Hi I have been reading everyone else's reviews for...

Hi I have been reading everyone else's reviews for about a month and finally decided to write my own review. I am 24 years old I'm 5'5 and currently weight 175pounds. I had breast implants with Dr.Bruno 4 years ago 8 months after I had my baby and Dr. Bruno listened to what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with my results I also got my nose done by him about 2 years ago and same awesome results. I didn't really want to mention my two surgeries but this is realself so I feel that I have to be honest and of course because i love my previous results I chose Dr. Bruno again. I did think about not putting all my eggs in one basket and I had a consultation with a different doctor but it just made me more confident about Dr. Bruno I also had an email consult with another doctor already knowing that I was sticking with Dr.Bruno just to make sure that I did see other options. His staff is very pleasant and warming. I have called Mary many times to ask questions about the BBL since she got it herself by Dr. Bruno which looks amazing and she always takes her time with me and she answered all my questions each time. Marisol is also very helpful.

Back to my BBL- i initially only wanted full stomach, full back and flanks lipo back in October 3013 so I was eating whatever I wanted ( i would be like "Im getting lipo next year, it's ok to stuff myself) so when I went for my consultation in December 2013 with Dr. Bruno I had just learned about the BBL and he said I would be a good candidate and that I didn't have to gain any weight. I guess I went a little overboard with my stuffing lol. Here are some current pics sorry I don't have any before my weight gain but ill try to find some. I have a second consult with Dr. Bruno this sat I will up date. thank u very much for all the members that have taken the time to answer my questions
Welcome to rs I wish you good luck on your upcoming procedure
You will def have great results ...have you set a date yet? Thanks for all the info on breast augmentation .xo
Ur welcome My sx is next month on the 20th. Do u mind sharing pics before ur BBL.

Second consultation with Dr. Bruno

Hi hope everyone is doing well. I had my second consultation with Dr. Bruno because i got concerned based on other reviews about his work. My gut feeling is telling me not to worry that he will do a great job on me. But I wanted to make sure that he understood that I wanted aggressive lipo to my full abdomen, flanks and full back Including back rolls but not as aggressive in my outer thighs and also to address my butt because I initially only wanted lipo. I told him I wanted more volume and to put as much fat as my body allowed because when I saw him the first time he said he might not need to use all of my fat be amuse I already have some volume. U can't really tell by my pics but I will post up pics with underwater very soon it's just that I have tattoos, that's why I'm a limitless hesitant. My mistake was that I didn't show him which pics. If you would kindly give me ur In put if they are realistic. I personally think they are reasonable lol. Well back to my consultation. He told me that realistically he can not give me a flat out amount of cc's because it all depends when he actually take out my fat and how much of it he can use. I saw some girls didn't feel comfortable with how certain he was about the results he can give based on how big we want our butts( cc's ). I love how he is honest and gets under estimated by it. He uses pure healthy fat. I have seen some of his dis satisfied patients on this site but I am still confident with my decision to stick with him. I will email him my wish pics and I we shall see what he says. I do remember him saying I'm looking at about 600cc each butt check but not to me directly be said it while be was examining my body. I think it might be more but we shall wait and see.
I look at this procedure like this: it's a gamble the same doctor can give different girls with the same body type different results because our bodies will not react the same way(how it takes our own fat, how much will our butts be able to stretch to accommodate our new fat even if it does take it, if we take care of our body with diet and exorcise, how much our blood will work in our favor to help keep the healthy fat cells did the ps only inject pure fat or did u also get a lot of not so good fat with blood and fluid or did he use pmma, all of these will make ur bottom bigger and again depending how ur body takes it it will stay or it may go or not even tell a difference)
After all this I asked myself. Do u want to take this gamble? My answers is yes and I am ok with getting round two if it is needed because I know exotic dancers that got this procedure and their asses are like most of the big butt video vixens and many wish pics on this site and it took two rounds not just one and they get flown out by athletes and rappers. That's not my goal but I'm just saying if u want the ultimate results I might take round two since we have all read about booty greed. Well these are just my thoughts. Happy healing to the ladies that got their booty already and for the rest of us best of luck choosing ur doctor because there are several great doctors to choose from :) have a wonderful weekend
Hi there. I was just going through your blog and found it interesting. I had Smartlipo done about 4 months ago on my upper abs, lower abs, bra roll and flanks. You can see my before and after pics and judge for yourself. Upon looking at your pics, especially your side profile, you do have a good looking body. I can only imagine how beautiful your profile will look once you have your wrap-around done (Lipo on your abs and back). You will indeed look awesome :-) However, I couldn't help but wonder why you want a BBL. Your wish pic is okay, but do you really want to look like that or more natural. At the end of the day, it is your decision, but I just wanted you to know that I could see how pretty you look now and can visualize how curvy and natural contouring you'll have after your Lipo. I've seen some realself BBL post op pictures, and wished someone had been honest with the ladies before they had their surgeries done. I couldn't honestly say, "Geez, what were you thinking?" cause that'll be mean, so I don't comment. But it makes me disgusted when others say, "You look great" and I know they'll be the first to laugh if the saw them in-person. Anyway, you have a good looking butt based upon the picture you have here on RS. Seriously think about it. Good luck with your final decision and I'm looking forward to reading your updates :-) Stay Blessed!
Thank u same to you. I think u should find a diet that works for because that's the diet u would be on after ur procedure to help maintain ur results
A diet and workout regimen that works for u

A lot of catching up to do

I have a lot of catching up to do.
1. I didn't email Dr. Bruno . I will just bring him my wish pics the day of sx
2. I had my blood work done last Tue and everything was fine. I am so scared of becoming HIV positive, because any one of us can become infected at any time even if u only have one partner, we have no guarantee that ur partner is only with you.
3. My bbl is on the 20th of this month and I am having a cyst that needs to be removed on the 19th so ill be under general anesthesia 2 days in a row. I checked with Dr. Bruno and he said it was ok. The cyst will be less than one hour and the bbl will be 3-4 hours. I forgot to say its a vaginal cyst that will be removed and then they will me stitches down there. I had a c-section and now I'm getting stitches down there. FML lol. So ill see how my recovery goes.
4. School finals are this coming week. I have to study, work and try not to worry about these surgeries. But so many of the ladies on here have done it so I can't really complain right?
5. I am taking 4 weeks of work. One of my boyfriends is taking time of work to take care of me for the fist 4 days starting from the 19 because of my cyst.
6. I already have a lot of dresses. I don't need to buy any but I won't lie I have used this surgery as an excuse to go shopping lol.
7. Finally I got my two boyfriends on board they both said I don't need it that I already get hit on and looked at all the time. One even said if u get all this attention nowI might get stolen after surgery lol bless their hearts they are so sweet
8. Just in case anyone is wondering. They are both very special to me one I have had for 8 years and the other for 4 1/2 years. The 4 years knows about the 8 years but the 8 years doesn't know about the 4 years. The 8 years has asked me to marry him twice, about 6 years ago and a couple of months ago. I tell him no. The 4 years asked me to marry him less than a year after we met I actually moved in with him for 8 months and it was not pretty sad to say it was always my fault for the fights. Pretty much I would go back and fourth dumping them both for one another until 3 months ago I told the 4 years that I was undecided and if he accepted that. He said I can't promise I will be waiting for you. Which means if he finds some one else he is interested in he will end things with me. So I think after this surgery I will have my mind made up I really hope so. I have put them both through so much they are both waiting for me to give them babies(they don't have any) even though I keep telling them I don't want any. It was really hard for the 8 year when I told him I was pregnant by another man. He said he will burn me if it happens again. I'm sure that was just angry talk. I met the 4 year a month after I had my baby.
9.wow I can't believe I just shared all that but it felt soo good to vent
10. I'm a little confused as to if I should get a bbl or just all the lipo(full back, full abdominal, flanks, and outer thighs) . Ill do a separate update on this
11. I still need to go shopping for supplies.

Well that is all for know

Some more pics of my butt now

Re weight gain

Hi ladies not much has changed since my last review except my mid section got bigger. I think I have gained 5 pounds but it seems and feels like 10 pounds and it's all on my mid section and arms. My Dr told me not to gain weight but since I'm getting lipo and due to my nerves I have been eating any chance I get.:( @jujubean posted about gain weight and I loved that she mentioned how it does have a down side besides the obvious health reasons. 2 months ago I was thinking about going out and parting as much as possible before my surgery. And a month ago when I took my pics for this review I was so sad and down I couldn't believe how out of shape I got. My body got better after my baby so I defiantly couldn't blame it on pregnancy. Any ways I have not gone out clubbing since I saw my pics nor have I gone out to clubs or get togethers with my friends and family. I have my boyfriend just bring me food. I only go out to the greocery store and target.My clothes don't fit like they use to. Since I started gaining weight in December I had noticed that my dresses were fitting shorter and I had to get rid of all my shorts because they started looking like booty shorts on me and Most of my jeans are mid to high rise so I couldn't tell when my muffin top started creeping up on me. But my butt is still the same size.I would just think that my clothes got smaller in the dryer lol. But when I saw my pics and I was like WOW I need to get lipo ASAP thankfully it's only 3 more days.

Now regarding my bbl. like I said before I initially only wanted lipo back in December. I have always been complimented on by butt and thighs. And just 4 days ago I was wearing my high waist jeans and a black halter top. I need to go to the greocery store but sice I feel so depressed about my weight gain I was trying to look all cute just to make myself feel better. My boyfriend was saying that I looked too sexy to go to the greocery store like that. And yes I did think I looked good I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt really confident. Keep in mind that I was wearing high rise dark wash tight jeans(they hid my muffing top) and my black halter top also helped hide my stomach. I got a lot of attention at the store and my boyfriend almost got into it with a guy behind us because the other guy was with his girl but he kept looking at my butt while hugging his girlfriend making her face the other way and I could feel him staring at me. Now I'm not saying I got a big ol butt right now but what I have goes with my frame so I know I can work out and loose my mid section because as long as I do squats and the stair master my but stays the same. But due to medical problems that I have I can not due Cardio, running, aerobics. After my surgery I plan on only doing the stair master, standing abdominal crunches, and hand rolls for my arms and weight training on my arms because they feel so big right now and I don't think I want to get lipo on them. And the only reason I'm sharing this is because I am scared that I like my butt know but I have no clue how it will look after surgery. Dr. Bruno is amazing he did one of my friends tummy tuck last month she is waiting for her 3 months to go back with him and do the bbl. from experience I know his skills and i am 100% confident in him doing my bbl but I am a type of person that always expects the worst. In my mind the worst case senario besides me dying is having a big f***ed up a**. That's why now I am again still undecided about doing just lipo or bbl.
Later today I wil buy my supplies and post. Enjoy the weekend
When is your surgery? I love Dr Bruno and the bootys he gives tho I went to a different Dr! =) I like how honest Dr. Bruno is with his patients too! I think you are in great hands and as far as your wish pics, I like them! The top one looks like one of the wish pics I showed my Dr before my BBL!
It's actually today but I'm running about an hour late, who is late to their bbl lol. I forgot to mention I got my wish pics from the ladies here on rs. Ur body is what it should exactly what it should look like after surgery. Are u happy with ur bbl. u don't have a review for it
Hey there ldeseveit! I got your PM and just read your update. I see that you've decided to get the BBL after all in combination with Lipo. Since you sound happy and aren't being persuaded to have it done, that's fine. However, there is something that I can't help but address with you. Before I say anything, know that what I'm about to say is coming from a big place. Okay :-) Well, after reading your update, it seams like you are not having control of your eating habits. You need to develop self discipline NOW! The fact that you've stopped clubbing and depriving yourself of the fun so that you won't overdo things is just not good for you. What you may not realize is that whether you have Lipo now, doesn't mean you can't gain the weight/fat back afterwards. You need to seriously change your eating habits and not go cold turkey on everything else. You may still be able to eat what you eat and drink, but in moderation. That's all I'm saying. Moderation is the key word. The sooner you start, the better. Anyway, I'm happy that you're getting ready for the new you after your surgery. Knock-em dead over there :-) Looking forward to reading your updates and all the best. Stay blessed girl :-)

Surgery today

Surgery is today and I'm late. My throat is super sore from yesterday's surgery( from the oxygen tub. I'm not nervous or excited right now I just want to get it over with and pray for my best possible outcome. A couple of us are having sx today please wish us luck and to all the ladies after us and happy healing around to the ones who have done it.
Good luck! Happy Healing!
Thanks i am doing a lot better than I thought
Tell us how it went? Where are u staying?

I'm home and well :)

I am home and well. Thank God..
Yesterday' I had vaginal surgery for a cyst that had to be sutured . I was put on general anesthesia and I thought I waS going to die right before I knocked out I started coughing and I could breath I remember saying I can't breath and that was it. I was in the hospital yesterday from 6:30am to 3pm then I went to go eat and then I went to work from 5-9 pm then I went trek wry shopping and I got home at 12:30 am I was so tired and hungry but I didn't eat because of sx today, I ended up sleeping at 2am so I woke up late I had to be at the surgical center at 6;15 and that's the time I left my house lol
Today's surgery was good. I was scared about the anesthesia because of yesterday but everything was fine today. When I woke up I had my cg on and I was laying face up I felt a lot of pressure on my butt I told them that I was not dizzy and that I wAnted to stand up. The nurse brought my belongings and the. I lay facing down in the back set of the car but I was using my arms so that my body would press agai st the seat and when the put me on the wheel chair I was pushing my but up with the help of the feet rest so again I was not putting pressure on my butt. I have stairs to get to my condo and that was painful and exhausting. It is now 9 24 and I have not taken any pain meds. I do feel soreness with pain in the lipo areas and I'm walking like a penguin it does hurt but I'm walking around a lot in the house. I have also been drinking organic protein shakes with energy boost In them, greek yogurt, Gatorade and I had a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo. I didn't buy any arnica tabs or gel or pineapple tabs because to me of course u are going to bruise we just had surgery, and if u have pain take pain meds plus how are we suppose to rub arnica gel if we have to be wearing the cg. I don't mean to offend any one but I chose a different route to deal with those issues. Last night I went to the grocery store and spent almost $180 on health food with no salt/sodium I plan on eating organic salt, greasy, no snacks, no Soda or sugary juices or junk food for the fist 4 weeks. So far it's been helping I haven't taking any Pain med( doesn't mean I'm not hurting but it is bearable) and I have enough energy to get in and out of bed on my own. Have a wonderful night ladies. Happy healing

My bad for the typos my vision is blurry

I will post picks tomorrow :)
hope all went well i love dr bruno he did my breast augm. happy healing!
He did my breast too 4 years ago I think i am going to write a separate review. He deserves the credit :)
Hey girl, hope the next time you write, you wont sound as high as you did in your update ...hahaha, I'm just kidding and messing with you :-) I'm happy that all went well especially having surgery back-to-back. You're a real trooper! Anyway, do rest well. Congrats on everything and 'am looking forward to hearing how all's going. Be good to everyone at home now :-)

I can't believe I pooped so early

Hi ladies. I spoke to soon on my last review. I did not get any sleep last night because every 2-3 hours I had to get up and pee my bf was sleeping like a baby so I didn't want to bother him. Dr. Bruno did lipo on my inner, outer thighs, full abdomen and back, and flanks. Thank goodness I didn't do my arms because that's what I was using to get in and out of bed. I had to pee standing up I didn't buy a urinal. When I had sx on Monday a asked the nurse for a sickness bag ( the ones used for vomiting) I pocked a hole in the end of the bag and it works like a charm. Ill post a pic if u haven't done sx yet you can use the small fruits and vegetable bags from the grocery store and tie it around a foam cup and make a small hole at the end so that the pee stays in the toilet.
I have been eating a lot of papaya since yesterday and I pooped this morning standing up it was not painful. I was so relieved because I had read so many reviews about constipation and I think it also helped that I haven't been taking too many pain meds. I can't bend my knees because I feel pain and soreness on my thighs. I don't have any swelling on my legs because I stay walking around. This is a tough recovery I can not be one minute left alone even if I position myself comfortable when laying face down it so painful when I get up. My bf goes with me to the bathroom each time. Make sure some one that u are really comfortable with is taking care of you. I can't really speak on my results yet but I do not regret it I'm sure Dr. Bruno did a wonderful job on me. I wanted something very natural looking. When he called me last night I asked him about my cc's if I remember correctly be said 450 each cheek and he put a little on my hips. I know that is a very low number of cc's but for that reason I will update as much as I can with pics it not about cc's it's about us looking better with better shape. I don't thinks anyone of us wants people to look at are butts and straight up be thinking "a** shots" lol well at least not me. Thank u for reading :) stay blessed

Before pics

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. It's really helpful for those of us still trying to choose a surgeon.
That's what we are here for :)
What are friends for... :-)


I will wait until my 10 day post up to give one long detailed review. The compression garment that was given to me after sx did not give me any support what so ever on my 3 day I went to an indoor swap meet and got a post op Fajate compression garment and what a difference. I got 450cc to each butt check and i am so happy thus far. Hope everyone is well

Just realized pic didn't upload

More pic

How are you doing ideserveit?
Your after results came out good congrats
Hi you look great! We are summer ready ;)

2 week po

Hi ladies so I am now 15 days po and I am feeling 95% back to normal. I am going to break down this review by sections I might be graphic on some so if u feel ofended in any topic please just skip it :). Of course this is my excpetience only and we already know that our bodies react differently even thought we have the same sx. Ps even though I'm a little late on my update I have been reading my fellow RS sisters updates happy healing to the ones that have done it and you are almost there to the ladies that will have sx.( I honestly think that my thigh lipo had a big impact with my recovery only because it made it tougher on me)
SLEEP- the first 1-3 nights I had 2-3 hours of sleep I had to wake up and pee. I'm not use to sleeping on my stomach and I got inner and outer thigh lipo so I could even sleep on my sides. By my fourth day I started getting more sleep because I wasn't peeing as frequently and by the 6th day I was able to sleep on my sides and know I sleep like a baby the whole night
PEEING- I still pee standing up because my toilet is a little lower that most and because I don't have all the strength on my thighs yet to sit on the toilet and lean forward. I tried using a cup and pocking a hole at the bottom but that did not work. Now I use a big plastic cup and it works just fine. I am peeing less frequently with less pee as each day goes by since sx. I pee while using the cg
GOING #2- I ate a lot if papaya( natural laxative) the day of sx and I must say it worked I pooped the next day. I had to hover over the toilet and lift the toilet seat and have my per cup ready. I couldn't reach my own a** to wipe so I had to lean over the counter and my bf wiped my butt. It wasn't embarrassing I guess I'm too comfortable lol. I don't dare poop while wearing the cg because I'm scared to have an accident. There is not one time that I don't shower after I poop because I don't feel clean even though i use wipes and toilet paper. I just feel like I'm not clean enoght since I cant spread my butt checks to wipe. Till this day I have have a body shower after each time that I poop. While I was on antibiotics( 5 days after sx) I pooped 3-4 times a day after I finished the antibiotics I was back to normal once a day.
PAIN- I had pain on my neck and shoulders because of laying on my stomach, my bf would rub icyhot cream and it helped a lot. I also had pain on my feet or maybe it was just tiredness from walking and standing but I also had my bf rub my feet every night. I didn't have an pain my lipoed areas ( full back and abdomen, flanks) I only had a lot of soreness and little pain on my thighs. I only used the Norco at night at it was more for my neck and shoulder pain lol.
LIPO- I have read in many other reviews about burning, itching, stiffness, hardness, lumps. Loose skin and unevenes on lipoed areas but in my case I haven't had any of these thing as of get. Ony the soreness on my thighs and stiffness on my butt
SEX- I was told "no penis no tampons no fingers" by the surgen that took care of my vaginal cyst a day before my bbl. I can not have sex for 6 weeks so for the bbl I did t even ask because I have read other ladies have sex as early as 5-10 days after sx. But I have oral sex given to me almost every day since my 4th day of bbl. I would be on all fours, standing up or hovering over his face but now that I can sleep side ways we can add that to the list lol. I'm only sharing this because I have read that that ladies had to do all the work or that it wasnt enjoyable. But ladies we are dealing with this crazy recovery we should at least get some pleasurable moments.
COMPRESSION GARMENT- I dont not use it like I should. I have a pear shape body and I am not petite. I love my size but I can't find a cg that gives me the support I need in the areas that I need plus it's hot. I will try my best to start wearing it.
DRIVING- I drove yesterday for the fist time . I rolled up a sturdy blanket and placed it under my thighs I didn't feel weird at all. Before I started driving I would lay in the back seat.
SITTING- I sat yesterday for the first time yesterday when I drove( modified sitting) now I use a 99 cent store wAter noodle to sit at home for the first time today I sat at the dinner table it felt so good. Before today I would eat standing up.

Loving my 450cc. 15 day po pics

Please keep in mind that I have not been wearing my cg as I should. I wanted something very natural and I think my 450cc look a lot like other ladies that got 1000cc or more, but you be the judge. I hate that I have to tape my tattoos because I feel like the tape distracts my body. I love my results. One thing I forgot to mention is that I didn't have a big swollen butt right after sx as u can see from my pics, if any thing my butt got bigger :) I have been steady at 44 1/2 inches on my butt since day 6 po( I measure at the middle of my butt) and the smallest part of my waist is 35) again I am pear shaped. The problem is that I didn't take my measurements before sx. All I know us that my butt has not gone down at all yay but again it never looked all huge and swollen.
Love the jean shorts!
We share the same booty day! How are you feeling? You look amazing. I am so sick on laying on my stomach. I am ready to get back to normal. When did your doctor say you can sit again? Thanks sweetie!
Hi lady thanks. He said not to sit at all for 2 weeks and after I could do modified sitting( anything that doesn't put pressure on my butt) and to try not to sit directly for at least six weeks

3 1/2 week po pics

Just when I was going to start wearing my cg faithfully I got my period :( I got my period 2 1/2 weeks late and I have been on it for 7 days now and it was heavy the first 4 days. I have not been wearing my cg because I can not use tampons due to my other sx that I had. I bought a binder yesterday I just hope I'm not too late and that it can still help me. Dr. Bruno told me that I might need a tt before he did my bbl but now that I got my lipo it is confirmed that I need a tt to get rid of my loose thick skin :( the only times I can notice the loose skin is when I sit down or when I have tight fitting pants on my abdomen. I have an appt with Dr. Bruno next month and we will address the tt at that time. He did my friends tt and her belly button looks real good and normal looking and her scar is even and low so of course Dr. Bruno It will be again. I'm just sad that I need a tt at 24 well ill be 25 by the time I get the tt lol. The biggest I have been is when I gained weight for this sx but because I lost 35 pounds by the time I was 9 months pregnant I'm pretty sure that's when my stomach stretched but I least I didn't get any stretch marks. Well that's all for now my butt is still 44 1/2 inches but it looks bigger. Question: my butt has not gotten smaller after sx. Has this happened to any one else? Dr. Bruno said it was a good thing and that he uses pure concentrated fat and try not to put any pressure for at least 6 weeks. Till next time ladies :)
Hey hun. You're looking great!! Do you get swollen from not wearing your cg?
Thank you. I believe I do but I have noticed improvement since wearing the binder. I am a perfect example of what can happen if u don't wear the cg:(
Love the back view! I don't think your tummy looks that bad. Maybe a corset or faja would help?? Where did you get lipo? How much did you weigh pre surgery? Please keep posting pics. I'm still trying to choose a doctor in California. Thanks!

To ready4chg 4 weeks po

I have.been wearing a binder for a week now and it has helped so much. I still haven't experienced any kind of burning, tingling, sharp pains, itching or unevenness on my lipo areas(just loose skin lol) it feels as if nothing happened. As far as my butt I love it Dr. Bruno gave me exactly what I wanted I even though I don't have a lot of projection but it is very full ( I'm not sure if it makes sense). I love seeing my self naked without my old dents on the sides of my butt. My butt is not hard it feels firm and I can clap my a** again :) my waist is 34 and my butt is now 45 inches. Of course pics don't due justice but U can see the improvement on my mid section. Seeing my improvement motivates me to use my binder even more. Take care ladies
do you have an idea of how many inches you lost in the waist? Thanks!
Unfortianetly i didnt take my measurements before sx. Since wearing the binder I lost 1 inch. But even with the faja on I'm only 33 inches so realistically my waist is not going to change much. Ill try to get an appt so that I can cover my tattoos and take better pics. But all of my shirts are now loose and even my night gowns are baggy only my butt sticks out lol. before my night gowns looked like bodycon dresses.lol
Okaaaay, I like the poses! You're looking great and I'm really happy for you. Keep up the good work!

5 weeks po pics.

Hi ladies today I am 5 weeks po and I feel 100% better. I still haven't experienced any burning, tingling, pains, funny sensations on my lipo areas or butt :). My first week back at work was great since I told every one at work about my sx every one was happy for me and telling me that there was a noticable difference so of course that made me feel good. I have not seen anyone that didn't know about my sx( I told my whole family, co workers and friends except for one girl friend) I might see her next month and I do not plan on telling her. I have been telling her for the last 3 months that I have been working out and eating healthy. I don't have a Facebook or Instagram or any type of social network( only my blog here on real self) so that also means that I don't have any "outsiders" knowing my business. Well I have been wearing the binder at night and most of the time during the day. I have not been wearing my cg at all just the binder but its helping my results nicely:) I have sat down on a couple ocassions without support( yes I sat directly on my butt) since my 4 weeks po but it has not affected my results as of yet. That's all take care ladies

Re pics

Pics were taken earlier this morning at exactly 5 weeks po. Side projection is not much but my booty is bountiful. I got my bubble butt and I love it :) FYI I'm not sticking my butt out lol
5 weeks and counting. Your stomach is looking flatter! I love your results. It fits your body perfectly.
Thank you :) yes it is I just reviewed my pics from 4wks and I'm very happy. I saw ur tummy, it's super flat. Hopefully we won't need our tt
You look amazing. Big difference yet very natural.

8wks post op and jean pics:)

Hi ladies I'm too lazy to write a full review but so far I'm doing great. I'm still loving my booty results but I need more lipo:( but pics are the ones that really count so here they are lol.
Thanks for the pics! I noticed that I need more lipo on my lower abdomen :(
Ur welcome. If its only fat u have just work it out. Unfortunately I need lipo all over my mid section but I'm limited on how much I can work out due to medical issues. Are u wearing ur cg?
Hi there, yes I wear a CG pretty much 20 hrs a day. :/ I go to my one month appt today.

2 months

I am know 2 months and I am back to normal. I will brake this review in sections again :)

sitting: I use a total neck pillow when I drive and at work I use a chair cushion and I fold it in half that way people don't ask to many questions I just say that I use it to help relieve my lower back pain. When sitting in public I don't use anything but I don't feel uncomfortable when sitting in hard places so if I go to the beach or park I use the same neck pillow I use when I drive.

Sleep: I started sleeping on my sides at week 5 with a pillow under my sides/hips, and until my week seven I started sleeping without any pillows. Only when I sleep facing up I use a pillow under my lower back

Lipo: I still haven't experienced any itching, burning, tingling, unevenness, pain or lumps on my lipo areas. This is one of the reasons why I know I didn't get enough lipo, even though I do acknowledge that it is a big improvement from before. I will be getting lipo again in dec 2014 or the beginning of January.

Booty: I love it. No complains. it is perky and youthful looking lol it's perfect for me.

Sex: I had intercourse at my 6 weeks. Till my 7 weeks I used a pillow on my lower back. And I do not recommend doing it with the guy behind you until 8 weeks because men will not understand what "careful" and " go slow" mean when we are in that position lol

Any questions just ask :)
Looking Great!!!!!!!!!
Congrats!! You look good. Will you be doing a revision with Dr Bruno? Ws his lipo not aggressive enough?
Thank you! It all depend on what he tells me next month. If he says to work out or give it more time I will go look at Dr. Campos he is super aggressive. But if dr. Bruno agrees to a revision I am definitely doing it with him. Since now I have a lot less fat I'm sure he will get it right

3month po pics and Had consult with Dr. Campos

It's been a long time ladies. Omg I had a full review and it deleted :( I'll try my best to re do it this week any ways pics are what count. And thank you to all the ladies that keep updating it's not that easy once we feel back to normal lol some are 8 weeks po and 3 months po
It's good I see that you're recovering well and you look great too :-). As per your concerns you mentioned in your post, just remember that everybody's body heals differently. I didn't have any lumps, burning, or tingling sensation. Pain? No. Discomfort? Yes. I itched (maybe 3 times) and it was more of a "reaction" itch than "healing" itch. It was on my back and ribs/under breast and I was red and swollen especially after a nice hot shower with a scrub down :-) could it have been a "healing" itch? Maybe... But I disagree cause it was only after I showered. I believe that the "healing itch" should occur anytime if you catch my drift. Oh, by the way... are you still wearing your CG? I couldn't tell by the pictures you posted. Anyway, keep up the precautionary measures you're taking and happy healing :-)

Forgot theses pics

These are 3 months po. On the last review the purple thong is the same one as my pre op pics at my heaviest weight. I am to lazy to do side by side but there is a big difference. I removed Dr. Bruno's name from my header because I realized that if you put their name on the header don't be surprised if your review pops up on the first page of Google when some one searches you ps name. Take care
Looking Fab! Thanks for the heads up,i didn't know if you put your ps's name on header it will come up on google! gotta love google :/ Have a Happy tues!
Thank you! The internet is a curse and blessing we got to use it wisely lol
True that!!!!!!!!!! No privacy on your laptop or cell phones,you gotta thank the good OLD Government for that! Keeping tabs on all of us. :/

3 month review

Ok so as far as my butt I love it, it fits my body and it is round and even. I love it! I went out to a club and a male go go dancer ( it was in west Hollywood, its a big possibility that he does not like women) kept staring at me and gesturing that I have big boobs and a**. He wanted to tell me something I was avoiding him because i thought he was going to ask me if my body was fake. He even stopped dancing grabbed my friend to come get me, he said "I'm from Brazil and that is a Brazilian butt" lol I swear I thought he was going to say Brazilian butt lift. My money was definitely we'll spent lol. And I finally saw the one friend that didn't know about my surgery. I wore something that hide my butt, at least I thought because as soon as I turned around she said " bitch did you get ass shots?" I kept denying it and then she asked to check for scars. At that point I simply told her thank you for the compliment and think what you want. Now I can somewhat understand what others lady on here go through when they return to work. This surgery truly is an emotional roller coaster.

As for my lipped areas I need a redo:( I have my follow up with Dr.Bruno in a couple of weeks. I know I really expressed to him that I did want any lumps and dents on my abdomen or back but I didn't realize I had to sacrifice the amount of lipo that I would be getting. I also need a tt . Several of the ladies on here tell me that I don't look like I need a tt just to work out. Thank you that really makes me feel good. But I can not work out due to medical problems, I do go hiking here and there. I don't have an issue with my belly unless I'm sitting down and laying on my sides. I still haven't experienced any tingling, burning, itching, or pain. At this point I don't think I'll have any of those sensations. My measurements are 33 on my waist and 44 on my butt.

Sitting- i haven't used any support since exactly my 3 months

Scars- I have been using prescription strength lightening cream in the morning, bio oil during the day and midterms pm at night. It has been working really good and at 6 months I plan on doing IPL laser treatments. My scars at first we're dents with discoloration and know they are flot and the discoloration around is now lighter and smaller. I have been using the creams and oil for almost 2 months. I'll post pics of my scars at 4 months.

Cg- I did not ware it like I had said I would :( because I am going to get lipo and a tt.


I just spent about 45min doing my review regarding my consult with dr.Campos and it erased. I hope to redo later today or tomorrow
i liked your post today. Glad in the end you walked away from that woman. When do you think you will get a tt and lipo? Have a Good Saturday!
Thank you I'm thinking of doing lipo and just maybe a round 2 of bbl may of next year and a tt in dec next year. I'm not sure I can handle both at the same time lol. But I don't get round 2 of bbl I will do tt and lipo together without bbl in May
WOW!! You are gonna be Fabulous :) I am doing abs in october but that's it for now. lol :) Always room for improvement, HEHEEH!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Extremely professional, kind and honest. Staff is friendly and efficient, always willing to answer questions. I will choose Dr. Bruno a million times.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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