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A Long Awaited Beginning - West Hartford, CT

I've always had crooked teeth growing up but I...

I've always had crooked teeth growing up but I never really paid much attention to it. I didn't feel like an issue to me during my teenage years. My mom gave me every opportunity to get braces, but I declined every time because I didn't want those unsightly things attached to my face for years, I thought it would kill my confidence. Fast forward to 2013, I'm 21, and in hindsight I would have immediately gotten those braces the first time they were offered to me so I wouldn't have to deal with this now. I didn't know how far a nice smile could take you.

I started looking at alternative options to traditional braces last year, and the two that immediately stood out were clear ceramic braces, and Invisalign. I practically wrote off Invisalign because I thought it would be too expensive, but after some research I found out they cost about the same as braces.
With that, I mustered up the courage to head to my dentist, whom I hadn't seen in years. They agreed that Invisalign would be a good option. However, before could even start my journey I had to take out ALL my wisdom teeth and go for some cleanings before and after the fact.
After about 3 months, in June, I set an appointment for an ortho and they saw me the next week. I got my impressions the next day! It was so much simpler than I anticipated.

I went to get my first trays today. The good news was that, excluding refinements, I will have 12 upper and 20 lower which is far fewer than a lot of cases here, but the bad news was that I saw that they were going to be giving me a whole bunch of attachments, with double on a front tooth... it ended up being pretty discrete though so I didn't mind.
So far I haven't felt any significant pain, but I do have to get accustomed to speaking with the trays in. I'm just glad that I've started, and every day is progress to a straight smile. This is an exciting time!
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Congrats on starting your treatment!! Your ortho did amuch better job of macthing the attachments to your tooth color than my dentist did. I've been bummed about those attachments for a long time. I think I am finally at a place I don't care anymore. :) I also have less uppers than lowers (19/28.) I am halfway through my uppers now. Yay! :) I look forward to reading your updates and seeing your progress!
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This is an exciting time!! Its good that you are ok with the attachments. I know for some people that ends up being a major disappointment.

Now that you have had your tray in for a full day, how is it feeling?

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It feels ok thank you. I'm a bit surprised by how tender my upper teeth have been. Maybe it's because I have more attachments on there.
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Yeah, that could be. The first couple of weeks are always tough, so push through & it should get better! :)

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A bit tender, but I was expecting that. My dentist had explained about the attachments, but I didn't realize how weird they would look. And I am concerned about how all that acid-etching and bonding will affect my teeth long term.
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