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I'm very excited and I've been poring over all the...

I'm very excited and I've been poring over all the blogs on this website. I had a breast reduction last year. Took a lot of pressure off my back. Lost 20 pounds but cannot get these extra pounds off my tummy. Finally went to see Dr. Sherbert in West Bloomfield -he did the reduction- to get some honest information about my stomach and weight loss. My husband told me its just diet and exercise. But I'm almost starving myself! Finally went to see Dr. S and he told me no amount of exercise would help my tummy. I look 5 months prego and got sick of people asking me if I was. So, he said full tummy tuck and lipo. Cost $6000 ($3000 to Doc $3000 hospital.

What I'm really nervous about is the general ana. I just had my tubes tied last Friday and had a difficult time waking up. The nurses told us that they "were heavy handed and threw everything at me". Took two days for me to fully be alert and even now my vision is very blurry. I can't read anything unless I blow it up on the iPad. But my sister said she is going to be there in the OR to make sure they don't overdo it. She's a nurse anesthetist. But has anyone else had this problem?

I just pray that I will get the results that I am dreaming of. I've heard that you lose weight when you have a tummy tuck....is that true?

Count down is on...four days til the flatside!!

Hi all!
I'm in preparation mode now. Cleaning house, lesson plans for work, and getting my mind right. Has anyone made a list of what to NEVER eat again to maintain our new figures? That would be helpful. I'm off the carbs and my head is banging. Withdrawal. At one point I thought the surgery wasn't going to happen...but I never canceled it. Gotta keep the faith ladies that's for sure. Hugs and prayers for those healing and making their way to the flat side.

tomorrow morning!

It's time! My call time is 5:45 am. See u on the flat side! !! Pray for me

At the hospital!

Just got dressed and waiting for doctor. Not nervous yet...maybe bc I trust him so much from my breast reduction. HATE the needles lol.. that's when ill get nervous. Pray for me! Good luck to the dec 13 TT's. See u on the flat side!

On the flat side!!

I did it! Well do did. Visionis blurry so I'll post tomorrow

recovering at home

Everything went great. One night in hospital. I HATE these drains. Not sure how I should be sitting in bed. I'm not laying down but I'm not upright either. Vision still blurry. Realizing what an incredible husband I have! He's taking such great care of me. Anyone else not hungry?

7 weeks check up

Greetings everyone! I finally have a before and after pic. I'm now cleared to start AB workouts. Next appointment in 2 months.
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

He is kind and really takes the time to walk you through the process. He is SO easy to talk to. That's important because this can get embarrassing. He did my reduction and I saw him before and after. And he likes for you to stay overnight at the hospital. He really cares.

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You have a Tiny waist and flat - keep healing well !
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Thank u! That made my day
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Wow! What a difference. Congrats!
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Glad to hear everyone had such great results. I am booked with Dr. Sherbert on 3/6/14 for a full TT and lipo! I can't wait!!!!
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I am so excited for you - can you please spell out all that Dr. S is doing, the breakdown of costs of what the price is he gave you - I've had consults and am told I would need 1 overnight stay at Beaumont lipo of hips, flanks, and 1/2 my back. Terrified of pain and can't afford the cost for the doc I like best so far. Want to make sure I am comparing apples to apples. My car engine blew and can't afford both surgery and new used car....I've been saving for TT, lipo, breast lift and arm lift someday...never really done anything for myself.....so need best job I can get for the $$ I've saved. Can you or anyone help me to breakdown all you had done and for what cost? 3 of my specialiast docs have said this TT, breast lift and lipo will help with my back pain from a kid jumping off a diving board unto my head - Medicare won't cover a penny - that is so wrong cuz as much as I'd love a skinny tummy, I'm praying for back pain relief more. New to the site....open to any suggestions of docs...but I DO have to stay overnight 1 night in Beaumont (not surgery center)...pain causes high blood pressure and I'm diabetic. Thanks!to anyone who responds!
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He is the best! ! I'm so happy for u!
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I had muscle repair, Lipo to flanks and removal of extra skin. One over night stay. .which was great because u hv the pain pump. My total cost was $6000 which was not easy to raise. I just heard Beamont increased their half an additional $300. I had ZERO complications. Incisions never opened.
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Wow, that makes 4 of us going in on the 13th! How cool is that! Kaleigh31 lovingmelovingyou myself and you! Yipee!
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My date is december 13th as well. Will be looking out and following you. I havnt done much. Just trying to lose 20lbs before then. I fly in from across the atlantic on the 6th for my pre op on the 9th
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I went from 35% bodyfat to 22% since 2011, I had personal trainer 3 times a week and went myself other 3 days a week but still people asked if I was prego :/. I was soo depressed cos I was dedicated and hard working in the gym for 2 years. It was impossible to fix my tummy in gym and diet. So today I am sooo motivated cos finally I fixed the problem my tummy :). Your going to rise your selfesteem, no one will say to you again when are you due after 13th of december with your flat tummy :).
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We have the same surgeon!!! I am 5 weeks post op, I had tt, breast lift/ reduction/ and lipo all at one time. AMAZING JOB HE IS SO GIFTED!!!! As for vision, I freaked out that I could see far away but anything close up I couldn't see ( imagine that after 2 years ago I paid 4k for LASIK) lol I was fine in 24 hours back to perfect vision and no worries it was normal. As for losing weight not true- u might lose 5 lbs or so I lost 9 lbs but gained 3 back. I read and talked with him it really is not for weight lose but when I'm not swollen like a whale lol my tummy is amazing flat and my breast are stunning and back where they belong I'm so happy ! Keep in touch I'd love to hear how your doing
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Hi! I'm still on for Dec 13. Question: what did you stomach feel like when it was done? What does it feel like NOW? Is it rock hard? Numb? Dr S. is the best...and his wife's ring??? YEOW!!!! LOL
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Hello! And congrats to u!! Flat side here u are :) I saw dr Sherbert yesterday I am now 4 months and 1 week post op. He told me I have graduated that I can do anything I wAnt now. As for my stomach it's still numb in certain section and may stay that way for 9-12 months but honestly it doesn't bother at all. I'm very happy with my results best gift I ever gave myself. Hugs so happy for u
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Welcome to the community:)

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I am four weeks post op...I was in a blur for the first couple days and could not read or really see straight, but that's ok...the drugs all left my system and I was on the heal. It's not as bad as you would think it is...make sure you have TONS of non stick pads and extra pillows, also if you get nauseous-ask for medicine right up front...it really hurts to vomit! I'm still swollen, scar not so crazy because I can bet your tummy isn't so hot, so it will be for the better...I know mine is. Don't worry, you go to sleep-wake up thankfully in a fog-go home and sleep (don't forget to walk A LOT THOUGH...) Then by summer you are in a nice outfit feeling like a million dollars!
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summer dresses? tank tops?? Ahhhhh!
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