Cellulite PLEASE Be Gone :( West Greenwich, RI

I am a cellulite test patient for a new FDA...

I am a cellulite test patient for a new FDA minimally invasive skin tightening procedure. When comparing to cellulaze, the main difference is that is uses temperature controlled RF energy via a cannula under the skin and is not a laser. But the goal is the same...the RF heat should melt fat pockets, break the fibrous bands and create new collagen to tighten skin. I did the back of my thighs only and you can see I have quite substantial bruising but I do bruise very easily. I will be using a ton of arnica gel to hopefully help with this. I am posting here to compare my healing process and eventual results to those that have had cellulaze. So far I can say the procedure was not painful itself and I don't have any post procedure paid as of yet and I am 36 hours out. I won't name the procedure I had done yet but it has just started to get some great reviews on here for other parts of the body but none on cellulite as of yet. Although I have seen the results of some other patients that have had it done for cellulite and was impressed which is why I volunteered for this study. I hope and pray this works because I hate my cellulite. No matter how many squats or lunges I do or how much chicken breast, eggwhites and veggies I eat it won't go away enough for me:(
What is the name of this procedure and why do you show $3500 if you are a test patient?
You can find out more about how the procedure works at ***removed link***. There are also I think 6 reviews as of current on here as well at 100%. But the reviews are on other face/body areas not for cellulite. There are currently only a few Dr's who have the machine actually using it for cellulite. For those performing it for cellulite, $3500 is around what they are charging in the North East anyway. I got a substantial discount on the treatment allowing the Dr and the company to use my photos for clinical purposes.

4 days post procedure...

Still VERY bruised but no pain...can't tell anything yet. But ThermTight works the same way as Cellulaze in that it will take up to 6 months for full results..
Not sure why you wouldn't state the procedure,that's not helpful at all. I understand not naming a doctor for privacy reasons or putting your real name.
Yes why not state the name of the procedure your link was also deleted by this website
Is this a real review?

9 days post procedure...

Bruising has mostly faded to yellow now with applying arnica gel 3 times a day. Not really any pain to speak of . Follow up pics will be taken by the Dr on 7/21. Once I get those done, will post the before and after. These are pics done at the Dr's office so they will be a good comparison. When I look and feel the back of my legs they do appear smoother, not sure if that still is some swelling..time will tell.
Thanks,yeah i got it after i reread review

3 week UPDATE with photos !

I am happy to see there is some improvement :) I thought there was and the photos prove it. As with Cellulaze, ThermiTight results should improve up to 6 months. I really hope that is true for me. I will also doing a lot of squats, lunges ect along with really cleaning up my diet. I didn't realize my cellulite had gotten THAT bad until I saw the photos :( My ass has almost morphed into my upper thigh too. YIKES ! So this experience has for sure motivated me to get back into taking care of my body like I used to. As far as the recovery, it wasn't a big deal as some people have experienced with Cellulaze. I only had to wear a compression garment for the first 24 hours straight, then 12 hours a day for a week. I did have the horrible bruising but it has completely cleared up now. Sometimes I do get itchy still on the backs of my thighs still. But really no pain during or after the procedure. I only had the back of my thighs to right under my butt. done. Because ThermiTight RF heat is more controlled than Cellulaze, it can be dispersed with the cannula better the Dr. told me. You can see from the pics, the dimples have become more shallow on my butt. And if you look underneath my butt cheeks, it is a bit more lifted now. If anyone has any questions about the procedure just ask.
Hey there, do you have an update for us?
Thanks for keeping us updated, glad things are going well. 
Thank you for the update,your results are looking great. I am glad you're happy with the results happy Healing

6 week cellulite treatment update

Here is my before and after 6 weeks after the ThermiTight treatment. It is coming along :)

6 weeks post ThermiTight for Cellulite

It's coming along :)
I can see the difference. Very nice results.
I just added a 6 week before and after. It is coming along :)

3 month ppst ThermiTight for Cellulite

Here is a photo from my 3 month follow up appt. In case you are wondering... I wear the same underwear every time so it doesn't affect the lighting on the camera differently. It's coming along I think. I know it will never be perfect but it is much improved. Dr Gallo did the upper back thighs concentrating more towards the bottom of my butt cheeks. He did not go under the skin of my butt, although I still amazed at how the tightening was able to lift my butt cheeks. I'd like to hear what some of you think so far of my pics ?
Any comments appreciated as to what others think so far of my results??
Definately a positive change, your skin is much more smooth and youthful. 
I see a slight difference. It's not as prominent. :) Looking Good and it's only 3 months.
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