2 months PO

I'm a mother of two and with each pregnany I was...

I'm a mother of two and with each pregnany I was over 200 pounds. I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old and the 5 year old was 9 lbs. I have always wanted a TT and begged my husband for 7 years. Finally our circumstances allow us to have this done. He really wanted me to get a BA and I must admit i was hesitant but after speaking to the doctor about a breast lift he explained that my breast would be smaller and recommended a BA. Its weird but I'm really excited about my BA. My girlfriend had hers done and they look great. I'm extremely nervous for the big day. Some days I feel ready and other days I feel like I want to not go through with it. I am extemely nervous and to be honest scared. The main thing that scares me is the TT. I've been reading a lot and from what you ladies have said the pain is manageable. Just need some guidance and motivation. Today is one of those days where I just dont know if I can go through with this. I will post Pics of my current profle. Wow feel better for letting my feelings out!


I live in webster and im scheduled for dec 19. Im getting so excited! You have to let me know how it goes!!
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Awesome JJ! Yes girl I will keep you posted. I can't seem to get rid the butterflies lol
Welcome & congratulations on being able to finally do this for yourself! I found that I worked it up to be a scarier & more painful thing that it actually was. I just got back from my 3 week PO & am still slightly swollen just above my TT line, but I absolutely LOVE that I did this for myself!!! After my appointment, I went to Victoria secret & bought a gorgeous teddy that I NEVER would have worn before!!! Keep your eye on the prize & focus on that! We are all here for you!
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Making my list and about to head to the store....

Making my list and about to head to the store. Looking to buy vitamin C, gas pills and, comfortable pants.


Hey! I am so nervous too. I so want to back out sometimes....
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Yeah I do sometimes too! My Mother in Law was going to get a lift, implants and her arms done. Well she backed out a week before her surgergy. She said she just couldnt do it. Weid since she has had 2 tummy tucks.
I am way more freaked of the tummy tuck then anything else!!

Well I went to my pre-op and went really good. I...

Well I went to my pre-op and went really good. I saw my PS again and switched from Saline to Silicone. I'm going with 421 cc's. After the nurse, my PS and Hubby said they looked really good i went with that. I really liked the size and I'm happy I did. I didnt want to regret not going bigger. A few women that I have spoken to all said they wished they went bigger. I'm actually feeling pretty good about everything. I will have a Catheter and due to my fat tranfer to my bottom I will not be able to sleep on my back. Thats gonna be tough. I asked the lady how long would i have to sleep on my side and she said 2-4 weeks!!! Wowzer iI thought it was just for a few days!! I was freaking out for a bit. I told her what kind of pain in my gonna be in and she said with the percocet i will be out it! and i said Heck yeah thats what i want LOL! Now i just wait for the big day! Cant wait to be on the flat and perky side!


Your date is soo soon!! R u excited? I saw u wrote on my review  u wee nervous- I had a panic attack before! So silly of me u will do great!!!!! And be so happy when u r in recovery!!
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So happy your pre op went well! Are you so excited???
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I am super excited and I'm starting to feel like I'm ready. Before i was scared but my PS and the staff really put me at ease. I was looking for you Blondie i know your up soon for your and I cant wait to hear from you since we are having pretty much the same procedures. I know your getting the catheter but what about sleeping on your side, did they mention that to you? and How are you feeling?

So haven't really slept all night, hate this...

So haven't really slept all night, hate this feeling of not knowing what to expect or what if I wake up panicking grrr. Have the house cleaned from top to bottom and kiddos are at the grandparents. Hoping everything goes well. Ladies thanks for all your reviews I hope I can provide the same amount of good information for all the ladies that will soon be up next. Can't wait to chat with y'all when I'm on the flat and perky side!

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Hey ladies. Everything went really well. The...

Hey ladies. Everything went really well. The doctor some new numbing injection that last for 3 days. So that has helped a lot! The thing that hurt was my boobs and my arms were I got lipo. It was painful but manageable. It feels like after you give birth and your boobs are drying up. After my DH gavel two muscle relaxer instead on one that has helped. Ok so I got to the facility at 6 and was home by 2 pm. When I woke up it was crazy I started shivering and then it got worse. First it was my jaw then my whole body. It wasn't painful but weird. The nurse said it was the anesthia. She gave me medicine and it went away. Getting in the bed was hard especially bc I have to lay on my side. But that was the only hard part. I have a catheter and thank goodness I did! I highly recommend it. My DH has been taking such good care of me and I know he loved me since he is emptying out my pee lol. I'm do happy I did this and the anticipation is more fearful the not knowing. Thanks lady for all y'all's post and I hope I can help the other ladies that are up next


It's 5 days post off and feel ok. Been walking around more but last night I over did it asleep like around 7. Crazy thing is I didn't do too much! I will post pictures when I get home!
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Happy everything went well! I also got the exparel injection and I barely had any pain the first three days because of it. Had the shivers sooo bad right after too. My heart was also racing in the 200s as I was waking up. General anesthesia is crazy!
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Hope your surgery is smooth sailing!! You are going to look great!!
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Hi ladies! I know I've been horrible at posting...

Hi ladies! I know I've been horrible at posting but again I am at my MIL's and haven't had a chance to post pictures. I had my first BM 2 days ago and it was truly the highlight of my day. I took Colace faithfully every day and I'm glad I did. My DH thought I was nuts over how excited and happy I was lol. I'm
Still swollen and I had hoped my drains would be out by now but not yet. Trying to be patient. Hopefully soon, the incision area kind of hurts. I just want to get back to normal already. I can't sit on my bottom and have to constantly be on my side due to the fat transfer. I think once my drains are out I'll feel somewhat normal just scarred its gonna hurt when they pull them out.

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Looks like I can add photos from my phone sweet!...

Looks like I can add photos from my phone sweet! Yesterday and today I felt do depressed and was just crying to my DH. From the stories I've read I knew it was coming! My MIL took me and the kiddos for breakfast and wheeled me around at the mall for 2 hours. That really uplifted my spirits also my drains were under the 25 mark!!! For a full 24 hours. I go see my PS and I'm hoping they take them out. Ladies again thanks for all y'all's stories. They have truly helped me and I hope my story helps others who are looking to go to the flat and perky side :)


Sorry you were crying:-( I have days like those and I am 3 weeks post op!!!  Glad u got out. I hade to draining less then 35 for 3 days to get my drains out.
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Got my drains out Blonde! I'm so happy. Didn't hurt like I thought.
Hi ya! You look great! I went with over 500 cc's and am so happy I did!
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Here at a resturant and my daughter said some old...

Here at a resturant and my daughter said some old lady shook her head and said Wow. Lol oh well. Can't wait until I can walk straight up like I used to. Aww the good ole days. Today makes 15 days PO


I've been trying to stand straight as well, because I hate people looking and asking. I hate when people ask what surgery I've had.
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Oh yeah the waitress asked me. Kind of caught me off guard but I said Mommy makeover. Didn't know what to do.
Why do they shake their heads? Do they somehow know what surgery we have had? Not looking forward to negative unsolicited opinions.
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Today has not been good I feel like I had a huge...

Today has not been good I feel like I had a huge set back and I'm 17 days PO. My incisions on my hips are opening and yellow goo is coming out. I have to lay on my side due to fat transfer and now my butt is having muscle spasms and my legs feel restless (almost as if I've been running all day!) I go see my PS tomorrow and I hope my incision are ok and I can get more muscle relaxers. I've been in pain and not sleeping. Sorry had to vent. Will I ever feel normal again... ;(


PS cut out my white gooey stuff and gave me some medicine. Also gave me more muscle relaxers. Woohoo tired of randomly getting butt spasms. It's a weird feeling
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I too will be having a tt with fat graphing to my butt. How are you doing and please tell me how you position yourself to sleep?
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Hello Wrknonit, I'm doing ok. I used a lot of pillows. Once I got on my side someone tucked a pillow under my back. Honestly I could really lay on my right side. For some reason when i laid on the other side my right leg ached could have been from the lipo. It's not that hard but it does get tiring being on your side but its doable. Stay on top of your meds. Regardless of how you feel. I took Percocet 2 every 3 1/2 hours. I took 1 muscle relaxer but 1 didn't help so I took 2. If you stay on your meds you'll be ok.

Well I'm feeling better. Been stretching my...

Well I'm feeling better. Been stretching my stomach more and can stand up better. Still not normal but oh well, I'll get there. Got one more week to stay off my bottom, so sitting at work will be a challenge. Holy smokes I bought spanx and those suckers are tight but its helping with my posture.

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Hi Everyone, it's been awhile since I have posted...

Hi Everyone, it's been awhile since I have posted but I've been so busy and exhausted. I feel my strength coming back but still not myself. Lets see. First week of work was tough I still walked hunched over but I kept extra muscle relaxers and Vicodin and took one each in the morning. For some reason it gives me energy. I also took 30 min naps at work in my car. Kept a pillow in my car. The naps helped. 3 weeks off for all the work I had done was not enough time. Been dealing with Seroma on my right hip which is ok but annoying. I have a big whole on my side that I have to keep clean with gauze. PS said it'll take a month before it closes :-(. Sometimes I wonder when I'll feel normal. About a week ago my swelling and boobs has gone down a lot and I'm starting too see my results and I love it! The fat transfer to my butt is still a little swollen but I can now sleep on my back :-). Ok TMI DH and I were intimate this past weekend and my body was hurting and it just felt different. I was in bed all day Sunday lol. Eventually doing the deed will go back to normal. I'm attaching a pic of my beautiful Seroma whole :-D and soon I'll post pics of my rockin BOD


Melmo- so sorry about your Seroma:-/ Omg my dh and I just were intimate for the 1st time last night-he has been in CA since I was 2 weeks post op- I am so happy you posted about it:-) I felt the same way!!! It felt so different it freaked me out a little. Don't get me wrong it was good but I couldn't move the way I usually did and it hurt not really bad but it did!!! I really appreciate u posting about it - I didn't know how to feel about it after.
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Blonde I've missed ya!!! I hear ya about the moving around. It's different but we'll get there lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt that way

Everything is going good. I started working out. I...

Everything is going good. I started working out. I tried sooner but with my cut on both side going to my backside + fat transfer to butt + Seroma I had a hard time jogging and doing lunges. Still hurts but afterwards I feel good for making the effort. Oh my skin has been itching like crazy on my sides. Anyone else have this problem? I guess it's from the lipo. I know I look crazy at work lol. Other than that I'm starting to feel normal. Pictures added.


Thanks for adding your perspective, Melmo. I hope everything returns to normal for you very soon. You look great.
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League City Plastic Surgeon

My girlfriend went to him and had a BA. She highly recommended him and her girlfriend works there and has also had a BA. Dr Adam and his Staff are super sweet and ncie. They made me feel really comfortable.

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