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Hi Ladies My surgery is in 10 days I am having...

Hi Ladies
My surgery is in 10 days I am having some lipo around belly button and upper abs as well as a skin removal below the belly button. I have had 3 breast augmentations all under General Anesthesia. I am very scared. I have lost around 80 pounds I have had 3 kids 24,22,16 and Two grandsons. I have been working out 5 days a week for a year and my husband finally agreed that surgery was the only way to fix my 90 year old looking belly . He loves me regardless BUT I HAVE WANTED this for sometime. My step mom is supportive but my MOM and some others call me vain and told me to accept the fact that I am a mom grandmother and I am getting older. I am so scared that something BAD is gonna happen. I have always had some anxiety issues and fear death. WHY AM I SO SCARED?? IS IT NORMAL ?? HAVE ANY OF YOU BEEN THIS SCARED?? also I have read some people saying how painful it was I thought a mini was less painful with no muscle repair and I was under the impression that Tumescent lipo is not painful. My doctor said I could go back to gym and walk after five days after 10 days very very light work outs and resume in about 2 to 4 weeks. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Thanks ladies I have anxiety as well as OCD which makes my brain go in over drive . My husband reminded me how I did this a few years ago when I was having my BA re done at that time I was supposed to get lipo in the area I am now taking care of BUT I chickened out and said just do the BA. that doctor said I didn't need any skin removed with this " new' lipo. NOW I went back to the my first surgeon who did my first BA and he said the skin will NOT be tightened by lipo only . Which I do know because I tried those red light treatments. They helped for a week and then bam loose skin again . I don't know if its my OCD and anxiety that makes me feel so guilty about spending money on myself instead of helping my two older daughters with my grandsons or just that I am a complete nut. I am still worried because I thought that NO Muscle repair meant minimal pain then I read that the lipo is horrible I AM SOOOOOO CONFUSED UGH. I am going to get some pre op pics up soon and look forward to reading your updates. HAVE A GREAT DAY :)
You will be fine :) I'm scared to but try to focus on why you want this and the impact it will have on how you feel about yourself, as for other peoples opinions well they do not matter they don't live in your skin! I'm having mine Tuesday yup very nervious but I know once I get to the hospital I'll be put at ease & hopefully drugged lol
Hello you will do great! I had mtt and no muscle repair or lipo but I was doing great within 5 days and I got to start working abs out again at 4 weeks it felt a little uncomfortable at first but it gets a little getting used too. I am 8 weeks and feel like I had nothing done until I see my scar or feel a tiny tinge here and there. :) please share pics and keep posting your updates! This site is awesome and you will get great support!!! :) I also lost an excess amount of weight and it took my hubby a year to get on board with me getting my tummy done he wanted to make sure I would maintain first ;)

one week to go Yikes! !!

So one week be for my mtt lipo no muscle repair. My OCD is still kicking but I do find myself getting excited at times too. I have wanted this for sometime I actually had lipo scheduled at the time of my BA reversion a few years ago. Yhe doctor who did my reversion (different dr that did first BA) said lipo would tighten my skin and I would not be happy with scar cause he could tell by my attitude :/. Needless to say i had the same type of anxiety OCD as I do now. And the morning of surgery I chickened out of both. A year later I went back to him for the BA reversion but opted out of the lipo. The cnra was amazing got me high and had surgery. Since then i tried red light therapy to tighten skin and loose the little fat i have. It worked for a few days but was not permanent . So here I am a year later and scheduled for next monday. I find my self looking in mirror asking do I really need this? Is it worth it?? How much pain?? How long before I can be back in gym?? Then I pull the skin taunt and imagine the little bit of fat gone and for a brief minute I gwt excited and say d amn I will be hot ;) . Then intrusive thoughts vicious cycle. Any ways I told my husband if the dr called tomorrow and said they had a cancellation I jump at it just to STOP THIS RIDICULOUS OBSESSIVE THOUGHT S. I have told a lot of people I am not ashamed . Well that's all for tonite gonna look through some reviews and check on sone people I have been following. Good night ladies .


Ok actually sent an email asking if I could cancle had an anxiety attack and my grandma has been admitted into icu as well not a good day today :(
I had my surgery it's not as bad as anticipated, you can do it I'm so happy I already feel it's a life changing experience, I defiantly made it worse in my head. if you could get your breast done you can do this you won't regret it. My only regret is I didn't do it sooner have faith this is obviously something you really want :)

're scheduled

So my anxiety got the best of me and I am currently waiting. Not only was it anxiety but my grandma has been admitted to icu. My mom has been a complete basket case as her and my grandma are extremely close. My mom has a hard time with sickness and death since my baby sisters un expected death a few years ago. So I cant be there for my mom or grandma if I am nervous or recovering. At this point I will wait till end of summer so I can enjoy my pool and the lake. As well as my grandson coming for the summer from AZ. I will keep following you all and watch your progress. Pray for those getting ready thanks ladies
How are you feeling? I just read in a post that you were scheduled for June 20...?? I'm i day post mini TT, lipo, small BBL. Would love to know how you're doing!
Hi, I'm 37 almost 38, 5'4 130lbs, very healthy and have worked since my early 20's. I have had 2 children, did not gain over 35lbs with either pregnancy. I had a mini TT with umbilical float, full muscle repair from breast bone down to pubic and lipo of the flanks on April 16th, I'm 7 wks po. I too had anxiety terribly before my operation, obsessive & exhausting thinking about it and researching. I was unsure a mini would give me the results I was looking for, but my ps suggested that is what I should go with. Disappointingly, it did not give me the full results. My muscles are tight and flat, which is awesome, but still left with too much of that unwanted loose skin, especially above bb:( I'd advise you to rethink going with just a mini. If you're going to do it, make sure its done right the first time. You have not posted pics, but I'd be very surprised with having 3 pregnancies and 80 lbs of weight fluctuation that you don't have some degree of diastasis recti along with a fair amount of loose skin. Trust me the recovery is NOT that bad (Don't let all you read freak you out about it!) the lipo or muscle repair, yes it hurts the first few days, getting up & down & getting around, the lipo areas are just real tender to the touch, it's not like you just sit there all day in agonizing pain. A mini will give you very MINImal results, especially with no muscle repair. I don't know how many different surgeons you've had consults with about this surgery but do yourself a big favor and see at least a few if you haven't already. And be honest with yourself and your surgeon about the results you want, don't short yourself if your main concern is an easier recovery or shorter scar, or whatever the reason is you're going with the mini, unless thats truly all you need. it's certainly not worth it if your not going to be completely happy and get the results you want. My ps, who is a well know well qualified ps has already agreed the mini was not enough for me, a revision is planned for sometime early next year to convert to a full TT and hopefully my belly button will survive it! I hope this has been helpful and has giving you some insight. Best of luck to you!
Omg yes you have been a lot of help.. I cant thank you enough were can I find your profile at. I am gonna post pics with in s few days. My grandma is doing better just been helping my mom get ready for her to come home...
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