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Large noses run in my family and I am a small guy,...

Large noses run in my family and I am a small guy, only 5'7 and about 120. I had a bulbous tip and septal bone that made my nose arch downward and projected too far out from my face. Also too wide from the front. I have contemplated rhinoplasty for years and now that I am graduated from college I decided to go through with it. I will update this post throughout my healing process.

Two days post op

Not looking too bad today, after heavily using ice packs to reduce swelling around the eyes. Have experienced some mild oozing still but is very intermittent. Would say it is more discomfort than pain at this point at the internal stents come out tomorrow at 10 AM. Both sides are full of dried blood so I'm curious as to how painful this removal will be.
Hi! I hope the surgery went okay. Maybe ask your surgeon how to safely remove dried blood (I swished a q-tip in a little hydrogen peroxide and warm water then gently removed the crust; it really helped once the blood started to smell.) Arnica gel will help with the bruising under your eyes and it's really soothing.
Thanks for the tip! I'll discuss that with him today when my internal stents come out (hopefully).
Good luck with your recovery, will be following.

3 days post op - internal stents removed

So I just had the internal stents removed and it was extremely painful. There was so much dried blood he basically had to get a good grip on them and just yank them. That in turn released a decent amount of backed up blood but otherwise he said I'm healing well. Next appointment is Friday to get the external splint off and the remaining stitches. Definitely happy I can breathe through my nose again!
Oh my gosh, removing the stents sounds horrible! I'm so sorry about that. Thank you for sharing your experience, though. It'll be really helpful for others going through rhinoplasty. Looking forward to your big reveal! :D
I don't think I was the typical case in this situation. He was pretty surprised at the amount of blood that came out after removing the stent, but he said the amount of crusting was normal. I'm thinking something got irritated on the removal and that's what caused the blood flow. However, the neutralized it quickly with some type of liquid solution.

Night of stent removal

Experienced a bit of congestion and discomfort in the afternoon and evening after the internal stent removal. Looking up my nose with a light confirmed it was just chunks of coagulated blood from the removal earlier that day. Cleaning my nostrils 2-3 times into the evening allowed me to breathe through both nostrils again. The worst part was trying to separate the clotted blood from nose hair and not going very far into the nose to get a grip on it. Was very surprised he did not shave the inside of my nose. If I still have persistent clotting on Friday I will see if he can loosen it with a saline solution and remove them.
Sorry to hear about your splints. Mine were fast and simple. Those things are huge though! I am 2 weeks post op and I'm still using the nose saline spray to keep my breathing open...I get congested daily. Hope you feel better soon. :)
Thanks! I wasn't offered or told I could use any saline spray, but I may ask just to loosen things up!
Simply Saline spray does wonders. Also, I was able to get my nose clean by taking a hot shower and letting the steam loosen things up a bit and then taking a q-tip :)

5 days post op

As you can see my bruising has really cleared up! Hoping my swelling won't last as long as the doctor anticipates! Will post another pic on Friday after I get the cast off.
Congratulations for getting ur nose done hope it will look as u imagined i can understand how annoying it is to have bruises mine were even worse but be patient :) good luck
Thanks! Bruises are all gone today, except a little yellowing which isn't a big deal as I am pretty tan right now. Splint is off tomorrow.
Congrats on getting it done. I am pretty tan also. I guess it wasn't a problem being tanned before the surgery.?? I know getting sun immediately after is not a good idea since the scarring may not heal properly.

1 week post op

Finally!! I do have to say, I could not be happier with the work that Dr. Robbins did for me. If you compare this with the two before photos, the one in the car and the one in the house you can see that my nose is now narrower and the little dip of skin at the tip of my nose/between my nostrils is now gone as well. The tip itself is still a bit swollen so I will wait to post a side profile until the swelling goes down.
Hope you're still doing well!! :)
I am, thanks for asking! Just waiting for the tip swelling to go down a little more.
Can't wait for a side view of your new nose

One month post op

Sorry for the lack of updates, had my first post-op photo from the surgeon.
Congratulations on the surgery! I just had a question about you and your thoughts. I am a 16 year old guy who is very self conscious about his nose. If it is alright to ask how long were you bothered by your nose. were you bothered by it as a teen, and large noses run in my family too, but so does the crooked nose gene. And to tell you it looks great now (your nose) and there really was a awesome change in shape and size!
Thank you! I was bothered by my nose since I was a high school freshman. I wish I would have done it in high school, had my parents been more open to it. However, I don't think the male nasal structure is done growing at age 16. Would want to verify that with a surgeon. However, if it really bothers you, I would do it sooner than later. I definitely would have been more outgoing in high school then.
Awesome results man. Congratulations. And the best part is, it's only going to get better as the swelling goes down. How long did it take you to get into normal routine?
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