasts. My PS went with 533 cc. Wow!


Welcome to the flat side !! I understand about the laughter !!! Our family is the same it comes naturally and happens before you have a chance to stop it !!! I hope you have some good books to read it really does help to pass the time. Continued happy healing and post when you can...
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PO Day 5 Today I was able to to take a sneak peek...

PO Day 5 Today I was able to to take a sneak peek of my tummy tuck..and all I can say is WOW!!! It looks amazing. It's almost as if it's not even my body. No pooch. A much slender waistline. The stretch marks are way way way less than what it use to be. I'm happy. So very happy.

The only meds I'm taking is the antibiotics. Everything else is over the counter, like the Arnica Montana, Tylenol, and multi-vitamins. I felt good enough to drive, but I don't think it's recommended this early. It felt okay but still glad to be staying home most of the time.

The one thing I also attempted to do today is walk my two small dogs. It's definitely going to take some time, maybe a few more days, before I feel strong enough to manage my dogs. They don't just walk.. they run some and because I can't walk as fast as normal their walk is too fast for my pace.

Well.. happy healing too all moms! We deserve it!

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Ugh! I hate these drains. I want them out so bad....

Ugh! I hate these drains. I want them out so bad. I was never told just how much blood in cc's has to be draining out before it's removed. It's just at 2.5 cc's now for both sides. But one side drains bright red and the other is dark red. I'm not too concerned, though. I think it's okay.

Oh, I washed my hair. I couldn't stand it. I've been taking sponge baths but unable to wash hair. I have the dry shampoo but I need real water running through my hair. I just flipped my head upside in the sink and rubbed my poor itching scalp. It feels so good.

I didn't buy a shower chair. I placed a folded towel at the edge of the tub, sat on it close to the bottom faucet and would give myself sponge baths a few times a day. It's totally do-able.


Man, I know what you mean about itchy scalp. I'm about to just stick my head under the faucet in the tub. So, happy healing! Keep us posted LA neighbor!
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Congradulations and welcome to the flat side. I agree the drains suck. One of mine kept cathing on everything and the stitch got so irritated. I hope the 10 days goes by quickly for you.
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