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After 2 children and moderate ptosis, I decided...

After 2 children and moderate ptosis, I decided that a breast lift would help me feel better about myself and also make it easier to fit into bathing suits easier without needing so much support. I have a lot of experience in the medical field as I have a chronic illness so in doing my research, I thought I had found a well-trained physician. I researched many similar cases to see the outcome and learned what to expect from the procedure.

Well, post-op a few days when I could finally take the bandages off, I was shocked and distraught at the placement and length of the incisions. They are visible in the center of my chest, horizontally across the breast and proceed towards my back almost past my armpit. (I understand the vertical incisions would be visible) but these scars are not hidden at all in the breast fold. It is still very upsetting as the breasts pull on the scars as they are so lengthy -- I am a small C. The PS response was simply "that's where I put them" which is not what was explained to me. So beware, insist on seeing previous cases and good luck.

Wellesley Plastic Surgeon

Defensive, self-absorbed and not compassionate to my circumstances given the outcome of this surgery.

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What? The PS really say that? I'm kind concern with the comments of other ladies.l, the they really want commission to recommend a bad doctor??
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Aside from the scarring your breasts do look very nice. I hope they heal nicely for you. As for your PS's comment..what an A..Hole!
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The scars will heal, i think your lift looks great!
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I'm sure if you tell your plastic surgeon how disatisfied you are with your breast fold scars he will make an effort to make you satisfied. All he needs to do is stitch the pocket of your implants and inch higher and the scars will be perfectly under the breast fold. I had a friend who had the same problem, her breasts just bottomed out too much. She just had to have one more surgery and now they look amazing. Your nipples look perfectly round which is pretty rare and desired so just let him know how you feel and I think he could easily fix it for you.
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tbaby17, what implants are you talking about? Starlight 1200 has merely had a breastlift... all the beautiful abundant breast tissue is her own. the fold where the incisions ought to be are her natural folds... no "revision" restitching implant pockets will help because there are no implant pockets, because there are no implants. Starlight1200, you look beautiful, and I hope that the scars will heal in promptly so that you can feel more comfortable.
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I am sorry for your scars but to be honest your lift is exactly what I am praying mine turns out next month. I have implants but need a lift as well. Good luck with getting satisfaction.
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I'm sorry about the scar placement and I hope you can get some remedy for it, but the shape and lift of them is stunning. Good luck.
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I luve the fact that you show your surgeon's name in here. I hope you ripped him a new a-hole.

That said, your girls look awesome, and symmetrical - and they are standing up very well. Beautiful shape that I would luve to have

Those scars will fade within a year. Then you are left with beautifully shaped twins.

I've already shown this picture to my surgeon - as a reminder of what I do NOT want. I will show again - the morning of surgery - as a reminder!
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My condolences. My 1st breast lift did not turn out as nicely either. A year after my lift I had to have it done all over again but by a much more talented PS. And, I made sure the whole world learned who was the untalented PS who performed my 1st lift by leaving reviews with pics on websites such as,,,, etc. Do the world a TREMENDOUS favor and post reviews about your outcome on those sites as well. I sure did and many, many women have thanked me for it. Your plastic surgeon, like mine, both need to do a fellowship under an expert breast surgeon because their work looks like butchery!
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I think the shape looks great i do agree about scars not in fold but still have some healing to do and hopefully they fade and maybe some scar treatment might help

i understand how you feel i had a tummy tuck done and not happy with it at all my new PS said i need to have it completely redone
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Woww, your PS is here giving advises, great!
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Your breast shape turned out beautiful and hopefully your scars will fade away in time! I don't understand why he had to do that wide anchor lift if you only had moderate pstotis. How long ago was your surgery??
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Yep, those scars aren't in the crease, are they? Drat! I'm sorry. Your shape is fabulous, but I know that doesn't make up for the incisions.

You might want to check out RealSelf's Scar Removal community and see if you can glean any good info about possible future scar treatments.

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I'm so sorry for you. Hope you find another surgeon to make your scars look better : laser maybe? Keep your head high!
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If it makes you feel any better, I think the lift looks very nice.
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