Almost 30 Year Old Implants GONE! One Year Update - Wesley Chapel, FL

Hello lovely ladies. I have gleaned so much...

Hello lovely ladies. I have gleaned so much information (and inspiration) from your stories and I've decided that its time to begin to share my story.

Years ago in the mid-80s I decided to get breast implants. I wasn't terribly unhappy with my size (34 B) but it seemed to be what everyone was doing at the time. My husband said that it was up to me if I wanted to do it, but I'm pretty sure that he wasn't unhappy with my decision. He's always been very supportive of all my decisions over the years...and he is now as well.

Fast forward to the present...well a few months ago. My gynecologist called me after my annual mammogram and said that my right implant was bleeding silicone. He also told me that it was about the same amount that showed on my mammo the year before!! WHAT? No one bothered to call me last year! Evidently this was not present on my mammo of two years ago...but still!

I had already decided that I was over the big-boobed look, but didn't have the financial resources to do anything about it (hubby under employed for the last few years). I also have a very atypical form of Multiple Sclerosis and wonder if my implants might have something to do with that. I know, I know, there have been studies done that refute this, but they only followed those ladies for about nine years post implant. I have slight numbness in the three middle fingers of my right hand and now, recenty have been battling frozen shoulder on the right side (same side that is leaking). I don't expect these issues to go away upon explantation, but it would be a nice added bonus. I've read on other sites that women have had similar issues and they felt better after their explantation. Placebo effect or not...I'll take it. I also have capsular contracture on both sides (right more than left) so its really time to do this.

I've put on a few pounds over the years so I'm now a 36 D-DD. I'm hoping that I'll at least remain a B cup, but if I don't I'm all right with it. I've taken up running and my boobs are just an annoyance when I run. Like other ladies here have mentioned I have to buy shirts in a larger size to accomodate the "girls"which makes me look bigger all over.I've also found that I try to buy bras that minimize my chest because i feel like my boobs look disproportionately large for my size (fake). I'm looking forward to looking a little more streamlined.

My doctor is Paul Albear and I really like him. I saw a few surgeons before him any they all gave me the "you'll be unhappy with how you're going to look" and "don't you want to re-implant?" speeches. He was the only one to not suggest anything beyond explantation. He said to give it a good six months after surgery to let things settle and see how I feel.

I also found out that my insurance covers the explantation because its medically necessary, so now cost is not an issue. YAY!

My surgery is tentatively scheduled for November 8th, so I've got one month to go.
I'l post some current pre-op pics.

Well I've been reviewing everybody's pre and post...

Well I've been reviewing everybody's pre and post op pictures and it hit me that I've probably got a good decade in age on most of you. I'm trying to find someone that "looks like" me to help gauge what my end result might be. I'm hoping that my skin still has some elasticity left. Does anyone know of any good products or techniques to encourage the "fluff fairy" to visit? Lol.

Well I've removed my surgery date for now. The...

Well I've removed my surgery date for now. The PS's office had an issue with whether to do the surgery in a one day surgery facility or a hospital. The PS was under the impression that, because I was using my health insurance to pay, the surgery had to be done in a hospital (not the case). Then he said that he needed cardiac clearance before the surgery, which I already had, so the cardiologist's office had to fax my records to the PS's office ( I don't have any cardiac issues, but they at one time thought that I did). This all took a lot of back and forth phoning on my part to all these doctor's offices. THEN my surgeon was out of town for awhile...sigh. I think maybe, finally I'll get my surgery date scheduled some time this week (fingers crossed). I'm beginning to wonder if he really wants to do the surgery. I just want to get it done before the end of the year as I've already met my deductible, and if I do it next year it will add $750 to my portion of the cost :(

Well I now have a surgery date...November 30th. I...

Well I now have a surgery date...November 30th. I called my PS's office first thing this morning and scheduled it. I'm so ready to do this. I'm not even that concerned about what I'll look like after. I guess that's the up side of having so many scheduling delays. I'm looking forward to looking like a 56 year old should look. Now I just have to settle down and wait and try not to get too nervous in the meantime. Twenty five days seems so far away.

Well, I haven't been on here much lately because...

Well, I haven't been on here much lately because I've just been playing the waiting game - but no more. My surgery is happening tomorrow morning at 11. Eeeek!!!!! I'm so nervous, but anxious to get it over with. I'm going to stay busy tonight by washing the sheets and cleaning. I guess its kind of like nesting when you're pregnant. Lol. I'll post pictures when I can. Until then...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone :) . We're on...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone :) . We're on the way to the surgery facility now. We'll talk later.

Well, it's over. When we got to the surgery...

Well, it's over. When we got to the surgery facility we found that they were running behind so I didn't go in for surgery until about 1:30. When I woke up it was around 4 PM. My surgeon thought that my surgery would be pretty straightforward, but when he got in there he found that both sides had ruptured and there was silicone everywhere. I also had a lot of calcification that he had to get rid of. I think he had to remove a lot of tissue, so I may be more of an A cup after the swelling goes down. I haven't peeked inside my bra yet, but whatever I find in there will be alright by me. I'm not that sore and I haven't taken any of my pain meds yet at all. He initially didn't think that I would need drains, but ended up having to use them because of all the digging around that he had to do. I am definitely glad that I did this. I already feel leaner, and I'm looking forward to buying tops without regard to my size and how I look in them. But more important than that... I feel healthier already. So glad to get that junk out of my body. I'll post pictures later. I feel a nap coming on. Lol

I've finally gotten around to posting post-op...

I've finally gotten around to posting post-op photos. This is before my first shower and you can see the imprint of the gauze on my skin. Other than that, I think they look OK so far (considering what I've put them through). During my shower I noticed what other ladies here have said...I'd forgotten how soft boobies can be.

The output to my drains is decreasing each time we measure it, and the nurse said that if its less than 20mls per day that my PS will probably pull them when I see him this Wednesday. I hear that can be a little "ouchy" but I'm so ready to be rid of them.

All in all, I'd say that my boobies are very forgiving of me and I can say that I'll never put them through anything like this again... Lord willing.

Well its been a month since my surgery. My boobs...

Well its been a month since my surgery. My boobs are still a little sensitive as are the scars, but this is improving every day. My right breast is pretty numb on the right side from my nipple over but my doctor said that the sensation will most likely return (he actually said "With a vengeance, sometimes"). I still think that it has all been worth it. I've been trying on some of my shirts and I'm so happy about the way I look in them. I don't miss being "big" AT ALL. My daughter and I went to Victoria's Secret the other day and I found some pretty bras to try on. I didn't buy any though, as I'm still a little too sore for underwires just yet. The clerk there measured me and said that I'm a 36 C. I don't feel like I look like a C cup... its probably due to more side boobage than before. Like other ladies here have said, my boobs seem wider. I think they've maybe tightened up a little bit but not that much. Time will tell and, hey, I'm 56 years old so I'm not expecting super perky boobs anyway. I find myself standing much taller as I'm not trying to hide my big boobs. All I know is that I'm THRILLED with the new me.

Well, its been around 10 weeks since my surgery. ...

Well, its been around 10 weeks since my surgery. I'm feeling a lot less sore, but still a little numb on the right side. I afraid that if the fluff fairy was going to visit, she would have been here by now... but no worries... I'm still happy with my result. And, more importantly, happy that I relieved my body of the stress that I was putting it through. On that front, my neurological symptoms have shown no change, but I'll be patient. Like I said before, they were in for 28 years... my body has a lot of undoing to do!

I have noticed that a little nagging, constant soreness that I had between my shoulder blades is now gone. Probably a combination of less weight in the front and better posture. I don't feel like I have to hide my giant bazongas anymore!

All in all, I would say that this is the best favor I've ever done for myself. Now... on to a happier and healthier life :)

Also, one more thing... thank you to all of you ladies who have had the courage to share your journeys. It certainly made my trip a little less lonely.

One Year Post Op Photos

Hello again ladies! I've been very absent lately but its time for my one year update. Things have been uneventful fortunately. My breasts are finally feeling like they're all mine again. I have no soreness anymore and my numbness has finally gone away. My neurological symptoms, although mild, are still the same, darn it. But I feel blessed to have good health. I just wanted to share what the removal of 29 year old implants on a 57 year old looks like at one year, in case anyone is in a similar situation.
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wow, you look wonderful! thanks for sharing with all of us, I'm just short of one month and wonder what I'll look like!
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Nomore80's look...My question was for beagle mama, as I am in Florida. But, I appreciate your informative comment equally as much. I have been discovering a lot of women having their procedures around 2-3grand and yet, I get completely different quotes. So I do not know. lol I have insurance that covers this procedure but, I have been dealing with complete morons! Calling my insurance company tomorrow and see if there may be some other way or other options I can take. As far as your class action suit, whoever told you that you could still be a part of it, was correct. I have been conducting research and started noticing patterns that took me on a shocking and rather disturbing turn in the 'medical chain'. If you like I can share with you the information. Other than that, stand your ground and do not allow yourself to be defeated. There have been some women seek out an attorney independently. I would recommend an Injury attorney. They fight harder for their clients and best of all, they don't win, they don't get paid--so they are going to fight. Their fees are paid out of the wins. So no loss to you and gives a little more comfort and less stress. If you still have that toxic bag (what i call them) you have proof. It should have a serial # or some kind of identification on it. Get all records from the PS who conducted the explant. NOTE: Make sure you have it all and they are not trying to withold from you. All surgical procedure should be dictated out and be sure to read it thoroughly. Having your old doctors paperwork would be a definite help but, I wouldn't count on it turning up. If you keep having issues with him just bring up an attorney. NO matter the year or excuse, all patients have legal right to their medical records and it is at the doctors responsibility to ensure organization of all medical records. I would give you the law that states this but, I do not have it off top of my head. The toxic bag you still hold is your proof as well, because that identification should be on record linking to that doctor. You still have enough to fight. The silicone bags are filled with industrial chemicals, and other crap. Side effect of the silicone causes chemical toxicity whereas the saline bags are biotoxin. Chemical toxins are the hardest to treat and rid of completely within the body and the carcinogens which go into the body and cause a lot of different health issues, cancer causing agents-nasty cancers. Dow Corning has reported in trials of their products having carcinogens and neurotoxins. Methyl Ethyl Ketone is a chemical used in the SHELL of the breast implant. What is inside gets even scarier, I mentioned a few above. I am happy on your success of attaining your health back and feeling better since explantation. Once I get this whole mess fixed somehow in my situation, I am looking forward to an explantation myself. I just want my health back and its most important to me than superficial alteration of my body. We are all made a certain way for a reason and I have the utmost respect for that now and will not ever take for granted again. .... Yes, please keep me posted. =) I wish you best for a speedy recovery and hope all ends up well.
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My Story: Actually, not sure if you're referring to me...but my implant removal cost was $3,000. $500 is if medical insurance kicks in or same PS the implanted also explanted due to having problems.....I'm assuming. Anyhow, Dow Corning told me my implants were too old and don't qualify for any money compensation for explantation fees or future health problems. If I'd had them removed 12 years ago...then maybe. One person told me yes I can still be part of the Class Action Lawsuit, then I'm sent a letter stating that my brand of implants didn't qualify and claims date has expired...hmmm? I know it's all BS! They also asked on the application if I have an attorney....probably should have, but the attorney would probably cost me more than the compensation....they know that. So, I pretty much don't have a strong enough case to back me up and my Implant doctor can't seem to find my records from 1978 and he's too old to remember to look....kind of funny. Anyway, I'm feeling much better since the removal. I like the way I look in clothes and naked....I look a lot more natural and real feeling... The worry is gone. I surely don't miss the hard humps in my breast. So glad I got rid of them...actually, one of them is sitting on my dresser in a baggy awaiting a call from my old PS...Hopefully, he will have additional proof that my implants do qualify after all. One thing I'm also hoping that will change is the readings on my Pap Smears. The past two years test came back positive for abnormalities, but they couldn't figure out why. I had a hysterectomy 22 year what could be cancerous? I went to my Oncologist and she didn't see anything either....hmmm, weird? I'll keep you posted if that too has improved since the implant removal.
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I am all over searching for a PS. lol I am curious... was your implant removal cost only $500?? If so, I believe I found a PS! =) Money isn't leaping off trees right now. The symptoms you were experiencing, I firmly believe, are caused from the toxicity of the implants. There is plenty of scientific evidence to back this up. and google silicone breast implant side effects and you will find 73 pages. Pubmed is the largest medical database. Alongside of that I have found blog after blog, website after website (even some from medical doctors) all with the same stories, same side effects and misdiagnosis. After having implants removed, they recovered! A few stories involved women in wheelchairs diagnosed with MS and Lupus together and of course death was inevitable. After having implants removed they were up and walking around within a day or two and feeling amazingly better. Could you imagine have received that news? And then find out the 'cure' was simply remove the toxic bags? Some stories were of a loved one speaking out for another loved one due to death from their implants. I have read of how so many women have been ridiculed and ostracized. (myself included) And I have scratched my head trying to make sense of all this. Then it finally hit me with a slap on the forehead duh moment. MONEY... We are simply victims of a broken system. First of all, have to think psychologically. Doctors know we women (for the most part) are getting cosmetic surgeries due to underlying self esteem issues. Now, they have a business that is in the money making market and to advertise and allow it to be known how dangerous breast implants are to womens health is not good advertisement against where their big money truly lies. So, upon having psychological knowledge to use against the women to ostracize them and basically beat them down that everything is in there head by using a 'fine line mental' system, then covers their business. I started having symptoms shortly after implants about 6 years ago. symptoms have worsened and now having MS symptoms. All of them!! It has truly interrupted my life. There are much better ways to improve our self esteem and quality of life WITHOUT dangering our health by altering our bodies cosmetically. MUCH better ways! Not really improving anything when our health suffers. My blessings to you and all women Congratulations on your explant!! So very happy for you!! =)
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My surgery was covered by my insurance as they considered it medically necessary. My portion of the cost was $500. My MS-like symptoms (although VERY mild) have not changed since my explant. But ... because they are so mild, I'm still not convinced that I have MS. They're probably the result of an over stressed immune system due to leaking silicone. YUK!
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When you got your implants in the 80s, you never had them re done? I'm just curious.
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No, I heard that if they didn't give you any trouble that you should leave them alone. It wasn't until later that I realized that some of my health issues might be related to my implants. Sad... No? Especially since I work in healthcare. You'd think I'd know different.
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Hi Fitfoxxy, Same goes for me as beagleMama. I was given all the paperwork from Dow Corning regarding the Class Action Lawsuit but because I didn't have any problems I never filed a claim. I pretty sure that past two years my body has been going through some unexplained changes that are not hormone related I'm pretty sure they were causing some problems. I guess I will know more as time passes.
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Oh okay. I know a lot has changed since then. I'm done having babies and got my implants a month ago. I love them! But I do plan to either have them redone or taken out within the next 15 years. Unless I suffer from trauma to the chest.
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Hi fitfoxxy-- No, I never had any problems with them except for the the little "catch" in my scar around one of my nipples. That didnt really look bad until the past 5 years or so but even then not that noticeable.
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Hi beagleMama, just saw you pics from your explant and you look great. See skin at 56 still springs back to where it should be.
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Hi BeagleBaby, Yes... I'm so grateful every day that my outcome was OK. My implants were soooo old! Now I just need to get my belly in shape. Lol!
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I just had fat transfer to the breast 2 1/2 weeks ago to correct assymetry in my breast since my implants are out. They took the fat from my stomach so I have a head start in getting my belly in shape. i have to wait untill April 24th before I can start any exercise.
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Hey, that's a great way to kill two birds with one stone! I"m not going that route because i can't afford it and I have enough scars on my tummy...hee-hee! Looking forward to getting back to my natural self so I can get buff again.
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It was actually cheaper than the cost of implants, $5,600. I have no scars on my stomach. Just 6 little red spots where they harvested the fat, mostly over by the hips and below the bikini line. I can't wait to get back into exercise and getting things all tightened back up
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Question: Since your health insurance covered the explantation...was your doctor a General Surgeon or a Plastic Surgeon?
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Wow! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I just saw your post :( I was boob stalking (lol) and looking back at some of the older posts and stories to see how everyone was doing and ran across my profile. I started reading some of my posts and saw your question. I don't know how it escaped me before. Anywho..... My surgeon was a plastic surgeon. He was recommended by my gynecologist and I really liked him, and (bonus) he works at the same hospital that I do.
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That's alright; I just figured you didn't like! I just scheduled my explantation for April 26th. I was finally able to lock in a date. I haven't taken any before pictures yet. I would really like to do that so I can have before and after pics on the RS website, but that would require getting my very busy daughter over here with her fancy camera...hmm? I started with the HMO roller coaster to see if I could get them to cover any of the cost, but it seems like they take forever to do anything! The ladder of doctors I've had to climb just to get to my destination has taken about 6 weeks of my life already and I haven't even spoke to a PS yet! I decided to chose my own PS and pay out of pocket, I'm sick of this crap already! It took me 3 weeks to get an appt with a General Surgeon, just so she could refer me a PS that would take an additional 3-6 more weeks. Anyway, the GS examined me and my left breast is encapsulated and hard and the right implant pretty much disappears when I lay what a nice pair of boobies I have right! I haven't seen the real me for nearly 33 years but whatever I end up with is what I have to live with. I'm just happy I will be getting rid of the pain and the lump and will be able to get my butt in gear to exercise again. I'm a contractor so I'm required to do a lot of heavy lifting, etc. So, the sooner I get this done before work picks up, the better. Thanks for your pics on the website...they helped me out a lot!
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Hi Ladies!! I have been reading all the posts here and feel I better chime in the my opinion :) I had my explant and lift 16 weeks ago. Boy! Four months just flies by!! Anyway, I'm 52 and had undermuscle silocone implants for 23 years. The surgery and explant went off without a hitch!! No more pain than I expected and my girls healed up just fine!! I love having the implants out and since Jan 1 I have been training for a half marathon to run in May 5--I am NOT a runner but I so am loving being able to exercise without big ol mama jama's ;) Now, about the lift.....not so great! I paid $2700 extra for the lift and in my opinion a big waste of money!! My biggest concern with my implants was that my nipples pointed down and since I was going through all this I would give myself a treat and do a lift. They STILL point down. I have seen my surgeon and he is waiting a few more months and then he wants to either add fat to fluff or do something else. My problem is that I don't want to do anymore surgeries--That is why I did it all at once. So, if I were to do it again I would probably not do the lift but then again....if they look like this with a lift--what would they look like without : \ I will post new pics in a little bit--I am embarrassed to show them. I even kind of hide from my husband when I am naked. Not because I'm smaller just cause they look weird. I really am happy I did this surgery though, don't get me wrong. It's just these two little things!! Ha ha!! Good luck to you all and go for it!!!!
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Wow! $2,700 extra for a lift, that's cheap! They want $7,000 extra in my neck of the woods! I'm wondering if PS's just pull a number out of their hat with these prices? May I ask what size body frame you have? Most of the before and after pics are of woman size small to med. I'm about 37" measuring underneath my boobs and around.
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$7,000 extra? Eeek!! That is a lot of money to make sure your girls are perky! I also should add that in a bra I look great--it's just naked... I'm 5'5" and today 143 lbs. My new bras are 36C's but I think I'm more of a B cup--it's just the bra. Measuring under my boobs I am 34". I'm heavier now than normal--I also went off my bioidentical hormones in December and I don't know if it's training for the 1/2 marathon or hormones but this weight is staying on me something fierce!! So, if I lose the 10 lbs that I'd like to I am sure the bra size would change. But the way it's going in these wonderful 50's--I doubt that will happen! Haha!
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Yea I know, 7,000 is ridiculous huh? I'm 5'8" and 190 lbs. (ideal size for a man)..but if you saw me you'd probably guess my weight as 165-170 I've been told. Maybe my boobs weigh 3 lbs, who knows... they sure feel like sometimes. I really can't see myself cruising around naked at 52 and looking good in a bra or bathing suit top is good enough for me. I sure thank God for this website where we all can get the honest to goodness truth from real people. It's better than asking a doctor that stands to lose big bucks for a lessor procedure.
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My PS also charges additional $7,000 for the lift. She is expensive but hear she is worth every penny. She has done thousands of explants with and without lift. I will decide when I see her in April.
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Yeah, naked at 52 is kinda scarey! My daughter is 5'9" and about 190 too. She looks great!!! This website was SO helpful when I was trying to make decisions and just to be able to look at other women my age and see that we are all beautiful without the plastic!! It's now kind of weird to see a woman with implants and not think....poor sweety! I like my doctor, he was very honest. He told me to wait to do the lift after I recovered from explant--just to see how things settled. Well, I just didn't want to wait and wanted it all done at once. I can promise you this though--I would have NEVER gone back for the lift no matter what. Going under just made me loopy for too long, I didn't like it. One other thing--the scars from the lift...they definitely are there and fade with time and around the nipples they look fine but it's what I call the lollypop stick--not too pretty. But, again, who's looking? I feel great and I am relieved to have those bags of sludge out!! Yay!
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Just ask her to see before and after photos of explants of women in your age range. My doctor showed me these thinking I might get scared and opt for new implants but I was happy to see how normal they looked! April will be here before you know it :)
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