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Total FX. 28 Y/o Acne Scars -

Hello, I Just got Total Fx done a Day ago. I have...

Hello, I Just got Total Fx done a Day ago. I have acne since I was a kid and finally got on Accutane a year or so ago. I have always been self consious about my scars and couldn't wait till the year was up after Accutane to be able to do something about it. I was told I would need 2 treatments to see full results. They advised me the pain would be there but managable. I took a Valium and 2 Vicoden before the laser and had numbing cream placed on my face for about 30 minutes. The pain was quite intense. I cried through the entire laser and for about an hour after. After the laser your face will burn for a hour or two. Once that ends the pain is mostly gone. I did have quite a bit of bleeding but the Dr. and staff were very nice and sympathetic to my pain. Day one I slept most of it away due to the pain meds. Day two which is today, I woke up very swollen but no pain. I really couldn't find a lot of helpful posts when I researching how to heal acne scars, so I hope this helps.

Day 2. My face only stung a little when I washed...

Day 2. My face only stung a little when I washed it this morning. Have to watch 3 times a day. I bled a lot from it so the dried blood hurts on the skin. My skin feels tight but i am very swollen. My eyes are only about half open and my cheeks are huge!!

Keep us updated!!

Day 3 Hello, when I woke up on day 3 after Total...

Day 3 Hello, when I woke up on day 3 after Total FX, my face was quite swollen still just as it was on day 2. There wasn't much change to my face. I would say maybe just a little less red. By the end of day 3, I did start getting itchy and I could tell that my face was drying up and getting ready to start peeling. I took some Benadryll. The itching wasn't too bad but more just annoying because you can't itch your face. I also have been applying the lotion(grease) they gave me quite often. If feels like Crisco on your face. I have noticed a few white bumps on my face but hopefully those go away.
Day 4 This morning, my face looks like icky scab. Looks as if the peeling has really started but that is a good thing. One step closer to healing. I am still swollen. I Have been trying to use ice packs on my face once in a while to help but I think it's going down. Added day 3 and 4 pictures.
Just added more pictures of day 3 and 4
It looks like your healing well! Im thinking about having this done in may when I have some time off so I am interested in your progress! I'll keep u in my prayers ;)
Thank you! I'll try to keep adding daily pictures. I had a hard time finding results of acne scars that were like mine, so I just wanted other people to see. Even though these pictures are bad but hoping this is all worth it!

So today is day 5 since the laser. I'm going to...

So today is day 5 since the laser. I'm going to add some side by sides of the progress so far. Seeing a big difference and hope it just keeps getting better over the next few months like they said. Most of the dark scabs are gone. Face is just peeling like a bad sunburn now.
How is your progress coming along?
Wow the side by sides are great!

Hello, I am close to about two weeks out from the...

Hello, I am close to about two weeks out from the laser. Seeing awesome results so far. Can't wait to get the next one done!
Firstly the improvements are enormous and it looks much better. Do you think about going a second time to get it done? I have some similar scars which I would like to get same results done with. However going to Canada would be really expensive. Hopefully I can find someone in Europe with the same equipment and make such a great result on me as well.
Are you still seeing as much improvement as you did initially?
I'm kind of at a stand still. .still look about the same as last pictures..still can see the laser marks. People tell me it looks good but hard to tell on yourself. Did you decide to get it done?

Hello, I am about 6-7 weeks out now..still very...

Hello, I am about 6-7 weeks out now..still very red. Went for a follow up the other day and Dr. Perscribed Obagi bleaching cream. Said I had lot of hyperpigmitation..crossing my fingers this helps.
Also, I experienced hyperpigmentation too after all three laser treatments, despite using hydroquinone pre & post-op morning and night. I do have Asian skin though and expected a few months of hyperpigmentation. Even with consistent use of hydroquinone, Retin-a to speed cell turnover, and heavy use of sunblock, I found the dark marks from Deep FX still take 3-4 months to clear.
Hi, I have done Total FX twice now and Deep FX once. I have experienced amazing improvement to deep pitted scars. I wouldn't let dolvid's comment discourage you. Everyone responds differently and laser settings make a huge difference. Laser doesn't work for everyone but it does work for some. I am one of the lucky ones. It has changed my life and I am glad I finally took the chance with fractional co2 laser. You haven't updated in a long time. I hope you will return and let us know how your results turned out. Laser isn't a miracle cure for scars and a few treatments with aggressive settings is needed to see good improvement. I am glad your doctor was honest with you about the need for multiple treatments. Best of luck!
I had the Total Fx done 4 or 5 yrs ago. It does make your skin smoother and a little more plump. Some shallow scaring will look better, but deeper scars or pitting, will not be helped by this procedure. I had one deep pit surgically removed 2 years after having the Total Fx done, because it did nothing for it. The scar from that surgery is much better to deal with, than the pit that I had. I was told that having Total Fx done, are similar results to using Retin A for about 5+ years. Also, after about a few months after having the Total Fx done, it seemed as if some of my pores were actually bigger, which made me freak out a little bit. It's like the skin being thicker before and then it peeling,made the pores, which are glands, seem wider. I've been told this is called a wine glass effect. Smaller diameter on top and the farther down you go, the pore can be wider. It did take away some pigmentation problems and even out my skin tone, but still had to go back and have one spot treated again. I do use sunscreen, because I believe hyperpigmentation can happen more so after having this done (and I am talking 4 yrs later). My skin wasn't horrible before though. My main reasons for having it done were for pigment issues, some enlarged pores and some acne scarring (mainly a few pitted areas). Not all of the pigment went away, nor did the pitting. I had to have both issues treated again. Which I do believe I could have addressed those issues the same way I did, without having the Total Fx. I'm sure people have different results after having this done, some good and some bad. It's been close to 5 years now, and I have been told that my skin looks good and I look a little younger for my age. But my personal opinion in regards to scaring, it does make your skin more smooth and evens out the texture, but anything deep, I don't think it helps much. Anyone that has this done, should use Retin A when your Dr. gives you the go ahead, to keep up the results.

1 year later. 2 Total FX

Hello, well it's been little over a year or so since I have had my Total Fx. I a second one around May of 2013. BEST money I have ever spent. Yes, I do still have scars but the improvement is huge for me and has changed my life. I am more confident and I don't feel the need to wear makeup everyday. For the second procedure I paid around 975. You get a deal on your 2nd one and I added numbing shots to go along with the numbing cream you get post procedure. The shots made it almost pain free. I was so scared to go through the pain again but the pain was quite tolerable this time. I will update and post some photos soon.
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