Excited for my BBL! - West Hollywood, CA

So my surgery is weeks away! It's Monday, February...

So my surgery is weeks away! It's Monday, February 24th, and I have decided to go with Dr. Bruno! I have been looking at getting a BBL for over 2 years now, and now it's finally going to happen, I'm ready to do it:) ... Why now? I told myself that this year there is no room for complaining about my life, if there's anything I want to do, or change (if it will make ME happy) then do it!

Currently all of my friends are telling me not to do it and I already have a butt. But to me, I don't have enough projection, or hips, I want more butt! Lol ;) I don't want anything cartoonish but at the same time I want people to be able to notice something is different!

How I chose Dr. Bruno -
I almost went with a surgeon in Miami, because it's the city of curvy women and big butts! Lol so I figured this surgery is nothing new and they have mastered it. But I decided healing in another city I do not live in was not a smart Idea, so I decided to go with a doctor in LA. (I have previously had a consultation with Bruno but for a breast aug, so I did see that he does BBLs) I went to another doctor and didn't get the right vibe from him I felt like a $ sign, everything was rushed, I even felt the pressure to put a down payment down when I even made it known I hadn't seen any other doctor in LA yet for a consultation. Then I had an actual bbl consultation with Dr. Bruno. I'm just very comfortable with him, he's honest. His team in the office is also so great, they always get back and have an answer. His method is to use "pure fat" so he won't inject all of the extra liquids... If you look at his gallery on his site you can tell he's "neat" with his work, it doesn't look sloppy. (Previous doctor I went to see in LA His work wasn't impressive to me)

at my consultation with Dr. Bruno I had already started gaining weight I had gained about 10lbs and Dr. Bruno had asked for another 10lbs.

So right now I'm having a hard time with gaining with extra 10lbs, I eat all through out the day, and even bought "ensure" to help, they are 350 calorie shakes, so I drink them about an hour after I ate - so like 3x a day. I'm hoping and am sure that the weight will pile on within the next week, I'm sure it just takes time.

Well can't wait to update.
I've added pics of my current body.

My wish pics!

So I didn't add any wish pics but here they are :))

Sooo exactly a week from today

Is my surgery!! Yay! I'm so excited!

Sooo as far as my weight gain.. I'm seeing a difference, my stomach has gotten bigger and especially my thighs, they definitely rub as I walk, and I hate it! I just keep telling myself not much longer, this weight is killing me, I feel so big :( !!! Oh yah and I have my breasts done and I've noticed that they are getting huge themselves! But my boobs have always fluctuated with my weight, but right now I wouldn't be surprised if they are triple Ds! :( I'm just really hating this. I don't want to even be social because I'm so uncomfortable with my weight gain.

Update on the Ensure Plus Shakes- they have helped so much! If it wasn't for the ensures I drink (3 a day) I'm sure I wouldn't be gaining the weight, I'm just having a difficult time eating, and my appetite is no good. I've been eating junk for about 50 days now, and that's too long for me since I do eat healthy normally.

Anyways thought I'd update. I also have my blood test by Wednesday.

Anyways keep you all updated!

Day before my surgery!!!! Ahhhh

Omg!!! It's the day before my surgery! How crazy! Time has flew!

So my surgery is at 6:15am tomorrow :)

So I have gained my 20lbs! Yay! :)
I am now 165-167 (depending on when I weigh myself)
Yes it's been torture. But I do hope my doctor has enough good fat to work with!

I will try to update tomorrow after surgery! And Ofcourse pics coming soon!

Surgery was yesterday!

So it's done! :)
Went home yesterday about noon... And WOW did not expect that kind of pain. I do have a high pain tolerance, but the lipo has a burning sensation, as if I was in a fire and my wounds are open. Today the burning is going away. Getting up from my bed is privacy the most painful part, and getting myself back on the bed. I had lipo in my arms too so it makes it harder to move around with sore arms.

My butt feels like I've done millions of squats.

So I went to the doctor earlier for my "next day follow up" ... And he got 800cc per cheek! I can't believe it. Morning of surgery I brought printed photos again and he was telling me that he's unsure because I didn't have much fat, but after I was put under I happened to have plenty in my thighs they couldn't believe it either :)) he really listened to me and gave me projection. We took the garment off for the first time In the office and wow! I have a big butt! Lol he gave me curves and projection exactly what I asked for! I know it's too soon to see results but I'm liking what I see already... Also I don't have much bruising. It's weird because I see photos on here of other women and their bruising and discoloration is crazy! Like red inflamed buttocks. I don't have that so I'm very thankful... I'm not sure why I don't, but it may be because of how dr. Bruno does his technique.

I will post photos in the next couple days, when I feel comfortable to remove my garment and take photos.

Thanks for the support from you ladies!

Soo here's a pic!!!!! :D

I'm feeling so much better already! I got my surgery done on Monday, and today is Wednesday. I just feel still. But there's not much bruising at all! No weird color discoloration either! He gave me a heart shaped butt! I'm so excited to see how it will shape up and drop over the next couple months.

Spoke too soon

There's definitely pain and it's sooooo uncomfortable, there's nothing more I want to do than just sit on my butt! Lol but I can't, and I won't!

So basically my butt feels sooo stiff as well as my thighs to my knees since he did a lot of lipo there. When I first wake up I'm super stiff, and uncomfortable. When I take a pain pill and stay up it's gets a little better. I did notice that if I stand and walk for too long my knees have been swelling up :(

I'm just telling myself to remain patient, and it'll all be done soon.
I need to get out of my apartment and walk around my building, but I just look so huge in this compression garment and foams. And my walking is very obvious something is wrong, so I've stayed in just took naps... I need to get out, I'm noticing these pain pills make me sleep and have been giving me crazy dreams! It's like I think I could stop taking the pills but the stiffness gets so uncomfortable :(

Well that's about all thought I'd update on recovery. Really the only difference is me getting out of bed and walking is a little easier. Everything else is the same.

Thank you again for the support ladies!!!

Before & after

Little by little I'm disliking this site

I thought it's called Reaself? I thought it was our "diary"

Well I guess if you speak your mind it's not okay. Just blows my mind.... This site I thought was to help others in surgery.

I had a dr. Comment on my page saying he's upset.....
Because I said I didn't like his before and afters, and because I FELT pressured in HIS office ????Also because he doesn't come up on a site that I heard a girl say and I just checked http://www.plasticsurgery.org
This site is beginning to get annoying I don't get why it's called REALself ....
It's not like I'm saying hey don't go to this doctor, no not at all I was simply writing my experience.

Well that's all.

Decided to add some more pics

So tomorrow is exactly a week.

Didn't take any pain pills today, I've noticed it's most painful or uncomfortable when you first wake up... Very stiff.

My knees are SO swollen!! It feels like I have no circulation :( even my calves are a little bruised.
My thighs still hurt and ache.
About day 4 the bruising came in! I added photos. Took these at 6:00am today so like 15 min ago, I can't sleep my sleep is all messed up.

I really had no help after day 2 :( so I've done it all alone, I even showered alone. I just took 2 pain pills and did it, even washed and dried my garments. It was very hard, I woke up so sore the next day. But I HAD to shower I couldn't take it anymore. When you take pain pills they make you cold then hot, so a lot of sweating.

Hopefully everything is smooth from today on. Since I have no help. This Tuesday I have a follow up appointment, hopefully I'll have a new garment bcus this one is getting loose- good and bad lol, means I'm losing some of the swelling yay!

Oh ya couple things I want to add.
-I wish my hips were a little bigger (but then again I hear when you age it's not great)
-I wish dr b got more fat out from my waist, I do have some rolls- but I know when I start working out I can lose them, that's just me wanting to be perfect right now =\

So here are the pics! Let me remind you camera does NO justice it's so much bigger in person!!

Thought I'd add some progress pics!!

Hi ladies!!!

Just want to thank the girls who have showed support and check up on me :) this site took me by surprise a lot of nice girls who want to help, so thank you!! I'm just trying to carry that on as well ;)

So yesterday was day 10, I went to see Dr. B for a follow up, everything went great he's happy about the results and so am I! I decided to get a garment at his office because I ordered one online and it didn't come so I got a little impatient and purchased one in the office. I'm glad I did I love the garment, Marisol helped me put it on, WOW it's tight, it's a Medium I think, only problem is I'm tall so it's cutting up my shoulders :( .... Other than that she said to keep it on for 2 full days for maximum compression! I want a tiny waist ;)
I love the garment just not the process of getting it on. I wish I could tell you the name but I don't have the package it came in.

So today is day 11- and there's like no pain, just some pinching here and there in my thighs. I still have knee swelling but it's getting better bcus I can now stand longer without so much fluid going to my ankles and foot.

I'm just going to continue recovery at home for the next few days. I did buy a yoga foam roller and cut it in half so when i start driving like day 15 I can take the pressure off my butt... It's a weird little contraption lol but I want maximum results and that's all about HOW YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AFTER.

Oh I got the other garment from online! Lol of course day after I buy one in office ;) MsARi recommended it... I won't wear it until needed for now this one in the office is on and tight!

So here are the photo ladies :)

Forgot to add these

From a couple days ago.
I got bored so I tried some stuff on, no garments ;)

3 weeks 3 days!

Can't believe how fast time is flying...so I haven't updated in a while, or pics.

First about pics, let me tell you it is hard to take a photo of your own butt, for one angles aren't right, and two doesn't Show the TRUE size, I'll upload some, and then try to have someone do it for me.

Now on my update...I'm soooo sad to say I've lost volume, but it guessing it was all swelling, and you WILL fall in love with the swollen size, and that's the sucky part I fell too in love with the swollen size and now I feel it's not that big...either because I've gotten sooo used to it already or because my fat cells just really didn't survive it's depressing. Everyone tells me I'm crazy and that it's BIG, my guy said its definetly noticeable he loved it so much like couldn't keep his eyes off of it, and my friends tell me it's perfect.... Everyone says dr. B did a good job with the shape because it's natural looking .....and I agree he did a great job shaping that definetly his speciality.

Sooo here's something I'm unhappy about are the mid back or bra rolls...there's a lot left and it's really making me crazy I'm trying to see the up side to it, and that's when I go for a 2nd surgery ...YES I'm already thinking 2nd surgery because I did fall In love with the size fresh out of surgery and that's what i want it to be after and for good.. For example my waist is only at 41 inch I want about 44... So maybe it's good he didn't suck too much of my back fat that way I can use it in the future for more ccs to my butt!

Something else I wanted to talk about are breast implants, if you have breast implants and are planning to have a bbl understand that they will drop a lot!! Especially if you have to gain over 10 lbs for surgery and all of the sleeping on our front and stomach....the sleep will drop your boobs.... Mine look absolutely disgusting right now... I am getting them fixed before summer ...it looks like I had a child they have no life to them anymore yuck! Saggy and blah! ... So just be warned about that... Also if you are debating on which to do bbl or breast Aug first I recommend bbl then boobs... Because of what I just said above.... I think I'm going to have Dr.B do my boob lift, reduction in implants. Just because I trust him and like his work.

Sooooo yah let's see... Oh and about healing I only get tightness in my thighs above knees, I still can't bend and put pressure on knees still swollen ... Other then that I did get worried about lumpiness on my stomach on week two but it's already cleared just about thank god! I got so freaked out. I do sit here and there but not longer than an hour...and position myself so it's weight on my thighs and not butt, and still use my foam roller when I drive.... Also I do still sleep on my Stomach...

Really only thing I can sAy is don't fall in love with your swollen butt size, I've been sad :( I wAnt even bigger but that's my preference .... Another funny thing, I wish Kim K and Khloe would tell us their damn doctor already! Geeeeez their butts look so good :D if he's a doc in LA the he's definetly the man for that only other docs I see doing those sizes are in Miami and DR lol...anyways I'll upload pics later.

Okay here are updated photos before & afters


I think I see the fluffing see how left photo looks "stiff" and right photo "drops" more :) no bruising right pic is week 3
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bruno is amazing! He listens to you, and is very realistic :)! His work is done very well, he can actually give you a naturally big looking butt! His work is so great compared to all the doctors I've researched. He will give you a round booty! No square shapes, very neat! I couldn't be happier with picking him as my doctor. Absolutely NO regrets, I know it's only day 3 but I'm still very happy. If you're in LA, pick him! He uses "pure fat" I had minimal bruising! Thank you Dr. Bruno, my vision of a butt I've wanted wanted for many years has come to life! Thank you!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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U LOOK FABOLOUS! how much did you pay for it? i was thinking of going to Fisher in miami but i dont want to travel so far :( i live about closer to LA so that would be perfect? Is your booty still looking as good or did you loose volume??
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What was the cost?? I really like ur results. . They are awesome you look great! !!
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I'm almost four weeks and I've lost volume too also the bra rolls make me soon mad ugh! I thinking of round two but not with dr.b, I hate that I didn't listen to the reviews about his girls needing revisions most of the time.its depressing and recovery time sucks I hate that I'm gonna go through that again..
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did you lose volume from sitting too much or because of the doctor exp?
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I'm six weeks post op and I still haven't sat down or slept on my back.idk y I've lost volume but I can't bash on my doctor everyone is different and maybe I just need a different doctors technique since they each have their own.
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aww i wish you the best hun!
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Thanks Pinkieswear I will need it :)
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Not sure what I did here Lol.. I'm new to this and got an email and though it was for me...
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Damn! Girl amazing body I love it...
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You look amazing how much did it cost total?
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You look amazing babe!!! And looks like u are definitely starting to fluff, looks bigger in the right pic...u look beautiful...lol @ your pants not fitting over the booty, I remember that...
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How many weeks till u know the fat will stay for good?
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He did a great job!! I'm so glad you found someone in L.A. I don't want to have to travel for a BBL and what's even better it looks natural! How many weeks of recovery did you have? I would have to plan my procedure around my work schedule.
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I know this is off topic but are you going to do a review on your breast augmentation surgery ?
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Oh just read you gained weight? I don't think I want to gain. I think once fat is removed from my lowwer stomach and upper things and back my bottom will look bigger and whatever they take they can add to my rear. You look great regardless xxx
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Thank you so much your results are great. I've been looking for a review with a slim girl cause I'm not big aswell but got fat to remove and add so thank you. Now I got an idea how I will look xxx
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Do you have pictures when you gain weight ?
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The top two photos are my 10lb weight gain 150lbs, The bottom two are when I was skinniest before weight gain at 140lbs .. My day of surgery was 165lbs... No I don't have photos but my doctor does morning of surgery when he takes before photos..I'll be sure to post those when I get them
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What did you do to gain weight?
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Wow you look amazing I am putting my deposit and scheduling my sx today with Dr Bruno. I really hope her gives me what I want which is results like yours. What I didn't like about him is that he doesn't reply to email fast enough or at all it kind of scares me. I am from out of town and the last email I sent him telling him I'm gaining more weight because I want to make sure I get a lot of projection he still hasn't replied and I sent it like 4 days ago :( anyways you look soo amazing I think your booty looks huge and I love the shape!
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Thank you ... Ive never emailed him before. I just call his office :) good luck!! So exciting!
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I mean I'm not a doctor or anything but I gained 20lbs for my surgery so he definitely recommended my weight gain for my wish pics .., I just went on your photos and it looks like you aren't heavy and for the results you want you'll need a lot of fat your wish pics are bigger than mine and I didn't fully get my wish size.... Hope that helps some
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Thanks girl :)
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I WANT TO POST THIS RIGHT AT THE TOP OF YOUR BLOG... WHATEVER DOCTOR GAVE YOU A HARD TIME ABOUT POSTING *YOUR* EXPERIENCE AND *YOUR* FEELINGS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HIMSELF! That really bothers me. I hope RS didn't make you take his name down because that would be very disappointing. You have every right to share your story. I'm sorry that happened to you. It looks like you made the right choice not to go with that PS. Bruno blessed you with a smokin body. ;)
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