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I had it done because I hadpreviously had...

I had it done because I hadpreviously had rhinoplasty but it failed to give me a substantial change to my profile which is what I was looking for. So the doctor then said that I should consider the implant which would give me that desired effect.

I should have thought twice as this same doctor previously told me the nose job would accomplish what I wanted. Instead, I relented to another surgery and now have a canted and crooked chin. Two other doctors have suggested removing it and allowing the space to heal for a year before reattempting it in a symmetrical postion.

Boston Plastic Surgeon

I do not think this doctor cared about my desires. I felt like I was a paycheck and nothing more. After telling me I was a good candidate for certain procedures but then creating results that were less than what was hoped and far from what I believe to be the industry standard, he then changed his tone and tried to sell me additional procedures and accuse me of having unrealistic expectations. Even after two rounds of surgery, I will need additional procedures to correct/improve/achieve the results.

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Much like my face, your face now appears to be too tall and narrow - I think maybe you should go to a top doc (I'm currently researching Dr. Barry Eppley and Dr. David Mabrie, and leaning towards Mabrie thus far) and find out about swapping out your current implant for one that doesn't add any height to your chin (or make it stick down lower I mean), but one that makes it jut forward just a bit and possibly widens it just slightly to give it that sculpted European model look. I would do this in combination with a set of very nice custom angle-of-the-mandible jawline implant to give you a cut, sculpted jawline. Those are the L-shaped implants that rest right on the angles/corners of your jawline and make it wide and more angular and masculine. I think it would widen and fill out your face. This is what I'm looking at doing, and my facial structure seems to be quite similar to yours. Best of luck in whatever you choose though! Also, as "Better Version of ME" said, do you have any more pics, preferably before/after pics and ones at different angles?
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No before pics unfortunately. I am waiting to do anything because I need to have some dental work and don't want to mess with area until that is completed. I hate the current implant though and the left profile looks ridiculous. I will definitely take all of these suggestions into consideration including referrals. Thanks!!!
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Is your chin bunching up on the third pic? Mine does that with certain facial expressions. What's the update on this? Did you get it removed? Any before pics?
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Do you know what kind of implant your doctor put in (silcone or medphor) or what size and style was used? If not, it is probably beneficial to get your operative notes so that you know what you have. I think the implant shape is pretty good but may be a bit too big. If I were to guess it looks like you have a Implantech Extended Anatomical (probably size L or XL) or you may have one of the Implantech square styles.

I think you should be able to go down a size or two without having to remove it, then wait a bit to put another one in. This way you only have to go through the revison surgery once. I had a larger implant replaced with a smaller one without any issues or problems.
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Well, it's maybe a little too big and long Teri, don't you think ? Still not disfiguring in my opinion. Good luck ! You surgeon seem the sharky type :-(
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I think the results are very handsome and masculine. I don't know what you asked for, or had before, but the chin you have now is suitable for your face and looks like it was God given.
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While I appreciate the compliment. It does not look at all natural especially when I move my face. And while the anterior view is not terrible. The profile views look awful. It is very clear that there is an implant in there. Worse, the side that is more deeply angled makes that side profile look incredibly fake almost to the point of Jay Leno
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