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I've always had a muffin top, and upper pelvic...

I've always had a muffin top, and upper pelvic flap. FUPR Fat upper pubic region. I have two kids, I'm 42 and have never worn a two piece in public. I weigh 175 and weighed 215 18 months ago. Exercise has become part of my life as well as clean eating. I am comfortable with spending the money, but the time it takes to recover makes me sad. I want to recover fast. From what I've read recovery cannot be rushed and I should relax. I'm going to try.

I'm going to pre op soon, and am working on the...

I'm going to pre op soon, and am working on the questions for the dr. I've decided to spend the next couple weeks getting things in order.Some of the great ideas I've learned for this site, get the big things done. Stock up on dog food, pop, make ahead a few dinners. I have two boys 20 and 18. I have a very understanding husband who is happy to help me while I recuperate.My mom lives close by, and only one of my boys lives with us. I've stood in front of the mirror for the last 20 years and pulled my stomach up. I've looked at pictures that show the huge roll around my middle and dieted. Oh I've dieted. I'm at my plateau weight of 180. I'm 5'9'. I'm big through my gut but thin legs and arms. I run 5ks and have done a Warrior Dash. I've weighed 215. So I hope the surgery spurs me on to loose another 20. But even if I don't I think this will help the way my body looks. I'm looking at dresses for next summer, lots of weddings to go to!!

My tt and lIpo pre op appointment Is the second....

My tt and lIpo pre op appointment Is the second. My sweet husband is going. He says he wants to know what to do. yea! He is a fantastic guy!! I'll report right away what happens on 2nd. I'm trying to work up the courage to post pictures if my rolls! so gross.

Met with Dr. on Wednesday. Told my sons about...

Met with Dr. on Wednesday. Told my sons about surgery and they were very very supportive. Dr. was inforrmative, but didn't do any tests til the day of my surgery, he said that was because I'm in good health. He supplies the suportive garments, and I will be taking pain meds in pill form. He says i will be having flank back and front side lipo in addition to my tummy tuck. I'm getting very excited to have this done. Oh and Hubby bought me an Ipad to keep me on the couch. lol 11 days to go!!!

I had my surgery on Wednesday. Everything went...

I had my surgery on Wednesday. Everything went really well. Dr. came in before and drew lines on me. I'm feeling pretty good. Dr said i could shower after 24 hours. so I did that tonight. Hubby has been so good to me. I will be wearing binder for four weeks.We had a two hour drive back home, we were home a couple hours and the Dr called to make sure everything was ok! I have a nausia patch behind my ear, so havent been sick at all. Very good anethesia Dr. numb my hand before starting iv. I'm so impressed with the clean office and very nice people that work there.I really must say, I worried my self silly and now that i'm recovering, I feel pretty good!!

These are at 7 days po. Today is 14 days post op. ...

these are at 7 days po. Today is 14 days post op. I did a stupid thing to day after i finally got my tubes out, and when I got home i tried to try on my jeans. I mean really its been fourteen days! My body dismorfiia is so bad, I can't tell. they were so small. I:m just sitting her crying. I don't why I'm posting on here. It doesn't seem like anyone has the same feelings about this as i do. I've been through all this and joined here hoping someone would talk to me. but as always. no. I don"t understand, what have i said t wrong that none cares here.

I wish I knew you have to be thin and pretty and...

I wish I knew you have to be thin and pretty and young for it matter that you had a tummy tuck surgery on this site.

Thanks girls for all your support!! I think having...

Thanks girls for all your support!! I think having my tubes in 14 days amped up the sadness!. I am totally off meds, and feeling more myself. Stil soso swollen! I'll take a picture tonight at shower and post this weekend. Thanks girls again it really helped, and i got my key board all wet crying over the support. .Again Meds anyone?? hugs and happy healing....
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Hey, I am 8 days po and Dr Robbins performed my surgery. you look great.I read your post about trying jeans on. i was dumb and tried on jeans yesterday and about cried so I totally feel you. How are liking your tummy tuck. How are you doing? I feel like I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Hiya hun I am 11 days post op and very swollen too, but we have to see beyond the swelling and see the final result in weeks to come xx
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Hi missfixit! I just returned from my 3 days po appointment. I was shocked at how swollen I am!!! I know everyone on here comments about the misery of swell hell, but it is still shocking when it happens to you. I have planned on hanging inside until 2 weeks pass. If I can't get jeans on by week 3, I will be so depressed! Hang in there, you're not alone in your journey.
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For one reason or another some reviews are more popular than others but ALL of them are important. There is something to be learned from everyone's experience! You've got at least one symptom that we all share...swelling, it can be a killer for some. Keep your head up sweetie you look great for this stage in the game, it'll just get better and better! Looking forward to following your progress!
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you look wonderful, the swelling will pass, I am 9 days post op today and have a huge amount of swelling too, hang in there, I too post on here and do not get many comments, not sure why but I love reading the posts too. Happy healing xx
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I am at 4 1/2 weeks PO and I still can't wear jeans I am so swollen. We are all here for support girl! And, I say wear what's comfortable until you're ready! Congrats on your life changing surgery. Just wait, it gets better. Promise!!
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Sorry phone cut me off. Chin up it gets better every week, you Will see. Can't wait to see more pictures. Happy healing !!!
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Hi don't be upset that you can't fit into jeans I'm 3 weeks tomorrow and i can't wear anything but yoga pants. I have heard so many people lose weight after surgery but i am only down 2lbs but i know im still swollen and that's why my jeans don't fit.
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So sorry you are feeling so blue and that no one cares! From the pics I have seen here, there are so many different sizes and shapes having a TT done. I think we aren't supposed to worry about what fits or what our weight is for weeks and weeks after the procedure. Keep your sweats on girlie!! I hope you find the support you need here, and I hope you feel better.
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oh my i dont feel th@t w@y s you c@n see my @ wont work i h@ve not h@d mine yet but hopefully before summers end i will im sorry you @re not getting the support from the other tt l@dies i see comments on here @ll the time i h@ve seen some of the struggles th@t some of the women h@ve h@d i do know they s@y not to get over zelous @nd try to do more th@n you should i @lso know they s@y th@t it t@kes @while before you c@n we@r your clothes especi@ly je@ns i did not see @ny of your before pictures but your @fter pictures look good keep your he@d up im sure some of the other l@dies will get @round to commenting on your journey i will continue to look for your upd@tes ple@se do not get dishe@rted @bout the l@dies im going to send some speci@l luck just for you LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I hope your healing goes well! The swelling does NOT sound like fun...but remember you have to let your body heal from this. Soon enough you will bounce back and be in those jeans!! Keep up positive thoughts! We will cheer you on! :)
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Hey there. Chin up. Soon you will be so thrilled with your results. I'm scheduled for my TT in 3 weeks. I too haven't heard much from the gals on here either, but that's okay I still enjoy reading everyone's stories. The ones who are right there by your side are the ones that matter the most. :-) Did you have gallbladder surgery? I had my gallbladder removed 18 years ago. They had to do the open surgery on me, so I was left with a pretty large scar on my tummy. This makes my TT a little more challenging, but my doc is confident that things will be fine. Try to stay positive my dear. I'm sure you have a lot of swelling right now. Give your body the time it needs to heal. I'm sure you will be looking great in those jeans in no time. ;-) Happy Healing to you!!!!
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I hoped he could get the scare into my underwear, but it couldn't be stretched down that far. He was worried the skin between my gall bladder surgery and tt wouldn't get enough blood and die off, but that went ok. I suppose that's why it's higher than I wanted. Thanks for commenting I feel so alone.
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Please take care and be kind to yourself! I know I had lots of swelling in my thighs and rear from surgery. I thought I looked smaller bc my belly was flat, but I was super swollen and clothes didn't fit right with that plus compression. It will keep getting better :).
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It gets really depressing. I thought I was a soldier and I had tears in my eyes whn my mom left me. The hormones are something else. but u can't b expecting results this soon, I am 38 days and this past Monday was my 1st day to wear regular work cloths. I had to ask my boss if I could wear my legging an yoga pants to work because it was too much on my waist and most of my cloths were too tight around my waist. I've been back to work since Jan 11. I am still swollen. U have to open ur mind to not have such high expectations too soon. It takes at least months for ur body to get the swelling under control. So sorry ur not feeling well, it will get better. The ladies here are like angels.
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My mom thinks I should be back at work, stops by and leaves dirty dishes everywhere. She is 145# and thinks if I cut it off I'm lazy. So when she leaves I breathing the non toxic air.
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Oh dear! We are here, sorry you are felling bad. Too soon for jeans!! I was very swollen @ 1-2 weeks, deep breath and rest!
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Photos!? :) congrats between!
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U r gonna look great I am sure! My lipo is just now starting to show and in at 6 weeks!
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Oh yes there is no rushing this recovery process.  Just go into this telling yourself you will do well and with a positive attitude.  It's a small price to pay for the final results.  

If you are a super good patient the first 6 weeks post op this will help you greatly.  You can do this!!

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