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Dramatic Results for Sure, but Not Positive. My Face is Ruined - West Des Moines, IA

For me there were no pros...only cons.My fine...

for me there were no pros...only cons.My fine lines are still there, I have brown dots all over my face and deep wrinkles all around my eyes where there once were none. I'm 29 years old and it wasn't a neccessity at all to get the procedure done other than erasing the few fine lines I was beginning to get on my forehead and below my eyes. I also had a little sun damage on my upper lip but it wasn't terrible. My ps said the results would be dramatic and I'd be blown away at the results. Well he was right. I suppose the only pro would be that it was 50% off to jack my face all up. I also had other procedures done....tummy tuck, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty. The only thing that came out great was the tummy tuck. I still have a hump on my nose, my right breast is bottoming out and I paid him 18k to mess me up from the chest up. I went to him because he is a double board certified ps having the confidence I would receive great results. That was not the case. I have been so depressed. All I do is cry when I look at myself. It was absolutely the worst decision I've ever made and I know when I see him again he is gonna tell me to pony up more dough to fix what HE DID to ME! I don't have any more money to fix it either.


Who was your doctor? I just scheduled my first ActiveFX session in WDM, and don't want to make the same mistake. Thank you!
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David Robbins. I wouldn't go to him at all. Nothing came out right. Dude was probably Hung over when he operated on me judging by my results. Double board certified means absolutely nothing.
Hi there is your nose and breast healing better? And how about your fraxel? Have you seen your doctor to try and help you with rectifying? Hope you are feeling better x
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One year post op.

Well there are no improvements in which to report. Instead more issues with my skin. The texture of my skin is of that of a mid 40's woman and so is more pore size. My skin breaks out constantly even though I hardly wear makeup anymore. My skin used to only break out when I wore makeup a lot. The wrinkles all around my eyes look disgusting. My eyelids droop, my face is more saggy and I hate the way I look. I used to love my face but not anymore. Now I need a brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, phenol peel, face lift and restalyne injections to fix what that laser did to my face. Take my adive, skip the laser and go with a chemical peel.


I would try using a professional skin care product like Obagi. It works great for improving skin texture an discoloration. You will notice improvement within a couple of weeks. This is what should be tried first for minor wrinkles and major discoloration.
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So sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience it is so brave of you to share with us, sounds like you are planning for some corrective procedures and would love it if you would keep us posted. I wish you well, hang in there. 

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You need to go back to him and tell him to fix whatever problem you have free of charge!!!
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