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Hello all! Reading everyone's stories is helping...

Hello all! Reading everyone's stories is helping me a lot to prepare emotionally and physically. So I think its only fair to share my own experience. Plus, I don't have much support from my family and do need to share. My husband still thinks I'm not serious and can flip on me any moment. He is a physician and thinks its the "dumbest idea". Just in case he decides not to drive me, I have a plan B - his mother:). Mine is not onboard either, but will help me second day. In a weird way lacking his support is helping me keep my mind off surgery and not obsess over it. Plus, I'm spending excess nervous energy in hiding preparations from him... I feel like a teenager sneaking behind her parents' backs.
I pray for an easy and fast recovery, so i don't have to deal with "i told you so" looks...
Having BA hasn't always interested me, even though it was a topic of many discussions since I was in late teens. But it was more like a discussion of girls with curly hair wishing their hair were straight. I was born and raised in Eastern Europe where it is a norm to be tall, slim and flat. So I've never felt inadequate. Plus, I've always enjoyed attention from boys and felt proportionate at 115 lbs. I am not sure at what point my interest in BA turned into an actual want, but it did. And in the past two years not only I haven't changed my mind, but started to have nightmares where I wake up looking for my breasts and getting scared not finding any:) Hence, this journey. I do need to add that in the past few years I started to exercise more with more weights (I'm up to 5 lbs, lol) and my arms and shoulders became a little bigger. I'm still 32 B bra, which is deceiving, since I am closer to AA than A, but cups in those are too close together. Lately my massive VS bras started to irritate to the point where I would wear them OVER a tank top (w/o them I'm too flat) my biggest satisfaction will be to purge "Miraculousness" out if my draws! I've always worn large bras, so unless I'm wearing a bikini, most will not notice the change.
My surgery is May 21. 

My stats: 5'7", 120 lbs. 30-25-33. 37 mother of 2, breastfed both, but my chest size didn't change even during that, not a lot of skin to work with. Have my pre-op May 15. I'm starting with small A-cup and my goal is to fill C-D bra cup (breast size B-C) I haven't had my official "fitting", but the PS brings 6 different sizes into the OR to see what looks most natural. So far he recommended mod+, under muscle, periariolar incision and said that will bring in sizes starting at 275... I want to look natural, but don't want to go through this and wish I've gone bigger. 

So far, I've seen girls that have a similar starting point as me end up looking amazing with 250's and with 400's, so I will have to trust my PS to make the right decision OR (Scary). I'm just worried that I didn't communicate my expectations clearly, or he heard a different story. I think I'm more scared to end up bigger, than smaller. 
I work part time behind computer and not worried to go back to work, am concerned about the drive to/from which is 40 minutes each way. Just in case, I'm planning to take 12 days off. 
My biggest concern right now is how to tell my two middle-school-aged-boys who express interest in breasts... So far I'm leaning toward not telling anything until the day of the surgery (no point of worrying them), and just tell them that I'm getting a "female problem taken care of"... Anyone has recommendations for me?

Had my pre-op, husband on board (yay!) they...

Had my pre-op, husband on board (yay!) they exchanged medical lingo with my PS and I think he got relieved after having his questions answered and reassured.
I think I've overdone a little the desire to look "natural", since my PS said that he will start with 225cc. He brings 6 sizes in 25cc increments into the OR and fits you there. I think I'll call tomorrow and request him to start at 275.
Got painkiller prescription for Perkoset, had a Vicodin one filled already. Since I've never taken these, my PS suggested I have both on hand to see which one works better. Also, he suggested to take a half of a pill to start.
Told me to make arrangements to not lift anything heavier than 5 lbs! For two weeks. (1/2 gal of milk is 4!) This will be challenging.
That's all for now, countdown is on

2 days away, doubting my size choice

Just 2 days to go and seriously considering to up my CC's. the initial desire to look completely natural, big B - small C, is overshadowed by fear to regret not going bigger, I'm thinking mid to big C (I'm 32 in bras) Also, eventually everyone finds out anyway...
I swear my breasts increased in size in the past week and hurt all the time! (Not that time of the month:) anyone else experienced that?

I've got boobies!

Hello ladies! I'm on the other side! I ended up with 325 and 350 cc and my PS had to lower one fold by 4mm. The surgery day went well, i did managed to pass out when they were attaching the IV to my hand... didn't open my surgical bra yet - too scared to look. Taking my pain medicine regularly and feeling sleepy, but the pain is not bad. The chest feels tender like during period. When medicine wears out, the first place I feel discomfort is at incisions. My sternum feels weird to a touch, like its bruised up. I have full sensitivity. I have no difficulty breathing.
I need help walking, especially to the bathroom, and eating.

Next day

Had my 24 hour appointment with PS, he said that I'm healing nicely, finally looked at my chest and not sure how I feel about it.
My chest, sternum and sides are VERY swollen. I've retained over 8 lbs of fluid so far... Today I'm moving around more, but need help dressing and undressing. I'm not nearly as sleepy as I was yesterday. Am taking painkillers by schedule and not by need. When painkillers wear out, I start feeling pain at the incision sites and on the lower part of breasts. Icepacks are great. I'm sticking to low sodium diet and try to eat very little, since I'm not moving. I do drink a lot of water and still have cotton mouth... I heard that's side effect from narcotics. But I'm still afraid to switch to the over the counter painkillers. Had a very bad headache earlier AM, drinking coffee helped a lot. (One ?f the girls on this site recommended it)
Even though I am prone to getting noxious, I didn't throw up once - scopolamine patch is magical.
This is it so far

3 Days Post-Op

I'm feeling much better today, don't need painkillers anymore:) today I showered and gave myself a manicure. The swelling is still huge (look where bra digs into my skin) and my sternum. Plus, I'm black and blue under arms, back and sternum. When showering had to support chest, I felt as it would fall off and felt that the weight was pulling on my stitches. My nipples are supper sensitive and contract randomly, so I get little blood sipping through tape. I still didn't loose the 8 lbs of water weight gained during surgery, but am down 6. When I push on my upper chest, I hear weird squishing sound, was told that its normal.
Girls are riding high and very hard.
Everyday I feel significantly better, can't wait for the swelling to go down and to D&F

Two Weeks

Feeling great! Back to most of my daily activities san workout. Still wearing surgical bra 24/7, two more weeks for that, now can lift up to 10 lbs! Lol:) Do get tired easily, so spend a lot of time lounging and watching TV, especially after work. Lost a lot of muscle, even with implants I weigh 3 lbs less than my lowest weight pre-op, but gained a pant size. Do try to eat little, since my activity level is nonexistent. I did stop hard-core work outs two weeks prior to surgery to relax muscles, so at this point I haven't worked out in a month... And not planning to do anything high intensity for one more. Hope to get cleared to do low impact in two weeks. As much as I miss my muscle definition, I'm not going to risk messing with new additions. On a big scheme of things few weeks is nothing. Do wish I've considered this when scheduling my procedure though.
In the last two weeks I've gone through so many emotions! I didn't realize how huge I was the first week, I actually had a uniboob that could've served as a tray, till the swelling went down and I've deflated significantly - was so upset that didn't insist on smaller size. I still have a little bit of brushing and swelling, but overall I'm loving the results I've deflated substantially. In my surgical bra, size wise, I'm very close to what I looked like in VS Miraculous (the fit is different, of course), but in work clothes impossible to tell. But without a bra, girls look... va va woom! I measure 32D and that's exactly what I wanted, I may even end up with 32C and it will be fine by me. One more thing, I've never lost sensitivity in any parts of my breasts, but became hypersensitive.
I still have ways to go, but so far so good
Fast healing everyone!
Bloomfield Hills Plastic Surgeon

So far I'm very pleased with Dr. Sherbert. I did have to wait for a while in the waiting room, but when he came in I didn't feel rushed at all. He answered all my questions even the ones I've asked twice. He spent half an hour in the room for repeat consult (I had one two years prior) AFTER I've had my date scheduled.

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Looking good!!! :)
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You are looking great so far! I have similar stats as you and im hoping for a a mid C with 339cc! Im hoping this wont be too small! Are you happy with your size?
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Thank you! I'm very happy with my size, I was going for a natural look, but the results are not final, so it's hard to tell how they'll look after settling. While in clothing my chest doesn't look very different from my Miraculous days, the bras that fit me now are 32D:) which are breast size C. I didn't want to go bigger than that. Hope it helps. And will post pictures
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Glad to hear your doing well. I am 10 weeks now and loving mine. You can see pictures on my profile.
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Good thing you have everything in control.. good luck on healing
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Glad to hear you are healing well. Sounds like we are pretty much healing together, lol. You are looking good, so get plenty of rest! Good Luck and Happy Healing to us Both!!:)
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Yes, happy healing & take the time you need to rest & recover!
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Happy healing. Make sure you keep up taking the meds that's what will help alot. :)
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Good luck tomorrow! Sharing the same surgery date, I'll definitely be checking in on your afterwards. :) So glad to hear your hubby is on board, and it sounds like you are honing in on the size that you want.
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Thank you! Good luck to you tomorrow too! I cannot wait to go back to my normal life where I am not looking at and thinking of breasts 24/7.
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Hello Sunnydaysgirl, how are you?
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We did it!!! Surgery went really well for me. Yesterday I rested and alternated on Valium and Percocet to keep pain manageable. I had a couple bad nausea bouts with meds and got sick a couple times. I learned to eata good amount immediately before, then lie down forva bit which helped. Pain most uncomfortable in early am today, but feel a little better today. Pasted 24 hr mark soon. How are you today??
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Hi! I'm feeling better overall, can get up and move around by myself. But the pain in my chest is worse and I hunch forward when moving aroud. I feel fluid in my sternum and sides. Yesterday I slept most of the day and didn't eat much to avoid noxia. I do drink a lot of water die to cotton mouth from drugs. Have my check up today. How are you progressing?
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Oh the dry mouth and throat lasted a long time for me!!! I had my post op check up this morning and looks good- no bruising. I didnt look yet, can you believe it? Still chicken. Im bangaged up and can take wraps off day 3 and shower. My hubbie said they look great - he saw at docs office. Ps said to really focus on going #2, and staying on to of pain meds regularly for next 24-48 hrs. That's all I should focus in over next 2 days. Chest muscles are more sore today and Im feeling sleepy from meds. How was sleeping for you last night?
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Last time I took Percocet was 6.5 hours ago, took a regular Tylenol just now. Percocet was making me very loopy and I couldn't walk streight. Last night was fine, but I was taking Percocet every 4-5. I'm so swollen that its hard to tell if I am larger. My sternum, upper stomach and sides are full of fluid... How was your last night? How did you spend your day?
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Yes, Percocet does make me out of it but i know it helps with the pain. Probably lots of typos now! ;) I noticed when I went past 6.5 hrs today I really needed one. Hate the loopy feeling but helped me take a couple good naps today and keep pain manageable. I'd take a Percocet followed by nap. Then i get up and move around for a bit. I hear its good to move around to get things going and speed healing. maybe that would help with your extra fluid. I got a couple great 2 hr naps today.. Also found a great sleep situation that I perfected after trial and error last night!! Got a "bed wedge" to keep me up 45 degrees, put 2 pillows on the side for arm rests. A small little pillow on top for my head. Keeps me from rolling to side.. I'm a side sleeper. How are you sleeping at night?
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Last night was fine, I did take a Percocet right before. I have a huge pillow concoction that keeps me somewhat elevated and a travel pillow around my neck. My behind and lower back are in more pain than my chest. Also, the swelling doesn't seem to come down and when I press on the area, it makes squishy noise... How are you healing?
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I would go bigger if I were you. I have 350cc filled to 375cc and I really regret not going bigger. If they are placed under the muscle, they will look significantly smaller than the sizers that you may have tried on. I was an A cup before and always wore padded bras. Now I look the same as i did with padded bras I was wearing. Im hoping that they will drop and fluff and I will be happy, but Im seriously considering getting surgery again and going with at least 450cc. Seriously, express this to your surgeon that you want to go bigger I'm sure you wont regret it.
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Thank you, I think I will. I'm starting same place as you and want to be at 32D (VS sizing).
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I'm so happy for you that your hubby is on board! I'm single but at first only had a couple of girlfriends on board. My mom was concerned about health risks and future breast feeding, but eventually came around and was with me during pre-op and the day after to keep me on my comfy drug schedule and company! Also, the girlfriends and aunt who knew and all said I didn't need it.... Once I flashed them the non padded me all basically said, oh ok, I understand now why you are doing this! I totally took that as support:) Hoping your mom, hubby, and girlfriends come around and support you 100% of the way!!!
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That's great! Happy for you your hubby came around!!
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It sounds like your husband is coming around. Surely he'll take good care of you during your recovery- he loves you & he's a doctor, after all! Plus, you'll soon look more amazing than you already do. He'll probably appreciate some of the benefits! :) Hang in there!
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Thank you for sharing your wonderful story on RealSelf. To perhaps ease your husband's mind, here is list of questions to ask your PS. Maybe showing your husband (at some point,) your thorough research, he will become a bit more comfortable with the idea. Glad to hear you have your mother and mother-in-law to support you! Twelve days off from work should be sufficient. Regarding your boys, I would definitely tell them something so they know you're not sick and that you'll be okay. And lastly, here is a list of supplies to help you prepare for your recovery! Good luck and keep us posted!

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I didn't give my family a choice to be on board or not, since I didn't tell anyone. Well, I told my husband of course and he was fine with it. I had a mommy makeover in April. I had 320cc under the muscle silicone and most people wouldn't even know in clothes. I think the only time someone may notice is in a bathing suit. I didn't tell my 19 year old daughter, but she will probably find out when we go got Florida and I'll be in a bathing suit! They aren't big, just back to pre-babies and nice and perky!! This is such a personal journey that I had to tune out anyone else. I had a neighbor that I confided in go very feminist on me and started preaching about why women would mutilate themselves for vanity! So, I stopped telling anyone. Since I was also dealing with a tummy tuck, the BA seemed so easy. If it is something that will help you feel better about your body, go for it!
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Also, I didn't tell my 8 year old anything other than they were fixing my tummy from having babies. He seemed fine with it. It's been nearly 5 weeks and I think he just noticed that mommies boobies are bigger. I could tell when he came into our bathroom when I was in the shower that he did a double take. But he never said anything. Kids are pretty easy with things like this as far as I can see. Good luck on your journey. I have lots of pics on my review.
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