Zirconia Crown on Tooth 14 - Wellington, FL

I researched the internet for the best dentist I...

I researched the internet for the best dentist I could find when I learned I needed a crown after a molar with a big filling broke past the gumline. I found a dentist in Wellington Florida, a top rated cosmetic dentist. He has lots and lots of before and after photos, along with lots of impressive credentials and a fancy office. I know someone who has beautiful perfect teeth he made as it turned out.

He went to work immediately on my tooth and after an hour of work he had placed a plastic temporary crown that was an exact duplicate of the tooth he removed, minus the hole. There was no pain except for a few seconds of intense pain when he injected more anesthetic into my gum.

He had scared me a lot when he said he didn't know if he could save the tooth at all since the break in it was above the gum line and he said it might be more than a millimeter above the gum line in which case he would have to pull the tooth. I told him not to and I would get a second opinion, but after silently praying it turned out he didn't have to pull it, and it didn't need a root canal in spite of him saying at first he was 80% sure it did. Whew! He does root canals himself rather than sending patients to an endodontist.

He took about 100 pictures of all my teeth and it turns out I need LOTS of crowns since there are so many huge fillings and they are leaking and have decay under them.
So after two weeks, I go back to get my new zirconia crown which I'm sure will look amazing after seeing the quality of work this dentist does.
I will post again when I get the permanent crown.

Dr Sadati

Very impressive office, even walked me to my car in the rain with an umbrella over my head, offered me a variety of drinks, watched a movie during the work, before and after photos, etc. Very nice front office lady. This dentist teaches cosmetic dentristy and has the highest rank possible from the Cosmetic Dentist Association. The price quoted for the crown was only a bit higher than a non cosmetic dentist. Very different from the average dentist's office, more like being in a spa.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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His name is Dr. Sadati in Wellington Florida, not Dr. Sartori, sorry.
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Thanks I've noted the change in your review. :)

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Just wondering if anyone here would go back to a dentist who put a temporary crown on with permanent bonding cement and didn't tell them they did that, knowing they were about to get a root canal and the endo would be trying to get the temporary crown off, then refused to talk to them either on the phone or in person.
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No, you should not go back to a dentist who refuses to talk to you on the phone about treament HE did. And a couple of other things - Optibond is not a permanent cement, it is a bonding agent. Optibond is what you use to stick things together that you never want to separate ever again. That is why the endodontist couldn't get your temp off. Well guess what ? Your general dentist isn't going to be able to get it off either without just grinding and grinding. How will he know when he grinds down to the shape he took the impression of for your permanent crown? He won't. There is no way your permanet crown is going to fit properly. It's a DIO (do it over). With a new dentist of course.
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you should discontinue dealings with any professional who refuses TO TALK TO YOU. Really, you already know that.
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Besides, your permanent crown is not going to fit because by the time the dentist grinds off you temp your tooth will not be the same shape it was when the impression was taken. Optibond is not the material to use to put on temporary crowns that need to be removed again. Your dentist made a mistake. Probably why his assistant gave him that look. And maybe why he doesn't want to talk to you. Ya think?
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The second dentist I talked to, since the first dentist Dr Sadati refuses to talk to me, told me that to get the temporary off he needs to further grind down the tooth since the temporary crown is bonded to it.
He said it is highly unorthodox to use permanent cement on a temporary.
Dr Sadati was told by his assistent when he prepped my tooth that he was out of temporary cement so he told his assistant to give him Optibond, a permanent cement. She stopped and stared at him for a second like he was nuts, and I felt alarmed, but had forgotten about that until the endodontist couldn't get the temp off.
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Also I saw a second endodontist, Dr. Moskow, who did a very thourough exam on that tooth and said he thinks it's fractured, and does not need a root canal. It is indeed fractured on the inside but I hadn't told him that. He said that since it is sensitive to the bite test, but is not sensitive to hot or cold as it would be if it needed a root canal. No infection shows in the roots on an X-ray.
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with the original one, Dr. Sadati, refuses to talk to me even to let me know he can remove the temporaryhe put on with permanent cement, its' BONDED to the tooth he prepped.
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I have asked four times now on the phone to talk to this dentist and was told he refuses to talk to me. I then got a certified letter from him saying that since I didn't get the root canal he can't put the crown on. He won't talk to me but sends me a certified letter?
I find out now from another dentist that to get the temporary off, he has to grind down the prepped tooth even smaller, to get it all off.
Has anyone here had a dentist refuse to talk to them about work they are doing on them, either on the phone or in person?
Would you go to a dentist and let him work in your mouth if he refuses to talk to you?
He is obviously hoping I will disappear.
The crown he had made won't fit now. My tooth will have to be ground down smaller to get the temporary off.
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I'm a bit confused, is the communication issue going on with the new dentist that you went to, or is this the original office that you were unsure of their advice to pull the tooth?

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I'm so glad to hear you found a dentist that you feel so comfortable with. That is great you were able to keep your natural tooth. I have to say it is great on your part that when the options was presented to pull your tooth  you thought to consider a second opinion. Good job! Not everyone thinks of that, and they end up getting treatment they weren't entirely sure about.

Looking forward to hearing how everything else goes for you!

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I went to an endodontist for a root canal on this tooth since after the temporary was put on it was hurting. After pulling on the temporary with pliers he couldn't get the temporary crown off and told me it was on with permanent cement. He then called the dentist who told him to do the root canal through the temporary. I was never told if or how the temporary would or could be removed and was freaking out so I left without the root canal. I then went home and called the dentist four times and was told he would not talk to me until I got the root canal. I can't imagine why he wouldn't just talk to me on the phone, to let me know he would be able to get the temporary off.
How am I supposed to know this if no one tells me?

I talked to another dentist who told me the temporary could indeed be removed but I don't know why the dentist who put it on couldn't have told me that, or better yet, have told me in advance so I would not have gone through that and could have told the endo to just go through the temporary. Nor did he tell me there was an old filling he was leaving in there, which showed up on the endodontist's xray. It would be nice if he could have told me that too and told me why he was leaving it in. I'm concerned that it might have decay under it, but since the dentist wouldn't talk to me on the phone, I don't know what is going on with the filling. I don't know the reason the dentist won't talk to me on the phone just to answer these questions and I have to try to get answers to them from other dentists.
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I live in south Florida, and have yet to find a good and trust worthy dentist. What ever happened with your tooth? Did you end up seeing someone else?
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