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I finally have a surgery date in a couple of...

I finally have a surgery date in a couple of months. I been doing lots of research for over 5 months. I am petite 4"11 119lb. I always been a 36c however, I had gained weight and lost it. That left me with 34 dd, however I feel that am slightly less per my measurements. I became deflated on top and feel uncomfortable, my husband is supportive although says I don't need it, he is happy with how I am. I am looking to fill the top a bit with a slightly larger size because I want to go a bit bigger. I am not doing a lift as I don't quite need it yet. I have been doing the rice test to see what works for me and am looking at 510cc-530cc silicone submuscular. In the mean time I am still chewing on it for my final size. I read a lot of Woman wish they went bigger and I don't want to go thru that. I might go a bit bigger just because I know that when settled they go down 10-15%, so I guess I want to make that up. I will keep everyone posted and will post before and after pictures.

Well, according to my measurements at home I round...

Well, according to my measurements at home I round to a 34b-c, around the ribs i measure a 31.5 which leaves me at i assume a 34 band, the other previous measurements are from Victoria's Secret, it varies. I also realized i was wearing a smaller soze bra when i was heavier then, but always used the 36c for some unknown reason. At times it's frustrating to get an accurate size. I used to be a 36c-d, I did lose weight and became somewhat deflated on the top. I was suggested by the PS to do 510cc silicone under muscle. I like the size as I done the rice test at home and its not crazy big but a descent size. I do have at least 14-15cm on the top of breast, so I believe I can do the 510cc, I was thinking of doing 530cc because when under muscle, silicone may go down 10-15%, I am looking for the fullness on top and a bit larger. What profile would you recommend for that amount of ccs.

Hi, everyone! I wanted to update you on whats been...

Hi, everyone! I wanted to update you on whats been going on. I had to reschedule my surgery date to June because of career opportunity. It required some psychical activity, therefore I wanted to be in the best shape possible and not worried about incision opening or stretching when not needed. As soon as I do my test, then I will go ahead with the surgery. I will keep you posted as I go. Thanks!

Can't wait for my girls!!!

Hi everyone, I wanted to update you on what's been going in. At first I had to reschedule my surgery to a later date as career opportunity arose. That went well, so I decided to reschedule my BA to an earlier date, which I thought they probably were not going to have one. Well, they did give me an earlier date and its in 3 weeks. I am very excited and some what a bit nervous but overall I can't wait. I will keep you posted as I go with the procedure and the heeling.

Girls are coming soon!

Hello, my BA is in 4 days. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am dying to get it done cause I want to go shopping for tops!! and have fun this summer. I think my husband is excited and anxious too. He is supportive and will be taking time off work to help me. I will keep you update and will post pictures when I get the BA done.

Got my Girls!

Hello everyone!!
I finally got my girls!!! am excited. I went in on Wednesday, my husband came with me and supported me every step of the way. I was nervous at first, they treated me well. They explained everything and what to expect. I went in and before I knew it, I was inside my car. LOL!! we were chewing on 510cc and decided I was able to go with 550cc silicone. I was sore that very day, but as the days go by, I am feeling better. They are pretty high right now. I am taking the meds given to me, which are helping. My left side hurts a bit more but progressing. I will post pictures as soon as I am more up to it and can move my arms a bit better.

Breast Augmentation

Hi everyone! Sorry it took a while to write back. I did silicone sub-muscular. I am thrilled with the outcome and so is the hubby! I don't need a lift at all. I am happy with the decision I made. So, because I had lost weight previously I went down from a 36D to 34B-C, Now I am a 34DDD/F. I have to say, it is hard finding this type of bra size. I been ordering them online. I am thrilled, No back issues, no pain, and I was doing my running exactly 3 weeks after the surgery with no problems. I will post pictures soon.

I researched a lot online to find the best suited for me.

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I think you had great natural boobs before - you don't have an after pic - but I am sure they look even better now! I am also DD/DDD - DD giving more push up, DDD covering better. Either one works. Victoria's Secret is one of the only places that has decent cute sexy looking bras in these sizes. All other brands look "granny" to me! The line I personally like is Very Sexy Push Up or Very Sexy Demi - no padding - also the Gorgeous in DD is a good one - but Very Sexy is best with the support/round shape - give them a try.
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Lol! So true! All bras that size or bigger are granny looking! I did go to Victorias Secret and got sized up. So I would say I feel I am similar as I used to be but in a more fuller look, I couldn't go bigger if I wanted to because I have no room to put anything else. Also, forgot to mention that, that was the price for the silicone but for saline is even less, I believe it is $4999.
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Congrats! Happy healing! Every day gets better! I can't believe I am already over 2 weeks post op! So great you have your husband there for support! I have mine too as my number one fan!! Keep us posted on your recovery. Great choice on the 550s!!!
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Thanks! Congrats on yours as well! I am now having what I think is bruising around the incisions, which I worried about.. I started to feel throbbing around the incisions. I am over all happy with the ccs, as I was going to do a bit less but went for the 550cc I couldn't go any bigger as my PA wouldn't recommend it and it really wouldn't look right with my short petite height. I did not do no lift either, I will maybe at some point in the future, not in any hurry. Till later!!
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Good luck you are almost there!!!! Are you excited/nervous/anxious?
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Thank you for asking, I am very excited and nervous!! Trying to make sure I have everything ready and all set at home. cleaning and making sure we have everything needed at home so I don't have to stress later. I am also anxious to get it over it and see the result. I will keep you updated from the surgery day and recovery.
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. If you're comfortable, some pre-op photos would be great. When is your surgery date? Keep us posted!

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