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I am 34 years old I have always been large chested...

I am 34 years old I have always been large chested. My first bra in the 3rd grade was a B cup. They finally topped out at a DD in my 20s. I liked having a large chest but not being able to wear certain clothes and the attention they often drew. During college my weight went up dramatically when I was 21 I was able to lose 100 pounds. Luckily I didn't suffer any real skin slack or problems and looked great as a size 4 with a small stomach pouch. When I got pregnant the first time my breast grew very large I didn't worry all the books said they would return to their normal size. They were wrong. My second pregnancy was with twins I nursed them both till 22 months and then sat and waited for them to go down. Well my twins are now 4 and half years old and my breasts haven't shrunk one bit.

Also with my pregnancies I gained a bit of weight. I went up to a size 16/18 a year in the gym didn't help much then I found crossfit my weight didn't change much but I gained an incredible amount of muscle and dropped down to a size 12. My legs and arms have gotten quite shapely but in clothes my giant stomach flap and breasts make me look sloppy. My shoulders and upper back are in pain every day some days making it almost impossible to lift my arms above my head or turn my neck while driving. Running is extremely hard with the weight of breasts crushing my lungs and making it hard to breath.

I'm tired of tucking my stomach into my pants and the constant pain in my back that keeps me medicated quite a bit and costs me a ton of money in chiropractors, massages and anything else that promises relief.

I am getting my H cup reduced to a D, a tummy tuck and lipo of my hips, thighs and under arm area. I have gone to one consult with Dr. Hainer in Rochester Hills. I'm waiting to hear on insurance approval and have 3 more consults scheduled.

I will add before pictures as soon as I get a bit braver. I was at 185 before the holidays and I'm at 200lbs now some of that is muscle but some is definitely not. I hope to get back down to 185 prior to surgery according to my current muscle mass 170lbs is my ideal weight. I'm 5'4"

Second consult

I went to my second consult this one with Dr. Kayser he didn't think I needed much removed form my breasts he estimated 150-300 gm per side while the first surgeon though 600gm should be good. I'm not sure whose right as they are massive at this point but I don't want to loose too much. This dr was very hung up on my weight and would like to see me lose 50 pounds! I left felling deflated, I know my scale weight is high at 200 pounds but I'm a size 12 and have a great deal of muscle. The lowest I've weighed in the last four years was when I was sick and away from the gym my weight went down to 178 but my waist expanded by two inches. After a month back in the gym my weight was back up to 187 and I had lost the inches of my waist. My waist is currently 36 inches I would like to lose 20 pounds prior to my surgery but 50 is never going to happen. I think Dr. Kayser does good work though so though I was a bit hurt to references to me being large over and over I am still considering him. In the end surgical skill is the number one qualifier for me. He doesn't take my insurance though but with his recommended removal weight I would make authorization anyway. I do think maybe I didn't do the best job of explaining what I wanted it's hard when everone's idea of cup size is different. But I want to go down from an H to a D so I would expect some decent weight to be removed. Oh well two more consults at the end of the month then the hard part picking someone. I had originally planed to have surgery in mid September but if I have to go without insurance I'm going to push that back to early January. I loaded picks so you guys can judge for yourselves if you think 50 pounds is a good weight for me to lose.

Insurance declined :(

So I got my letter insurance turned me down for the breast reduction. My husband and I discussed it and we decided that instead of a lengthy battle gathering documentation from my doctor and chiropractor and possibly them coming back demanding physical therapy we'll just go ahead and pay for it ourselves. I hate spending the money, but it will be nice to have full control over my surgery with no one else to answer for.

Consults done doctor picked suregery scheduled!

I know I haven't updated in a while truthfully after my consult with my third plastic surgeon I was a bit traumatized. I went to see Dr. Momoh at the U of M plastic surgery center. He was horrible. First the center has a policy of not showing you any doctors work. That made me a bit worried but I decided I should really go there for a consult as these doctors are professors, they're the ones training plastic surgeons how to do things right so they have to be the best right?, wrong.

Before you go in they send you a video to watch about the procedure it is very clinical which is fine, but it's almost fear mongering I must have heard the statement you can loose your nipple 20 times during the course of this short video. And the after picture shown in the video is a horrible job after looking at hundreds of breast reduction pictures you can easily spot a bad one. If I were picking a picture to go in a potential patient video I would put my best foot forward. Going in for the appointment it was a very different office than the other doctors. Very much like going in to talk about regular surgery, no luxury gowns or pretty rooms here. That's all fine by me as those things are nice but what I need is a good surgeon not pretty offices. First I speak with DR. Momoh's resident about my concerns and he gives his opinions and asks me questions. They put me in a tiny room so the Dr. can't really stand back and view my tummy and how it is in proportion to my body size and shape there's only about 2 feet of space between me and him when I stand.

I choose Dr. Momoh due to his bio listing extensive training and experience with breast reductions and reconstructions. The first two doctors I went to had very different opinions on how much should be removed to get me to my requested size of D/DD and very different techniques they would use. I have done extensive research on both the incision methods and the methods of creating the breast shape once the doctor is working with the tissue. When Dr. Momoh cam in had an air of arrogance about him. No problem most surgeons do. Though I was annoyed when he asked where my husband was, these are my breasts last I checked. He went right into they would be doing an anchor incision on me and what my scar would look like and of course that I could lose my nipple. I asked how they make the breast shape, were they relying on the re-suturing of the skin or did they use other techniques such as internal stitching to the muscle. He looked insulted to be asked by a non doctor what he would be doing during the surgery and again explained what my scar would look like. I tried to rephrase my question and said "for example in a spair breast reduction they.." He cut me off right there with a curt I do not do spair breast reductions. I was taken aback to be so rudely interrupted. I told him I was not asking him to perform one I was simply trying to understand what internal work they do to reform the breast and I was using the rotation of tissue that is done in a spair breast reduction as an example of an internal technique. In my mind I was baffled, this Dr is supposed to be an expert in breast and he uses only one method for all his patients?! At this point I knew this was not my doctor he would give me nothing more on the work done with the breast tissue than sometimes we put in some internal stitches and if your worried about bottoming out we can take the tissue from the top of the breast.

We then went on to the humiliating tummy tuck exam I stood naked on the little step of the examination table in this room the size of a broom closet completely naked with two male plastic surgeons looking at me. He asked me what my goal was with the tummy tuck. I told him it was to get rid of the loose flap of skin that exist after my twin pregnancy. It is unsightly and has at time jumped out of my pants during workouts. He told me that was good cause it wouldn't make me thin. He said at my BMI I should be looking to loose weight. I told him I am watching my diet and have been hardcore crossftting, weight lifting and fight training for two years often on extremely low calories. I'm a size 12 and at 34 years of age I have come to accept my body while still working hard torwad my weight lifting goals. This is who I am, though I do hope to loose 20 pounds. He asked what I was at my lowest weight. I told him when I was 22 (when I ran an hour almost daily and lived on very little food, and never lifted a weight) I was a size 4 and I weighed 135lbs. He actually scoffed and told me loosing 20 pounds wouldn't get me back to a size 4. I told him I had no plans to be a size 4 again, remember how I just told you I have accepted my size 12 body and just want to work on the problem areas that I can't change. Not to mention I now carry way too much muscle to get into a size 4. He gave me the scar details of the tummy tuck his description had the scar way high and visible but, at this point I know this guy isn't going to be my doc so I just let him finish. Then he says and we may stitch your abdominal wall muscles together. MAY?! That's a major part of the tummy tuck procedure. Even on this site you can see doctor's advising people to not skip the muscle repair because the tummy tuck would look unfinished. I had twins shortly after having a single baby and I'm short waisted. If anyone needs muscle repair it's me. I again don't say anything.

Then it comes time to talk about the lipo. The main area I want is my hips. Years of hard weight lifting work have given me a very nice butt. It's muscular and the side has a hollow that follows the muscle like you see in body building shows then it comes to my hip and hits this fat patch that just will not go. It's not massive I can hold it in my hand and I want it gone, it ruins my proportions. All my working out just makes the underlying muscle bigger and makes it look like more fat. The two previous surgeons upon inspecting the area they saw what I was talking about and had no issues removing it. Dr. Momoh who is at this point leaning on the counter with a smug look on his face says I don't think you are a good candidate for lipo suction. He does not inspect the area from the side or feel the muscle to see how much fat is there. I ask him why would I not be a good candidate? Does he think I'd have dimpling, are there health concerns, Is the fat pocket not big enough (a previous Doc advised me against lipo on my thighs because there was not enough fat and removal of what was there would cause an undesirable aesthetic, If that was the case here I wanted to know). Dr. Momomoh's response, “I don't think you'll have a good result” I asked why he repeated the same line. I asked “Do you think there is too much fat there to lipo that area?” He returned the same line. No matter what question I asked I got I don't think you'll have a good result, very frustrating as I had already had two experienced plastic surgeons examine the area and tell me it was a good spot for lipo. This whole time he is there leaning back on the counter with a smug superior look on his face as if I were a 300# woman who came in and asked him to have me ready for the cover of sports illustrated. I asked him what he thought my body fat % was. He told me he had no way of know such a thing. I shook his hand told him he wouldn't be my doctor. The doctors left I got dressed and checked out.

I went to three doctors not looking for one that would tell me what I wanted to hear, or the cheapest, or the one with the best bedside manner. I wanted multiple medical opinions on how best to perform my surgeries and how much tissue should be removed from my breasts. Dr Momomoh is the most unprofessional doctor I've ever met. I have worked in a hospital and met many surgeons over the years I am not unused to coky, over confident and dismissive attitudes. Not only does he have poor bedside manner he wouldn't explain his plans for surgery beyond what my scars would look like. As if that's all I should worry my pretty little head about. Also for a doctor to try and make me feel shameful of my body which while heavy on the scale is of average size and more than average muscle mass after I had said I accept my body and it's flaws and just look to make a few tweaks. He is an embarrassment to his profession and I do hope the students that work under him realize that.

The doctor I picked

In the end I went with doctor Kayser. His before and after pictures are great. He is well rated by his former patients I could find very few complaints. Hi staff is very nice. He doesn't have the best bedside manner but that's ok, I don't need someone to chat with I need someone to perform this surgery well. He did answer all my questions and thoroughly explained how he would perform each procedure. I am getting a breast reduction, a tummy tuck, lipo of the hips, under arm area and a tiny bit from the top of the outer thigh to help with shape. School just started and then there are the holiday's so I'm scheduled for Jan 7th. With hospital it is about 18,600. He is requiring that I remain in the hospital overnight and the surgery should take 7 hours.

3 months to go

Just realized I'm only 3 months out. I have to make sure I'm really good over the holidays I want to in my best shape before the surgery. I started shopping for compression garments there are so many options. Having lipo on my thighs and arms plus work on my breasts and tummy tuck I'm going to look like a mummy for 4 weeks.

Met with doc again

I met with my surgeon again today. He answered all of the questions and now I'm very confident in my doctor choice and looking forward to my surgery. Only two and a half months to go.

6 weeks to go

So I broke my fingers getting my orange belt in krav maga. So much for my plan to work out right up until surgery. I'm uploading my before pictures it's hard putting what I think of as the worst parts of myself out in the world, but the pictures put up by others have helped me so much I have to pay it forward.
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