Co2 Laser Upper & Lower Eyelid Resurfacing - Webster, TX

Very very good. I did this because at age 45 my...

Very very good. I did this because at age 45 my eyes were looking heavy and tired all the time. Botox and fillers only last approx one year. I researched all pros and cons before procedures. I do not have to explain that the pros are excellent tightening and renewed skin. The cons could be hyperpigmentation (permanent or hard to correct darkening of skin especially in med to dark skinned pts) Asymmetry (uneven healing of shrinked skin), over tightening that could cause the eyelids to retract and not close! Infection or scarring. My experience was so great, I may do it a second time.

I had only local anesthesia. They rubbed lidocaine into the areas and let me relax in a recliner for at least 30 minutes while the numbing process began. Gave me one valium to relax, and I asked for a second coating of lidocaine just to be certain I was as numb as I could get. (Ha. Speak up if you are scared.) In the surgical room they put numbing drops in both eyes, protective lens over my inner eyes, and gave me several numbing injections around each eye that I could not feel. I barely felt little zaps.

The next day, the first shower where you must wash and gently exfoliate the dead skin, and especially the middle of the first week, when the blisters and weeping stage developed it was painful. It stung, oozed yellow drainage and ached. By day 7 it was much better, and even though I hyperpigmented because I am jewish, I was able to treat that with hydrocortisone 2.5 and vitamin c. I'm completely healed before my 2 month period.

Before and immediately after the surgery I took Super B complex, Biotin 2,000 mg, I ate chewable fruit flavored 500mg vitamin C like candy (about 2,000-5,000mg per day), vitamin D3. I could only use Vitamin E after the surgery.

Before my 2 month checkup, my skin has returned to flesh color with only minimal pinkness. The procedure did great tightening, feels very dry and leathery now, but that is supposed to improve over the 6 months. I would like to do it just one more time because after the swelling goes down near the second month the bottom inner eye area near my nose still needs a little tweeking. Then, I will feel beautiful.

My doc will not even attempt to do it again for 6 months. He said he can not put a burn on top of a burn. I'm 45 and have zero botox or fillers. Only the CO2 done on my eyes and It made me feel instantly brighter and more awake looking. I am happy I did it. They say it takes about 2 weeks to wear makeup and be okay to go out. In reality it really took a full month caked with makeup to camouflage the redness. If I get overheated a pinkness returns. It looked skin tight the first few weeks, and first month, but then a few wrinkles come back about 1-1/2 months after the procedure when the swelling goes down.

So in my case I will repeat the process a second time. People say it looks excellent now, but I am a perfectionist. People say just get botox or fillers, but why when this is instant permanent tightening. The downtime is worth it.

I wanted to add add'l notations that this...

I wanted to add add'l notations that this procedure looks worse than it hurts. I was given 20 narcotic pain pills,and only took 4 of the whole prescription. The first 1-2 day is not so terrible. I just took Tylenol. On the third day when the blisters appeared and started to ooze, crack and slightly bleed ...I will admit I needed to take some of the narcotic pain pills. The skin started to sting, and itch and throb. It hurt to put the Aquaphor on it. I took one pain pill in the morning, one at night the 3rd and 4th day then was okay on the 5th day with minimal pain. 16 of the unused pain pills sit in my cabinet. I never needed them.

I was hyperpigmenting (developing a dark reddish purple color around my eyes. I was given Hydroquinone 4% (skin bleach), and Hydrocortisone 2.5.
The Hydroquinone (skin bleach) irritated the skin more, and the hydrocortisone really stung and only slightly changed the redness. So I took it upon myself to research would healing. I came across one woman's story of being a medical student and her research with topical Vitamin C (absorbic acid) healing wounds and burns mostly because of it's anti-inflammatory properties, and that absorbic acid is also a natural skin lightener.

So I took a small jar and squeezed the hydrocortisone 2.5 in it, and crushed 1,000 mg of dry Vitamin C and made my own compound paste to apply around my eyes. The absorbic acid stung the skin a lot, but I had faith if I could tolerate that it would heal. Within 24 hours of wearing this paste, I saw significant reversal of the hyperpigmentation, and within 48 hours of wearing the paste nearly all of my hyperpigmentation and irritation was gone. When I went to Dr. Clariday for my 45 day follow-up he said the healing was great and my idea might help other pts.

I have heard that collagen continues to build over the 6 months, so I will be excited if I get more improvement as he months go by.

Dr. Clariday's price may be slightly more, but not much more. This was a price for local anesthesia. If you choose to be asleep it would cost more. It was so easy, I can't imagine anyone needing to go under. Also, I love that the CO2 laser resurfacing tightens, but does not give you the traditional scar of eye-life surgery.

I am posting photos of 60 days (2 months) after...

I am posting photos of 60 days (2 months) after CO2 Laser Eye Resurfacing. Here is what happens, when your swelling goes down from the first month and a half, some wrinkles come back. I will repeat this procedure one more time in August when a full 6 month healing is finished. I want my eyes tighter than this. I guess this is not terrible for a 45 yr old.

It's a few days past my 3rd month of having the...

It's a few days past my 3rd month of having the Co2 laser eye resurfacing. I am healed. No problems. The Co2 laser did improve my eyes, but I don't really see any increasing improvement or quality like I have read about where some pts say in the 3-6 to one year after the collagen gets better and the eyes look even better. In my opinion this is as good as they are going to be. I posted the 3 month photo. I have zero botox or fillers. I use sunscreen daily, I avoid tanning of any sort. I never drink alcohol or use drugs or smoke. The only thing I've done is tattoo permanent makeup to my eyebrows, eyeliner, and full lips, and then do this Co2 laser. I think it looks pretty good for 45 yr old eyes.

It did not fix the sunken in area below my eyes, so I am thinking of re-doing the Co2 lasering around my eyes one more time at the 6 month waiting period this August.

Trouble is that I just signed a contract for a new job at the hospital and I don't want to get fired for showing up with Red Raccoon Eyes. I quit my last position to stay home when I had the 1st laser treatment. So, if my supervisor frowns on me doing this, I might have to ask the realself docs what is the next best laser treatment that I could do and not have to camouflage redness and be able to return to work? I'll have to ask if other lasers can really tighten as well as the Co2? I might try filler in the lower lid for the first time, but will still want laser treatment done too. I'll have to ask the realself docs if I can get filler then do lasering on top of that? All these questions need to be answered so I can make the best decision.

Nearly one yr later...I followed up with tear...

Nearly one yr later...I followed up with tear trough injections and awesome lip-injections. I love the result. I do want to re-do the CO2 or hope for technology to create the same effect with a better laser, less down time. See my current photo, 6/2012 posted below. Not terrible for late 40's.
Houston Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dr. Clariday is an Ophthamologit, treats eye diseases, and Ophthalmic plastic surgeon. He does this for a low price. Has done thousands of Co2 laser procedure. Their staff is so very professional and nice. They have an multiple aesthetic clinics, and they also partner with a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Smith. I am not kidding, about any of my ratings. They were very professional and attentive.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing, T, you look great! A before photo would be interesting to see to campare before/after:)
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I really did not have deep lines to begin with but the laser did do minor tightening.
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Did your lower eyes look a little worse at first due to drying? Then once the moisture came back it was better? I'm thinking of doing this but with the laser set at a lower level and do a few treatments so I don't have so much downtime all at once and I'm getting married in 3 months and don't want to risk too much.
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My eyes were dry for months, and looked very red for 4-6 months. I had to wear very heavy makeup. Plus any kind of exertion made them really turn red.
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So pretty! I wanna get this done for prominent tear troughs/ volume loss. Does your skin react to the sun still? & What is the exact laser used? Lovely results.
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T, look great and thanks for sharing the process as there is a lot of peeling going on. I must share my pictures of the fractional laser w/IPL treatment which I didn't peel near as much as you did and it cost twice as much! and the Doctor here wants $2500 just for the eyes and $4000 for the entire face so something is not right here. The Radiense spa did it and they want 2900 for four treatments which they claim is necessary to get full results but when I can get the pictures in order, I'll post them but if you want I'll send them privately as you might want to see the silikon i was telling you about. Don't you think maybe the artfill has filled out over time? That's what I'm thinking about the silikon as right after, there was NO DIFFERENCE and I found a picture a year later and lips look fuller. I also have permanent eyeliner and just got my eyebrows done and in those pictures, do you have ANYTHING ON YOUR LIPS AS THAT LOOKS FAB... I can't see to put on eye make up, lipstick get's so crappy, and I sweat too much to wear anything on my face so the permanent works for me! However, I'm afraid of the pain on the lips. So happy for you....
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Was this fractional Co2, or the old Co2 (full ablation)? I am scheduled for full Co2 under the eyes only, and am a little concerned about it blending into my cheeks okay where there are wrinkles, too.
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The old CO2full ablation:-) No worries mine blended just fine. Good luck:-)
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Thank you!
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Thank you so very much for such a thorough journaling of your progress. I am a 55 year old woman and really REALLY don't want to have a face lift. I want to do this procedure but was having difficulty finding honest and accurate accounts of other peoples progress. Thank you so much. Susan
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If you want to see amazing before and after picture...check out Susan Roper in Clearwater, FL as she does this on the face and neck for $4000 and the results are stunning even with people with deep wrinkles and looks like they had a facelift. She gives free lectures so that's where I saw it. Not all doctors go as deep as she does and the process looks very scary but the results speak for themselves and now I'm wondering if that's what I need instead of the image lift as I already had a facelift 20 years ago and just need a touch up and tightening.
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Hi, you look amazing! I would like to know if it was the doctor recommended that you use the aquaphor?
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Hello there! Oh my gosh, thank you soooo much for such an informative post!! You look amazing
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hola mi nombre es yulieth de colombia quiero saber si puedo conseguir un buen laser en mi pais o mi ciudad Manizales o por fuera , mil gracias
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Per your review, it sounds like you had a traditional C02 laser, which IMO, is worlds better than these new generation of fractionated lasers...
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Was your C02 laser treatment done with a traditional C02 laser (such as the UltraPulse C02 laser)? Or was it done with one of the newer lasers such as a "fractional" C02 laser (with a pixel premise)?
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It was Fractional Co2 laser ...........pixel premise .. It peeled very nicely. I kept putting repair cream for 3 weeks but 2 months after the treatment I went on a cruise and I must have exposed my face to the sun and my whole face where the laser was applied was totally covered with small pimples. It took 3 weeks to clear with FUCIDIN cream. Now my skin looks and feels bumpy again because of this reaction. I had 3 laser treatments to get my face skin smooth. One time exposure to the sun ruined everything ....... ..
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Gracemalta... Sometimes, I think they want us to be confused as looking back, not many people really explain it that clearly...(the therapists that is except for Susan Roper MD lectures with great slides) We need to be REALLY CLEAR AS I don't think what TTexas had was fractional CO2...I think it was the carbon dioxide where it hits every cell...not every other cell which is why with fractional..they recommend four treatments and it's not as invasive and they claim that you get the same end results but slower and safer over time and apparently that that is what people want. I just don't feel that good about what I got for 800 to want to spend another 2000 to get the full enchalida. T wanted more instant results and you will read about people who don't have as good results and and I think that is because of the therapist lack of knowlege of the different types of skin and people don't take enough care afterwards with the sunscreen which you need to wear forever after.
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Thanks for posting. Jesus, that would have scared the shit out of me - you're brave and you look great! A few wrinkles are fine - I wouldn't push it :) because you look fab.
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I didn't have the CO2 around the eyes and (post-procedure 3 months) still have redness and have developed rosacea. I live in Texas, so I might go see your dr. You look very good!
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huh? religion?
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i think i missed the before photo....+ im curious what part religion plays in the atheist, will it not work for me?
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You look great!!!
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Someone just emailed me to ask me would I choose CO2 laser over, Botox? First let me be clear. CO2 laser of the eyes was helpful. I'd like to repeat it, because I would like tighter eyes. I would not really waste my money on Botox, because I have seen so many people go spend thousands on Botox to "relax" their wrinkles, but it does not fill the aging loss of tissue, and even if the relaxed muscles can not make as many wrinkles, their is a fat or tissue loss as we age. I would ask for filler in the tear trough, and filler in the corners of the eye, and basically fillers like Perlane, Juvaderm around the entire orbit of the eye. I tried Botox just once, and it didn't even work at all on me. I did have some filler around my eyes in the tear trough, but then was asked to try to Dysport around my brows and forehead and I really loved the smooth look it gave me. I really responded to it, but not Botox. But I would never mislead anyone to think that Botox is going to really really give you a more youthful look, only fillers or CO2 do that. I've seen a lot of my friends who get botox only and I would never say it to their face, but I'm looking at them and thinking that I stilll see the same sunken-in face, many their wrinkles are relaxed but it didn't make them look younger. Now the opposite is true for CO2 and especially fillers. I have seen some people who had the appearance of "Sea Hags" from sun abuse get fillers and look 10 yrs younger.
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