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5'4 (150lb) mother of 2 I have been wanting to...

5'4 (150lb) mother of 2
I have been wanting to have this surgery for years. Every time we saved up enough I would chicken out. I was so fearful that I would die during surgery. I am writing this 2 days post open so am I happy I did it? I really can't answer that yet because I have no idea what I look like under this compression garment. Was the pain as bad as I expected. (YES) I am just very excited to see my results. I am just praying my scar is where I wanted it to be. If you are reading this and have not had your procedure this site is truly the best support group! Stay on top of reading th the questions people have. It really does help you with recovery. Good luck to all!

Surgery night- Friday night was not bad for me at all. If there is anything I really recommend is a recliner! If I did not find this forum and read about getting a hospital bed or recliner I don't know how I would of slept. I have been getting up every 2-3 hours to walk & use the bathroom which is very hard getting up to stand but once up you feel goog moving around. As for being hungry I am not at all but have forced myself to drink protein shakes & have egg~ remember to stay away from a lot of sodium… you will stay swollen and be miserable. Things I have ate & liked so far : eggs, Graham crackers, Apple's, Kashi go lean cereal, protein shakes with almond milk.

Day 1 p/o- simply MISERABLE! That is truly the only way I can describe it. I am hoping this was my muscle repair day. I cried a lot.

Day 2 p/o- omg much better. I really feel great today. I go in tomorrow for my first check up and I have a feeling 1 drain will come out. The other drain has still been pretty full. I was able to get up on my own today!! Yay me! I was very worried about getting constipated since I have that problem without even taking meds. I decided to start on Tuesday and take Colace 1 per day. Today I took MOM and a suppository since I had bad gas pains which helped me a lot… I recommend it. I am bored and its only day 2 !!! I will get to see my cut tomorrow~ very excited! I will post before pictures and after. The doctor told me he took out 2·5 lbs off stomachs & 1·5 off flanks. Everyone said the muscle repair day is the worst & I'm hoping that was yesterday.
Looking forward to following your journey. Happy healing! Lisa
Nice to be able to chat with you. I had mine on Nov. 13 with Dr. Freedland. I love him and his bedside manner. I have so many ?s that is why I found this site.

day 3

Woke up feeling awesome. Hi honestly each day has gotten so much better for me. I was so scared of this recovery process but it has not been bad. Today was my first post op appointment (nervous) ! This was the revealing of my incisions, hopefully seeing pink and having feeling in my nipple. The results so far are great. My nipples seem to be recovering as they should be and I had feeling in the nipples (yay)!! I also have a flat tummy & my incision so far is exactly where I hoped it would be. Now this can change due to swelling so really I will know in a couple months. I have really been icing & walking every 2 hours which I think has helped.
My tubes… one came out today and I agree with everyone's post~EASY. you will walk in scared thinking these people are crazy that it's not going to hurt but honestly it doesn't. I had a little bit of burning but that was nothing. I still have another drain tube and can expect to get it out next week.
Sleeping- I was given the ok that I can sleep on my left side since my drain tube was removed. I decided tonight to try sleeping in my bed. I CAN'T WAIT!! As soon as I can figure out how to post photo I will.

Day 4- Shower Day!!

First - I slept in my bed last night on my back with no pillow lifting up my legs. I feel GREAT! I am able to get in/out on my own. (Yay)!
Shower- looking forward to this am really not scared at all. It's nice to be warm & clean. Lol
I agree Cindy told me the same thing don't rush it. It's funny I am afraid of needles but yet I did this. Lol Are you walking more upright yet?
Cant wait to see your pics. Happy healing
Thank you Lisa!!

day 5

Still doing good~ I am a little more emotional today. I think my husband has lost his patients with me. I am still pretty swollen and REALLY tight. I feel like I will rip when I stand up.
So far this is my progress:
* 1 drain out
* 2nd shower
* had 2 bowl movements
* put on my new compression garnment ~BTW love it!
* slept in my own bed and didn't need help getting out to go per every 2 hours (ugh)
* went to mall with daughter and rented the scooter. She was totally embarrassed… I loved it.

Now home very sore and exhausted. Believe what you read~ don't over due it. REST REST REST.
Congrats on your awesome make-over! Each day will get better. I am 3 1/2 weeks out and what a difference from the first week :)

Day 11

Today was my first day back to work. I was worried about coming back just because nobody knows and I still have 1 drain in. Not that it's a huge deal it's just easier getting in / out of clothes and using the restroom. I have been wearing my compression garment faithfully since day 1. I really like the one I bought and would recommend it to anyone. I have been wearing my compression garment and my binder since p/o day #4. I decided to only wear them both after work and in bed. I find I enjoy having them both on. I feel snug and secure.
Here is what compression garment I bought:
1 of 2nd Stage Marena Support Girdle with No Legs (F5 Certified Compression Garment) (L, Beige) [ASIN: B0013U3TXG]
I bought it on Amazon from Easy Essentials. I bought a Large & Medium.

Swelling- I feel like my days are always different. Sometime I wake up and I feel flat (not totally ) but more then the day before. Then there are day's I wake up and

More to review (day 11) I accidentally it post....

1/2 my stomach is swollen. I know this is a healing process and I look MUCH better then before but it does get me down. I have to say I am 100% happy I made the decision to do this and to do both procedures. I LOVE my new stomach and boobs! I have had NO issues with the breast lift at all. I actually forget I have even gotten it done until I look in the mirror. I will REALLY try to post pics in the next couple days. I am excited !!
I look forward to watching your results as we both went to the same doctor and received the same make over. How great that you are able to go back to work. Still hard on me to stand on my feet for any length of time. I am always tired. The surgery is looking better, but still putting out 60cc in 24 hour
Your getting there, slowly...

Post op day 17

Went to gym for first time this morning but just walked for 45 minutes. I am going on day 4 on being very swollen on my lower abdomen. I hate this feeling! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so will follow up after.

Day 3 photo

Day 11 photo

Hi Mary, I go back on Tues 10th for my check up. I am having swelling in my lower abdomen and hoping its not seroma. I have been reading on here that the swelling can happen often but mine has not gone away in 4 days. I am still doing good though. How are you feeling?
Thank you!!

Follow up office visit~

Well I had my follow up office visit today. I have to admit I did leave a little depressed. The first week I loved my new look. This 3rd week I am happy with my breast lift and I am skinner and look better with my tummy tuck its just this akward buldge I have in my lower abdomen. I asked if this was common and his answer was it's not uncommon..(ugh). He is hoping it is just swelling but worst case it is a fat pocket that has now dropped with gravity and could use lipo in a year. I really hope its not. I was so flat the first week I just dont know why I look like this now! I understand swelling its just frustrating and depressing. I was also told the compression garment doesnt do anything except make me feel better so I am free to take it off whenever I want. It's like a security blanket for me though I dont want to let it go. As for exercise I was told I can do anything. (day 18) If it hurts stop but other than that I can get back to my same old routines. I was a big runner and have decided to wait until Jan 1st to get back to doing that. As for now I will still take it slow I still get winded pretty quick but I need cadio to help me get through this BULDGE! I will take picture when I get home and post. Hopefully next post will be more chipper.
Did he suggest massaging it? My lumpy areas are still pretty sore but both my bf and I feel them get a little smoother after we massage them. Hopefully you just have swelling and it will go down soon!
I tend to swell on the top half too. It seems like there are so many variations of swelling. What your dr told you is probably worst case senecio. I think though that based on the reviews I've read here a lot has to do with swelling. I know it's hard when you don't feel happy with your result, I've been there, but in the big picture we are so early in the recovery stage. I think it'll keep getting better and better for you:) and I still think you look fantastic.

Day 18 post op pics with swelling.

Not really happy how high my incision looks but it's only been 18 days so trying to stay positive.
I wish my incision was at least an inch lower. I think mine is too high too. Your results look great! Let's hope it's just swelling!
Thank you so much ~ I will try massaging it and see if that helps.
Thank you~ just being able to vent sometimes on here and hearing from people that know what you are going through helps. I am going to stay positive. I will update pictures weekly.

Pictures with all tape off for first time.

Had my visit with Doctor Freedland and Cindy today, your pics look awesome. A lot like my surgery, lol same doctor. I can see some swelling in your last pic, how long did you keep your left drain in? It could just be some fluid settling. You can see and talk with Dr. Freedland or Cindy any time, I was surprise to see how much time they take with their patients. They decided to take my last drain out on Friday. I sure don't like keeping it in, but I will do my best to do the right thing. Please keep in touch, I too will try and post pics
My left drain was only in for 12 days. I'm glad you are happy with results so far. I am telling myself it's early in the process and I just need to be patient. As for the staff they are wonderful. I plan on posting weekly pictures.
I will have my last drain out on Friday, that will be one month. Still so very sore! Happy you will continue with pics, I am going to post them also.

3 Weeks today.... Feeling happier~

Its weird to think that today I was nervously awaiting going in for surgery and feared I would not make it out alive. I remember crying being wheeled down to the OR and the nurse wipping away my tears and telling me it will be ok. My last post I was very hard on myself and I was in my 2nd guessing stage of what did I do. It has only been 3 days since that post and I have gotten over the whoo me. I am really happy I did this and looking at other reviews I know I am not alone in the swell hell. Even though it has not gone down at all yet I know in time it will. I have started working out again which has made me happy. ( no weights though) ( Walking, 1 mile SLOW run on treadmill, Elliptical, and walking stairs) I think for me by doing this it has helped me get through the "when is this swelling going to go down". When I went in for my surgery I was around 150-152 and I weighed myself this am and I am at 141 !! I also put on a pair of jeans that were tight before surgery and they are falling big! YAY! Tonight I will take a 3 week photo and plan on taking on each Friday.
A 10 pound weight loss is awesome. You look great. Boobs turned out really nice :)

4 Weeks Friday!! & my first 4 mile run outside.

Wow I cant believe I am already 4 weeks! My weird swelling has gone down some which has made me really happy. My incision still bothers me some because I feel its high and rough looking right now but I know in time that will also look better. I keep reminding myself I am only 4 weeks. I ran my first 4 miles outside today and felt GREAT! I have been doing a ton of cardio at the gym the past 2 weeks but I really have a love for running outside and couldnt wait to get back on the pavement. I am still wearing my compression garment as I said in my past update it's like a security blanket to me and I feel lost without it. If anyone wants to know what kind just send me an inbox message and I will send you a link. I started using scar cream on Tuesday! I am looking forward to seeing the results on the product I bought for $30.00 per SMALL TUBE! I still have stiches in certain spots.. 2 on my left nipple, 1 under my breast and 1 on my right side of my TT incision that sticks out and pokes me. I am really hoping this goes away soon! I will post my 4 week picture tomorrow!!
U look great...it really does get better everyday. Happy healing

4 week photo

Better breast picture with arms down

5 weeks

I still pissed my scar is high! Nothing I can do about it though.
Hey u look great I like ur boobs how do u feel about them I want a lift without implants but I was worried about the shape but urs look great!!!!
How are you doing? Are you happy with your surgery?
Hi Mary~ I am doing good. I still struggle with swelling but that seem like it could take a year for that to stop. I am doing good as in "feeling good" and able to pretty much any cardio, weights, and so abs. I am not really thrilled still with my incision but I can cover it up in a bikini sso I guess I shouldnt complain .. right? My scar is still pretty raised in certain spots. I still have stitches poking out which bothers me. How is everything going wiht you? I remember you having so issues with an infection?
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