10mth post-op *new pics*

I want to start off thank everyone who has shared...

I want to start off thank everyone who has shared their stories on Realself. I have been wanting to do this since I turned 18 but always felt gulity about spending money on myself and of course going under. So here I am finally really researching over ten years later (lol). I am really insecure of my chest size when I take my bra off because I fell like theirs nothing there. Especially the feeling when you lay down with your bra still on and there is nothing in the cup or the fact that im laying flat and I feel like I have little speed bumps on my chest. Needless to say Im so tired of my clothes not fitting right I have always had to buy l or xl shirts because I am tall and have somewhat of a long torso but alot of them are big in the chest area because I dont fill the shirts out. I have always felt like my chest dont match up to the rest of my body. I went for my consultation Feb. 6 and talked to the Dr. about everything I wanted and he answered all my questions. My goal is to be a 'C' cup I am currently an 36A 5'8 165lbs. The Dr. thinks I should go with 400cc-425cc to be where I want? I personally thought after looking thru all kinds of pics I wanted 350-375cc... So I leave feeling some what of confused but I did remember seeing on here something about going under the muscle you lose 50cc?? Not sure how true that is? Im starting to get nervous I set up the big day FEB.28th I cant wait!!! Im getting super excited about finally getting to have BOOBS!!!

Really excited 1 week away from boobiville lol...

Really excited 1 week away from boobiville lol went and did a lil shopping yesterday For my post op care and was looking at bras even thou my Dr. Said no bras for the first couple weeks only cami's? Not sure why I'm assuming to help them drop and settle in.... Anyhow I can't wait super ecstatic :)

2 more Days! So excited but didn't sleep good last...

2 more Days! So excited but didn't sleep good last night just kept tossing and turning dreaming about boob complication smh I think my anxiety is creeping up on me lol.Hope everything goes well!

At the hospital just waiting this is the hard part...

At the hospital just waiting this is the hard part im so impatient lol Im so excited ready to get this over with and start

Happy Boobie Day to Me! Well Ive been home since...

Happy Boobie Day to Me! Well Ive been home since noon and feeling really tired and exhausted. Ive slept on and off since then. Today was great! I arrived at he hospital at 7a sat until 730a then they took me back to pre-op and hit me with a pregnancy test smh Im not prego lol but I know its just standard precautions. Got changed into gown and ted hose the nurse started my iv. Guess there was a miscommunicaton about time bc Dr. thought it was 8a but I didnt get started until almost 9a. Talked with the Dr. about size and my goals again and cant wait I knew it was getting closer he marked me up and took a couple pictures for his album befor I knew it they were taking me back. Told my mom the first question to ask Dr. is how many cc we ended up going with lol (like I was going to forget lol) Well final number 480cc Saline/under was a little shocked didnt realize he was filling that much more but Im happy with what I have or can see for the most part. I know when we talked I expressed my feelings and what I wanted plus the nurses in surgery were Great they all were very nice and were telling me they were Doc second eyes lol I cant see much Im wrapped up until my post-op appt. Wednesday March 6th so im really excited to get this off already I want to see my girls! I also recieved a pain pump that last 2-3days I havent heard anyone else talking about this but it was an extra $200.00 I will say well worth it. I havent been in any pain. I just feel pressure on my chest for the most part. When I laydown I feel great no pressure and ice of course is my new best friend lol. My mom daughter and bf have been so helpful waiting on me and making sure Im comfortable feel blessed to have such a great inner circle. Well im going to go for now ill update tomorrow starting to get sleepy again.

Post op day 2&3 I was in a lil pain it hurt to get...

post op day 2&3 I was in a lil pain it hurt to get up and down we had plans to see a comedy show yesterday (Friday) Riding in the car was challenging every bump I surely felt in my breast and we walked 2 blocks to the theater I was hurting bc I was cold and I guess I kept flexing my pecs or something not a good feeling. After the show we came home and I was ready for bed exhausted.

Day3 post op I can't wait until Wednesday Im so...

Day3 post op I can't wait until Wednesday Im so ready to take this wrap off. Im a lil itchy under it and im so ready to take a real shower not just a bird bath lol Im not in alot of pain today. my bf says I look kind of stiff but im trying to move normally. other than that I think things are going smoothly for the most part. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Healing! xo

Day 4 post op Not really alot of changes today the...

Day 4 post op Not really alot of changes today the pain has subsided which is good just feeling what I think are muscle spasms and fullness here and there when im moving around or getting up and down. Not sure what to think about that. of course Im still swollen. My back has been bothering me a little bit. I feel like I cant stand up straight or something. Or that Im not used to all this laying around lol. Well hope everyone is healing great. I know I cant wait until Wednesday to get this wrap off and see my girls! Excited about that :)

Well finally the day is today im going for my post...

Well finally the day is today im going for my post op appt. to got this wrap off. Im am excited to finally get to see them fully (besides me peeking lol). Can't wait I've been feeling pretty good went out yesterday seen two movies and had lunch.o that was nice to get some fresh air. of course it snowed last night so im hoping the roads are clear for me to drive Im a lil nervous bc im arms are sore and im hoping I can handle it. Well going to start getting ready ill update when I get back from drs can't wait to add pics :). Happy Healing

Post op 1 week went to the Dr for my first checkup...

Post op 1 week went to the Dr for my first checkup yesterday to get wrap off, he said everything looks good they showed me excercises to do with my new girls and only wear cami's. Not so sure about that its definitly going to be akward not wearing a bra but im following Drs order lol. they are still a lil tender and riding high. So I go back in a week. I can't wait until they drop and I'm fully recovered I'm still getting tired easily and having to take the muscle relaxers for muscle spasms . Other than that its not bad at all. Wish everyone Happy healing! Trying to upload new pic but its not letting me :-(

Day10 post op Well I went back to work this...

Day10 post op
Well I went back to work this weekend I will say that was a lil challenging. It feels so different picking things up. And I can tell its going to take some time before I get my full strength back. I feel once I'm using my pecs my chest area has a numbness sensation that seems to linger around it. Is that normal?Or has anyone else experienced this? I also feel really emotional not sure why? Maybe bc I'm getting ready to start my monthly. Grrr... Anyways I've been trying to take it easy and not do so much between working and the homefront trying to give my pecs a lil break and hope I'm not over doing it. Its hard I will say that lol I'm so used to being on the go so I've been trying... hope everyone is doing great I haven't had the chance to get on here but I'm going to try and add some more pics later. Be sure to tell me what you ladies think? I still feel their a lil high? Not sure if its just me lol.

18days postop. sorry ladies but I haven't posted...

18days postop.
sorry ladies but I haven't posted anything been really crazy at myhouse my mom ended up having to have a knee replacement so with that being said she has custody of my niece and nephew so I've taken them into my house definitely not use to having 3 kids especially a 3 year old so I'm trying to take it easy and not over do anything. When I start to notice any type of tightness or different feelings I try to sit down and relax. Going back to work has been challenging considering I'm a massage therapist I use my pecs more than I thought. I can tell its going to take some time to get my full strength back especially doing deep tissue massage. Hopfully my clients bear with me. I haven't told anyone because I think its unprofessional and its really no ones business. Any how when I went for my 2 week check up I realized I was doing the excercises wrong. My ps said they still look good anyways so glad I didn't do any damage within that week lol. Other than drama on the home front things are going well. Still sleeping propped bc the girls are still riding high. I can't wait until they drop and fluff. I'm so ready to go shopping for new bras :) I've noticed in the mornings the girls feel tight or like a fullness feeling but goes away when I get moving. I go back to Dr. Wednesday so ill see what he says about everything. Ill try and post more pics and update then. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy healing!

Sorry ladies that I haven't updated but I've been...

Sorry ladies that I haven't updated but I've been really busy lately. Things have been going very well no pain for the past two weeks. Dr. said things were looking good. I still notice in the mornings when I first raise out of bed girls are a lil stiff I'm guessing that's "morning boob" that I've heard everyone talking about lol. My right has dropped but my left is still riding a lil high. I've still been trying to stretch my arms everyday because I can tell when I'm working how my muscles are tight. While at the same time trying to keep telling myself take it easy lol. My daughter is on spring break this week so when she goes back to school next week I'm finally going to go get fitted for a bra I'm so excited!

8 weeks post op everything has been great. I'm...

8 weeks post op everything has been great. I'm able to sleep comfortable and back in the gym with no restrictions! Not really any complaints except a lil muscle tightness in my shoulder blades and pecs but I'm trying to keep stretching so that's really expected from going under....

Forgot to tell you ladies about getting fitted at...

Forgot to tell you ladies about getting fitted at VS I'm a 36DD :)definitely happy but I will say wish I went a lil bigger. The boob greed is settling lol I think it's because I'm always looking at them thinking they look small lol. Happy Healing to all and hope everyone is doing great. Feel free to ask any questions :)

10months post op *new pics

I've been doing great! I'm very happy With my results!
Dr. Hauw T. Han

A couple of my co workers went with Dr. Han and he was highly reccomended for other surgerys as well.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking very nice!! How many cc's did you get?
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Thanks I got 420 saline but he filled to 480cc
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hi, I saw your post on Dr. Han and was wondering if you really liked him? Was he worth going to? im setting up an apt with him monday & im just a little nervous about it.
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also were yours saline or gel?
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Yes I really liked him, not only did he answer all my questions, he was very informative with info. With me describing what I wanted and what I needed to do to accomplish that look! I'm very happy with my results! Will update my review and pics :) also I went with saline under the muscle
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Girl I just came by to check on ur progress you look beautiful!!! They look very natural! If that was ur goal u got it! I wouldnt be able to tell if u werent here! Lol really enjoy them n be happy! I cant wait to be on the other side! But I have only 3 days more to go. Yeiiiiiii xoxo
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love the new bra! you are looking so good im so happy for you! how are you feeling? happy to get back to normal?! today is 4 weeks for me and i cant wait until it is no weeks lol im tired of looking at my empty bras
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thanks me too! It feels great to be back to normal. I love being able to go to the gym and kinda do whatever. Wish you the best of luck hope everything goes great!
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thanks i appreciate it! keep us updated on how you are doing : )
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I sure will :) I've been looking for a new swim suit so when I find one ill post more pics and update :)
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I'm not even a month PO yet and already have boob greed! I love them but do wish I went bigger. Oh well,,,I am happy I finally have some! You are looking great!
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Thanks! You look great as well! And I must say you have great abs! Lol happy healing!
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Aww! Thank for the compliment!!
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Holy crap I can't believe it's been this long since your BA! How are you doing? How are things? You look awesome btw I'm so happy for you : )
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Thanks! I'm doing good and I know time has flew by. Can't wait for next week I'm finally getting sized :)
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Hey hun... hope everything is coming along well!!
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Hey girl, everything has been going well for the most part can wait to be back to my normal with like lifting things and my gym routine. How are you?
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Dr Hahn did a breast reduction 10 years ago and in June, he did a full tummy tuck. Now considering breast augmentation. I will have to follow your recovery.
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I love him he did a great job!
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The girls are looking great!! Hows sleeping coming along? Hopefully being back at work will help! Happy healing
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Thanks! Sleeping isn't that bad definitly reccommend extra pillows for comfort. I love that I'm back to work its been helping use my arms and get my strength back. I can't wait until I can get back in the gym ! I hope everything goes w ell for you! Good luck
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Thank You!
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hey girl! they look great! hopefully getting back to work will make you feel better. how do they feel otherwise? how is it with sleeping and what not? i hope you have good support around you to make you feel better : ) and we are all here in case you feel like venting
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Thought I repied the other day but any ways... thanks girl! They are feeling great especially since I started the excercises I've noticed they are a lil softer. Sleeping isn't that bad at leastI don't think so but since going back to work I'm so exhausted I'm knocked out the min I lay down lol. My support is great my daughter and boyfriend have been helpin g tremendously and I'm so thankful for them they have been great help :)
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sooooo happy you are doing good!!! i can not wait to see the new pics im sure they look awesome. how are you doing otherwise feeling good? still staying out and about? keeping busy but not overdoing it def helps : )
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