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loving my new flat belly!! - West Hollywood, CA

I am a 31 year old mother of 5. After five...

I am a 31 year old mother of 5. After five pregnancys and several years of breastfeeding my body is so worn out!! It needs a lift to say the least. I have decided to have a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck. I had never been one to care about saggy breasts/skin but over the past year I have really become a fitness fanatic and started bodybuilding and would love to see all my hard work show through. I would also love one day to actually compete on stage.

First pre-op appt.

I had my firs pre-op appt. today. My surgery was moved up to October 3rd I am getting nervous. I have to get my blood work done today. I guess I just have a fear of them putting me to sleep and me not waking up. I don't mind the pain afterwards just don't like being put to sleep:( Starting to feel the guilt come on that I am being selfish and vain. I have the most wonderful husband in the world he keeps reassuring me everything will be ok. He rather me not have the surgery because he doesn't like seeing me in pain, but he knows how bad I want it so he is being so supportive.

before pics

I had to reschedule surgery for early December. Excitwd and nervous at least i have more time to prepare.

Rescheduled But not for full mommy makeover

I rescheduled surgery for November 1 but for a tummy tuck only. I changed my mind for a lot of different reasons but I am happy with my final decision. I am still nervous for the tummy tuck but pray that all will go well. I am excited but nervous only 2 weeks til surgery.

surgery update

I am home resting so far feeling good. All went really well thank the Lord.

I am a a 32 year old mother of 5. I wrote a review...

I am a a 32 year old mother of 5. I wrote a review a little while ago on the mommy makeover forum because I was going to do a mommy makeover but changed my mind and have decided to just do a full tt no lipo. It is scheduled for 11-1 and I am so nervous. I keep looking at my kids and feeling like I am being selfish. Then I look at my stomach in the mirror and it reminds me how bad I really want

on the flat side!!!

With humbling thanks to God i am doing great!! I feel good i really thought the pain would be much worse but i have found it to be tolerable. I was prescribed vicodin but have been switching off to tylenol. Dr. bruno is amazing!! And his anesthesiologist was so wonderful to me i am so glad i found him here on real self. I have not got to take pics yet tomorrow i will post some, because i get to shower. My dr. Did call to check on me last night and said he removed about a lb of skin got rid of almost all the stretch marks and that he was very happy about how my belly button looks, so i am excited to see tomorrow :-)

post op day 2

Feeling better each day. The pain had been manageable with vicodin or Tylenol. I weighed myself last night and I weighed 104.0 two lbs less than day of surgery, so that is good. I have been eating good soup, fruit juice and lots of water. My toilet seat riser had been a blessing!! Oh and I bought halls fruit breezers before surgery and those we're also very helpful because my throat was extremely soar from the anesthesia tube, they really helped to sooth my throat.

took a peak today

Really excited to see that everything looks good. So far I am very happy with the results. Feeling much better today pain has been very manageable.

pic without binder

Pic of my new belly!!

Sorry I guess the pic didn't come out the first time so here is another.

not as bad as i thought

So the pain was very minimal from the beginning. I know it was thanks to God. I only took vicodin and Tylenol and as of yesterday I have not needed any pain medicine at all. I am so glad I went through with the surgery. And so far I really love my results:)

drains come out later today!!

So I have an appt. To get my drains out which I am happy and not happy about. I think it's going to hurt when my right drain is pulled out because it hurts when I move it by accident. But I am happy because I can where whatever I want. Haven't taken pain meds since day 4 but thinking of taking some tomorrow before appt.

Drains are out!!!

So the drains are out. even though i had very minimal pain with the surgery i was scared to death of having the drains taken out. First of all i had no clue how long those tubes
Were yuck!! It hurt just a little but mosyly it was just uncomfortable and gross it felt like they were 2 feet long as he pulled them out eww gross just the thought... Anyway glad to have those out. And ready for the next milestone :-)

what drove me to have surgery

Just thought I would post a pick of what drive me to want a tummy tuck. I worked so hard in the gym to compete in a fitness competition believing that some how I could snap my skin back into shape with a clean diet and exercise but finally when the competition date came near and my stomach skin just hung there I knew I didn't want all my hard work to go to waste so I booked the surgery and I am so happy I am on the flat side now. Can't wait for what's to come!! Happy healing real self ladies.

still healing

Well i am feeling better everyday. I still have a lot of swelling on lower abdomen, ut still feels pretty hard and numb hoping that is normal. I am really liking the results just impatient to see final results.


So its been over 3 months and I have been feeling great, back at gym and working hard. Here are some pics I am really I did this!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I have had three consultations and have researched several doctors and I am happy to say that the wonderful ladies on realself have led me to Dr.Bruno. He is a wonderful dr. I was really impressed with his attitude, his attentiveness, it was as if he had all the time in the world for our consult he made sure to answer and explain any question I had for him. He listened to my concerns and asked what my goals were with the surgery and gave me the best options for what I wanted done he didn't try to sell me on more procedures like some of the others. His patients that were in the office the day I went in had nothing but amazing things to say about him and the procedures he performed on them. And looking at his work I was very impressed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great! I see that a lot of the swelling has gone away - very encouraging!!!
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Thanks, yes a lot of the swelling has gone away but I do notice it more at night and after weight lifting I actually weigh two pounds heavier on those day from how swollen I get. But when I do only cardio I see much less swelling. I can't wait to hit the 6 month mark that's when everyone says the swelling is almost completely gone.
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You look so good! Thanks for posting your journey, it has helped me to read what others have gone through. Plus, I LOVE seeing Dr. Bruno's good work.
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Hi hun! How did it go at the doc today?
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I didnt get to go we got snowed in :) i cant go now til next monday:( i have been feeling good still have numbness in lower abdomen. But was really looking forward to him telling me i can start working out again. How have you been feeling? Its crazy my tape is still on only parts have lifted up i can see little parts of scar so far it looks good just hoping it heals well with the tape
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Post more pics please:)
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Ok i will try to today:)
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you look amazing hunni well done! :-)
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Thanks so do you
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Loving how tiny your waist is too! :-)
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Wowzers!!!!! You look so awesome! :)
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You look awesome! I gotta tell you, you have amazing legs!! What kind of exercises do you do for your legs? Can you recommend something for someone who is pretty limited because of back issues? I *love* your legs! lol Thanks xxxx
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Thank you. I did alot of squats, and lunges i started without weights and then added weights in gradually. I am not sure how squats would be on your back but squats and lunges are what helped me.
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Wow! you look amazing! keep us postes on your competition... did he quote 6k? mine is at 7500 :( and I had one pregnancy so I have less extra skin. Not happy on his post consultation follow up.. once I walked out never heard from them again or had my emails answered. now I'm overcharged? mmm I guess doctors can be choosy about their patients too. sorry, I had to vent...anyways, I am happy for you!! congratulations!!
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Hi Thank you. I am not sure how much weight depends on price but when I went to Dr. B I just finished prepping for a fitness competition. My height is 5'0, I was weighing 102 and my body fat was at 12%. I know he said he removed about a lb of fat if even that. I am not sure if you are having any lipo but I know that is a major factor in price I didn't need it so I didn't get it. I didn't get any phone calls after either, but I really liked that, because all the other consults I went to they kept and still are sending me emails and calling me with annoying "super specials", to me that seemed desperate and it concerned me. I appreciated the fact that doctor Bruno's office waited for me to call them. I have only emailed Dr. B once and that was after surgery and he got right back to me same day, so I am not sure how his staff is on emails but Dr. B seemed pretty quick to respond. I am really sorry about your experience there because I really think he does awesome work, he seems like such a nice Dr. maybe you should voice your concerns to him. But If you decide not to go with him I hope you find another awesome Dr. to go with, because I am so happy I went through with the surgery. Best wishes :)
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aw thanks! I know I sound frustrated, I just wished dr B could have done all my procedures instead of going around spending even more but oh well, I live far and don't have his direct contact. I still have my deposit there but now I don't know iow to use it.. is too complicated now. I am also having this guilt about being vain and my husband is so worried and keeps telling me I don't need this. I am having my first surgery Friday .. (blepheroplasty) so I will get a taste of the first cut. meanwhile I will keep admiring your progress .. please keep posting ;) thank you!
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did I read HE was quick to respond? I only got the staff emails but never his, I thought they were to filter the emails and never got his response or direct follow up. :( I waited two months for a response. I suspect I fell tru the cracks. ok, enough of me this is your time :) take care and heal fast :)... your stamina to do fitness competition just made me drop my ham sandwich and went for a bag of steamed veggies and fish :) waiting for it to cook now ... thanks again!!
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Oh I am sorry to hear all of that sounds like you have been through a lot. I am not sure but I think Dr. b has a separate email address. I was also going to do several procedures at onetime but my husband also made me sit down and think about which one was most important to me and why that's how I came to just do the TT. If you like I can pass you the email I was given for dr.b. Any how I think you look fabulous already. It's ok to vent that's what we ladies are here for I am excited to read and follow your journey. I will keep updatingas I Hope you will too. I am so glad I could inspire you in some way:)
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You have beautiful results already!
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Thank you so much. Just been feeling a little fat because of the awful swelling.
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Looking good!
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Thank You:)
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Hi! First let mine say that you look amazing! My surgery is scheduled for Dec 9th and I'm very nervous. I'm also having the same hesitations you had and wondering if I'm being selfish by by doing this and risking leaving my kids without a mom.... :(
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I am so excited for you!! I actually chickened out a couple of times. I felt it was better to only keep it between GOD, my husband, and the realself ladies because I knew a lot of others would just be negative. I feel like if this is something you are doing to make yourself feel better you deserve to do that. I believe that if you follow what your doctor recommends to prepare for surgery like not smoking, stable weight etc. the risks become very minimal. I can honestly tell you I am so happy I went through with it and am so glad that I prayed about it and that my husband was extremely supportive because that really helped me not to be depressed after surgery, I have been really happy about the surgery except for the itching part :)
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Thank you so much for your reply and your words of encouragement. I wanted to ask you what your recommendations are in terms of diet before surgery and after. And what are you doing for the itching?
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