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I didnt become active on RS until I had already...

I didnt become active on RS until I had already begun my recovery. I had tons of "is this normal" questions that I of course called and asked my surgeon first, but also wanted to here other peoples experiences with my issues/ questions. Very helpful, I must say.

According to my surgeon I already had "the shape" but babies had deflated my once pronounced booty and I becoming depressed looking at it. The fat around my midsection and upper back convinced me I was def going to get lippo. But why let tht good fat go to waste? So without much research my mind to have BBL was made up. Deciding on a surgeon was another issue, that took some time. I checked credentials, called previous office locations, looked at 100's of before & afters, researched technique ect. Summing it up, I finally settled on my chosen surgeon.

Consultation went well, labs were fine. I had my BFF visiting for the first Few days post op. Kids were taken care of and out of school to avoid driving to and from. Boppy pillow in the car, fridge stocked, house cleaned, laundry done, and comfy clothes laid out. I was ready to go.

The morning of my surgery, the important staff members were super nice and reassuring. (I didnt too much appreciate the nurses in the hallway gossiping about previous patients) But the doctor made his appearance and all was well again. He marked me up, answered my last minute concerns, told me Id be fine and I as on my way. The last thing I remember thinking was directed at God "Please wake me up so I can kiss my kids."

Then what seemed like 6 mins later (really 4-5 hours later) I woke up ON MY BACK! 3 things went through my mind. 1.) Pain! 2.) Thank God Im Alive 3.) Turn Me Over, You're Killing My Fat! Lol. And In that order (Mama D voice hahaha)

Just from comparing myself to others photographs...

Just from comparing myself to others photographs and results. I just new I needed at LEAST 600 cc's to acheive the results I wanted. I thought I had enough fat for that, but it turned out I was blessed with 380 cc's each. Of course hearing such a low number was dissapointing at first, I was jut sure I had wasted my money. As the days passed and I started going for walks, I noticed everyone gawking, hanging out of cars, yelling, whistling, and it wasnt just men, women too- including myself! If there was a window, I was in it.... checkin myself out. Thinking 380 isnt so bad (as long as its good fat) Any bigger wouldve been TOO obvious.

My best friend was an absolute angel who happens to be a hospice nurse ;) She took great care of me and ANYTHING I needed (sparing u the TMI details) she cooked/ cleaned and cared for my children. I was sad to see her go, but it pushed me to get up and get things movin myself. By day 4 I was walking maybe a half mile aroud the block and back. By day 7 I was walking 1.25 miles to Starbucks and 1.25 miles back, yes it was THAT serious and I refused to drive. Day 10, I had to drive a short distance to get my son his haircut and drop him off at practice. With my boppy pillow set up, I went to sit down and instantly felt strange/ uneasy. It felt like packing bubbles pop pop popping under my butt and I completely freaked out. I got as comfortable as I could, putting most of my weight on my left leg (basically standing up on it while driving) and the rest of my weight on my right forearm/ elbow that was resting on the center console also pushing up. Unsafe as h*ll! And I havent driven since.

Day 7, my foam was removed and I was fitted for my...

Day 7, my foam was removed and I was fitted for my new garment. Originally I was told I would receive it that day, but they didnt have my size on hand. I was told they'd mail it to me and Id recieve it by the end of the week. Friday, I called to see where my garment was, I was so anxious! Only to hear that my consultant hadnt even ordered it bc she was waiting for another patient to be fitted! I was furious, I mean- ur messing with my $8,000 results! So I waited for Monday.... drove back down to the office not wanting to delay any further waiting for it by mail and OMG.... I cant imagine trying to SQUEEZE into this thing even one day sooner! It took both girls to get my in it, then they advised me not to take it off for at least a week, even to shower. The first night, I had a hard time breathing when I layed on my stomach, I had to adjust it under my ribs to literally lay down and keep breathing. Then next morning, I woke up SO SORE in the lower back area from all the pressure. I took a shower in the garment and felt a little releif. I could also visibly see the swelling around my bra Line going down with each day. Only 4 days later it fit a bit loose! So although I was very much upset.... they knew what they were doing in having me wait. Otherwise I wouldve ended up buying 2 extra garments just due to initial swelling.

Im now on Day 17, and presumming most of my normal...

Im now on Day 17, and presumming most of my normal activity, minus SEX, DRIVING, SITTING & SLEEPING COMFORTABLY. Ive been walking everywhere I need to go. Oh and when I get driven to appts and such, I do ot sit on the Boppy Pillow, I kneel on the floor and lean forward on the actual seat of the chair.... bc of the low cc's I recieved I REFUSE to aid in their reabsorbtion, Im being extra careful and thus far, Im satisfied.

PS- I sit have not sat down to pee/poop. Hover Hover Hover Ladies! I also had a hard time peeing the first time post catherder (spelling) so on my knees/ all fours leaning on the tub in pain on day one I grabbed a Big Gulp cup and just waited. Lol Dont judge.... I used that cup for 10 days until I felt secure enough to not rip Stitches stretching out to hover unless absolutely necessary (to poop) Ok, that my only TMI so far hahaha.

I cant wait to see my final final results and be able to resume life. I drive so much this is so frustrating but I have to remind myself that I did this for ME and Im entited to MY TIME for once, everyone else can wait for now ?
Thanks for sharing girlie. Good luck - I plan to be on my knees as much as possible too. Keep us posted on your progress, Good luck!
Haha this is the only instance that "being on your knees as much as possible" is acceptable lol
You look great.

Alright my BBL sisters,it's Day 20 and I have done...

Alright my BBL sisters,it's Day 20 and I have done the unthinkable. I had sex! I'm so worried! My bf just couldn't keep him hands off of me or stop fondling my booty. Once he warmed me up to the idea I tried to take it easy, It started of slow and gentle ( me on too to maintain control and avoid pressure on my booty) and then got out of hand. I wasn't in any pain and avoided most pressure on it but it seems a bit looser now (might be my imagination) I'm paranoid. I'll upload another picture Tuesday and check my measurements for change too. Yesterday morning I was 36-28-41 so we'll see if there's much or any change. I'm really beating myself up over this, I've been SO good about everything else and then give into SEX? Smh!

Ok, I just had to share this.... One of my good...

Ok, I just had to share this.... One of my good friends was walking past and did a triple take. Then instantly stopped to ask me if I got hydrogel injections! Hahaha! I'm sitting here telling myself its not that big, it's not noticeable, on top of my worries from last night sexcapades
Lol on the "sexcapades"...
There's literally no change in my volume and I must say it was def worth it, it's been a looking 3 weeks & I think I deserved a treat ;)
absolutely! I will be hard pressed to wait 3 weeks after spending 8-10 days in the DR after surgery. lol...

Ok these past 3 weeks have really been wearing my...

Ok these past 3 weeks have really been wearing my back out. I had to take a pain pill to sleep comfortably last night. I'm feeling like this is a huge set back mentally. I'm getting restless in this house. I can only walk to so many places locally and nobody wants to drive me anywhere on my knees (sigh). Good news is that measurements haven't changed, there is a little jiggle setting it instead of being hard all the way around.

So I decided to try wearing jeans today..... Not...

So I decided to try wearing jeans today..... Not the greatest idea. They were so tight, it felt like pressure all along my backside the entire time I had them on. I raced home to put a dress on. Too bad tho bc they looked do good on my new booty, and hide the garment lines perfectly too. I'll try again in another 3 weeks I need all my fat to survive, not be crushed & suffocated by jeans lol
Thank you again for all of your updates! I am quite sure that those jeans looked good on your new booty! What about jeggings?... so that you get the look of jeans without the restricting. Good luck with trying jeans again in 3 weeks. Let us know how it goes!
Well I've been in mostly dresses bc the cut outs on the cheek make it look like ur wearing butt pads so I wanted to hide them with a thicker material than leggings like jeans but it just wasn't comfortable then I also saw a dent in my stomach which the top of the jeans were, I don't need imprints there. Maybe a diff garment will allow jeggings but not this one unfortunately but they sound soooo comfy

Went to court the other day and chose not to wear...

Went to court the other day and chose not to wear the garment under my clothes ( to avoid circles on my butt that look like butt pads lol) It wasn't for more than 4 hrs and I've read a lot of doctors say wear the garment 24/7 for three weeks then only 12 hrs day or night for another three weeks. Anywho, everything seemed fine. I was a tad swollen in the stomach trying to put my garment back on bit other than that no issues going without for a few hrs.
Boutthatlife, you look amazing! I hope you don't mind me asking, who was your surgeon?
where are your befores?
who is your surgeon ???
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