Tummy Tuck & Breast Aug...Can't Believe I'm Doing This! West Des Moines, IA Updated postop pics

Hi all...I am a 38 yr old wife and mom of two...

Hi all...I am a 38 yr old wife and mom of two girls 5 & 8. Been with my hubby for 20 yrs now:) I've wanted a tummy tuck since our first daughter was born and have said since then that for my 40th bday that that was going to be my gift to myself. Well, here it is 2 yrs earlier and I have the time and money so figured I would just get it over with! Since feb of this year I've lost 30 lbs...but of course no matter how many situps I do, I still have the loose skin and pooched out look to my stomach. And the boobs??? Holy shmoley...they have not faired well either!

I actually had a tt scheduled in may and canceled it because I agreed with the hubby that I should really give diet and excerise a chance before I went thru with that. I'm so glad I did! About 4 weeks ago, we went to 2 PS about 2 hrs south of us and we both really liked the 2nd one so decided to go with him. Well, here it is the day before my surgery...I can't believe it! I've read so many stories on here and they have been so helpful and informative on what to expect. I'm going to attempt to put before pics up here shortly once I figure out how:) Any words of encouragment, helpful tips or just sharing your story with me would be appreciated!

Feel like I've finally turned the corner is this recovery process:) Still sore abit in my left breast but it has been improving. Tried vaccuming yesterday and that overdid it for my tt...just a little sore today. This has been more of an emotional roller coaster for me...still feel like this body is not really mine. I'm sure with time I will get used to it and hopefully enjoy it:) Feeling some sense of guilt because in the back of my mind, I feel like I "cheated" abit. Wondering how long it took some of you to feel "normal" in your new body??
Rarod-We're always harder on ourselves cuz we want to look perfect. Hang in there girl, you look amazing!
Thank you 42...

I've been trying to ad some new pics with no luck....

I've been trying to ad some new pics with no luck...anyone else having a problem uploading pics?
Question...for those that have already had surgery...how long did it take before you could not "feel" the implants??? Or does that never go away? I'm still sleeping in our recliner because I tried sleeping in bed the night before and when I got up in the morning, I could feel the implants pushing to the outside of my boobs...I assume from sleeping on my sides.
WOW! You look wonderful!!! My surgery is in a few days... I love the size of your boobs... what cc's did you get?
Thank you mom3lovebugs...I had 425cc high profile silicone imlants in. Your surgery is coming up soon! Don't get yourself too worked up...I did but it went better than I expected. Recovery is slow...so be sure and have help. Next thurs I will be 4 weeks postop and I 'm still sore and have a hard time catching my breath at times. If I do too much I can really feel it. My dr had told us before surgery that he releases his patients at 4 weeks to start exercising...even said I could start jogging! He obviously has no idea...there is no way in hell that I could start jogging next week!!! Hope all goes well and that your recovery goes smoothly for you:)

Hi there...I'm now 7 weeks postop and STILL can't...

Hi there...I'm now 7 weeks postop and STILL can't believe that I did this surgery! Posted some before & after pics at 4 weeks that the Dr had recently sent me. Will post some new pics soon. Feeling pretty good...back to working out and starting to walk/jog some. Rode my horse for the first time since surgery! That was great:) Still dealing with swelling by the end of the day if I've done alot but nothing a couple ice packs can't take care of. Breasts feel almost back to normal...only feel odd when I'm doing pushups or when I'm laying flat on my back. They are pretty much what I asked for...fuller and lifted...but I think at some point I may consider doing a crescent lift...but not sure as the lifts look painful!! They look a wee bit saggy still but he told me I would not get 20 yr old boobs so I wasn't expecting perfection! Ordered my first bikini EVER...can't wait for it to get here to try on:) I'm so happy that I went thru with my mommy makeover! Any gal out there considering this...don't let the fear of the surgery hold you back! If you have the desire, the time and the money to do this for yourself...just do it!! You will be so happy that you did. Happy healing to all:)
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I found Dr. Robbins on-line and was impressed with his credentials. After our first meeting, we left feeling very informed and felt that he was open and honest about what I should expect. He is the only double board certified PS in the state, has the only certified PS nurse in the state and has a fully accredited operating room on-site.

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